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The Sartorialist


Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the Street....Marais, Paris

Mr. Cool, Florence

Head-to-Knee American Apparel, Paris

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Love Portofino

On the Street...Lino's Mad Plaid, Florence

When I started The Sartorialist it was to capture little images like this that would inspire the way I wanted to dress.

I know Lino is on the blog a lot but I think he really deserves it.

On the Street....Drama Queen, Milano

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meant for Movement, NYC

This is one of those looks that seems meant to be seen while moving.

She naturally walks with her arms tucked-in like that - I think it looks so graceful.

Night of the Man Moc, Milano

On the Street..7pm Bleecker St, West Village

On the Street....Strongly Striped, London & Florence

Monday, July 28, 2008

On the Street...Runway to Reality, Milan

On the Street...Carine Roitfeld

On the Street...Mad Men of Milan

On the Street...American Chic in Milan & Paris

Since We Were Talking About Men in Skirts...

seems the idea of men in skirts is now acceptable but questions remain.
-cultural appropriation
-how the gentleman's legs look in the skirt
-what shoes to wear?
-(I can't believe I'm asking this but) above or below the knee?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

On the Street...Casual DB, Florence

I always think of DB's as the most formal of jackets - very buttoned-up.

here I love the idea of a casual cotton DB worn in a very easy way.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

After Costume National

Friday, July 25, 2008

On the Street...The Impact of Mens Accessories, part 2

Personal Silhouette (part 2)

I think what we are seeing is that some people are very in-tuned with what type of shapes look good on them.

For guys this would translate into always or never wear double-breasted jackets, or peak lapels with a low gorge or something like that.

Purple Driving Mocs Are All The Rage

The Scent of Me

I still can't believe that this is the man that created the most popular cologne of my junior high years.

The name and actual person meant nothing to me at the time but all the kids at Stonybrook wanted to be wearing Lagerfeld.

We were not dressed very cool but we smelled great!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

On the Street..... Somewhere Around Hoxton, , London

On the Street.....The Impact of Mens Accessories, NYC

The women's accessories business is huge because of the impact the right bag or sunglasses can have on a total look.

We don't often hear/notice that same impact in menswear.

Well, here is a great example of a few small accessories having a major impact on a look and totally changing the perception of that look.

By simply adding a silver cuff, highly stylized sandals and a dramatic hair style; this gentleman has taken a basically preppy look and turned it on it's head.

Of course the proportions of the polo and the rolled shorts also impact the look but the first thing i noticed were his accessories.

ps don't forget to click on the images to see a larger version of the photo

On the Street.....Layered, Paris

The Sartorialist on video

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the Street....Woman of Arles, France

The New Trussardi Shop, Milan

I'm adding this shop to my "must-see-whenever-in-Milan" list (the title is longer than the list)

Variation on a Theme (part 2), Milan

I love the idea of finding a personal silhouette and then focusing on design details to vary the look.

On the Street....French Casual, Milan

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Shade

I have never worn a straw or Panama hat but the idea is really growing on me.
Personally I don't think I would wear it with a suit but with a linen shirt and shorts it could work very nicely for me.

Since you guys probably know more about it than I, what should I be looking for?

I love this hat I saw at Piombo in Portofino.

10 Corso Como has a great selection of men's hats right now.
I might check out Jay Kos here in NYC

Back in the NYC!

On the Street.....Space Age, Milan

Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally.....My Favorite Shot From London

Sometimes the business of running a blog can affect the day-to-day of blogging.

On my recent trip to London I was able to find a few good shots (even though it rained for hours everyday). However, something fell-thru on my GQ page so I had to switch those trip images to the magazine.

Since GQ just hit the stands I can finally post this image.

What I love about this shot is its timelessness.

Not that it is so great but that it is actually timeless.

Without the benefit of cars, or the way other people are dressed in the background to put it in a clear period context, I can imagine someone 40 years from now having a hard time deciding if this was shot in 1983 or 2008.

I read a lot of comments here like "I grew up in the 80's and I don't want to go back." Well, I grew up in the 80's also and I think it would be interesting to hear this young man's romantic vision of that decade.

On the Street..... Dramatic Skirt, Paris

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