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The Sartorialist


Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the Street........Park Avenue, Manhattan

Wow, very, very well done -exactly what a New York summer should look like.

For the last few seasons designers have been pushing cotton suits for Summer.
Though cotton suits have a certain appeal they are almost always heavier and warmer to wear in Summer than a high-twist wool like this gentleman is wearing.

I really like the patch pockets on the DB suit - it gives a usually stuffy DB a slightly more sporty, Spring-ish flair.

Summer Has Arrived In New York, Nolita

(I guess I should clarify - Summer is not this young woman's name, I meant the season)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On the Street........57th & 5th , Manhattan

On the Street........NYU Student , Manhattan

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On the Street.........Prince St. , Soho

Did you ever see that movie Funny Face?

This young lady reminds me of that movie.

Audrey Hepburn was pretty chic as the (before) bookish shop clerk and very chic in the (after) fashion muse.

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone for all your support and kind comments over the weekend.

Your comments were so beautiful and kind that I feel a little self-conscious sharing them but ,again, thanks.

When I started the blog I never really thought about the relationship I would have with the audience but it is definitely one of the most pleasant surprises to come out of this whole crazy experience.

Everyone is doing great and everything is back to normal so on with the show!!

June at The Sartorialist

June will be a big month at The Sartorialist!

Right now I am schedule to visit the follwoing cities.

Venice - for the Biennale

Basel - for Art Basel

Rome - because it is Rome (plus ,maybe, some beach shots)

Florence - for Pitti Uomo (menswear trade show)

Milan - Mens collections

Paris - Mens collections

Patrick Robinson to Lead Design at Gap

Signing Patrick Robinson is the best move Gap has made in years.
I loved his work at Perry Ellis and he has a track record working for large companies like Armani.

H&M and Zara have left Gap spitting their dust but I still have an affection for Gap plus it will keep J. Crew on their toes.

This will be fun to watch.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some recent family health issues have cut back on my shooting the last week.

Everything is working out fine and I will be shooting and posting again on a regular schedule by Tuesday.

Thanks for your patience


Friday, May 25, 2007

On the Street.....Andrea Has A New Look, Soho

Thursday, May 24, 2007

On the Street.....Kristin Rawson, Teen Vogue fashion editor

I think that there is a misperception that all fashion editors are pampered, over-privileged divas that earn a ton of money and get all their clothes for free.

I can hear it in some of the comments on my blog and from some people I meet on the street - they are inspired by fashion editors but they also feel a little disconnected from them.

Well, you shouldn't.

By far the majority of editors I have met over the last year are very much real women, just like you - they come in a whole range of sizes, ages, races, and ,depending on their management level, they make a very wide ranging scale of money.

What they all seem to have in common is a great style - thats why they are fashion editors.

I bring this up because yesterday I ran into Kristin Rawson, a fashion editor at Teen Vogue, ( disclaimer: you all know I'm a big Teen Vogue fan) and she looked so great - as you can see.

She was very happy and confident in telling me her dress was from Zara.

I thought that was really cool.

I'm sure (no, I know) many young editors or stylists ,trying to make a name for themselves, feel the potential pressure to always wear designer labels to prove they "fit in" with the fashion crowd. Thats why when I see someone like Kristen , looking great in Zara, I feel doubly inspired because she not only looks so cool but because she is doing it on her terms and in a way that works for her.

She seems to care about the result not the label.

I think that is one of the reasons Teen Vogue looks so good right now because the editors are not just dictating something to you but they are really living it - that's them on those pages.
Their style and attitudes are so clearly reflected on the pages.

Same with Paris Vogue, that's them, the editors, on those pages.

That is a major reason I like shooting the editors (and not the models) at the shows , they are the Derek Jeters of fashion.

Bravo Kristin.

On the Street.....Tie Tuck, Nolita, Manhattan

He makes two style elements look very cool here
- The tie tuck
- Pants with side-tabs that can be worn without a belt.

(ok, the charming smile helps a little too)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On the Street.....Brera, Milano

I saved this shot for GQ but it didn't fit the page.
I love how this gentleman is really working the working buttonholes on his jacket.

ps this is also for all the requests for men on bikes!!

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On the Street.....West Village Print, New York

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On the Street...Modern T Monk, New York

Everything just about perfect
Sleeve length, fit of the jacket, complementary color combination for his skin, slightly funky hair for such a refined suit.
It took me about an hour after I took this photo to finally remember who this young man reminded me of.....a modern Thelonious Monk(below).


On the Street...Just Before an Evening Cocktail Event at Louis Vuitton, New York

Monday, May 21, 2007

On the Street.......Swede Fonzie, Sodermalm, Stockholm

With that 50's hair, short jacket, white tee, and jeans this young man reminds me of a Swede Fonzie

On the Street.......Sodermalm, Stockholm

On the Street.......Long Under Short, Sodermalm, Stockholm

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just After The Rain, Soho

On the Street.......Near The Mercer Hotel, Soho

Friday, May 18, 2007

On the Street.....Trench & Flats, Sodermalm, Stockholm

She is one of the most sophisticated 15 year olds I have ever met.....actually I should say she looks like a very sophisticated young lady, I have no idea if she really is but to pull off that look she has to be basing it on some internal elegance .

I'm Begining To Think That People Are Carrying Their Bikes Everywhere Just To Mock Me

On The Curvy Street That I Cannot Remember The Name Of..... That Hair, Berlin

Thursday, May 17, 2007

On the Street...Dr. Michael Macko, New York

One of the things that Americans do very well is working with bright primary colors. Think Ralph, J.Crew, Gap
I guess we are a bold people

On a personal note I want to give a big shout-out to Michael for his recent promotion to:

(I think that was the title or something close to that)

Michael is one of the guys that I really enjoy talking fashion with - he is tough but hopeful.
Tough but hopeful - that is the best kind of attitude to have in a business like fashion.

He wants/hopes to see good product and he doesn't mind sweating the details.
I've been in the business for a long time and it is always refreshing to meet people that really sweat it and that have been able to maintain a passion for what they do.

On the Street...Just Off Fifth Ave, New York

On the Street...The Sexy Librarian, Sodermalm, Stockholm

On the Street...Lampshade Hat, Sodermalm, Stockholm

This young lady would only agree to let me take her photo if she could wear the lampshade she just bought as a hat.

She bought it to wear to a party later that night.

Fashion should be fun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On the Street...West Village, New York

Guess Who I Ran Into Uptown (part 1) - BFMan!!

Guess Who I Ran Into Uptown (part 2) - Giovanna!!

Giovanna was in town after shooting in LA.

On the Street...Cool Short Jacket, Sodermalm, Stockholm

On the Street...Dreaming of Chanel, Sodermalm, Stockholm

I love the level of sophistication that the teenagers in Stockholm possess.

On the Street...Adorable, Sodermalm, Stockholm

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On the Street...Almost Perfect or The Case For Wearing Your Watch Over Your Cuff, Milan

Recently I did a post about Luciano Barbera and his watch over his shirt cuff.

Several of the commenters thought it was just silly and affected but this is an example of why wearing a big watch over your cuff can be very practical.

I'm sure this gentleman's shirt sleeve length is perfect (this is the same gentleman, a tailor, that I posted recently looking supercool wearing a cream vest with his suit) but he will always look a little off when is sleeve is caught on watch.

Now, I'm not trying to get guys to start wearing their watches differently but I'm just saying it might not be as affected and maybe even more practical than not doing it.

On the Street...West Village, New York

Love the just-eccentric- enough DIY hat

On the Street...That Stance, Sodermalm, Stockholm

Monday, May 14, 2007

On the Street...Near NYU, New York

On the Street...Military Tie Tuck, Ostermalm, Stockholm

On the Street...Young Lady from Marni, New York

On the Street...Conservative w/ Flair, Milan

In menswear the little details make all the difference.

When I first saw this gentleman's look I thought it was nice, that is, until I noticed the little pleating detail on the shoulder of his jacket.

Now I think it is totally cool.

I love it when a detail that is done to make a garment fit better also makes for more interesting design.

On the Street.......Gwen Stefanitorkelsson, Sodermalm, Stockholm

The Noon Parade, Ostermalm, Stockholm

I have no idea why they do it or the historical significance but I do know it looked pretty cool.
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