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The Sartorialist


Monday, April 30, 2007

On the Street.....The New Denim Shape, Berlin

On the Street.....The Designer , Munich

Is there such a thing as the right amount of cuff to show when wearing a sweater? I feel a good inch works for me.

On the Street.....Der Junge Sartorialist, Berlin

On the Street.....The Very Personification Of A Sexy Summer, Koln


Sunday, April 29, 2007

On the Street....Perfect Monkstrap Shoes, Munich

On the Street....At NEU Gallery, Berlin

I think I love the simple double wrapped hair band most of all

On the Street.....Munich, Germany

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm in Love with Berlin!

I arrived in Berlin yesterday and I am so impressed!

I was expecting to be disappointment in the Berlin hype or that it would be a one-note hipster heaven but I have been pleasantly surprised by the layers of style here.

I got a lot of greater shots yesterday in Berlin and will start posting them tomorrow along with images from Munich, and Koln.

Today (Saturday and Sunday) I will go to Hamburg and then return to Berlin for Monday and Tuesday.

One very nice surprise is how many great little shops are in Berlin. Anyone that has ever shopped with me knows I am very picky about stores because I had to deal with so many of them for 15 years working in Sales & Marketing for several designers.

In Berlin the shop owners have somehow figured out how to mix sweet and tough in just the right amounts. I have taken pictures in quite a few stores so i will be posting them this coming week.

I have a new friend and her name is Berlin.

On the Street.....On the Square, Antwerp

My GQ page from Antwerp just hit the stands in the US so I thought today I would run some of the other Antwerp photos.

A. Boon, Antwerp

This is the coolest old school glove store in Antwerp - maybe anywhere.
The gloves are still hand-made and are available in six sizes.

Walter Van Beirendonck, Antwerp

Yes, he is as intimidating in person as he looks in this photo but I watched him with his students at the art/fashion school that he teaches at and they really seem to love him.

Art Nouveau Art School, Antwerp

Could you imagine actually going to school in this building?

I think it would be a bit distracting but in a good way.

On the Street....Art Student, Antwerp

Friday, April 27, 2007

On the Street.....Salone del Mobile, Milano

On the Street.....Via Montenapoleone, Milano

On the Street....Brown & Black, Milan

On the Street....Cream Vest w/ Suit, Milan

A cream colored vest under a navy suit - one of those pleasant surprises I seem to keep seeing in Milan.

This man is about 5' 4" and I would have thought that adding a contrast color vest would chop up his length too much but he looks great. I think it is because he has such a defined waist on the jacket.

This ii easily one of my favorite looks from this trip.

This gentleman is a bespoke tailor in Milan, his shop is on Via Gesu. I hope to feature more of him in the future,
maybe a conversation with him and Gianfranco Ferre on the challenges of dressing as related to size.

On the Street....Yellow Bow-neck Blouse, Koln, Germany

On the Street.....Salone del Mobile, Milano

Thursday, April 26, 2007

On the Street.....Mr. Luciano Barbera, Milan

Mr. Barbera is truly one of the style stars of our time

On the Street.....Munich, Germany

I love how this woman (who is not a teenager) can wear a young-ish look and not make it seem like she is trying to look too young.

Ed Meier, Munich, Germany

For now on I want all my dry cleaning, shoe repairs etc delivered in a super cool tiny little car like this - I love the typography.
The Ed Meier store in Munich is one of those stores that is sooo old fashion and traditional that it is actually kinda cool. The "cool stores" with ironic tees and skinny jeans are a dime a dozen in most cities but a store like this really stands out. The best elements were the traditional Bavarian clothing and the old-school hiking shoes.

With that said the only thing I saw in the store that I really loved and wanted to buy were these colorful shoe shine brushes.
Am I the only one that has never seen colored shoe shine brushes?
What a great Christmas present or even better- a Graduation gift.

I could just see the Dad telling the son "Son, you are a man now so shine your shoes"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On the Street.....Chic Couple, Milan

Who Is The One Gentleman In Milan That Can Actually PullThis Off?

Any Guesses?

On the Street.....Yellow Scarf, Milan

On the Street.....How To Dress A Corporate Raider, Milan

Love the vest - so cool and fitted
I also love how slim the sleeves of his jacket are cut and the extreme cuff he is showing - it is almost aggressive.

If you are in London today check The Daily Telegraph because I think Jefferson Hack is using this photo and writing a small amount about The Sartorialist in his new menswear column " Delusions of Grandeur"

On the Street....Somewhere Close To The Duomo, Milan

Again, Milan is a city that celebrates Men & Women not just hipster boys and girls.

The Sartorialist - Selected as one of Time Magazines top 100 Design Influencers!

I never officially announced it but The Sartorialist has been given a great honor.

My blog has been named to Time Magazine's list of 100 Top Design Influencers which appears in its new Style & Design issue.

It came out on April 13th but I still have not seen the issue so it doesn't quite feel real yet.

As I write this I am sitting in a little local coffee shop in Koln, Germany.
Notice that the title of the photo is MeKoln not MyColon (two completely different kinds of camera)
I shot in Munich the last two days, Koln today and tomorrow, Berlin and Hamburg next, then on to Sweden.
The weather has been great if a little warm and everyone has been very nice.
I have been very careful not to jaywalk while on this trip!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On the Street....Not Blue Jeans But Bright Blue Pants, Milan

The color was even more electric than i was able to capture

On the Street.....I Think It Is Her Again, Milan

On the Street.....White Pants, Not Jeans,Milan

I have often thought about buying some white jeans but never follow through because Levi's 501's in white make me look way too square.

They are too snug in the thigh and too wide in the ankle.

The white pants (which wear like jeans) in the photo above are perfect for most men. Cut slightly more full in the thigh and slightly tapered to the ankle. They look much more flattering - as you can see.

This gentleman wrote the name of the pants on a business card for me but it is lost in my pile of receipts. I will update as soon as I find it - and no, the didn't say Dockers

On the Street.....Via Verri,Milan

Monday, April 23, 2007

On the Street...Refined Casual, Milan

Hard but rewarding to find shorts that are even remotely refined. Notice this waistband closure - it makes a big difference.

On the Street...Print Dress, Milan

On the Street.....Sartorialiste of The Year Nominee, Milan

Really, just the best

This Will Be A Great Week On The Sartorialist

I think this week will be one of my best ever on The Sartorialist!

I already have a weeks worth of posts ready to go and they cover a great range of styles, ages, and price levels.

I should be able to do two posts each morning and two in the evening.

The Salone del Mobile was great and provided some great shots that i will post here and on Wallpaper*.com.

I can't wait to share the photos with you.

Now for my "The Sartorialist Tour Of Germany" for German Vanity Fair.

I will update a few photos from Germany this week and next.


On the Street.....Outside Ralph Lauren, Milan

Sunday, April 22, 2007

On the Street.....Navy & White, Milan

Note that the shoes are navy.

On the Street.....Black Trench, Milan

At the Salone del Mobile, Milan

I am here in Milan this week shooting the Salone del Mobile for an upcoming issue of Wallpaper* magazine.
Above are just two examples of the kinds of looks I have been seeing during the exhibt.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

On the Street.....Via Montenapoleone, Milano

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