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The Sartorialist


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On the Street.......Left Bank, Paris

At Dior

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Postcard From Paris!

Hi Mom!
I'm having fun here in Paris, The City of Lights!!
please send money! (for shoes)
love Caroline!


-the way the scarf is tied
-the traditional jacket
-the plaid pants
-the saving grace and the thing that keeps this from tipping to costumey is the very respectable shoes.


Legs of Paris

(of course she works at Paris Vogue)

Viktor & Rolf

I cannot wait to hear what you thought of the Viktor & Rolf show

At Undercover

I love all this layering of sleeve lengths that I have been seeing lately.
I also really like her mix of plum, taupe and grey.

Monday, February 26, 2007

La Siesta alla Milanese

While I was waiting for the Fendi show, I found this little barber shop down the street.

It was around 3 o'clock so the shop was closed for afternoon break but I wanted a closer look at the interior of the shop .

I peeked in the window and found this....

...the barber asleep in his chair!

Isn't this exactly what Americans picture the Italian "afternoon break"must be all about?
This is like the perfect Floyd the Barber from the Andy Griffith show meets Milan.

He even looks a little like Floyd.

Actually I was a little embarrassed that I had peeked in and seen him sleeping - like I had peeked in his bedroom or something.

Of course, after about one second the photographer in me took over and I paced around out front trying to decided if I should take his photograph.
Among other things, I thought to myself - "what if he wakes up while I am taking the photo!?"

I finally decided to take the photo when I determined that I was probably faster than him and if he got too mad I could probably out run him.

I did have momentarily frightening visions of him running after me down the street yelling "Stop The Sartorialist!!!"
but I figured people would just dismiss it as anti-fashion rhetoric.

On a side note, afterwards I asked several Milanese , mostly people that worked at my hotel, if there was an Italian word for the afternoon break - like the Spanish word "siesta".
Most of them thought for a while but could not come up with a word for it.
They could think of a word for a fast, short lunch break but not for the longer afternoon break.

I think "La Napoli" would sound good, be appropriate (nap time), and it could honor one of their most sartorial cities.
Lets see if they will adopt it!

A Little Hidden Something, Milan

At Jil Sander

All about the jacket sleeve length - longer than bracelet length but shorter than traditional plus the effect is compounded by the extra shirt cuff showing.

I also really like the fitted shoulder of the jacket paired with the slouchy belted skirt.

Is it too 1984 to call the skirt "paperbagged?"

Sunday, February 25, 2007

On the Street.......Corso Magenta, Milan

There is just something about these Milanese gentleman and their bikes that brings the Sartorialist out in them.

The whole Gentleman Farmer look is fantastic.

The beautiful honey colored gloves really finish off the look perfectly

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Blues Hues

I love these two blues together.
I have been looking for that exact color a scarf for myself but still no luck and she was not selling.

Fonts & Graphics of Milan

When I walk around Milan I keep seeing all these beautiful fonts on store fronts and on the packaging.
I am not a graphics guy but it seems like all their most beautiful packaging and signage fit into a few ,very specific, periods like Belle Époque or Old English or genres like a very fluid script.
It is one of the areas I look forward to learning more about over my future visits Milan. I also want to create a small photo library of these splendid works, I think they fit in on this blog ok, right?

City of Shadows: Sydney Police Photographs 1912-1948

City of Shadows: Sydney Police Photographs 1912-1948 by Peter Doyle


Like Paolo Roversi crossed with Weegee

This is definitely one of my new favorite books.

If I do a book at somepoint I only hope that someday, somebody is as moved by my work as i am the the images in this book.

I am in Paris so I am not able to get the American version of Amazon but I'm sure you could get it through them or B&

Friday, February 23, 2007

At Roberto Cavalli.....Stephen Gan

At Alberta Ferretti...Anna Wintour

New York Observer Article

I would really like to thank Nick Boston for the lovely article wrote about The Sartorialist in the New York Observer the other day.

here is the link: New York Observer Article

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gilles Bensimon, Milan

That Girl, Milan

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

At Roberto Cavalli

On the Street.......Via Verri, Milan

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

At Alberta Ferretti

My Icon Franca Sozzani

That Hair

I have been trying to get a good photo of her hair for the last two days.

At Etro

On the Street.......Somewhere in Milan

Monday, February 19, 2007

Too Practical For My Own Good

I'm often too practical for my own good. I never would have thought of putting teal socks with this look but this look would not be nearly as cool without them.

Wrinkly Tights

This just seems so natural for her

I Love This Old Guy!

Somehow he is connected to Etro but I couldn't quite understand how when he was explaining it to me. Something about a tailor, maybe he was one of their tailors?

On the Street.......Two Young Ladies, Milan

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just Hit Milano!

So I just arrived in Milano for the womens collections.
The weather is great, surprisingly warm for Feb.
While I was waiting for the plane in New York I received an email from this woman - Renata Molho, remember her from a recent post?
She wanted to say thanks for the post and for all of the lovely comments.
Well, small world - when I got into Milan I really only had time to buy some magazines before doing todays posts and dinner. I went to the big Emporio Armani on Manzoni because almost everything is closed on Sunday. While I was there I saw a biography on Giorgio Armani titled Essere Armani.
As most of you know, Armani was a huge influence on me when I was young so I have secretly always wanted to write the first book on him.
Anyway, I quickly flipped through the book and was crushed to see that it was in Italian (makes sense).
As I tried to find the publisher or see if there was an English version and came upon this

It's her!! Renata
I was so surprised.
What a small world.
Maybe if I bring the book with me to the shows she can read me a few chapters.

The Proper English Gentleman

This past Pitti they were celebrating Savile Row so Florence was crawling with fine young gentleman like this man.
Unfortunately all my info is at home and I can't find his name but I'm almost sure it is Angus and I know he runs Henry Poole & Co. on Savile Row in London.
I'm sure half this audience already knows his name so if someone could help out and put it in the comments that would be great.

Librarian Chic

love the suit, thick tights and the unexpected shot of color with the pale blue gloves

Friday, February 16, 2007

NEW! The Sartorialist Jr. for Cookie Magazine

The time I spent as a stay-at-home dad was the most rewarding and the most trying of my life. I would not have The Sartorialist today if it were not for that experience but I remember that during that time ,everyday, wondering if I was doing the right thing but I would always ask myself "how can raising your children ever be wrong?"

I'm proud that I accepted the responsibility with my full heart, and not as some distracted parent always talking on their cell phone. The best was when kids at the playground would see me playing with my own kids, look me up and down, and ask me, "How old are you?"

A huge part of the tone/voice of this blog was first articulated when I started talking to my kids about how I thought they should try to look at the world. Actually, the photo of Isabel with her arms up is probably the photo that began The Sartorialist (in my mind, at least). It’s everything I want to capture, joy, style and humor. What’s more, my dad loves that photo, which means the world to me.

For these reasons, I’m so happy to announce that I will be doing a page for Cookie Magazine, called The Sartorialist Jr. Which will basically be what I already do, but with parents and kids in mind.

The whole thing came about quite naturally: when I was in Europe during the shows, I kept seeing all these really cute kids dressed in a way I didn't see, here in the US. I wanted to take their pictures and bring them back to show my kids and beg them to let me dress them that way. I realize I'm not that different from other parents, so I thought it would make for a good page in an appropriate setting. I immediately thought of Cookie: it’s hip, cool, funny and not over-edgy. To me, it is the best kids magazine out there.

The first issue with my page should be out any day now.

Here’s a link to their website with more photos from my first page: The Sartorialist Jr. for Cookie Magazine

ps I swear I didn't tell Claudia to stand that way, some kids are just born with the pose gene.

At Pitti Uomo......Lite Colored Pants

This look captures two of my new obsessions - winter white pants and printed silk scarves.

On the Street....... Headwrap, Milan

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