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The Sartorialist


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On The Street.....That Coat p.2, Meatpacking District

On The Street.....The Painter, part 2

A photo of "The Painter" that I shot in the early Spring.


On The Street.....Black & Purple, Meatpacking District

Monday, October 30, 2006

On The Street.....57th & 5th, Midtown

On The Street.....That Coat, Midtown

On The Street.....Perfect, Midtown

I am inspired by a lot of looks I see on the street but I rarely see an entire look that I would want for myself - this is one of the few.

I love the colors, the pattern, the fit, the accessories - Well played sir!


On The Street.....Girl On Broome St., Soho

I should call this "Feels Like New York, part 2." Only in New York could a street pretzel be a perfect accessory.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

On The Street.....Kiton Executives, Midtown

On The Street.....Meatpacking District , New York

Saturday, October 28, 2006

On The Street.....Prince Street, New York

On The Street......Lafayette Street, New York

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Recent Retiree

He said I have inspired him to look into a second career as a male model.

I have said it before but he exemplifies the kind of elegance I hope to have 40 years from now. (ok. ok, 30 years)

On The Street......15th Street, New York

It would have been so easy to throw on a pair of black tights but the shot of color really makes the whole look.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feels Like New York

This just feels like New York to me - the action, the energy and the diversity of style

On The Street......Soho, New York

On The Street......Greenwich Street, New York

On The Street......West Village, New York

This shot is about the overall look.
Those little black leather jackets I kept seeing in Paris looks great here in brown- yes, brown!
This shot is about the hair.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On The Street......Terry Richardson, New York

On The Street......Ninth Avenue, New York

On The Street......Prince Street, New York

On The Street......West 14th Street, New York

Love it! Love it all!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Sartorialist Loves Boggi, Milan p2

Here is the Boggi website link Boggi

On The Street......Spring Street, New York

The Sartorialist Loves Boggi, Milan p1

Boggi - I love this store, I bought several shirts during my last visit to Milan for $49 euro each (about $65 US dollar) and they are wearing great.

Imagine a very Milanese version of Brooks Brothers, around that same price and conservative yet very exciting style. I really thought about ditching a few of my J.Crew shirts from my suitcase to make room for even more shirts. I bought the shirts on a Tuesday and they had the sleeves shortened and ready to go by early Thursday morning.

I will post more photos from their website ( later today.

Reconsidering Brown

I think I have said before that I'm not a big fan of brown for clothing but I love how she has combined the brown dress with the red shoes.

Of course, I also love the hair.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Sartorial Quiz - Update, Answer

So I am looking in this shop window and thinking about how great the whole ensemble looks and then The Sartorialist in me wondered....

The overcoat has a white cotton pocket square - when you take off the overcoat do you remove the pocket square and place it in your suit or do you have a separate pocket square for your coat AND for your suit?

I went into the shop and asked the owner - without a second of hesitation and with a slight look of surprise that I didn't already know he said "One pocket square for each, of course."

I'm not saying it is right or wrong but I love how many different opinions were left in the comment section and that several of you left very sounds reasons as to why or why not.
I love when I get an idea like this and we get such strong reader participation.

I will really try to get a photo this winter of the Italian guys that put their gloves in the breast pocket of their overcoat.

Some of you thought it seemed a bit over-the-top to put a pocket square in your overcoat but I bet if you saw a guy on the street with one you would barely notice it which ,to me, makes it a perfectly subtle sartorial detail.

Thanks Everyone!!!!

Saks Fifth Avenue Event with Michael Bastian

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and came out to Saks for the Michael Bastian event.
It has been really wonderful to meet so many of my readers and have an opportunity to conduct these events with Saks.
The setting was very intimate and I think Michael really opened up about the excitement and challenges of being a young designer.

I thought it was interesting when Michael discussed how a designer can have an inspiration, sketch it, build a collection around it and after working it for a while eventually realizing it isn't right and then have to start over. I think that takes a lot of courage to start over ,especially on a tight time schedule, but that is the kind of thing that helps designers succeed.

Saks Fifth Avenue Windows for The Sartorialist

I am humbled by the fantastic windows Saks Fifth Avenue has dedicated to The Sartorialist this week. We had a few general conversations about ideas for the display but I was pleasantly shocked to see what a wonderful job they did.

Thanks Tim, and ,as always, thanks iMac.

On the Street.......Meatpacking District, New York

Sunday, October 22, 2006

At The Saks Event in San Francisco

I love the exuberance of this young girl's look. She is not a size 4 and she is not making excuses.
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