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On the Street....Runstraat, Amsterdam


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the Street....Runstraat, Amsterdam

Comments on "On the Street....Runstraat, Amsterdam"


Blogger shooting star said ... (9:25 AM) : 

wat a dashing dude!!!!


Anonymous Michelle at Chellbellz said ... (9:28 AM) : 

I like it! He looks super suave.


Blogger Tout de Suite said ... (9:34 AM) : 

love the look! @biensurjo


Blogger Mila said ... (9:42 AM) : 

Nice look!


Blogger Gabbana and me said ... (9:46 AM) : 

Love the layered look withoit being overpowering @edoardosbohemia


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:50 AM) : 

How i adore the energy that you capture in so many of your photos. Thank you for so many beautifully composed photo essays daily.


Anonymous mickleworks said ... (9:54 AM) : 

black, on black, on black ~ a tight look ~ works


Blogger flannery o'kafka said ... (10:11 AM) : 

Almost redeems long hair on men...almost.


Blogger Œdgar said ... (10:14 AM) : 

Want that look!


Anonymous mon sac by me said ... (10:16 AM) : 

Very simple and perfect !


Anonymous s said ... (10:20 AM) : 

Amazing pic.....
Love the decor ;)



Blogger Clarisse said ... (10:21 AM) : 

Superbe photo! (avec le vélo typique juste derrière... ça donne un style!)


Blogger PLAST!C said ... (10:23 AM) : 

Simplicity in dark shades!


Anonymous Donald L. Combe said ... (10:26 AM) : 

Confident male who looks in a mirror before leaving home. He is vastly better than most North American men.



Blogger Kathleen said ... (10:32 AM) : 

Layers of black--love it!


Blogger anthony said ... (10:35 AM) : 

Wow. Top marks.


Blogger Karena said ... (10:46 AM) : 

Lot's of confidence and self assurance!

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:01 AM) : 

dark, mysterious stranger


Blogger m_I_a said ... (11:03 AM) : 

love the look, love the guy!


Blogger Elle Lemoine said ... (11:08 AM) : 

A mix of self-consciousness and confidence that give this photo great sensitivity. Love it.


Blogger Lisa Petrarca said ... (11:08 AM) : 

Very cool guy!


Blogger 2heels1flash said ... (11:25 AM) : 


alays cool and eternal....
very nice

kisses from spain!


Blogger Alia said ... (11:28 AM) : 

He's beautiful!


Anonymous Zellain said ... (11:34 AM) : 

I really love this.


Blogger Christine said ... (11:40 AM) : 

I love how he made his monotone outfit interesting by layering on different materials. Love it!


Blogger Noralia Ayu said ... (11:56 AM) : 

Good looking!



Blogger songbird said ... (12:00 PM) : 

love the layers of black..nice photo


Anonymous Liza Stefani said ... (12:09 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:08 PM) : 

hes very cute. love the all black


Anonymous anna said ... (1:14 PM) : 

oh, what a nice face! and lovely lips :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:17 PM) : 

very very androgynous.


Blogger Drew! said ... (1:28 PM) : 

i like the composition...the squareness of his sholders and the circles from the bicycle wheels =]

a nice way of layering for spring too!


Anonymous lauramadrid said ... (1:29 PM) : 

i love the total black look and the way he wears the jacket... cool


Anonymous balthasar said ... (1:41 PM) : 

i like the black details in this photo!



Blogger Miss Molly said ... (1:54 PM) : 

i have been trying to get my boyfriend to grow his hair like this for months!

he looks awesome, great snap


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:06 PM) : 

Love the Dutch not german not to nordic very good looking & laid-back


Blogger frontrowchic said ... (2:38 PM) : 

Very stylish guy! Nice to see that man like that still exist in Amsterdam!:)

Tessa, founder of


Blogger CollegeCurl13 said ... (2:40 PM) : 

love everything about this picture. the clothes, the background. awesome.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:44 PM) : 

That's gorgeous--love the texture mix, and something about his expression is endearing.


Anonymous JW said ... (3:12 PM) : 

Where I live, this black head-to-toe look is known as the "Full Hollywood" and is worn by its practitioners morning, noon and night, 12 months a year.

Indeed, I see dozens of young men (and women) dressed just like this individual every day from streets of Hollywood to the beaches of Santa Monica.


Blogger Francesca said ... (3:38 PM) : 

love the layering


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Blogger Juan Satizabal said ... (3:56 PM) : 

There's something about an all black outfit that just works.


Blogger paristempslibre said ... (4:22 PM) : 

handsome and elegant guy! lov the pic!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:36 PM) : 

I Like clothes!


Anonymous SarahV said ... (4:44 PM) : 

He's beautiful! I love how he looks very casual, like he didn't put in that much effort at all!


Blogger Karoline Kalvø said ... (6:12 PM) : 

He looks amazing. Love the look and the hair. Black never goes wrong either.

Karoline Kalvo


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:54 PM) : 

very clean and simple - something usually done with fresh colours (white, beige, blah blah) but i like this version with darker separates! but it's the background of amsterdam which captures me most about this photo...


Blogger Marcel Da Chump said ... (8:07 PM) : 

The "cynical me" thinks he's wearing sneakers. And if he is, it just shows how compassionate you are for not showing them. I'm so invidious of your jet-set lifestyle; but it's inspiring-- I admire your work ethic and the fruits of your labor.


Anonymous The Bohmerian said ... (9:20 PM) : 

I wish there was a little color or texture to contrast it all. Otherwise great style great photo.


Anonymous Simplizers said ... (1:37 AM) : 

I read a lot of things about Amsterdam, and I always admire the lifestyle there. This picture gives me the same impression about Amsterdam. How beautiful the style, the people and the environment are!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:52 AM) : 

Black is wonderful with this gent's coloring.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:29 AM) : 

i love his awareness of his own look-goodedness. it works! bet he's smart too!



Blogger THE PURSE FORUM ADVISORY said ... (4:51 AM) : 

His lips couldn't be any more perfect if they were computer generated!


Anonymous Sara said ... (5:23 AM) : 

Seems like a blue prince :)


Blogger Gobetween's Space said ... (5:39 AM) : 

hmmmm... nice threads.


Anonymous CROATOR.NET said ... (2:59 PM) : 

Such a beautiful man!<3


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:46 PM) : 

He looks great. But those lips... I think I want to gently bite them!


Anonymous latrenia bryant said ... (11:02 PM) : 

Handsome :)


Blogger Amy Creyer said ... (11:25 PM) : 

For some reason all this black isn't working for me. It's too severe. I think this would have looked great with a tiny splash of color somewhere.


Anonymous alessandra de leonardis said ... (8:30 AM) : 

Amsterdammer are always so cool!!


Blogger Ururu said ... (10:25 AM) : 

beautiful layers of black!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:43 PM) : 

It's funny to read how positive people are about this guy's style. I live Amsterdam, but this is not what Dutch people would call a typical or stylish "Amsterdammer". He seems like a friendly guy and perhaps I'm too subjective, but with all the amazing looking people with all their awesome crazy styles in Amsterdam, this would not have been my choise to show our typical style :)



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:36 AM) : 

J'adore the way he wears his black suit. Also love his expensive look and the style. To add that up, he looks very businessman material in the fashion world. C'est parfait!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:54 AM) : 

I'm quite positive this guy is on aswell! Love the outfit by the way


Anonymous psh said ... (5:49 AM) : 

Black has its color.
I see....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:59 AM) : 

although i'm pretty much over "all black," i have to admit he looks good.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:28 AM) : 

the best thing is his big juicy lips!


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (4:12 PM) : 

Black is power!


Anonymous What's up with Amsterdam said ... (5:20 AM) : 

I think he is like 18 or something though. Very cool indeed.


Anonymous bas van wayenburg said ... (6:47 AM) : 

The next time you visit Amsterdam I'dd love to show you around!
grtz Sebastian


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