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On the Street...At FIT, New York


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Thursday, May 05, 2011

On the Street...At FIT, New York

Comments on "On the Street...At FIT, New York"


Blogger KC said ... (6:44 AM) : 

a lone fashion animal.


Anonymous s said ... (6:55 AM) : 

Alone in a wild world.... ;)
Very nice pics... ;))
The coat looks so nice....



Blogger Neus said ... (6:55 AM) : 

Great one!!!


Blogger Miss Molly said ... (6:57 AM) : 

such a great snap


Blogger 1001 LOVELY THINGS said ... (6:59 AM) : 

Lovely photo.
I want a leopard coat for the next autumn/winter. It's too much.


Blogger Anna said ... (7:00 AM) : 

so stilish!

What do you think about my last outfit?


Blogger Luna said ... (7:00 AM) : 

love it so much!!


Blogger comme fraiche said ... (7:05 AM) : 

the leopard patterned coat is interesting, is that a scarf or does the coat have a black collar and is the fur sitting behind her on the bench a part of the coat??


Blogger TheSecretCloset said ... (7:15 AM) : 

You've got to love black combined with animal prints! Check my new blog the


Blogger Kiki said ... (7:18 AM) : 

Althoght I am not a fan of leopard, this shot with the leopard is so nice and the loneiness is enchanting.


Blogger molinette said ... (7:18 AM) : 

Something changes in the way you take pictures actually. There is something deeper in your eyes...


Blogger songbird said ... (7:19 AM) : 

feel like a outsider looking in as i stare at this picture...


Blogger Malo said ... (7:27 AM) : 

Brilliant photo... She seems a bit lonely sitting there by herself.

Thanks for sharing,




Blogger SAMANTHA said ... (7:31 AM) : 




Blogger Mila said ... (7:32 AM) : 

Great picture :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:32 AM) : 

Poor posture kind of kills the whole look. Interesting picture, though.



Blogger thwany said ... (7:35 AM) : 

she's got the coat and tail of an animal.


Anonymous Snappylifestyle said ... (7:43 AM) : 

Great composition.


Anonymous Scart said ... (7:46 AM) : 

I love the way it looks like she's got a tail...


Blogger omarkhayam said ... (7:47 AM) : 



Blogger ¿Por qué Chile? said ... (7:53 AM) : 

I like the angle of the feet.

It's interesting how people sit when they are completely relaxed.. Almost looks lost from behind...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:55 AM) : 

Wild Street style...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:56 AM) : 

Nice photo. But I do find it interesting that this generation of youth thinks it is ok to want all organic food, but that fur is ok. And not find that a dicotomy that is unsustainable. I am a creature of the 90's, I suppose, and fur definately had a bad rap in that time...


Blogger The Fancy Teacup said ... (7:57 AM) : 

It's a perfect capture of wildness and beautiful solitude.
much love.


Blogger Kathleen said ... (8:00 AM) : 

Love how the far verticals give a cage effect.... As to fur, thinking outside the cage, eh?


Blogger Smarjeet said ... (8:08 AM) : 

the leopard coat with the bushy tail .. wow !!

i love the bag as well. they all go so well, and makes for such a pretty picture.


Blogger Beatrice B. said ... (8:25 AM) : 



Blogger Luciane at said ... (8:30 AM) : 

Meow! ;-)

Have a Great Day!!!


Luciane at


Blogger you can call me mary... said ... (8:32 AM) : 

chances that coat is real fur - slim, its illegal to sell endangered species furs.


Blogger Darrell said ... (8:36 AM) : 

Is that a tail I spy?

How wonderful and sexy!


Blogger Nia said ... (8:38 AM) : 

fashion animal


Blogger Jessie said ... (8:42 AM) : 

what a great accent from the back! i love love love.


Anonymous thefashionguitar said ... (8:45 AM) : 

Nice coat!

XO Charlotte


Blogger Artfully Awear said ... (9:00 AM) : 

Great shot--thanks for the FIT shout out!


Anonymous The Bohmerian said ... (9:00 AM) : 

I like that foreground looks like a FIT like setting of table and chairs.



Blogger The Village Idiot said ... (9:12 AM) : 

my old stomping grounds! great coat- interested in seeing what she looked like in the front


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:24 AM) : 

It looks like she is sitting on a raccoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:27 AM) : 

She almost looks like an elderly woman whiling away time in a park. The industrial setting is almost unsettling.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:48 AM) : 

For some reason I imagine this photo in black and white...a picture of nostalgia mixed with sweet decadence (for whatever that might be...)

as for the coat fur, it might be fake, but the 'tail' seems very very real to me...I hope I'm wrong!


Blogger Marcel Da Chump said ... (9:51 AM) : 

The leopardess waits
for her mate to emerge
from his cave
in the urban jungle.


Anonymous Waist Hips and Thighs said ... (9:57 AM) : 

Nice photo but I like the way anonymous it thinking with the black and white. Loving that its from behind.


Blogger Annette said ... (10:11 AM) : 

The spot of leopard is perfect. The whole shot is just beautiful.


Anonymous Cecilia said ... (10:15 AM) : 

It looks like she is sitting on a raccoon. [2]


Blogger MsSvelteNY said ... (10:23 AM) : 

I have spent many a days warming that same bench. It's finals time and probably waiting to kill the next test or just that it's over.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:45 AM) : 

I loved this relaxed shot. It's not always 'model time' in NY.


Blogger wendiw80 said ... (10:48 AM) : 

it makes me think sid and nancy, chelsea hotel... i love NYC


Anonymous wholesale clothing said ... (10:48 AM) : 

a lonely lady with a tail sitting alone by herself.


Blogger Shervin Nassi said ... (10:52 AM) : 

Vintage Trash! love this!


Anonymous meenal @ maison marigold said ... (10:59 AM) : 

even though her back is to the camera, she looks forlorn..nice hot..xx meenal


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:39 AM) : 

She's got a tail!


Blogger Sara Colombo said ... (11:58 AM) : 

The cat on the bench: unwilling to turn and look in the passerby eyes, the cat remains silently sitting while licking the left paw. She might have been hunting all night.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:32 PM) : 

The spirit of the temple is everywhere ... I love this shot peaceful Sunny Side


Blogger 2heels1flash said ... (1:12 PM) : 

so sweet picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger The AstroCat said ... (1:26 PM) : 

Nice Shot! A fashion human-fox. Very rare species.


Anonymous Lu Giani said ... (1:26 PM) : 

I wonder how old is she!


Anonymous angela coubarakis said ... (1:30 PM) : 

love the gestural nature , and the relationship between the patterns , she obviously stands out and the shapes in front or her are a pattern with one that is unique among them like her , love it


Blogger PiruletadeGato said ... (1:34 PM) : 

Now I really need to touch that coat!


Blogger The Lady Philosopher said ... (1:57 PM) : 

nice play of patterns here.
See the Right to Fashion at:


Blogger Petey said ... (2:56 PM) : 

That tail is hilarious. Proof that New York really is the concrete jungle!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:39 PM) : 

never mind the cat she`s wearing , what about the cat she sat on ?


Anonymous Christine said ... (4:01 PM) : 

I remember those days, a few solitary moments to yourself, before class starts. A quiet mental refresher, in always fashionably savage way.


Blogger A Bonfire of the Vanities said ... (4:13 PM) : 

love the fox tail.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:30 PM) : 

The coat is nice, but is she sitting on her cat?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:40 PM) : 

very Laura Dern Wild at Heart


Anonymous Anna said ... (6:04 PM) : 

So over the tails. The tails suit foxes more than they do humans.


Anonymous The Styley said ... (6:14 PM) : 

Love the composition here. Your distance from your subject is perfect.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:24 PM) : 

Fur. In May.
How depressing.


Anonymous BlingDuckFashion said ... (8:36 PM) : 

faux fur! love it!


Blogger Evan said ... (11:06 PM) : 

sweet Jacket..


Blogger Larissa said ... (2:11 AM) : 

love the picture


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:33 AM) : 

Love a good tail. This would be better if she was sitting straigter.


Blogger Nyrha said ... (2:51 AM) : 

Great pic!



Blogger Reflect and Fancy - Fashion blog said ... (3:33 AM) : 

loving it! a nice city cat..


Blogger MELISSA Z. said ... (4:59 AM) : 

love this photo with all my heart and that leo coat is awesome!


Blogger liza said ... (6:18 AM) : 

I love it, this is a gorgeous photo.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:52 PM) : 

Is she sitting on her cat?? Not sure about this shot....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:58 AM) : 

great tail :-)


Anonymous Wholesale apparel said ... (4:04 AM) : 

Amazing animal fashion!


Blogger a sip of fashion said ... (9:19 AM) : 

lovely pic! <3


Blogger Laura Siim Magnussen said ... (1:01 PM) : 

Ohhhh, what a GORGEOUS jacket!


Blogger Birkenstock sandals shoes said ... (11:28 PM) : 

Only in New York can you wear this kind of thing. I want to live there.



Blogger Aubrey and Melissa said ... (12:52 PM) : 

I can't believe you were here! Gorgeous photo, I love the fur.


Blogger flirtini said ... (10:58 PM) : 

Love the leopard..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:26 AM) : 

I was just thinking what a uniquely New York, or even FIT thing it is to have a tail on your bag. I just got one too! Thanks for covering FIT!


Blogger ▲▲Lacing Up▲▲ said ... (12:38 PM) : 

i just love this photo!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:29 PM) : 

fur? are you serious? It's no wonder that she's sitting by herself.


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