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On the Street.... Prinsengracht, Amsterdam


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Monday, May 16, 2011

On the Street.... Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

It was a little crowded shooting in Amsterdam yesterday.

Apparently, the local football club won a big championship game and everyone was out to celebrate.

Comments on "On the Street.... Prinsengracht, Amsterdam"


Anonymous Maliha said ... (5:36 AM) : many things going on in this picture... love all different moods you have captured in this one.


Anonymous roelien said ... (5:37 AM) : 

weel, you sure got your cultural event!


Anonymous emma said ... (5:38 AM) : 

Haha, cool! It was indeed a busy weekend in Amsterdam after Ajax won the national title (the most important game of the year in Dutch soccer).

I really hope you enjoyed your stay, though!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:40 AM) : 

What fantastic energy juxtaposed by her demure presence. Loving her warm mustard top. Great shot.


Blogger cloudo3 said ... (5:42 AM) : 

so bright and happy!


Blogger Selina. said ... (5:43 AM) : 

haha yes all ajax fans were totally crazy after the match, beautiful photo tough!

love, selina


Blogger Monika said ... (5:44 AM) : 

great photo!


Blogger Kiki said ... (5:45 AM) : 

The contrast of calmness and excitement and the sharp colour outfit are eye-catching.

I like her outfit!


Blogger Beautycountry said ... (5:47 AM) : 

fun fun fun :D

...and how I miss Amsterdam...


Blogger Ruth said ... (5:47 AM) : 

She looks so unimpressed with the football-mad guys! haha
Nice shot - interesting composition.



Blogger Jules said ... (5:50 AM) : 

ha! I love this shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:51 AM) : 

Yes we did! Too bad for the Sartorialist everybody wore the red-and-white Ajax shirts. :)


Anonymous Afrobrownies said ... (5:51 AM) : 

And yet she manages to keep her poise. Clearly a very classy lady.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:53 AM) : 

It's almost a small modern version of Rembrandt's 'Nightwatch'. Alot of things going on, but the actual focus is on the girl. Great!


Blogger Davidikus said ... (5:56 AM) : 

I loooooooooooove the comments. The local football team is known as Ajax Amsterdam, they are extremely famous (they invented "total football") & they won the League (national competition) last year.

They have a pretty stylish jersey too (though not as exciting as Paris Saint-Germain's - designed by Daniel Hechter himself).


Blogger Prêt à Porter P said ... (5:56 AM) : 

This looks like it could be a Benetton ad. Great shot!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:57 AM) : 

All during the day i kept thinking; Poor Scott,...poor scott!

You really made it work though!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:58 AM) : 

The local, and also the biggest of Holland, football club Ajax played against the then current number one and defending champion..and won! Making Ajax this year's champion. For the 30th time ha!

/just so you lot know ^^

- Proud Ajax fan


Blogger Inspiration exists said ... (6:01 AM) : 

The shot is perfect - the dynamic around underlines the pure lines of the girl's outfit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:02 AM) : 

This photograph is so vibrant and alive. Beautiful!


Anonymous SartoSimon said ... (6:03 AM) : 

hahaha Yeah, Ajax won the Dutch national championships and puts them into the European champion of champions tournament. (I hope this helps - I was trying to explain without assuming any prior knowledge of the Eredivisie and Champions League).

Was the woman in the middle at the game? She seems a little non-plussed by the giddy fans around her. If you want to see stylish football fans (ie not wearing the usual uniform of football shirt, etc.), take a trip to a few Italian football grounds during the Serie A season.


Blogger CHR said ... (6:05 AM) : 

Ohhh a great image!!


Blogger caribbelle said ... (6:06 AM) : 

this is great, I like how the yellow sticks out, she looks so calm amidst the excitement! Great photo :)


Anonymous Rebecca Ann said ... (6:06 AM) : 

Oh ha! This photo is so neat! I love the way she's standing so still and there's so much energy going on around her. And that tunic thing is so cute!


Blogger daydream fool said ... (6:09 AM) : 

ha nice shot. Love that the girl just stands there looking all mysterious and the rest is jumping of joy.


Blogger Mila said ... (6:16 AM) : 



Anonymous Jeff said ... (6:17 AM) : 

I find it so interesting how the gorgeous girl in yellow looks to so oblivious to the celebrating men around her. Her expression and posture is such a contrast. As is her style and coloring. It's as if she was added to the photo.


Blogger Liz Sewmode said ... (6:19 AM) : 

That`s how I know and love my Amsterdam: alsways crowded, always loud, always fun ! :)

and lots of trendy people as we can on the photo - I like it !


Blogger Wroniak said ... (6:24 AM) : 

usually I don't comment on your work, but this picture is so great I need to write something.
love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:24 AM) : 

Ajax won the Eredivisie Championship after 7 years (circa 2004) they now play in the Champions League as Dutch league winners which is the equivalent of being in the NBA playoffs. It's a money spinning football/soccer competition comparable to the Superbowl in it's viewership worldwide. Culturally it's amazing to see the waterways chocked full of supporters... In 2000 I saw Amsterdam policeman aiding a female Oranje (Dutch National Soccer Team) supporter roll a spliff/blunt/weed in the city streets with her on his back after they reached the European Semi Finals which is the European version of the World Cup. You asked for culture, so enjoy...


Blogger Miss Molly said ... (6:25 AM) : 

this is so funny! i love it! the quality is unbelievable too


Anonymous s said ... (6:26 AM) : 

HAHAHHA so funny pics...
Love the serious of the woman in center of the pics.... ;))
Very nice pic



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:26 AM) : 

Quality photo as per...Ajax had just won the Eredivisie for the first time since 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:26 AM) : 



Blogger Wroniak said ... (6:26 AM) : 

usually I don't comment on your work, but this picture is so great I need to write something.
Love it!


Anonymous Marije said ... (6:28 AM) : 

I love this picture! The girl's cute. She looks like she just arrived from another planet and accidentally ended up in this mess.


Blogger Bella Donna said ... (6:29 AM) : 

i loveeeeeeeeeeeee !!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:32 AM) : 



Anonymous Lee Oliveira said ... (6:32 AM) : 

Fabulous photo Scott.
Love the explosion of colours.
That girl is stunning
lee x


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:34 AM) : 

I like that you use the word "local" football club about Ajax Amsterdam ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:35 AM) : 

So sorry you had to see us "Amsterdammers" at our not-so-very best ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:38 AM) : 

It gave you the chance to take a picture of the most stylish football shirt in Europe.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:38 AM) : 

love it!


Anonymous Lewislennox said ... (6:41 AM) : 

I was the first time in 7 years that ajax won the national championship, and the 30th time overall. Most loaded game in years, great moment to be in town!

Great picture too.


Blogger Tegame said ... (6:41 AM) : 

yes you're right Ajax won the cahmpionship.
Anyway, amazing photo!


Blogger Miss Top Ten Image said ... (6:42 AM) : 

Love the energy of the moment!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:44 AM) : 

ajax and it is the eredivisie, the dutch national league.


Blogger Боряна said ... (6:44 AM) : 

A great mood in this picture, but the poor girl looks a bit worried


Anonymous Anna said ... (6:45 AM) : 

What a good Shot!, I hope you survived it, it could be a big mess in the city on these days...Greetz
Anna from Amsterdam


Blogger ML said ... (6:46 AM) : 

Yep, Ajax won.
This picture is hilarious :)


Blogger Antonio Aguila said ... (6:51 AM) : 



Blogger songbird said ... (6:51 AM) : 

love that mustard color sweater with the pockets.


Blogger Peter said ... (6:53 AM) : 

Was this close enough to a bullfight?


Blogger picolin said ... (6:54 AM) : 

It's Ajax! One of the big football clubs in Europe!


Anonymous Fxesko said ... (6:56 AM) : 

Ajax of Amsterdam won the national football (soccer) tournament.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:57 AM) : 

Haha it was crazy in Amsterdam, it always is when Ajax wins! This is a really good shot and i love her outfit!
Hope you had a good time in Amsterdam!


Blogger Nomadic D. said ... (6:57 AM) : 

Love this photo!


Blogger Stan said ... (6:57 AM) : 

You definitely got right smack in the middle of things Scott, AJAX won the country championship for the 30th time....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:58 AM) : 

You should come to Norway tomorrow! Big day, a looooot of people and beautiful national costumes!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:02 AM) : 

I love this picture the best of both worlds come together the sartorialist and ajax! Great!

Thanks Scott,



Anonymous Jan M. said ... (7:03 AM) : 

love the girl standing their in the middle :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:05 AM) : 

Yeha it had been a long time since Ajax won...


Blogger toks visoks said ... (7:07 AM) : 

Poor girl :) They stole her shot! :)) Great photo!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:09 AM) : 

The girl in the middle is so calm, love her mustard tunic


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:14 AM) : 

great energy and everyone looks great!! love Amsterdam!!


Anonymous Dennis said ... (7:15 AM) : 

they actually won the championship for the 30th time ;) it was a big deal haha. LOVE the photo though


Blogger carmen luisa said ... (7:16 AM) : 

I love the static girl surrounded by the moving guys.Is that a sleeveless jeans shirt?


Blogger Robert Jan said ... (7:16 AM) : 

"a bit crowded", I hope you missed the masses on the Museumplein.


Blogger klarakapucine said ... (7:18 AM) : 

Yes, there it is. You caught Amsterdam on a crazy moment.


Blogger Flea For Fashion said ... (7:19 AM) : 

the girl certainly stands out from the guys!


Blogger Rachel said ... (7:21 AM) : 



Blogger Rachel said ... (7:22 AM) : 

I luv it so much!!


Anonymous Sarah said ... (7:22 AM) : 

Astonishing use of colour, i love.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:25 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:25 AM) : 

Very cool style but too bad that the supporters actually have something to celebrate.....


Anonymous Linda said ... (7:26 AM) : 

Soccer and fashion usually don't mix in my mind, but next time you are in Italy you should go to a game where you will see some of the best dressed men around. I went to an Inter Milan game a few years ago and was astounded at the way the supporters dressed, a far cry from the English game where it's nylon shirts all round-yuck!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:31 AM) : 

Oh my god haha I love how the guys seem to have photobombed this picture! (even if they happen to know the lady)

Great mood! :)


Blogger The Fancy Teacup said ... (7:37 AM) : 

It's so neat how you captured the festivity and excitement of fans in their sportswear, and then you catch a solitary chic outfit amidst all of it.
much love.


Anonymous Maka said ... (7:41 AM) : 

the picture is fantastic.
Nothing could interupt a fashion moment.


Anonymous Belchdragon said ... (7:41 AM) : 

Not only did they win, it was the 30th national championship for them and the first one in 7 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:42 AM) : 

I would like to think that they are cheering for her brilliant mustard jumper


Blogger S said ... (7:42 AM) : 

this picture is great! the movement is really cool


Anonymous Elosyia said ... (7:43 AM) : 

This photo is so fun. I love the different pose of each person.


Anonymous IS THIS IT? models review said ... (7:43 AM) : 

Ajax won Eredivisie yesterday beating Twente 3-1 in last match!!!
haha btw funny shot... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:44 AM) : 

it's very nice the difference between the boys that are excited and the girl who's serious. great shot!


Anonymous Noortje said ... (7:44 AM) : 

Local football club haha? AJAX, our national pride!
Great picture by the way :)


Anonymous FeministSmithie said ... (7:48 AM) : 

wonderful tableau! I love her calm against their madness.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:49 AM) : 

I like her stillness amongst everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 AM) : 

Wow, I LOVE this photo, and yeah i was in Amsterdam too, it was so crowded, but you wanted a cultural event, you got THE dutch event.


Blogger Elodie said ... (7:55 AM) : 

I love this kind of pictures where everyone is happy!


Blogger Hanna said ... (7:57 AM) : 

I love that girl's outfit. It's really inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:01 AM) : 

yeah our local soccer club won! Everyone was partying that day.


Blogger Sann said ... (8:05 AM) : 


I LOVE how the super fashionable girl is surrounded by the more casual football supporting dudes!


Blogger sayhay said ... (8:06 AM) : 

The fact that the girl in the center is standing still and everyone is jumping around her is really cool, great contrast.


Blogger Emilie said ... (8:07 AM) : 

This is so cool! The energy is amazing!



Blogger pascal said ... (8:07 AM) : 

love it!


Anonymous Renée said ... (8:08 AM) : 

Fantastic shot especially since the girl looks so serene!


Blogger AnToh said ... (8:12 AM) : 

they won the championship! great picture!


Blogger Mitzi Dom said ... (8:14 AM) : 

Indeed Ajax won the national championship and dutchies get crazy with soccer ;)


Anonymous flannery o'kafka said ... (8:15 AM) : 

I'm having flashbacks of the early 90s Benetton ads of my's a good sort of flashback.


Blogger véronique said ... (8:15 AM) : 

You grab the atmosphere pretty well ! Bravo !


Blogger The Lady Philosopher said ... (8:17 AM) : 

Bright primary colors. The jump. The guys with baggy pants and her tight leggings. Major elements here.
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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:19 AM) : 

nice apron.


Anonymous Cone Dman said ... (8:20 AM) : 

Ajax has won the national soccer league yesterday, Amsterdam was one big party!


Blogger Maartje said ... (8:20 AM) : 

Haha yes you got your cultural event after all! Unfortunately not the most fashionable one.. ;)

Love the photo.


Blogger Ariska said ... (8:20 AM) : 

Wow! I love it, such a pretty shot!


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (8:22 AM) : 

I love this shoot!

The seriously expresion of the girl mixed with the excited crowd!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:25 AM) : 

WOW. i was there but this picture almost captures ALL of the things that was going on out there. just WOW. too bad i didn't see you! what a talent.


Blogger A Girl Named Maria.. said ... (8:26 AM) : 

ha ha great picture!


Blogger Catherine said ... (8:31 AM) : 

oh dear... nobody thought about THATH when we heard you were going to Amsterdam! But yeah, the local football club (Ajax) is the most famous football club in Holland, I think.

Awesome picture though! Very interesting. I love her just standing in the middle of the picture, when there's so much going on around her.


Blogger 40 over 20 said ... (8:33 AM) : 

With everything going on in this shot, my eyes still go to her.


Blogger Kerry said ... (8:33 AM) : 

I love this so much! The boiled wool and the jerseys together are hysterical.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:35 AM) : 

AJAX won! Great shot though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:35 AM) : 

love the footwear


Blogger Trendy leodium said ... (8:35 AM) : 

Come in Liège in Belgium of belgium football cup


Blogger Sandy Leonard Snaps said ... (8:36 AM) : 

We LOVE jumping pictures. Especially colorful ones like these. Thanks.


Blogger Adele said ... (8:38 AM) : 

whoa! what a cool photo. i like the girl in the middle, she looks cool. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:39 AM) : 

OMG, I´m so happy you´ve witnessed this! It was THE event Amsterdam was actually waiting for (for 7 years!)
I love how the crazy fans are jumping and the girl stands still in the picture, LOVE it!

warm regards from Amsterdam :D


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:42 AM) : 

That is so funny...welcome to Europe and be glad you weren't on the streets in Dortmund yesterday. (celebrating german soccer championship with 400.000!! people on the street looking like bees;)


Blogger thebloggersblog said ... (8:42 AM) : 

please post more!


Blogger Nicole said ... (8:42 AM) : 

I LOVE this photo! I love how calm and self assured the girl is, her personality directly reflected in that wonderful outfit. It almost looks like the gentlemen are photoshopped in because she is so unfazed by them


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:48 AM) : 



Blogger tammyO. said ... (8:50 AM) : 

that's hilarious- made for a great shot though!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:50 AM) : 



Blogger Bojan said ... (8:51 AM) : 

oh, poor thing! but she still looks great! very brave!


Blogger Tassos P said ... (8:57 AM) : 

Haha you got a special day by chance :) I hope you liked Amsterdam and mostly I hope you took a boat ride around the canals.

The picture is so great, that fine looking girl is like photoshoped behind the fans :)


Anonymous lotte said ... (8:57 AM) : 



Anonymous Jeanne said ... (8:59 AM) : 

Haha, ahw I already felt a bit sorry for you Scott! Amsterdam was such a mess yesterday.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:02 AM) : 

Love it! there is so much energy in this photo, wish I was there for the party! x


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:03 AM) : 

Yes, Ajax Amsterdam won! They are the best football team in the Netherlands 2010/2011 after 7 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:03 AM) : 

Soccer meets fashion. Love it!


Anonymous Leo Gloom said ... (9:04 AM) : 

That's Ajax....a little more than just 'the local football team'.


Blogger david said ... (9:08 AM) : 

Well Amster-Dam-it, I wish i could have been there !


Blogger Agni said ... (9:08 AM) : 

It is so cheerful and so european atmosphere :)


Anonymous Stephanie said ... (9:09 AM) : 



Blogger Ricardo Barranco said ... (9:09 AM) : 

The "local football team" it's called Ajax and it's one of the most emblematic teams in the world. Yesterday they won the Eredivisie (the highest football league in the Netherlands) which was missing since 2004. Great picture by the way!


Anonymous maria said ... (9:11 AM) : 

I can appreciate the stillness of this moment. Great photo!


Anonymous Sabeen said ... (9:13 AM) : 

This photograph, literally, speaks a thousand words. Just wonderful.


Blogger Marcel Da Chump said ... (9:13 AM) : 

The flyng Dutch men!


Anonymous Louisa said ... (9:14 AM) : 

brilliant picture!


Blogger Jake & Davies said ... (9:15 AM) : 

Such a great Photo!
Really really nice.


Blogger Francesca said ... (9:15 AM) : 

that yellow vest is so amazing


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Blogger Fashion is all about? said ... (9:17 AM) : 

I know I'm not leaving there but, I think it's an honor for are country


Anonymous Diederik said ... (9:17 AM) : 

The local football club is called Ajax and is one of the greatest football clubs in the world.

I doubt this photo was taken on the Prinsengracht as that is a canal; the word 'gracht' in Dutch means 'canal'.

Other than that, intriguing picture with this mysterious, pale girl in the middle.


Blogger BigBagGirl said ... (9:25 AM) : 

Love all those colours together!!
Really nice pic.. but, as usual.. from you!!! ^_^

Check my blog, nice advices on fashion for all, in italian and english..


Blogger Diana said ... (9:30 AM) : 

is it Iris in the middle?


Blogger Fashioninamsterdam said ... (9:37 AM) : 

Beautiful photo!!


Blogger . said ... (9:40 AM) : 

Yeeeyyy !!! AJAXXXXX !!!!

<3 from Amsterdam !!!!!!!!!!!!!

x isabella


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:41 AM) : 

it was alax
and they won the most important championship in the netherlands

everybody is stil partying


ps really nice to see the Netherlands on this site for ones!


Anonymous Bohemian Trends said ... (9:47 AM) : 

I love the yellow!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:47 AM) : 

Ha ha. You tried to shoot in your usual singular manner but it just wasn't going to happen was it! So you let it evolve into something else - wonderful!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:48 AM) : 

This photograph is quite compelling.


Anonymous Yonina said ... (9:54 AM) : 

I absolutely love this picture!


Blogger shoegirl said ... (9:57 AM) : 

Can't wait to see more of your photos from Amsterdam! I was visiting this weekend as well (Sunday was CRAZY!) and was struck how wonderfully fashionable everyone was.


Blogger Vasilieva said ... (10:00 AM) : 

spectacular shot


Blogger misiloves said ... (10:03 AM) : 

It was on the corner of Prinsengracht and the Leidsestraat.. I saw the picture being taken and talked to mister Schuman for one second :)


Blogger D said ... (10:08 AM) : 

LOVE this picture. so euro and captures such a different spirit than you see in the U.S. Such a great moment!


Blogger Chesney said ... (10:08 AM) : 

Love that mustard sweater. she's killin it :)


Blogger D said ... (10:09 AM) : 

LOVE this picture! So euro and a spirit that you don't see in the U.S. A truly great moment!


Blogger Antiny said ... (10:10 AM) : 

I love your blog. I follow you :)


Blogger KristiMcMurry said ... (10:11 AM) : 

What a great moment!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20 AM) : 

LOVE how the boys are all clamoring like monkeys for notice, and the girl just stands there quietly in her fierce fashion stance, literally the center of attention. It's why we rule: holla!


Anonymous Style tone Zagreb said ... (10:20 AM) : 

looool this photo is so cool. Girl is so stylish and still and guys are all crazy. Amazing capture!!!


Blogger New York Don't Leave Me said ... (10:22 AM) : 

This photo is great! You really captured the spirit!
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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:24 AM) : 

oh my god, that's the greatest photo!
how many times did you asked them to jump? ;)



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:33 AM) : 

Hi There,
We at ELLE magazine posted this picture at our Facebook page,!/pages/ELLE/275770550192
Just because we loved the picture. The composition, the movement, everything. And ofcourse Amsterdam! We hope you dont mind. Ofcourse we redirected the picture to it's original location, here your blog.

Hope you had a nice stay in Amsterdam.


Anonymous Best of Beehive said ... (10:34 AM) : 

I love this as a photograph and could see it being used in a clothing ad.


Anonymous proletarian Great Gatsby said ... (10:35 AM) : 

She seems so cold and absent between the joy of the boys:an interesting contrast.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:44 AM) : 

One of the best pictures I have seen on the blog! So alive, contrasting and dinamic!
Muchas felicidades!


Blogger Zh. said ... (10:45 AM) : 

OMG i love this


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:46 AM) : 

I love how the girl in yellow stands there like if she wasn't part of them :)


Blogger Cynthia Fox-Giddens said ... (10:53 AM) : 

The lady in the middle keeps her fabulous pose around all the joyful celebration. I like her yellow vest!


Anonymous Russell said ... (10:54 AM) : 

Great spontaneous composition, footballers and fashionista.


Blogger Annette said ... (11:05 AM) : 

Such a wonderful and vibrant photo! You never cease to produce a great shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:05 AM) : 

This is one of my favorite pictures you've taken :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:09 AM) : 

nice shot. I'd like to see more shots from amsterdam.


Anonymous Emma said ... (11:16 AM) : 

Love this pic'


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 AM) : 

She might be better-dressed, but they're clearly having more fun. I'd rather be them any day!


Blogger KC said ... (11:19 AM) : 

love how the girl keeps calm amidst the celebration going on around her.


Anonymous Max said ... (11:20 AM) : 

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Thank you and keep up the good work!



Blogger eljovendario said ... (11:21 AM) : 

Interesting picture, looks like someone take it too serious. Sure she was supporting Twente. Haha.



Blogger Esther said ... (11:22 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:25 AM) : 

Espectacular los fans del Ajax! Los invito a que conzcan nuestros blog: ! Desde Bs As, Argentina les mostramos la moda gurmet local ! Los esperamos!


Blogger Elle Lemoine said ... (11:33 AM) : 

One of your best. Spectacular!


Blogger Jordan said ... (11:34 AM) : 

this is just unbelievable... bravo


Anonymous Jonathan said ... (11:40 AM) : 

Caught the game on satellite, was a really good game. Would of loved to be celebrating on the streets there!
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Blogger Kacie said ... (11:55 AM) : 

I LOVE this! So fun, so much energy. It's also silly!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:57 AM) : 

wow. this picture is wonderfull!!
you really should come to antwerp ;)


Blogger Caddy said ... (12:37 PM) : 

I really like the contrast between the model's emotions and those of the fans! :D


Blogger Terry said ... (12:38 PM) : 

my city, Amsterdam.

Ajax did a great job, and so did you!
Loving the photo.




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:38 PM) : 

oh,wonderful picture!


Blogger Alexa said ... (12:42 PM) : 

Love the colors in this one. Plus it's just a fun photo!


Anonymous Joyce said ... (12:45 PM) : 

Haha, this is such a hilarious photo. I can sense the excitement of those fans.


Blogger Danielle said ... (1:04 PM) : 

Wicked pic, so colourful! :)



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:11 PM) : 

fantastic <3


Blogger TMFA said ... (1:19 PM) : 

Without a doubt your best picture up to date.
Not necessarily technically, but oh boy does this picture elicit something from us or not. What a joy and vibe amidst that serenity dressed in mustard.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:21 PM) : 

OMG your in AMSTERDAM! I would love to see you there, just to be able to shake your hand..Great shot, as always :-)


Blogger Nanda devi said ... (1:24 PM) : 

I like it, although of course I don't support Ajax, mind! :) But besides that I really like the whole feeling about it.

I bet you didn't ask them, haha :)


Blogger Eline said ... (1:25 PM) : 

Haha, indeed, it was really crowded!
But you can call this THE match of the Dutch soccer teams, so everybody was very nervous about who was going to be the champion. (I wasn't, actually. ;))

But I really love this shot!
It captures the moment perfectly. Great job!


Anonymous Anna said ... (1:32 PM) : 

hahaha this is so great! it's like one of your typical photographs of a gorgeous, serious person, but there are randomly cheering men around her. SO GREAT! i like their clothes too...


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