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On the Street....Little Gio, Paris


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Monday, March 15, 2010

On the Street....Little Gio, Paris

Comments on "On the Street....Little Gio, Paris"


Blogger The Concrete Commentator said ... (10:36 AM) : 

love how she is rockin the 80's look a bit. Shades are very cool, and I like her denim jacket.


Anonymous Justincase said ... (10:36 AM) : 

Yes, Bill was right, fashion does seem confused perhaps that's a good thing.


Blogger MissMeliss said ... (10:36 AM) : 

Wow! Love the layering of the fur and the jean jacket! Such a cowgirl touch with the jacket, belt and bag with a splash of femininity with the skirt and tights. Love love. xx


Blogger Dis(clothes)ed said ... (10:36 AM) : 

I love this! Does anyone know who makes her jacket, belt, or bag? haha


Anonymous maggie said ... (10:42 AM) : 

Lovely bag and glasses, and I really like the setting of this photograph.
I don't get the furry thing around her shoulders... must be warm and cozy but...


Blogger Laetitia´s Comptoir said ... (10:46 AM) : 

So cool! I love it!


Anonymous Sophie said ... (10:47 AM) : 

She looks a lot like Paulina Poriskova back in the day....


Blogger Kalee said ... (10:47 AM) : 

I didn't know they had Native American reservations in France, but that's sort of the look she's rockin. Well, at least it looks that way to me. This look definitely works for her though!


Blogger Alex said ... (10:51 AM) : 

Me gusta su look, se parece un poco a giovanna battaglia.


Blogger Rebecca Engel said ... (10:53 AM) : 

love the spring feeling, she is gorgeous!


Anonymous Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker said ... (10:55 AM) : 

Ooh, I like this! The hair, the sunglasses, the skirt, the jacket...all of it!


Blogger The Style Revolution said ... (10:58 AM) : 

That fur is stunning!


Anonymous lucia said ... (10:59 AM) : 

Isn't it Giovanna's baby sister?
She rocks! Cool!


Blogger Misanthropic Pulp said ... (11:03 AM) : 

Wow love that outfit so happy that people are going back to jeans!!!
and that bag in incredible!


Blogger Ro said ... (11:03 AM) : 

i love this!
Lace, denim, and fur=perfect match!


Blogger Copious Couture said ... (11:08 AM) : 

such an incredible outfit!!!


Anonymous Claire M. said ... (11:08 AM) : 

Love this!

Do I spy the new Chloe bag??


Anonymous Christine said ... (11:11 AM) : 

Is she Giovanna Battaglia's little sister?


Anonymous Outre Singapore said ... (11:20 AM) : 

What a great photo - I mean her outfit is really cool, but the colors as well - blue, black, the brown of the bag, then her sunglasses too, very striking. You take awesome photographs - I'm very envious!

Outré | Singapore


Anonymous dinz said ... (11:20 AM) : 

It is not clear where her hair finishes and the fur begins.
Très sauvage, good for the jungle.


Blogger dy of ghost said ... (11:20 AM) : 

she looks great!


Blogger Hannah said ... (11:23 AM) : 

love it! hippyish but also modern in some way... i can see abbey lee wearing this.


Anonymous proletarian Great Gatsby said ... (11:23 AM) : 

Not bad the original belt over the denim jacket and the lace skirt:a medieval princess incognito.Blue and black: a mixture that brings me to the end of the 80's.


Blogger Caddy said ... (11:26 AM) : 

OH MY GOSH!!! Yes she is!! Love her outfit too she's rockin it.


Anonymous LauraM said ... (11:37 AM) : 

Is this the same girl who wore her conch belt over her fatique jacket last week? I tried it and I may have to break out my jean jacket and try it this way too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:39 AM) : 

Love the bag and the denim jacket! Am actually wearing one right now:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:43 AM) : 

Love that her hair has its natural texture and so-called "frizz". Sexy and self-assured!


Anonymous Style Odyssey said ... (11:52 AM) : 

Great layering of various textures and style genres. Gorgeous hair, too.


Blogger Prutha said ... (11:54 AM) : 

love the bag and her furry sleeves


Anonymous KateSouth said ... (12:06 PM) : 

I love how perfectly imperfect she looks - very laid back and confident.


Blogger WE SPY WITH MY LITTLE i said ... (12:06 PM) : 

Great look! No pretence - No trend - No pre Thoughts! Just what we like!!!


Blogger fashionfauxpas said ... (12:09 PM) : 

This only works because she is European. Otherwise, thrift store, eighties, gone bad...Love fur with denim, and of course the bag on it's own.


Blogger Joyce said ... (12:12 PM) : 

I love it! She looks seventies!


Blogger ColorHater said ... (12:22 PM) : 

She's beautiful woman.
I like the dress and the jacket, but this fur and that belt are too much


Anonymous Monika said ... (12:27 PM) : 

WOO I'm digging the return of the concho belt!


Blogger juju ariel said ... (12:27 PM) : 

she looks a bit like a helena bonham carter character... very cool but practically insane.


Blogger Anna Marie said ... (12:30 PM) : 

i love the bohemian vibe of her look.


Anonymous T said ... (12:45 PM) : 

love this. she looks so much cooler than i could ever even attempt to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:56 PM) : 

giovanna battaglia daughter?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:57 PM) : 

Great layering!


Blogger THESTREETFASHION5XPRO said ... (1:00 PM) : 

very cool


Blogger ADJ said ... (1:00 PM) : 

gorgeous on all levels. i love this look. amazing!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:02 PM) : 

All about the lovely hair and the subtle smile. Beautiful spring-ish photo but I don't find the outfit to be any special or catching at all!


Blogger la señorita said ... (1:12 PM) : 

me gusta mucho su bolso
un saludo


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:14 PM) : 

This blog is 90% women now. I thought it was called the 'sartorialist?'


Blogger Sophiemei said ... (1:28 PM) : 

i found she is a little hippie i like!! totally chic and good looking in fur!


Blogger Hugo Hase said ... (1:52 PM) : 

That belt is so "Sharika-belly-dance-esque". But the rest I like!


Blogger Moda de Colores said ... (2:14 PM) : 

Interesting look!


Blogger Ore.Runs said ... (2:45 PM) : 

Aviators and lace are rocking me right round...loves!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:48 PM) : 

great title...


Blogger Meg said ... (3:44 PM) : 

Very nice, reminds me of a Free People advert from a few years ago, in their print catalog. Bohemian/American Indian vibe. Classic beauty!


Blogger Izzen said ... (4:07 PM) : 

So cool. Love the dress.


Blogger *G*R*U*N*T*I*L*D*A* said ... (4:11 PM) : 

Very cool ensemble...pieces really work together.


Anonymous $5 Basics said ... (4:25 PM) : 

it's like a better version of those tshirts with the wolves howling at the moon.


Blogger Loren Barake said ... (5:00 PM) : 

Giovanna's sister is SARA BATTAGLIA and this is not her!!! And she does NOT look like Giovanna at all!!


Blogger Cassandra said ... (5:09 PM) : 

Great outfit + great attitude = great style. Love the unruly hair and coy grin.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:09 PM) : 

She's no relation to Giovanna... Her name is Natalia and she's the Fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia... So sweet and genuine, plus she has a great, innate style sense!


Blogger Ezra said ... (5:09 PM) : 

love the belt


Blogger Tracie Tsuneya said ... (5:35 PM) : 

I love the skirt on the leggings, and the belt, and the furry vest-thing.


Blogger Fashion Monstre said ... (5:35 PM) : 

i just love everything about this! esp the shape of her face and i just bought your latest book yesterday and i love it! its the most inspirational thing i own, thank you for being so amazing


Blogger Christina said ... (5:42 PM) : 

I am still obsessed with my jean jacket from college and I love hers too. Great look.


Blogger l´habitué said ... (8:00 PM) : 

So cool! I could wear this everyday!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:42 PM) : 

It certainly appears to be the new Chloe bag, Marcie. What a beautiful picture and an inspiring mixture of high and low, old and new, classic and unique.


Blogger AnastasiaC said ... (9:55 PM) : 

who is this girl with the crazy hair that i simply adore!!!??


Blogger My Bag! said ... (10:28 PM) : 

I Love love the skirt on the leggings!!
very cool.



Blogger leyla a. said ... (10:48 PM) : 

she looks SO ME circa 1991 or 1992. It feels like I was looking at a picture of me in college.


Blogger Vinda Sonata said ... (10:56 PM) : 

seriously lovin her style! love the furry accent on her jacket.

fashion atelier.


Blogger Liz S said ... (11:52 PM) : 

Oh! the hair and the fur go so well together. Then the denim and lace with that timeless belt--late 80s boho/hippy=perfect.
Her strong facial structure is the ideal topper.


Blogger thwany said ... (2:01 AM) : 

she's adorable


Anonymous Middleseason said ... (3:40 AM) : 

She rocks. love her face and skirt!


Blogger Amanda said ... (4:19 AM) : 



Blogger Sara Bentley said ... (5:33 AM) : 

Really cool and confident. Great vibe to the photo!


Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (10:27 AM) : 

Fur + Denim + Lace + Awesome belt = Very Chic Look. Not to mention that her bag looks very cool.


Blogger Life As I Show It said ... (2:04 PM) : 

OMG...she's quite fabulous!


Blogger Lauren Warner said ... (2:53 PM) : 

I am always awed by the ladies in the photographs, and this one is particularly fascinating. She looks a bit like a warrior - a delicate one.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:40 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:31 AM) : 

I'd so vote this as one of the best styles you've posted!


Anonymous Wholesale Clothing said ... (12:37 PM) : 

Wow, I like her outfit.. specially her skirt, love to wear skirt. Nice post! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:46 PM) : 

love the fur-jacket with the belt!!!!!!!!!!! a glam rock chick!!!!


Blogger Couture said ... (12:26 PM) : 

You know, I like this a lot. she has made what looks like vintage pieces look modern and young. Genius!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:12 PM) : 

the bag is from Uterqüe


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:32 PM) : 

wow! Beautiful women and wonderful look! Congratulations!


Blogger Kathleen said ... (9:40 AM) : 

This woman and her look kind of takes me back to the 70's. Very rock and roll, mixed with a very feminine edge.


Blogger Liliana P. said ... (4:41 PM) : 

This girl is so cool! Even if i don't really share her fashion sense, i think she's very cool... except for that belt..


Blogger Shaina said ... (11:06 PM) : 

Great look, especially the lace dress and the shades. Looks really comfortable in her own skin.


Blogger margygaye said ... (4:19 AM) : 

I had a belt like this in the 80s - why oh why did i give it to the charity shop! It looks so cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 AM) : 

C'mon, she could wear a bin-liner and look amazing! - Emma


Blogger Atif said ... (8:49 AM) : 

I love this dress and your bag is lovely...

Reflective Motorcycle Vests


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