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On the Street.....Aldwych, London


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Saturday, February 27, 2010

On the Street.....Aldwych, London

Comments on "On the Street.....Aldwych, London"


Blogger Blackmarket Boo said ... (3:01 AM) : 



Anonymous Paulina said ... (3:07 AM) : 

I love her Alexander Wang bag!


Anonymous Paulina said ... (3:07 AM) : 

I love her Alexander Wang bag!


Blogger viviane said ... (3:08 AM) : 

First one to comment?

Well, i'd like some cold to wear this kind of jacket and hat..

It's summer time down here at Brasil!


Blogger thatsorad said ... (3:15 AM) : 

I love how her cig is prity much Burnt out. Rad shot



Blogger stacy said ... (3:17 AM) : 

perfect mix of textiles.

the slip of blonde hair falling from her hat and the red lips against her soft skin certainly don't hurt the look either.



Blogger Solanah said ... (3:19 AM) : 

Love the hat!


Blogger Ganymede Girl said ... (3:26 AM) : 

I really like her look, very playful. The hat is simply wonderful, great pattern and colors. In general I suppose I mostly like that this isn't too put-together but it is still, stylish, expressive, and fun. Really dig the red lips too.


Blogger Ganymede Girl said ... (3:26 AM) : 

I really like her look, very playful. The hat is simply wonderful, great pattern and colors. In general I suppose I mostly like that this isn't too put-together but it is still, stylish, expressive, and fun. Really dig the red lips too.


Blogger bianka said ... (3:29 AM) : 

think thats a really cool nerd oufit. =)


Blogger Vinda Sonata said ... (3:30 AM) : 

i really like her style, especially her coat. very english classic!

fashion atelier.


Blogger Lisa Petrarca said ... (3:34 AM) : 

The hat, red lips, gloves, jacket & purse are perfection. She screams confidence.

Thanks for posting so many women on the streets too!


Anonymous theyoohoogirl said ... (3:38 AM) : 

London, Paris and Italy each have a genre? What is NYC's style?


Blogger what dia like said ... (3:48 AM) : 

great chapka:)


Blogger george&georgia said ... (4:02 AM) : 

Ahhh I want her beanie!!


Blogger Sara Bentley said ... (4:02 AM) : 

This look has such a London vibe to it -- I love the glamour of the red lipstick juxtaposed by the rustic hat and tweed coat!
(I also love the Mulberry bag on the girl in the background!)


Blogger cla-sib said ... (4:09 AM) : 

she looks so gorgeous, love your coat and the amazing bag..

xoxo cla


Blogger Sophiemei said ... (4:13 AM) : 

the bag is Alexandra wang!? i love her hat, so warm!! gorgeous!!


Blogger SabinePsynopsis said ... (4:17 AM) : 

Not such a big fan of funny hats (even if it's a pretty one like this and she is sporting it very well); but there are 2 very attractive handbags in this picture.


Blogger Goodle. said ... (4:20 AM) : 

GAH! I love this, the hat matching her red lips, the studs at the bottom of the bag..

Just loose the cigarette and she's chic!

Goodle x


Blogger Ugnė said ... (4:30 AM) : 

Her coat is just fabulous! <3


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:34 AM) : 

love everything! The bag, coat, gloves, hat, ring on her finger and ofcourse the red lips!!
She looks confident and comfortable in her own style!

Thanks Scott!

Grtz from, Amsterdam, Holland


Blogger Christina Barrera said ... (4:41 AM) : 

this is really too perfect! I love the beautiful coat against the gray yet still cheeky patterned gloves and with that hat! that hat.

Christina Barrera



Blogger Lou said ... (4:41 AM) : 

That traffic stopping lipstick color! Sublime. The lilac/pink accents on the coat are interesting, the hat is kooky, her mittens are cute, and the way that baby blue/jeans blouse sticks up and is buttoned low adds sexiness. I also like the cognac colored bag behind her. Another fabulous shot.


Anonymous Miss B said ... (4:45 AM) : 

I love her look. I want to steal her Christopher Kane armwarmers, Wang bag and tweed coat...

Miss B xx


Blogger christelle said ... (4:53 AM) : 

I've been searching forever this diego bag...


Blogger christelle said ... (4:53 AM) : 

I've been searching forever this diego bag...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:13 AM) : 

that hat belongs in heaven. absolutely love this picture.


Blogger Chiara said ... (5:21 AM) : 

Love her bag and her mouth.
All the attention is catched by the colour of her red mouth.


Blogger Lemon for breakfast said ... (5:30 AM) : 

i've got a very similar bag! :)


Blogger Lemon for breakfast said ... (5:30 AM) : 

i've got a very similar bag! :)


Anonymous jeremy said ... (5:30 AM) : 

Great combination. she looks so effortlessly cool with her orangish lipstick. Super hat!


Anonymous Cecylia said ... (5:36 AM) : 

Cute bag! Love her hat too. So sweet!


Blogger Gon said ... (5:56 AM) : 

fun bag!



Blogger burgundy lips said ... (6:15 AM) : 

I die with this bag!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:22 AM) : 

Natalie Hartley? Ughh.


Blogger Elle said ... (6:34 AM) : 

That's the fashion editor of The Sunday Times 'Style' magazine - I love her style!


Blogger Calypso said ... (6:40 AM) : 

Awesome outfit :-) Love the way shes thrown on the tweed coat with fierce accessories...

Love from Calypso


Anonymous goldheart said ... (6:43 AM) : 

Isn't she that Sunday Times fashion journalist? Nice hat.


Anonymous andeh said ... (6:45 AM) : 

I love the color of her lips :)
and her gorgeous coat :D
aaaaand especially her gray leopard print hand-warmers or blouse!!!


Blogger Lucy Laucht said ... (6:59 AM) : 

Nice hat! She writes a pretty good page for Sunday Times Style Magazine
Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration


Blogger Kathy said ... (7:02 AM) : 

Nothing like a fun hat!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:07 AM) : 

oh no that's that annoying pouty woman from style magazine which comes with the sunday times...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:11 AM) : 

love the ushanka hat


Blogger Diane said ... (7:13 AM) : 

The new red lip thing, I like this girl!



Blogger Eli said ... (7:23 AM) : 

Love the bag and the coat, they are beautiful.


Blogger WE SPY WITH MY LITTLE i said ... (7:47 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 AM) : 

wow, that is such an incredible lip colour!!! I like this stance, too.

the coat is from Whistles, beautifully captured.


Blogger Fashion London Life said ... (8:09 AM) : 

Love your bag!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:12 AM) : 

Love the lavender piping with the tweed! And the zips. HAt, face, lipstick are fab too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:13 AM) : 

the pattern, the texture, the zippers, the lips,and the look! waou!


Blogger kevin H said ... (8:18 AM) : 

such a pretty photograph!


Blogger Karina e Kátia said ... (8:29 AM) : 

Fantastic the look, amazing...loves the blog...kisses


Anonymous Sara said ... (8:56 AM) : 

Beutiful cap! love her style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:00 AM) : 

this look is everywhere in the UK.


Blogger Ирина said ... (9:00 AM) : 

red lips!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:12 AM) : 

quelle allure!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:14 AM) : 

Very cute. I love the mixed textures of the coat, gloves and hat - but those jeans detract from this look. It's mainly their color that puts me off.


Blogger Emma said ... (9:29 AM) : 

I absolutly love this coat, it is super cute, and the purple just makes it so muchmore fun!!

check out my blog:


Blogger Mallory said ... (9:30 AM) : 



Blogger joy said ... (9:37 AM) : 

I like her mismatched prints between the scarf and hat. Loving that Alexander Wang bag.



Anonymous bamto said ... (9:44 AM) : 

i need this hat!it's perfect!!and and really like the colour of her lipstick!


Anonymous The Photodiarist said ... (9:49 AM) : 

I do think that red-orange lipstick makes her look!


Blogger Fashion Monstre said ... (9:58 AM) : 

i love that bag! and she looks gorgeous in that outfit, its so simple and casual but she makes it her own!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:13 AM) : 

love her hat!


Blogger galsandan said ... (10:18 AM) : 

Nice - especially the coat. But, is it just me or does that had sit somewhat awkwardly on her head? :-)


Blogger A L I C I A ♥ said ... (10:21 AM) : 

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Blogger A L I C I A ♥ said ... (10:22 AM) : 

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Kisses, kisses, kisses.


Anonymous lorimarsha said ... (10:41 AM) : 

Wow. She's pretty much perfect. Love your book. Thanks for all the inspiration.


Blogger Style Scout said ... (11:10 AM) : 

I am loving her coat! I love that it's made of such traditional looking fabric but the style of it is so modern with all the zippers.


Blogger The Shitty Astrologer said ... (11:12 AM) : 

The hat rocks...and a beautiful shade of rocket red lipstick there!


Blogger Jacqueline said ... (11:30 AM) : 

Love the colors in her hat, her red lips, the pattern and texture of her coat, her fingerless gloves. Great inspiration =) xo


Blogger Kathleen said ... (12:04 PM) : 

Very sexy shot. How lovely she is. Love the hat, love the bag, love the coat, love the red lips. She is incredible. I was going to buy a winter hat nearly the same as hers and chickened out, silly me. She is truly a fashionista!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:14 PM) : 

The hat is by Jimmy Pinafore...always great.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:16 PM) : 

Lovely. Beautiful. Now STOP SMOKING.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:49 PM) : 

I love love love love love love LOVE her hat!!


Blogger Peter said ... (1:08 PM) : 

The jacket is incredible.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:17 PM) : 

Love the whistles coat, gorgeous!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:20 PM) : 

isn't this Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous?!


Blogger Ms. Bunbury said ... (1:54 PM) : 

Lovely the zips on the pattern of her coat..Very British with a touch of punk..
Ms B.


Blogger SV said ... (4:01 PM) : 

nice coat and bag!


Blogger Ilya said ... (4:28 PM) : 

O i really love the wang bag!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:28 PM) : 

great details. pink zipper. nice. hatttttt. wonderful.


Blogger Alessia Style said ... (4:38 PM) : 




Blogger Ash Matthias Guo said ... (4:46 PM) : 

the herringbone and the metalwork is a beautiful combination.


Blogger Anna Marie said ... (5:26 PM) : 

love the herringbone coat, haven't seen one of those in a while! perfect paired with the red lipstick.


Blogger thwany said ... (6:00 PM) : 

love the pattern on her hat


Blogger The Confines of Reality. said ... (6:42 PM) : 

the pretty lipstick does it for me!
lipstick fanatic


Blogger Renee ( said ... (6:58 PM) : 

i need that hat!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 PM) : 

Love the coat, love the bag, cap..not so much. Makes her look like one of those big fuzzy rabbits with it's ears hanging down.


Anonymous princess glee said ... (11:57 PM) : 

Great! If I lived in cold weather I'd dress just like her.


Blogger Dhu said ... (12:07 AM) : 

I am 100% in love with her hat.


Blogger Lucy said ... (3:21 AM) : 

Fabulous Whistles coat. Anyone coming to London check out this great high street shop.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:24 AM) : 

that hat is sooooo done!!!!!....nice lipstick !!!! London rocks!!!


Blogger Melissa Z. said ... (11:34 AM) : 

awesome fur hat! love it so much!


Anonymous Antonia said ... (1:44 PM) : 

isn't this the girl who is shown wearing a trend in a few different ways in each week's Style magazine in the Sunday Times?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:03 PM) : 

The essential hat for city living- looks quite like Union Square....


Blogger Prutha said ... (12:10 AM) : 

always love red lips!!


Blogger Ariel said ... (3:50 AM) : 

for some reason, i tend to find jeans difficult to wear without appearing only partially put together or generally unremarkable, but i think she looks absolutely glamorous in this picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:38 AM) : 

I like her lipstick color


Blogger livagostino said ... (10:36 AM) : 



Blogger Jack Daniel said ... (12:22 PM) : 

I love this (little over-exposed) picture. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:47 PM) : 

In my opinion, really not a good look.


Blogger Lais said ... (6:23 PM) : 

I love the hat! Muito bonito (very beautiful)... =)


Anonymous Nattie said ... (6:26 PM) : 

Love the lipstick, this is Natalie Hartley, she is fashion ed of The Sunday Times Style magazine and has great style!


Blogger Ola said ... (11:29 AM) : 

The lipstic is the first thing I notice, great color!


Blogger blogger said ... (11:36 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:30 PM) : 

she looks amazing , totally london chic ...whistles coat and wang bag just make the whole winter look simply cool.!!
i regret now not buying that coat from whistles ..:(


Blogger Yeji said ... (1:37 AM) : 

i do not like this. something strange


Blogger Lepoqo Gogela said ... (8:16 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:38 AM) : 

i LOVE this. is that a lavender zipper and piping down the coat? a wang bag, cute peeking sweater and the hat with the lips. she is stylish, quirky and great.


Blogger Bela said ... (9:03 PM) : 

I was going to say this lovely young woman isn't British, but I gather she is a fashion editor so I was right. LOL! This is not what you see every day on the streets of London - not where I live, anyway.


Blogger The Undercover Blonde... said ... (10:01 AM) : 

Oh my god! She looks amazing. Proud to say i have that hat too!! Its from Claire's. Looks so great paired with fab red lips! Such a cute outfit!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:05 AM) : 

i know this coat. its not a good coat. they didnt develop it for long enough. its from whistles, and thet should know better. thats the price of fast fashion. pretty girl, in lovely hat.


Anonymous Hélène said ... (12:50 PM) : 

i want her hat!
so jealous


Blogger Ev said ... (4:49 AM) : 

very very british - whimsical yet hip and cool.


Blogger Matt+Louise said ... (4:21 AM) : 

please tell me that is NOT a ciggie in her hand? Smoking is so not cool! Can we ask that subject refrain from smoking when being photographed?


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