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At Louis Vuitton....Kanye West, Paris


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At Louis Vuitton....Kanye West, Paris

Comments on "At Louis Vuitton....Kanye West, Paris"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:26 PM) : 

I always hate fur on guys. It's way too over the top, too cocky and emasculating imo. He normally does have good style though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:28 PM) : 

Honestly? Kanye in fur? Arrogance and obnoxiousness at its worst.


Anonymous Tim said ... (7:29 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:34 PM) : 

you are better than this. Kanye doesn't need any more air time and I look to you for images I can't get anywhere else....


Anonymous Em said ... (7:37 PM) : 

Mmmm. I like the photo, I think you've captured an honest shot of him. Yup.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:38 PM) : 

I also hate men in fur coats. It is the epitome of tacky to me and just way too extravagant.


Anonymous ugh said ... (7:39 PM) : 



Anonymous Gordon Tiemstra said ... (7:40 PM) : 

i fuckin hate kanye west
he is really arrogant, i really don't like him
also his style is over the top and doesn't contain any identity: he is rich and buys everything what is cool.....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:42 PM) : 

you can do better than this Scott, kanye is way over the top, nobody gets inspired by him

shuttershades *ughugh*


Anonymous nadia said ... (7:48 PM) : 

props to you on capturing the face

there's something rather vulnerable there

especially while being clad in fur

props to you on not only being a photographer or fashion photographer, but an artist

it's shots like these when i remember the sensation of realism found in these pictures

i don't like fur

i love the paradox that is kanye

but most of all

i love what you've caught here


Blogger Jacqueline said ... (7:48 PM) : 

I really like the photo. I agree with the commenter above that it is honest.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:48 PM) : 

Kanye is the man. Nice work.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:48 PM) : 

kanye west a sartorialist? give me a fucken break.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:49 PM) : 

Kanye is the man. Nice work.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 PM) : 

kanye, really?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 PM) : 

I agree. I look at your photo's for shots you wouldn't see anywhere else. Kanye is rude, egotistical, and a prime example of nouveau riche at it's worst.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:51 PM) : 

An appalling lack of class and human warmth.

A disappointment to see on your (normally so tastefully edited) blog.


Blogger sarah van raden said ... (7:52 PM) : 

no matter what our personal feelings are about Kanye, there is no disputing the fact that he has become a major fashion influence.
it is at times baffling who the trendsetters are...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:54 PM) : 

I love this shot because it is mostly just face with a fringe of fur. As others have said it's honest -- it strips out as much of the intentionally pompous trappings as possible. Well done.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:57 PM) : 

hang on a minute? am i on the right blog?


Blogger y0da said ... (7:57 PM) : 

While I agree with most of you regarding the personality of Kanye West, I do not really understand why this would be of any matter here. This is a blog containing pictures of well-dressing people, personality is not an issue.

The shot itself is good, but I cannot say it shows a person with excelent style. It looks more like some sort of promo-shot.


Blogger Jim said ... (7:58 PM) : 

lol @ all the elitists hating on Kanye.

great shot. beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:00 PM) : 

Too many whiners here.
I don't like the shot either. But only because it's too zoomed in and doesn't let us see his complete wardrobe.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:00 PM) : 

I love you Scott, but this time I have to agree with the majority that (I can't believe I'M the one who's gonna say that first, but..) "I'mma let you finish, but Kanye made the best douchebaggery in all time!"

Plus, he's corny, really.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:00 PM) : 

Screw kanye, I want that coat!! Thanks for capturing the softness of the fur - i can almostfeel it on my face


Blogger Razzi said ... (8:00 PM) : 

I'm gonna join the torch weilding villagers on this one, he's a complete arsehole.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:01 PM) : 

That guy doesn't mean anything. He's trying so hard, i just can't stand him. I see him and all I think about is Looser with a big L!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:02 PM) : 

dude. kanye? come on. style is about attitude too and his is pure fugly. please keep up the integrity of this blog. kanye = stronzo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 PM) : 

"honest", "vulnerable"?? give me a break. This guy lives to be photographed. He is the definition of superficial.


Blogger Ayinde said ... (8:03 PM) : 

First and foremost the photograph is GREAT. Secondly, he is fashion forward. his personality and attitude should not matter, most of us don't know the personality and attitudes of most of the people in this lovely blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 PM) : 

agrees with both detractors and plaudits alike.. i'd wanted to survey the comments to find a singular positive about kanye, but even the purporters of support know he's egotistical and garish.. though his style is questionable and way below the standard of the Sartorialist... but it is an honest capture! i will give aesthetic credit where such is due.


Blogger elaina brillantes said ... (8:04 PM) : 

honestly, music politics and personalities aside, this is a great shot. kanye can really pull off this fur. i don't care what your subject is, as long as they continue to be beautiful in their own way, and as long as you capture that beauty.

you could photograph miley cyrus and i wouldn't care, seeing as i'm a rabid miley-hater. as long as the photo is magnificent, that's all that matters to me. :) cheers


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:06 PM) : 

He is gross!


Blogger Daphne said ... (8:07 PM) : 

I have to agree that he is nouveau riche at its worst. That was well put, above commenter. Scott- this is a lovely photo. There is a lot of expression and I love the framing and everything...but I have to agree with the sentiments of most of the other commenters...he is not inspiring or creative. I think I understand that you are less about judging (good or bad) a person's style you see, and more about noticing nuances of personal style/choices people make. I am completely on board with that, and I see how that doesn't necessarily make Kanye West exempt. However, so many of the people you feature on your blog care so much about telling a story with their fashions and it feels personal. With him it feels artificial and posed. He just doesn't seem to deserve a spot among these dozens of other deeply fashionable and creative people.
Hope this doesn't offend.
Your photograph really is stunning, though.
xo D


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:07 PM) : 

yuck Kanye West !!! can't stand men in FUR....his fashion annoys me (this is the Sartorialist blog right ?)


Blogger José Maria said ... (8:11 PM) : 

If this kind of "celebrity", with no elegance at all, starts appearing on this otherwise inspiring blog...well, further comments.


Blogger God's Favorite Shoes! said ... (8:13 PM) : 

Why is everyone talking about this man as if they know him? This is a photography blog. He looks like a human to me who wears clothes (or fur).

I have my personal opinions of him but the issue is the photo.

To be honest, I don't even see the fur first...I see the sadness in his eyes first. That means you did your job as a photographer.

Well done.

Judge ye not...unless ye be judged. (I don't know if that's an actual scripture but it sounds good in my head! LOL)


Blogger Klassik said ... (8:13 PM) : 

What you other so-called "Sartorialists" seem to fail to realize is that sometimes true style and fashion is being able to wear what you like and what successfully portrays your confidence/personality/inner style despite the opinions of others (I call it the 'i could give a F' attitude)...we all know his personality is over-the-top/rude/arrogant, blasé blasé...thank you captain obvious', now relize that him in this fur but the emphasis on his expression is a great job of the photographer of catching his essence and style through more than just his apparel...


Blogger Buweneke said ... (8:16 PM) : 

I think Kanye himself would love to read these comments. The fur, tacky as it is, works with his personality. I think its a great picture


Blogger ivanabev said ... (8:16 PM) : 

some say you have caught an "honest moment", i say you got manipulated by a manipulator. that's the mask he wanted you to capture that day: "see everyone...i'm really vulnerable and misunderstood; you can see it in my eyes.." Bullshit. Ridiculous fur.


Anonymous Mary said ... (8:18 PM) : 

Right, because you all know the exact personalities of everyone else Scott's previously shot (and they're all perfect)? It's a good picture, and I love the vulnerability shown.

Leave your biases behind, and appreciate what it is.


Blogger Anna said ... (8:20 PM) : 

I completely agree with Nadia.
Although I do not respect Kanye as a person, I do enjoy his music and his fashion.
You're probably going to get a lot of heat for this shot, you already have from these commenters, but I love the shot.


Anonymous sanmiguelense said ... (8:20 PM) : 

Compare and contrast the gentleman below in the grey and brown and mashed up fedora with the plaintive look of Kanye West!

I am thankful Scott that you are there taking it all in from the over the top to the under the radar!


Blogger Addy* Sue said ... (8:21 PM) : 

Imma let you finish, Scott, imma let you finish. Okay, you're done? Seriously?

To be truly honest, I really like this shot.

But, Kanye... I agree. Arrogant, egotisical... everything.

Like she said, "at times it is baffling who the tredsetters are.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:23 PM) : 

Louis Vuitton and Paris can keep him.


Blogger Filipe said ... (8:23 PM) : 

The poster boy for everything wrong about celebrities, and wears fur... Ugh.
As President Obama said, Kanye is a jackass.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:23 PM) : 

Another case of Kanye being in the news for no reason besides that his famous. I agree with the previous comments and I hope this was just a small mistake on your otherwise great blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:24 PM) : 

I visit your blog daily to see original and tasteful style. There is nothing original and tasteful about this guy. Fur on a man is definitely a no no.


Anonymous Caio said ... (8:25 PM) : 

you`re used to looking for people who have, above all, a personal and unique point of view towards "fashion" (not necessarilly fashion with a capital "F", like you`ve said yourself before), and then there`s Kanye, who is interested in nothing but social afirmation by wearing all of the most expensive garments out there, with no coherence or, dar I say it, even real passion for it.
I don`t know, I respect whatever it is that you`re trying to do here, I just don`t seem to agree with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:27 PM) : 

hmmmn... and the haters are still hating, lol

An amazing shot that captures the essence of this man.



Blogger Simply JCrew said ... (8:29 PM) : 

Team Taylor!


Blogger lane said ... (8:30 PM) : 

i didnt know this was kanye but he sure is photogenic!!! also he looks good in them furrrs!
i approve.


Blogger keon said ... (8:31 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:33 PM) : 

Stunning photo.

Lousy human being.


Blogger Ashley said ... (8:35 PM) : 

Wow people need to calm down. It's a great photo of a great artist, even if he does have some attitude issues.


Blogger pilcuis said ... (8:37 PM) : 

I respect him for his style but...


Blogger Lisa said ... (8:38 PM) : 

booooo -- fur. yuck.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:38 PM) : 



Anonymous AMY said ... (8:39 PM) : 

Sorry, but he just doesn't make it!
Sartorially incorrect.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:40 PM) : 

You are on the right blog. This is a style/fashion blog. And when it comes to male artists Kanye West leads fashion wise. GREAT shot, even though i'm not a fan of fur.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:40 PM) : 

"too cocky and emasculating imo ..."
i wonder what male eskimos must be thinking. the cock-sure yet emasculated darlings!!!!!

on a different note, it is an honest moment, yes, but somehow i don't believe he looks vulnerable. if anything, he always has a "fed-up" look about him imho and this particular moment is no different.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:40 PM) : 

Scott you're a kiss ass. Why would you even waste your time.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:42 PM) : 

Rabbit or fox?


Blogger vincent said ... (8:43 PM) : 

ewwwwwww the worst picture ever taken by you take it down now! he has no style at all! and everything he puts on looks cheap, take it down


Blogger Louisa Valentina; said ... (8:43 PM) : 

I think this shot is beautiful, and captures something that isn't like all the normal over-the-top cocky Kanye West shots there are out there. Once again, beautiful work.


Blogger Tasha said ... (8:46 PM) : 

Finally got you to take a picture of him, did he? I remember reading something about how at some show or another, he kept walking past you in the hopes that you would take his picture.

It's an interesting departure from your normal perspective; it makes me wonder what you left out of the picture, and conjecture that it wasn't positive.

I don't find it an honest shot--although your composition is engaging--he's put on his version of a "model face." I see it all the time on my students, posturing when they're trying to be cool. It's a mask, and while one might have sympathy for the soul that feels the need to use it, it's not one I'll ever find aesthetically or morally appealing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:46 PM) : 

Captured a sort of sadness in his eyes that is very powerful I thought.

I'm a fan of Kanye and a fan of you sir, happy to see this : )


Blogger lenore said ... (8:49 PM) : 

Your beautiful photographs of non celebrities is what distinguishes your work from all the rest.


Anonymous ModFruGal said ... (8:51 PM) : 

Excellent shot. I bet Kanye wants a copy. I can't stand the guy and that's so IRRELEVANT. Beautiful captured IT.


Blogger Jody said ... (8:55 PM) : 

I agree with the usually-perfect editing. I don't think extravagance is the problem here - many people featured in this blog are wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothing. What I dislike is that this particular brand of extravagance seems sort of...meaningless? He's in fur. It's luxurious. The end.

There's also something in his expression that irritates me; it feels so affected, like.. "What? This is me being 'real'. Can I help it if I'm rich and famous?"

Argh, Scott!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:57 PM) : 

Ya'll are hatin', I love Kanye, & you've captured beautiful emotion in his face.


Blogger Jeannine 520 said ... (8:57 PM) : 

Look at all these negative comments being allowed. I've posted the most mild, non personal critiques and had them removed before. It makes me wonder if his picture was posted just to give him a bashing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:58 PM) : 

i agree with above comments re: kanye? ugh.

unexpected, and not in a good way.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:58 PM) : 

my first thought exactly, am I on the right blog? I like coming on here, nice break in the day. I don't care for or dislike kanye. This picture however has a certain thing- sadness? I am not sure but especially in his fur..this picture -- could be because half his face is covered. I like.


Blogger barret said ... (9:02 PM) : 

All of you may not LIKE Kanye West, or appreciate his musical talents, but it is undeniable that he has an impeccable sartorialist eye.

Bravo, Scott, Bravo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:02 PM) : 

Did he pay you to put him on your site?
This is a little disappointing.


Blogger Michael said ... (9:07 PM) : 

"Man-fur" from Seinfeld, anyone?


Blogger Nathan said ... (9:07 PM) : 

I must also express my disappointment with seeing Kanye here. I value The Sartorialist for its democratic subversion of the industry element in fashion, allusions to the creative potential of 'normal' individuals, and provocative notion that there might be something truly organic in consumer culture. Kanye epitomizes the antithesis of all of these ideals.

Stay true to what you've always done, Scott. I'm a big fan.


Blogger Ore.Runs said ... (9:07 PM) : 

He so deserves to be on here...
That fur collar is gorgeous



Blogger Huw said ... (9:07 PM) : 

I do dislike Kanye West as much as many of the others posting comments here, and to me I feel that maybe you(Scott) dislike him as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:08 PM) : 

Yep... Kenye - ugh.
altogether... hang it up!
No style - no class.


Blogger melanie said ... (9:08 PM) : 

pompous and classless. he needs a healing for sure.


Blogger I Call It Art said ... (9:11 PM) : 

Oh look who it is! Mister "yo yo Imma let you finish". I don't like him, simply because I hate arrogance and snobbism in general...but I do have to admit he has an interesting style. And yes, i agree with all the previous comments. That face says it all.


Blogger DAPPER VAN said ... (9:16 PM) : 

ugh. simply awful. why is this photo on here?


Blogger MAISON CHAPLIN said ... (9:19 PM) : 

Dear Anonymous, please, don't stress me. If you like to eat meat, so don't say lies and lies calling Kanye West as bad man. He is stylish, and he was amazing at the fashion shows, I wish I could have took a picture with him, damn security guards!


Blogger Korver said ... (9:21 PM) : 

What I want to know is, do any of you people know someone who can pull off a fur coat like that?

Beautiful picture. I like the departure from full- and almost full-length shots. Regardless of whether or not the expression is a mask, the way you captured it is beautiful and incredibly effective.


Anonymous Gayane said ... (9:23 PM) : 

Oh, please. Scott always brings us beautiful images and this one is no different. I'm not Kanye's biggest fan either, but there is no denying his great taste and unique style.

This is a terrific shot. Exquisite!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:24 PM) : 

I like the face, coat and mood of this photo...


Blogger Coco and Zaahb said ... (9:25 PM) : 

You can hate on Kanye all you want but the fact still remains that this guy has style



Blogger Drew said ... (9:25 PM) : 



Blogger Isabelle said ... (9:26 PM) : 

i have personally never liked kanye, but i'd say the best part about this post is that most all of the negative comments are sent anonymously....


Blogger Selective Memory said ... (9:33 PM) : 

What is everyone so bent out of shape about? The Taylor Swift incident?
Everyone just relaaaaaaax. It's a great photo.
Major, major props.
- Alice


Blogger Rach said ... (9:41 PM) : 

Oh, I'm sorry. I was too distracted by the fact that Kanye is a total douche.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:44 PM) : 

Slightly, no, more that slightly disappointed with your choice of subject, but still a great photo.


Blogger Coco CHANEL 's CHILD said ... (9:44 PM) : 



Blogger Official M-Dub said ... (9:44 PM) : 

I agree with Dapper Van? Why? He is lame. This is awful. Don't reduce yourself to this nonsense. You take great photos that we really love.

Oh, and fur on a dude is NOT cool!


Blogger CS said ... (9:45 PM) : 

Yo Sartorialist I'm really happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but Kanye does not need to be on this site...


Anonymous nadia said ... (9:48 PM) : 

what does personality have to do with photography or style?

or art in that matter?

everyone commenting seems to be so close-minded

it's rather infuriating


Blogger Coco CHANEL 's CHILD said ... (9:50 PM) : 


A LOOK !!!

Here, it's about fashion !!!!!!

Please be more tolerant !!!

Have all a great day !



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:51 PM) : 

Ok, i love this site, but this photo needs to go. Is this photo posted cause of the fur, or cause it's Kanye West. He has celebrity style, and it may have been picked for him. Just doesn't belong. Nice pic though


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:51 PM) : 

I come to this site for photography; it's completely irrelevant what I think of Kanye.

We simply comment on the photograph and what the subject is wearing (and sometimes conjecture about why)...everyone got derailed because he's a celebrity.

It's a beautiful picture, Scott!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:51 PM) : 

Scott, I'm so disappointed with this photo. Kanye will never deserve to be on your wonderful blog, especially adorned in fur. He is the epitome of arrogance and is completely conceited in every possible way. How is he a sartorialist? He is in no way fit for the fashion industry and should just stay put in his disreputable position in the music biz.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:52 PM) : 

Honestly Sart, I think you took a picture of Kanye's face to see what the reaction to him would.

The focal point of Kanye's style is never his face it is how he wears his clothes, which is unique. There are other pictures you have taken of West where you can see his whole outfit, and they are better.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:52 PM) : 

i don't think that people have the right to so passionately criticize someone that they do not know. listen to kanye's music and you'll realize that he is a genius artist, and has plenty of personality. i personally think kanye dresses ridiculously well and puts things together in a very unique way. why wouldn't you buy louis V if you could afford that shit?

what i love about this photo is that it captures the self-doubt that is underneath the cocky facade kanye is famous for. great shot!

i love all of the hate on here, though. it's hilarious.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:53 PM) : 

I have loved this blog for a long time and love your work. Maybe not always every shot, but always respected your work. This, this is pure CRAP. Kanye is a sell out and after what he did to that Swift girl, he should never grace your pages; he lacks class, something you seem to have a great deal of. He is a filthy pig! This pic doesn't even highlight anything he is wearing, just seems to be a name drop via pics. You are better than this, as others have said.


Anonymous T-Touchy said ... (9:53 PM) : 

Haha...Kanye is the BEST.

"Haters are going to hate. Keep Hatin'."

People talk so much crap about him but if he offered to his help, advice, connections etc., each one of you haters would take it in a second!


Anonymous Mini said ... (9:53 PM) : 

You know, Mary pointed out something very, very true. You don't know a thing about the other people Scott posts in here. Certainly you wouldn't like some of them. You may even think some of them are worse than Kanye. Yet you celebrate the clothes they wear. I think that's really all you should be looking at here.

Unfortunately, while this is a lovely portrait, there's not much to be seen of the rest of the outfit. I don't think it flows with the rest of The Sartorialist. Just my opinion.


Blogger Dee said ... (9:54 PM) : 

Fur? no way.


Anonymous Lucresia Linton said ... (9:55 PM) : 

Photo took my breath away cause I wasn't expecting to see him. I love how it is cropped up close, and the fur, which y'all know I love me some fur. It is Scott's blog, and as per usual he always puts on a great picture. Let's put this all in perspective. In our world of disaster and destruction, having a moment to "escape" to blogs is something that many of us look forward too. I mean, if you guys get all in a huffy about this photo and the subject, I wonder what other people say when they read about my worldly sexual life on my blog? Why sensor what we put out there? Aren't we suppose to share everything we see and feel?Non?


Blogger izzie said ... (9:56 PM) : 

i like that you can see that he isn't perfect...

and it looks like he knows he's not perfect.

he is a force to be reckoned with, but yet a gentle soul.

great capture.


Blogger dawn said ... (10:02 PM) : 

he needs to take off that big chip on his shoulders -- fur, non-fur and fur sure.

someone above said that he is in need of a Healing and i would agree.

in my opinion, his artistry can not be reckoned with. i hope that he finds his way back.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:02 PM) : 

I don't care about the fact that West can be unbecoming and classless. I am into style. Having said that, if you consider West a style icon please tell me who has he influenced. Who?????!!!!!! He is simply a consumer. What is his style philosophy that has inspired???!!!!!!!! He is not a style icon.

Anyone who puts West in the same league with Ralph Lauren, Agnelli, Grant and the other greats, should not be taken seriously.


Blogger MAISON CHAPLIN said ... (10:04 PM) : 

Dear Anonymous, please, don't stress me. If you like to eat meat, so don't say lies and lies calling Kanye West as bad man. He is stylish, and he was amazing at the fashion shows, I wish I could have took a picture with him, damn security guards!


Anonymous princess glee said ... (10:12 PM) : 

Style-wise we need him. He's experimental. Musically he's interesting, again he's experimental. Just like everybody else he exercises bad judgement ocassionally. It would be a shame to condemn him for everything. He's a valuable human being just like everybody else. He could use a little compassion.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:13 PM) : 

Dear Sartorialist,
You are my home page. I just opened a new window, saw this and almost threw up. I don't like this image or this person in it. I like your many other beautiful images. Thank you for all of the other beautiful images.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:16 PM) : 

He is without a doubt, a talented man.

But it's a shame that he's just not much of a man.

Being a real fashion icon is more than just the clothes and celebrity.

(Plus the fact that this shot is only of his face rather than his outfit is an overall comment on him rather than his style.)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:18 PM) : 

Ok, whoa, all the hating is gettin' heavy. All of those criticizing sart for diverging from his usual subject matter are apparently missing the point of this blog. This is not the first time his lens has captured a subject whose style may be deemed extravagant. I think the sart tunes in to people whose style seems to express or hint at something of their inner lives, their imaginations, their world.

From people struggling with homelessness to editors of vogue, the pictures on this blog always inspire a kind of curiosity about those being photographed. I inevitably end up wondering about their lives. We don't come to look at pictures of personalities, nor do we come to see clothes, but the magical fusion of the two that ultimately creates style. That's what makes the pictures INTERESTING. That's the point. Don't let the fact that we all know that Kanye can be a donkey-hole ruin the fact that it is a great photograph. Whether you think it captures sadness or arrogance, the point is that Kanye's expression, coupled with the decadent fur, makes for an interesting, thought-provoking shot.


Blogger josh said ... (10:24 PM) : 



Blogger cesilia said ... (10:25 PM) : 

seriously, hes on this blog because of his fashion since which it totally on point. stop hating


Blogger Enid Viki said ... (10:25 PM) : 

Kanye vs. Lapo? I guess the sins of the nouveau riche are worse than the sins of blue blooded. If you think Kanye West is a tasteless wag, what about Lapo Elkann? (a few shots below) Give it a break people. For a U.S. blog the comments here are surprising uptight and un-democartic (not to mention verging on narrowed ethnic/racial preferences) Kanye is sartorial mane. Lapo? Wow! You could study both men for tips.

(I laughed when I saw the Mr. West post. I knew some folks were going to have a hissy fit. Lol. So much for being open)


Blogger chelsea said ... (10:27 PM) : 

thank you.


Anonymous greendress said ... (10:29 PM) : 

--"original and tasteful"

--"However, so many of the people you feature on your blog care so much about telling a story with their fashions and it feels personal. With him it feels artificial and posed. He just doesn't seem to deserve a spot among these dozens of other deeply fashionable and creative people."

strange how most of the posts today have become self righteous and nasty. i too have posted some mild -to say the least- criticism of at least one of the "tired" looking fashionistas on this blog and it was never posted.

sart, you have intervened before, chastising posters for being rude or nasty while trying to make their point. are you trying to make a point this time?

i definitely don't see the sartorial difference between kayne's fashion today, the fur lady from Barcelona or the giant, puffed zebra sleeves with 5 inch heels from a much beloved editor. what story was she trying to tell? how was it in any way original or tasteful? tasteless, today?

do we KNOW any of these editors/fashionistas that are regularly featured on this blog? do we KNOW if they are sweet, humble beings? or craven, arrogant, avaricious beast? for the record, i don't KNOW kanye west but i don't agree with throwing the knives today.


Anonymous CC said ... (10:35 PM) : 

I understand Kanye is one of the few celebrities you shoot, but i feel like his fascination with fashion only comes from his wealth and popularity. I don't even know if he has any personal style. He has great clothes, but does he tries too hard to make himself look good? ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:36 PM) : 

If you didn't know this portrait was of "Kanye West" (a performer playing his public role), what would you think? What if this portrait was of a man you have never heard of before? If the portrait was titled "At Louis Vuitton...Paris"? Would the comments focus more on the politics of the fur? Wanting to find out who that man might be? Why he looks directly at the photographer?

The comments seem to be targeted more towards the perceived personality of someone many of us have never met (and probably won't ever meet). That doesn't negate Mr. Schuman's framing, cropping, lighting, focus and all of the other elements of artistry it takes to produce a good photograph.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:37 PM) : 

I visit this site daily and the sight of fur as anything other than what it is especially on a self righteous P.O.S. might make me do otherwise.
Bad call.
Regardless of my feeling about fur, this shot is strictly of Kanye as it does not show his clothing like all the other pictures.


Blogger Ms. J said ... (10:37 PM) : 

Disappointing addition to The Sartorialist. Kanye AND Fur? Oh no!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:38 PM) : 

is despise too harsh of a feeling to describe this jack ass?


Blogger DSA said ... (10:42 PM) : 

would like to hear your thoughts behind this post..


Blogger K9 said ... (10:45 PM) : 

not a kanye fan..dont think he is a good rapper. like this image though.


Blogger Joêlle said ... (10:51 PM) : 

I'm sorry Kanye, but Taylor Swift had the best outfit of the year...She deserves to be up here instead.


Blogger adamboy said ... (10:54 PM) : 

kanye imma let you finish but...


and kanye does not in any way shape or form deserve to be on it....


Blogger Der Blogwart said ... (10:55 PM) : 

I thought this was a serious blog about stylish people. So what is that bling-bling Rap-artis doing around here?!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:58 PM) : 

he looks tired, but yet is still trying to maintain a tough exterior that is based in nothingness.
the fur coat is a costume for the character he's built for himself.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:00 PM) : 

128 comments further indulging mr. west...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:00 PM) : 

Hey Scott, a lot of people here have disagreed with your choice of post. I think its a great photo. Its a shame because you said one time that your blog is no place for negativity. Really if you are inspired, go ahead and shoot it. Do you! Isn't that what fashion is all about in first place? Guys, lets give Kanye a break we all have Oops moments. :)


Blogger Dith said ... (11:06 PM) : 

Oh please shut up already people! He does not know or care about u guys. Let him live his life and criticize only when necessary.
If u didn't know him as Kanye, u wouldn't hv been as harsh...fur or not!
I'm not even a huge Kanye fan but his aura cannot be denied.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:07 PM) : 

Why is everyone hating on this photo? Kanye has 4 times the style of probably anyone on this site. Not to mention he could own any one of you in a second. That may sound like a hasty defense of him. But, he has done so much with the industry, not only fashion but production and music are just his elementary jobs. He and his hip hop companions have revolutionized urban culture. If anything we should be thanking him, he successfully turned the group of once baggy clothes and 30 pound chain wearing, into fashion sensitive, well put together stand up individuals. Im not sure there are many designers today who can say they have done that, and I certainly know that none of you have. Also, you may want to take a look at just where he is... Louis Vuitton, next time one of you are a VIP there you let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:08 PM) : 

I don't even care about being obscene with fur, I don't even care if a man wears it (well, as long as it looks in its proper place) so to me this photo is (as another commentator above stated) honest.

Now he's just an.. intriguing individual. He is controversial, and I think this photo sums it up. Look at his expression, it seems as though he knows that he is being brutally honest. And what looks like a regular t-shirt under the lord-knows-what-animal-that-is coat balances out the whole outfit. I only pray that there were no neon colored pants beneath it.
As far as I'm concerned, it's his life, let him deal with his own issues.


Blogger Justin said ... (11:13 PM) : 

I think this photo is brilliant. I have to disagree with the comments that say this is just like the photos on all the other sites. The look on Kanye's face is 100% genuine and you can tell when you look at this compared to most of his other photos and I feel like this picture shows how Kanye has a lot more to him than what his reputation says about him. So I would like to applaud Scott for continually capturing people's true colours. Yeah Kanye makes ridiculous outbursts here and there and the way he approaches them is totally uncalled for but I don't think he is wrong when he says them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:22 PM) : 

Sorry Scott. Kanye's a skank. Stylish? Non. Ugh.


Anonymous Rashod Taylor said ... (11:26 PM) : 

no matter how arrogant, obnoxious, rude, rich, etc, a person is, they are still a person. nice image


Anonymous Susana said ... (11:41 PM) : 

I would like to know, if he weren't the über famous person that he is, would you have photographed him? asides from his celebrity status, what is so appealing about this? because, I do not really see it, but then again, I do not have the keen eye for fashion you do and which we admire


Blogger Celia said ... (11:41 PM) : 

I choose to read this is as a great photograph...until you cut him right off, when his outfit just began.

Brilliant! As always.


Blogger Jane said ... (11:42 PM) : 

I love the way you captured all the surfaces in this shot...forehead, nose, lips, hair, fur. Very rich. Love the brown, grey, white palate, too. Lovely.


Blogger Pia said ... (11:42 PM) : 

I am a fan ok Kanye. I appreciate his style and his music. I'm not so much a fan of his "ways". But this is a great shot. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous JD said ... (11:50 PM) : 

I love this blog but think it is a big shame that Kanye has made it on.. the majority of people photographed have an inherent effortless style that shines through, the photographs capture a natural beauty, regardless of whether they have spent time on their attire or not. Kanye's style is far from effortless..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:50 PM) : 

I love the Sartorialist because I get sick of having celebrities in my face on TV and in magazines and in advertisements. I love seeing the people in the photographs at what seems like a spontaneous moment in their daily lives and imagining a story to go with their style. I like seeing the unique pieces that reveal their own unique personalities.

I don't get that from this photo regardless of the fact that it's Kanye West. A great celebrity portrait (whether you like him or not)as a photograph and as an image of a person. Great for a celebrity portrait collection because this is a very different image and clothing than we usually see of Mr. West.

However, definitely not my favourite from the Sartorialist blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:52 PM) : 

I feel that this is a tremendous image. I was most struck by the weariness and distance is Kanye's eyes even though he's literally surrounded by extravagance. On this blog Scott has shown fashionable people that don't earn a tenth of what Kanye makes in a day but exude an "inner style" that make them captivating. This image is important because it speaks to the notion that style and the way one presents himself to the world may be directly proportional to his level of happiness.


Anonymous French lost in Canada said ... (11:54 PM) : 

What I like in this picture is the contrast between his face, which seems tough (lips and beard are nearly geometric), and the softness in his eyes & of the fur. I don't have to do any judgement about this guy, but I really like the picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 PM) : 

nice shot :)..kanye on the other hand looks quite cocky and attention-seeking (cough cough fur) and is obviously just asking for a PETA protest. But Sart got a good shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:00 AM) : 

boo kanye. i'm dissappointed you even took his pic. i prefer people who are intriguing, they bring something to fashion.


Blogger Stefan said ... (12:11 AM) : 

I've gotta agree with everyone else... sorry scott


Anonymous Alex C said ... (12:12 AM) : 

Kanye is human, just like you. His pain, just as real as yours'. Kanye's arrogance comes from a place few of you can relate to: he literally made himself from the ground up. He worked to get where he is today. Because he had passion and conviction and, of course, ego. To achieve fame you need a little ego, a little confidence. Kanye is an icon, he's more than just another celebrity. He represents creative expression, fearlessness, and the ability to take a chance when the odds are against you. Kanye is who he is, and he's always been that way. That's what makes him so great, his ability to stand in his shoes and at the end of the day, know that he wasn't pretending, no matter how much of an ass he made of himself. I'm not going to take an apologists stand at the end because I firmly beleive Kanye has style. And as he says, "I used the arrogance as the steam to power my dream."

Just give him a chance. He looks great, always.


Anonymous Riché Battaglia said ... (12:22 AM) : 

I'm sad to see so many simple minded people comment on an otherwise impeccable blog, but... its a blog and as such open to public opinion. While, I don't agree with his attittude I understand that its that very attitude that drives both his music and style. Scott, great picture of a great artist and stylish individual. Honestly, the nerve of te hypocrites to do to him what he did to Taylor... I'm not judging simply observing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:22 AM) : 

he is so full of himself. he's definitely not fashionable. just well-off, trashy, pathetic and way too over the top. he tries too hard.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:23 AM) : 

Who's that?

Traditional celebrity influence is dying. Actors and athletes are plastic.

Authentic people with social and environmental values please.


Blogger moonie said ... (12:27 AM) : 

Please, he totally pulls this off. He's bossy and he's got an opinion. It's INTERESTING. There are those who believe Kanye deserves his humiliation. I guess by now I have seen enough of life that I prefer to see someone as a real complicated human being rather than brand him or her a hypocrite. Human life, including sex, abounds with hypocrisy, faithlessness, carelessness and people who say "I love you" when they really mean "I want you." People who say "my spouse doesn’t understand me," when they really mean, "my spouse knows me to well." Most adults can supply their own examples.

But the point is, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT COMPLEXITY. Complexity is crucial to appraisal (animal, mineral, political or sartorial). :) It is the substance that makes Scott's work so fascinating. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:29 AM) : 

wow! what a stir you have created with this shot


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:32 AM) : 

It's baffling to witness how many people bash this picture just because it's Kanye+fur. However, there are other picture of him on this blog and the responses were much different.

Someone commented before that he has a style of his own. Like it or not he is a very influential individual and his recent mistakes does not make him less fashionable.

Therefore save your hate because this is a fashion blog not "i hate" blog


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:38 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:41 AM) : 

i think scott captured the methapor..... the metaphor of being kanye west and the metaphor of being kanye west as a loser.... look at the picture.... and see for yourself.... its not about what hes wearing i think.... its about him and how are we going to react about him...


Blogger Matthew said ... (12:47 AM) : 

It is such a disappointment to see this photo amidst such an amazing compilation of images. Kanye is such a spoiled celebrity, I'm very surprised Scott would single him out as stylish.


Blogger Deborah said ... (12:53 AM) : 

Gorgeous picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:54 AM) : 

Scott, after reading all the whiners and the few who seem to support this picture, I'm wondering if you'd say why you took it and put it on here?

I mean, I've heard everyone else say why they think you shouldn't or why it's okay that you did (as if you needed any of their permission), yet you must've had a reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:54 AM) : 

obviously the sartorialist knows what he is doing with this picture.



Anonymous Jane said ... (12:55 AM) : 

He looks like a spoiled kid disappointed that tearing wings off flies didn't bring the expected satisfaction. Kudos for the photo, but it doesn't belong in this blog.


Blogger emily. said ... (1:08 AM) : 

I think it's a bit sad that everyone is so caught up in the fact that it is Kanye West here... if it were any man other than Kanye in this photograph, would it have evoked such a negative reaction, or would these viewers simply allow themselves to recognize the subtleties so masterfully captured in this photograph?

You've done a wonderful job of capturing a softness and vulnerability to his face, and this, contrasting with the implied toughness and masculinity in the fur, creates a wonderful representation of this man's personality.

To all those who say that they look to The Sartorialist for photographs they cannot find elsewhere, or that this photograph does not capture any remarkable inner style, I would disagree. This photo really cannot be found anywhere else, at least, I've never seen any photo quite like this. An unknown, sensitive side is revealed here. As for the inner style, I wouldn't be one to judge so quickly because only a small fraction of the outfit is displayed; however, the contrast between the luxurious fur and the plain-crew necked shirt creates an interesting juxtaposition. However, I would argue that here, the focus is most likely not completely on the clothing. I, for one, am enamored with the persona so elegantly captured in this photograph.


Blogger Thulani said ... (1:16 AM) : 

I'm glad your blog transcends genres and cultures. This outfit shows the attempt of having a loud black voice in a sometimes constricting white room. Cheers


Blogger TheresaTNY said ... (1:21 AM) : 

I kinda like the arrogance in the picture though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:23 AM) : 

for the first time, i'm very disappointed in your post. kayne west? you can do better than this, scott.

- J


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:25 AM) : 

I'll put it in very simple terms.. Kanye West has more style than ANY of you criticizing him. One of the reasons Scott has him on his blog.

I'm so glad he posted a Kanye picture and made all you idiots go mad...To those claiming he's not don't know ANYBODY elses personality in the pictures taken. It's about style. PERIOD. KAnye has worn way better outfits during fashion week though, If I may say so.


Blogger ChubbyCheeks said ... (1:25 AM) : 

"Honestly? Kanye in fur? Arrogance and obnoxiousness at its worst."


p.s. No more Kanye please. Ever


Blogger Lisa Petrarca said ... (1:27 AM) : 

Bad attention is better than no attention for some people...look at me...look at me!


Anonymous m said ... (1:31 AM) : 

took the time to read all the comments and i think many are not give enough thoughts..

i have to disagree with those who say the blog is just about clothes, rather than personality. if you read you should know Scott has been trying to tell stories more than just "clothes".

and who are you to tell him to take it off or Kanye West doesn't deserve it? yes he is definitely arrogant but who knows what Scott's real thoughts are putting it up here? if he sees something there he simply posts it and that's the purpose of the blog.

anyway, Scott has shot Kayne before so i guess they are friends (at least know each other)? we must all have experienced meet someone and you guys are cool, people keep talking shit about this guy but he never does anything to you so you just stay neutral, right?

i am a fan of the blog because there are a lot of inspirations, but how can you say you love every single one of them? some to me are just boring expensive clothes.
so this is just another one that you don't happen to like.


Anonymous Lucy said ... (1:33 AM) : 

Wow, these comments are all so interesting. First, I love the formal properties of this image: the framing, the contrast of line (t-shirt + hairline), texture (skin +fur), and the narrow colour range (white grading through beige, brown and black), and the sinuous lines (horizontal and vertical.
It strikes me that many of these comments are responding to Kanye West's image as much as his style (he's not really on my radar, so I didn't respond to these issues).
To me it's a wonderful and revealing portrait in the manner of Goya, an artist who was a master of portraying the greed, vanity and sense of entitlement of Spanish royalty in the early 1800s. You can see so much in this portrait - the sense of entitlement, the narcissism, the ennui, the damaged beauty, the loss of joy. It's fabulous.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:35 AM) : 

I hate to use this blog to bash on Kanye but it infuriates me that he gets so much fashion press. The fur is over-the-top and distasteful and while I'm not an animal rights activist, it looks far better on animals than him. I don't think Kanye has remarkable style, but rather that he has a lot of money and knows people that do whom he tries to imitate. I expect inspired street photography from this blog, a breath of fresh air in a world that is all too often dominated by uninspiring celebrities. This disappoints me.


Blogger Gingy said ... (1:37 AM) : 

Kanye is not the first celebrity you ever took a photo of, why is everyone acting like you are "suddenly" doing something new?

Beautiful photo. You definitely captured the sadness and the swag.

P.S: Isn't there a chance that this could be faux-fur? How come no one talks about that? Everyone ooohs and ahhhs over crocodile bags and leather boots. What do you think they're made out of? (I'll tell you a secret, puppies! Jk)

Stop the hypocrisy and appreciate the beauty.


Anonymous Mei said ... (1:41 AM) : 

Wow lots of Kanye detractors on here...

The fact most of us think we 'know' the personality of the famous person in this shot should not influence our appreciation of this photo. Regardless of whether he is showing us a face or mask.

I'm not a fan of Kanye but I liked this shot the moment I saw it. The positioning, texture and colour exxaggerates his face, skin and expression. The arrogant pucker of his lips, tired eyes and over the top fur makes it an interesting picture. The muted colours soften it all up. Yeah it looks like a promo shot but dang, it is a good promo shot!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:45 AM) : 

I agree. This is disappointing. I look to this blog for inspiration from everyday people, not a cocky attention-whore like Kanye.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:51 AM) : 

Personality and style go hand in hand, and kanye has made it his life mission to push his arrogant, obnoxious,rude personality onto the world, so it goes without saying this picture portrays one big ugly douchebag - thats what I'm seeing in his eyes anyway.
It looks like hes practised this pout in his bathroom, bedroom, kitchen,loungeroom,laundry,private cinema,50car garage,dressing room mirrors,every spare minute whilst waiting and biding his time for the moment when the Sartorialist is having a slow day.
I can see him looking for his reflection in the camera lens.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:07 AM) : 

ignore the haters, your blog is great


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:16 AM) : 

The photographs on this blog at their best convey an authenticity that is missing here. It appears scripted and calculated rather than genuine.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:31 AM) : 

Kanye is an amazing artist and a fashion icon

+1 to Scott for taking a beautiful vunerable picture of him

and not being scared too because the so called hipsters here think it's cool to hate on him


Anonymous Isobel Saoirse said ... (2:40 AM) : 

That man is so much more stylish than I first thought!


Blogger ISÈY DUREE said ... (2:50 AM) : 

Well, I'm not a expert in fashion photography, but I think the main thing is; is somebody wants to make a shot like this, he should! If somebody want to try his luck in the music-industry, and put on fur, act a bit cocky...he should!

Kanye has the guts to try things out....and he is smart enough to know that a lot of people will hate him for it. Though..he keeps trying..and trying.

As can be seen by all of the comments: Kanye is somebody who has the courage to take a choose. I think he is a guy with big successes and big failures...a more intense, bigger and more intreating person then all the haters and commentators on this blog.


Blogger Amber said ... (2:51 AM) : 

Kanye is a douche and I can't say that I find him stylish at all, especially seeing all the recent paparazzi shots with Amber Rose. From what I've seen they just looked trashy for most of the couture shows, as well as the Menswear shows. Disappointed with this shot.


Blogger Diane said ... (2:55 AM) : 

Isn't he like the worst dressed celebrity out there today?

Anyway this picture doesn't show much, just some fur and I'm ok with that...


Anonymous Sun, Moon and Stars said ... (3:03 AM) : 

Kanye has somehow managed to anger the entire political spectrum of white people.

Bush didn't care about black people.
Taylor Swift didn't deserve that award.
Kanye can pull off fur.

For a sartorially gifted, non fur-wearing hip-hop genius, see Mos Def.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:12 AM) : 

Hey guys, amma let you finish, but he has one of the best furs of all time


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:31 AM) : 

Oh come on, this is a mediocre portrait. It ain't quite Cartier-Bresson, sorry, I find this a very superfleous addition.
You can do better!
The post before is prooves the contrary.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:33 AM) : 

a truly great image. this, is art.

could read so much into it. the outer image (fur, obnoxious behaviour etc etc) vs the inner(white undershirt, tired eyes).

good on you scott.


Blogger MELISSA Z. said ... (3:50 AM) : 

Great pic of Kanye!


Blogger H said ... (3:51 AM) : 

What a Diva!


Blogger myra ◦° said ... (3:56 AM) : 

Not like Kanye hasn't graced the blog before... nice image :)


Anonymous Helena said ... (4:00 AM) : 

i definitely think all the negativity towards Kanye is because of the whole infamous VMA 09 night. But maybe i'm wrong. I thought what Kanye did was complete douchery and I thought his actions were provoked by alcohol.....but,alas, life goes on, Taylor Swift has moved and hence why we should move on. I still think Kanye has a pretty sick wardrobe. His vocal chops are pretty sick as well. I also think this photo is pretty sick.


Blogger Amanda said ... (4:02 AM) : 

I don't think it matters how much you don't like Kanye West. I don't think it matters how much of a completely awful person he seems to be.

He does have a very strong sense of style, even if some people think it is tacky, or over indulgent. Perhaps people's feelings on his personality are skewing their perception.

Fur makes a strong statement to me, and it still manages to be overshadowed by his expression, which just looks so sad to me. This photograph seems like an excellent example of someone who is able to be heard over his statement pieces.

That said, he's still a douche. Just an iconic one.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:04 AM) : 

it makes me sad to see how extremely judgmental some of these commenters can be. who is anyone (besides scott) to say that someone does or does not deserve to be on this blog?

it is a great photo; it has elicited some strong emotions.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:08 AM) : 

I'm surprised at all the negative comments this photo is receiving due to Kanye West's personality and attitude. I, by all means, am not defending him or saying he's right but give the man a break and take this blog for what it is; great photos of people with great style. We can never be sure that everyone else photographed here on this site is not arrogant or selfish but we'd like to think so. Just because more people know Kanye West's personality does not make this a less beautiful photo of a man with great confident style. Love it Scott!


Blogger viki said ... (4:14 AM) : 

i understand all the people who say that a man wearing fur is tacky and pompous, i also understand that people don't like kanye but the shot is EXCELLENT and the fur suits him. bravo Mr. Schuman! to me you have pictured a rich, untalented person in a true and likeable way.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:34 AM) : 

Kanye is the biggest douche ever and I can't stand fur! But I like his music, his style and this blog ;)



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