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On the Street....Friends & Sisters, Milano


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Thursday, October 08, 2009

On the Street....Friends & Sisters, Milano

Comments on "On the Street....Friends & Sisters, Milano"


Blogger E.A. said ... (9:05 PM) : 

This makes me miss my older sisters.


Blogger Bruno said ... (9:11 PM) : 

beautiful girls!


Anonymous frans said ... (9:12 PM) : 

Happy picture! Love the right one's shoes!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:13 PM) : 

that is the hair i should have.
they look great on the grate, but it makes me nervous.


Blogger Nick Leonard said ... (9:18 PM) : 

Aw, cute. Like twins. :]


Blogger TMFA said ... (9:23 PM) : 

Beautiful picture. Lovely twins and very laidback styles. Milano is such a stylish city!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:30 PM) : 

They're so pretty/ugly. I like them.


Blogger Natalie Suarez said ... (9:30 PM) : 

i love this, they have amazing hair! :)



Anonymous miggy said ... (9:35 PM) : 

I love them!



Blogger Ashley Reese said ... (9:43 PM) : 

Wow, that is some hair!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:49 PM) : 

oh my GOD!!! I LOVE curls! ADORE curls... they`r very nice ladies ;p


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:51 PM) : 

It's 2 for the price of 1! love their energy and vitality and also the adorable shoes on the one on the left. And the way they accessorize.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:52 PM) : 

These women would look striking in potato sacks.



Blogger Faux Naif said ... (9:55 PM) : 

i looove this one. you've shot these girls a few times before, and they are just so fantastic. such grace, and such individuality in their similarity. i want to be them.


Blogger BellaMouse said ... (9:55 PM) : 

Oh, I love opposing style


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:55 PM) : 

Lovely girls! Fab hair, great outfits. Great nail colour.


Blogger krisnn said ... (9:57 PM) : 

wow. amazing. they should model! i love their look too. casual, fun, shopping-mode.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:01 PM) : 

so cute! twins?


Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (10:05 PM) : 

what a cute picture!



Blogger Tiffany Marie said ... (10:09 PM) : 

they are beyond gorgeous adorable lovely etc i love how they look alike physically but you can see distinctively different personal styles in both of them


Blogger anna kim said ... (10:10 PM) : 

i love wearing sneakers with tiny little dresses. too perfect and something i would definitely wear on a daily basis.

p.s. love the red curls


Blogger Oksana said ... (10:20 PM) : 

Beautiful photo, and gorgeous curly hair! It's a shame there's such an emphasis of ironing every girl's tresses to a crunchy straitness.


Anonymous Gretchen Kubiak said ... (10:28 PM) : 

love the shoes. worn in trainers and crisp lace-less oxfords. each very telling. sisters have their similarities and differences but for me, shoes always tell a tale.


Blogger Hawa said ... (10:29 PM) : 

i want their hair!! they are so lovely...i can't pick a favourite, i love both styles....but i must have that dress...beg borrow or steal!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:31 PM) : 

I like how difference and similarity are so dramatic when juxtaposed. Cool photo.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:32 PM) : 

oy vey: they're really pretty.


Blogger Amanda said ... (10:38 PM) : 

Love it! They look so stunning!


Blogger snuglame said ... (10:40 PM) : 

absolutely beautiful. I love the girls necklace. Have we seen these two before?


Anonymous stickstraight said ... (10:44 PM) : 

what i would give for that hair.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:48 PM) : 

they're lovely!!


Anonymous Sarah said ... (10:52 PM) : 

Two curly red head italians?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:10 PM) : 

I really want that purse!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:18 PM) : 

have you posted about these women before? they look so familiar. they could be characters in a novel.


Blogger Dannie said ... (11:26 PM) : 

i love the sundress with the chux, looks so casually cool! and they have gorgoeus hair!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:57 PM) : 

Charming. The hair just makes them adorable


Blogger pRiyA said ... (12:10 AM) : 

weren't these two sisters with gorgeous hair featured in an earlier post? they do make a memorable picture.


Anonymous xAZD said ... (12:15 AM) : 

SO great! touching!


Blogger Goodle. said ... (12:16 AM) : 

My hair sisters!! haha :D

Awesome energy in this photo!

Goodle x


Blogger Joy Mars said ... (12:28 AM) : 

Wow! They're wonderful. Who cares what they're wearing!


Blogger andrea said ... (12:57 AM) : 

wow! that hair!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:10 AM) : 

They look like a pre-raphaelist portrait, a Rossetti painting, sublime....


Blogger Anastasia said ... (1:21 AM) : 

oh look at the gorgeous Botticelli curls...lovely!!


Blogger Mairyliscious said ... (2:07 AM) : 

sono bellissime!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:11 AM) : 

I want their hair. It's gorgeous! (As are the girls.) With that hair, you wouldn't even need to have a style to have a personal style, but they have that too.


Blogger sofiasophie said ... (2:25 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:22 AM) : 



Blogger Unknown said ... (3:41 AM) : 

Previous pictures:


Blogger Miluska.T said ... (3:52 AM) : 

When I saw them a few months ago in Hyde Park, I felt like I knew them from style blog photos. It seemed too creepy to say hi to them on that basis though!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:58 AM) : 

This is a modern, clothed and double version of "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli!!

Renaissance hair...


Blogger Ammu said ... (4:12 AM) : 

Love the hair! And their energy - what a happy picture!


Blogger X said ... (4:14 AM) : 

Absolutely stunning.


Anonymous Lamirose said ... (4:23 AM) : 

...this photo is amazing ...and these twins are really beautiful and I love their hair (Sama & Haya are from Dubai ...not Italian at all but Arabic)


Blogger Dreams said ... (4:43 AM) : 

they're lovely!!

Kiss (Málaga, Andalucía, Spain)


Blogger s.u.n.d.a.y.g.i.r.l said ... (4:47 AM) : 

they have their own character.


Blogger cashew said ... (5:14 AM) : 



Blogger Beauty Is Diverse said ... (6:31 AM) : 

Love their red curly hair.


Blogger agatiszka said ... (6:34 AM) : 

Super twins!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:13 AM) : 

Lovely twins. Love the right shoes and the red nails.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:16 AM) : 

these girls look fabulous: smiley, confident and stylish. What more could you ask?! the whole picture is pheno- watch these twins, they're the next best thing !!!



Blogger BoB said ... (7:23 AM) : 

I saw your book in the bookstore!!! Or a book of your works? O.o Am going to get it soon! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:25 AM) : 

wonderful. Look, the same two girls are on:


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:41 AM) : 

Love these girls, they always look happy and stylish and relaxed. They also always look like they get dressed looking in the same mirror!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 AM) : 

This is what is is about. Comfortable in your own style and wearing your individuality or sista-ness with care-free abandon. Thank you for the curl girls. And thank them for not following the straightening trend.


Blogger preppygoesrock said ... (8:03 AM) : 

they look so happy and the outfits are amazing

check out my blog


Blogger Ashley said ... (8:07 AM) : 

Very chic ladies! Love the oxfords on the right.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:07 AM) : 

adorable girls. love the shoes on the right.


Anonymous Holly said ... (8:54 AM) : 

There's nothing like family...They are adorable and adorably dressed!


Blogger Clara Campelo said ... (9:12 AM) : 

WOW! amazing hair!


Blogger CAR said ... (9:23 AM) : 

I remember these curly hair girls from a Paris picture many months ago.
impressive hair.


Blogger the healthy ghost said ... (9:27 AM) : 

Love their hair!


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:29 AM) : 

As Jacques Dutronc once sang, "J'aime les filles". I loove pretty girls as much as any other man--but there's really nothing special about their outfits to merit being on The Sartorialist webpage, no?


Blogger m. said ... (9:31 AM) : 

you made my day with those girls. :)
long red curly hair! love!


Blogger Dream Sequins said ... (9:49 AM) : 

How beautiful and natural are: these girls, their curls, their style?


Blogger miss sophie said ... (9:50 AM) : 

oh they look amazing! love the chucks and the dress on the girl on the left - and all women should rock their natural hair texture like this!


Blogger Pretty in a Power Suit said ... (9:55 AM) : 

Love the menswear inspired shoes without socks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:58 AM) : 

R.I.P Irving Penn


Blogger Allen - East Hampton said ... (9:58 AM) : 

a big yes to these friends pix.
these two are all about looking good without a whole lot of fuss.
way to go.


Blogger Brigadeiro said ... (10:07 AM) : 

Ah! Love seeing these sisters again, great laid-back style...


Blogger DENNI said ... (10:22 AM) : 




Blogger Naomi wants to hit me said ... (10:27 AM) : 

What a wonderful hair!! / ¡Qué pelo tan maravilloso!

Besos, J.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:59 AM) : 

love the golden curls and their effortless outfits- this is what style is about, they look amazing and it doesn't look like they took an hour getting ready in the morning.


Anonymous princess glee said ... (11:12 AM) : 

They are too (2) much in a very, very good way. Gasp, the curls! Nature always does it best.


Anonymous Claire said ... (11:13 AM) : 

they remind me of the twins from degrassi!


Blogger TAILORED SOCIETY said ... (11:26 AM) : 


Love the dress she is wearing!

Best regards,



Blogger Kelly said ... (11:35 AM) : 

you've shot them before also, no?


Blogger Geraldine said ... (11:41 AM) : 

love the dress with sneakers look! <3


Blogger shark mombassa said ... (11:49 AM) : 

i want their hair.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:49 AM) : 

Yes, yes! It makes me want to be them - both of them!


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:57 AM) : 

these girls remind me of Botticelli paintings!


Anonymous FASH said ... (12:04 PM) : 

they are adorable..we are fans of the wild red curls at


Blogger Leah Park said ... (12:18 PM) : 

ive seen them in at least 2 others posts on this blog, so yes they have been photographed before. such beautiful girls. i ordered ur book and it just arrived, and i am devouring it! ur comments make me want to look at their original posts on the site and read through comments of other people on this site. as always, great pictures, i hope u continue to do this for a long time sart :)


Blogger ::HARUNA:: said ... (1:33 PM) : 

gorgeous hair!


Blogger thwany said ... (1:43 PM) : 

they're adorable


Anonymous Monica said ... (1:58 PM) : 

Hallo! I would like to get in contact with this two ladies because if I see good they look like twins and I am making a art project with twins. you can see my work at


Blogger BlumeBloom said ... (2:05 PM) : 

I love it!
Especially when red heads get some lovin'!


Anonymous Dounia said ... (3:08 PM) : 

Great expressions!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:12 PM) : 

Beautiful curly hair! With hair like that, it doesn't matter what they wear.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:13 PM) : 

makes me proud to have huge, curcly, frizzy hair!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:20 PM) : 

They're so cutt. So look alike and so different in the same time



Anonymous yumichika said ... (3:59 PM) : 

gorgeous hair!


Anonymous Magsli said ... (4:25 PM) : 

These ethereal twins have also been photographed in Paris. Do they work in the fashion industry, does anyone know?


Blogger nickythekid said ... (6:44 PM) : 

This is so sweet!


Anonymous Dear Jet Lag said ... (7:57 PM) : 

Oh dear I love you Sart. These two are my favorite people on your blog. The next time you post their picture... maybe you could post an interview. Or a comment.


Anonymous AnjaM... said ... (8:04 PM) : 

Love her sneakers...just perfect.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:44 PM) : 

beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. what else is there to say?


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:59 PM) : 

They have the most amazing curly hair!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:17 AM) : 

I remember them! Cute girls and style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:24 AM) : 

those shoes are sold by marais usa. love them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:36 AM) : 

oh thats not the first time i saw picture of them on some street style blog.
i think they look adorable- they do not look especially pretty and at first sight their outfits are nothing special, but they wear these clothes so.. idk... individual? it's rare that people make clothes look well and not the other way round!


Blogger Rafe Totengco said ... (9:20 AM) : 

que bella! they're like modern Raphaelite girls. love the Bottega bag...of course and the oxfords on the other.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:31 AM) : 

I think their hair is horrible. Northing against curls but those look uncared for.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:38 AM) : 

soooo pretttyyyyy!! love the hair and their clothes-they're so stylish, i love how the girl on the right put a vest over her cardigan, any one notice that?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:55 AM) : 

love these girls! gorgeous.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:02 AM) : 

love the lighting, and the subjects. great sunny day.


Blogger mister plenty said ... (3:12 PM) : 

LOL to you, last anonymous..
you apparenty do not have curly hair or you wouldn't say something stupid like that.. their hair looks great and greatly cared for..
they are one of my favorite sartorialist's characters!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:14 PM) : 

i love the enrgy of their kinship...its so unique to twins


Blogger amalie said ... (4:20 PM) : 

another friend photo! love it. and the haaaair


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:24 PM) : 

Oh! Why was I born with flat, lifeless hair? Despair! These girls are adorable.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:26 PM) : 

cute photo i like the girl on the lefts outfit better though


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:42 PM) : 

their hair is amazing! i love how the one on the left is very feminine in a dress and the one on the right has a more androgynous style with the menswear inspired shoes and blazer


Anonymous Sara Lua said ... (2:34 AM) : 

I love these girls and their beautiful hair! Renaissance & Romantic artists would have fought to paint them!


Anonymous Invincible said ... (2:53 AM) : 



Blogger Nickie Frye said ... (11:51 AM) : 

The loafers on the right are killing me, just killing me.


Anonymous GhadaInLondon said ... (12:32 PM) : 

beyond gorgeous
they make fashion a lifestyle i want to be part of !!!
they will be fashion icons mark my words!!!


Blogger Seoirse said ... (2:43 PM) : 

You've already photographed them. It is them on your pic of October 20, 2008, right?
Both pictures great: they do have their own style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:58 PM) : 

they are both very beautiful - palestinian but live in dubai


Blogger Antonio Barros said ... (4:19 PM) : 

Lovely sisters!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:43 PM) : 

how in the world do they get their curls to be SO perfect?


Anonymous desertwind said ... (8:08 PM) : 

Aw. I love all your pix of these girls. They're simply marvelous.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:17 AM) : 

these sisters look great every time you photograph them. I particularly like the outfit of the sister on the right. the use of different textures and accessories really adds dimension to the all-black outfit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:45 AM) : 

Especially the laceless white flats are great! In the seventies I wore the same in black.


Blogger Edmont Dantes said ... (9:05 AM) : 

Where do girls like them hang out???


Blogger JMitchell said ... (1:52 PM) : 

I'm obsessed with this picture. Probably one of my favorites. These girls are so effortlessly chic and fabulous. I love both their outfits and love that it shows their individuality too.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:19 PM) : 

i thought i commented on these sara lua said, they remind me of boticelli paintings.


Anonymous Lady in Stunning Gowns said ... (11:44 PM) : 

Beautiful Girls. Love the curls!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:26 AM) : 

love the matching hair and warm smiles...also effortless style..


Blogger Ivy Tran said ... (1:01 AM) : 

they're ying yang twins!
They're identical yet oppostite. One is dressed in a summery, girly frock, the other in black pants and a jacket...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:42 AM) : città della moda!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:40 PM) : 

love the natural honesty and the crisp white oxfords.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:01 AM) : 

sono carine!


Anonymous Catherine like Deneuve said ... (5:23 PM) : 

Did you see le Figaro's magazine spread on twins?


Blogger K'arhol said ... (11:02 AM) : 

nothing is as great as friend"sheep"
funny hairs , love it <3


Anonymous savaged lilies said ... (12:29 AM) : 

it's heather and erica from degrassi! from the hair down to the exclusively black and white outfits.


Anonymous Heidi said ... (9:22 PM) : 

wow. inspirational. the picture just shines on your blog. they know how to dress. is the right twin wearing a cardigan and a vest on top of that? Great idea. love the photo sart!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:07 AM) : 



Blogger Lily Fritsch said ... (1:40 PM) : 


those lucky girls.


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