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On the Street....At the Hemline, Milan


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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

On the Street....At the Hemline, Milan

Comments on "On the Street....At the Hemline, Milan"


Anonymous Dollar Bill said ... (1:35 PM) : 

too short!


Blogger Style Scanner said ... (1:38 PM) : 

Very nice shoes all round, the second jacket looks like it's been for a spin in the washing machine though!


Blogger frances said ... (1:38 PM) : 

your eye never fails to astound!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:38 PM) : 

Colorful hemlines are the best!


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Blogger Alex said ... (1:41 PM) : 

Oh I always have something peeking out at my shirtails but this is more likely to be due to scruffiness, not considered styling. Must try harder!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:43 PM) : 

that's jorge salazar in the pic above...he's dieing right now


Blogger mom & son said ... (1:45 PM) : 

i love those polished shoes!


Blogger Kwil said ... (1:46 PM) : 

I love short(er) pant hems. I don't know why. It just comes off looking so fresh.

Excellent socks.


Blogger the style spotter said ... (1:47 PM) : 

those shoes are incredible!


Blogger cassandra @ coco+kelley said ... (1:52 PM) : 

what a fantastic little detail to capture! the little added color does so much.


Anonymous xris said ... (1:53 PM) : 

Bruv, when's the flood?

I like it, but how strange that the nerd is now celebrated, or maybe the ska-boy of Brixton?


Anonymous Jamie Love said ... (1:54 PM) : 

Interesting color combo!!

Jamie Love


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:56 PM) : 

These photos are fantastic - the details

Polly x


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:56 PM) : 

Once one trend wears out then it's another...


Blogger The Man Who Knew Too Much said ... (2:00 PM) : 

I have one of those trousers by filippa k. love them.


Blogger Allen - East Hampton said ... (2:02 PM) : 

#1 has killer shoes and sox. him? her? either way, great, and a great way to wear short pants without looking like a TB clone. the other shoes in #1 are equally fab.
& #2 looks pretty spiffy too.


Blogger Jacqueline said ... (2:04 PM) : 

you notice everything! hehe



Blogger jack bespoke said ... (2:07 PM) : 

i do love the red shoes in the first picture that the girl is wearing, looks velvet, and there's a bow, i mean c'mon guys...thats a winner.

check out my new blog, i'd love even a tenth of the traffic you've got!


Blogger Bëan said ... (2:10 PM) : 

I'd bet my eyes and glasses that underneath that blazer is a soccer jersey!


Blogger amalie said ... (2:16 PM) : 

awesome shoes.


Blogger sofiasophie said ... (2:19 PM) : 

Loooooooooove these pics!

love the socks and the striped lining of the jacket.



Blogger Simone said ... (2:25 PM) : 

Love both pair of shoes and the color/texture of the pant in the 2nd picture but call me old fashioned. Both pants just looked hiked up not hemmed up, especially in the 1st photo where the wearer seems to be missing his/her rear end ..sigh...


Anonymous FIG said ... (2:34 PM) : 

Love the socks in #1. they are socks aren't? If any one have an idea of who makes them will love to know. I have to get me some new socks.



Blogger Peter Breese said ... (2:46 PM) : 

Great, no more dirty and frayed hemlines. Also you get to show off some strong socks!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:51 PM) : 

First thing I notice is that some guy on this blog is actually wearing socks!!


Blogger Comme Coco said ... (2:52 PM) : 

Those red shoes! They can stop traffic! EASILY!


Blogger rajmeena said ... (2:58 PM) : 

Great Scott!

I love your blog, I hinted to my brother so much that I wanted your new book from my birthday and guess what he brought it for me! (I looked in his shopping) I cannot wait to devour it on friday!

Thank you.


Blogger B a la Moda said ... (2:58 PM) : 

I like the guy's shoes and socks in the first picture. It is funny because I don't see men dress like that in Spain. They most of the times go with black shoes and black socks.

B* a la Moda


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:59 PM) : 

Look #1 is all Fall/ Winter 09 MARNI men's collection - He looks fantastic!

for info on where to buy the items, email


Blogger girlfryeday said ... (3:12 PM) : 

Yes, yes, yes to the brown shoes w/ the op art patterned socks. I always insist on wearing patterned socks. It's like having a little secret. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:24 PM) : 

The first combination is little strange, but I love the second one. Grey is a nice colour and matches to almost anything.


Blogger Yumichika said ... (3:27 PM) : 

love this brown shoes and socks with not long enough trousers from first pic.


Anonymous PK said ... (3:39 PM) : 

How simple can one get? Cut your shorts shorter than all the other guys and people will notice you. Yeah, but...

Nice shoes though!


Blogger Fernando said ... (3:46 PM) : 

is it cool?


but horrible too... too short


Blogger Fashionstyle said ... (4:25 PM) : 

Allure...Allure !!!


Blogger alastair said ... (4:28 PM) : 

I do really like the fit of the trousers on the first guy, why can't I find trousers I like on me??? Hems are far shorter than I would wear, but when you have socks like that, why not show them off!


Blogger Milana said ... (4:31 PM) : 

Hmm... I like it! Milana -


Blogger Brummagem Joe said ... (4:34 PM) : 

Great shoes and socks in the first pic......sorry the same can't be said for the pant length.....I promise you in 20 years time the flood pant look is going to figure prominently in those photograpic compilations of sartorial misteps along with bell bottoms, sideburns, leisure suits, and frilled evening shirts in pastel colors.......take this from one who once owned a frilled evening shirt....I cringe whenever the family photos come out.


Blogger Jack Daniel said ... (4:38 PM) : 

To be honest, I'd love to have the bag in the second picture. It's probably the most beautiful bag ever to be photographed by you. Too bad it's not shown sharp. But that's ok....!


Blogger Kiki Von Glinow said ... (4:42 PM) : 

I love the hemlines- a bit of a youthful school boy nostalgia. I also love the fact that in both of these shots, a bit of color is peeping out above the waistline. A green horizontal stripe here and blue and yellow vertical stripes there.


Blogger MAISON CHAPLIN said ... (4:56 PM) : 

I don't like the first look, at all, what a lack of style. BUT the second look is stunning, love it! ;) @ RioJaneiro by Mario Testino, Hedi Slimane


Blogger tofuscloset said ... (4:57 PM) : 

it's kind of cute!


Blogger Barima said ... (5:07 PM) : 

Style Scanner said ... (1:38 PM) :

...the second jacket looks like it's been for a spin in the washing machine though!

Interesting. The lining looks like Junya Watanabe MAN. In recent seasons, Junya has utilised shorter trouser hems to great effect, including S/S08's collection, which was described in part as "straight out of the washing machine" by Men's Style

Thank you for reading this great moment in fashion connections - come again!


Blogger indigo warrior said ... (5:13 PM) : 

To be honest, the hemlines are like buttons - a little detail that changes fashion up a bit. What I'm really concerned about is in the bottom picture - is that a sagging jacket linking or a shirt?!?


Blogger Bookworm said ... (5:26 PM) : 

Aaah! Do I spot red platform pumps with BOWS in the first picture? I seriously want those--they are adorable! Plus I love the short pants and textured socks--very geek-cool.


Blogger Cassandra said ... (5:40 PM) : 

I agree these hemlines look so fresh. They are worn just right... and the woman's red velvet/suede bow shoes are lovely.


Blogger Christina said ... (5:59 PM) : 

It's so great to see shorter trousers with no break. My husband tries to explain that that's how he wants his pants altered and the tailors look at him like he's crazy. Only extremely experienced and high quality tailors know that that's how men's trousers should be worn. None of this bunching up of material at the ankles!!


Anonymous Maranda said ... (6:10 PM) : 

Love the socks, the red Minnie Mouse shoes, the blurry red bag. The coloured stripes remind me of a jockey's racing silks.


Blogger KD said ... (7:10 PM) : 

Both outfits are pretty awesome, but I am OBSESSED with that bag in the 2nd picture.


Blogger Tist One Fine Arts Ministry said ... (7:38 PM) : 

so cool!


Blogger Cornflake40 said ... (8:18 PM) : 

Those auburn shoes, the socks, the short blue pants, the lime striped shirt, and the cardigan are absolutely PERFECT! He's like a high- class hipster. I can't describe it any other way.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:50 PM) : 

^^^ AH all i can look at are those red Marni shoes in the side of that picture!!! I want them so bad!



Anonymous Holly said ... (10:21 PM) : 

Different shapes require different lengths!


Blogger Sundari said ... (10:49 PM) : 

I can't take my eyes off all those red shoes. You have quite an eye there. If only my boyfriend let me choose his outfits.


Blogger Joy Mars said ... (12:46 AM) : 

The too short pants in the first picture would be bad enough, but they're BAGGY too! That guy is walking on the thin edge of something.

Possibly he's saying: These shoes are so great I can pull off ANYTHING with them on and you'll think I'm cool. The colors ARE cool.

On the second guy the turned up jacket hem is kind of interesting, but pushing it. The gray loafers are excellent.

Gorgeous purse on the ground.


Blogger hi-d said ... (1:13 AM) : 

Cool what you interesting!


Blogger cassaundra said ... (1:37 AM) : 



Blogger Couture said ... (8:29 AM) : 

LOVE all these for the beautiful composition, colours, clothes and shoes, details, textures, perspective, sense of calm and energy at the same time....


Blogger Jorge from W Palm Beach said ... (8:31 AM) : 

I like both examples, those socks he obviously picked to be shown, and he does it well. I think it is a good look as the pants' legs are very slim, and they accentuate the wearer's physiques. Great job! I do like those gray loafers. Jorge from WPB


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:43 AM) : 

how funny to roll your jacket to see the lining. very innovative. shoes in the bottom pic ....WOW


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:49 AM) : 

Short pants are ridicolous!!!

Only for fashion-victims: Gents whitout own style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:54 AM) : 

I really like both pics. The first is very PAUL SMITH. The second is great pants and shoes.
It looks like a shorter pant hem is here to stay. The same with no socks. Like it or not, a slimmer pant with a higher hem, is very slimming!! And who doesn't like slimming effects??


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:22 AM) : 

love the white Marni bag in the corner of the first picture. and her red shoes!


Anonymous AnonymousJK said ... (9:41 AM) : 

How cool would these hemlines (men's short pants) and loafers be on a woman? I'd say pretty darn cool... These guys look great ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:37 AM) : 

I don't GET the point of these awkwardly short pants on looks so funny & not in a very good way!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:03 PM) : 

It's ALL in the details! Yes, Scott!

- le 21ème


Anonymous thomas said ... (7:43 PM) : 

Love the second photo...think that looks more relaxed and honest. And happy to see a few wrinkles-makes it real.


Blogger j4ckb1ng said ... (8:01 PM) : 

A little Thom Browne influence? Sorry, but too short trousers on a man just look .. deprived somehow.


Blogger Rick Platel said ... (12:57 AM) : 

floods, floods, can't go wrong!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 AM) : 

I like these two guys and the "floods" (Thom Browne) look. ......BUT, you've got to be pretty lanky, young and in the fashion industry to pull it off. If I wore this to work as the VP of Marketing for a tech company, my colleagues would think I had lost my mind. Plus, I'm too "big" and old to wear something like this - 6-2 and a 33 waist. I guess it's like women that are too "fat" at a size 6.


Blogger Mathé said ... (12:38 PM) : 

looks like alice in woderland


Blogger Real Love said ... (3:15 PM) : 

The jacket is from JW Man, F/W 08, that leaves the lining externally by the way. I have it in another colour :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:36 PM) : 

Both pants´lengths so not flatter any body type in fact cuts the figure shortening it. I think nobody likes to be ""flattened" instead of "flattered"
Love your blog! xoxo fm Brazil


Blogger Kyle said ... (5:30 PM) : 

Anyone have any clue who those gray loafers are by? I need them.


Anonymous Emmeline Rose said ... (12:55 AM) : 

I have the Marni suede minnie pumps and their black slingback version as well. I get stopped by strangers every time I wear them!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:49 PM) : 

Does anyone have a clue on who makes that beautiful red bag.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:47 PM) : 

awesome! socks or minus socks!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:14 PM) : 

men in short tailored pants, smart shoes, and no socks...SO SEXY!


Blogger todd said ... (12:35 PM) : 

anyone have any idea where those green/gray loafer are from?
they are smokin HOT!


Blogger The Lovely Bastard said ... (1:00 AM) : 

the pants + shoes + socks in the first pic= beautiful insanity!


Anonymous Voon said ... (2:42 PM) : 

Cannot get enough of the fun patterened socks in the first picture in contrast to the navy pants and English tan/red(?) shoes.

Great eye for spotting these fun details as usual!


Blogger Brookelynn said ... (8:22 PM) : 

God, I love Italy!!


Blogger the enigma said ... (10:15 AM) : 

can't help but notice the gorgeous shoes these people are wearing!


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