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Golden Age Of Milanese Fashion, part 2


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Friday, June 27, 2008

Golden Age Of Milanese Fashion, part 2

Comments on "Golden Age Of Milanese Fashion, part 2"


Blogger brigitta said ... (2:43 AM) : 

Benedetta Barzini?


Blogger Desk Warrior said ... (3:08 AM) : 

Nice timing - perhaps you read my mind! Just yesterday I thought "lots of beautiful younger women and men of all ages, but not many older women".


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:18 AM) : 

I have these Birkenstock's in olive green, they are the ultimate and best alternative to flip flops! As for the rest of this wonderful lady, this is REAL beauty!! Absolutely independent from the year you were born in.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:31 AM) : 

her sandals and feet are beautiful. i hate how in america everyone is disgusted by bare feet!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:55 AM) : 

I love that the color of her sandals match the frames of her glasses. Wonderful picture, especially against the heavy wooden door. She is so blindingly beautiful, i hardly see the tired sleeveless shirt....


Blogger Shelley Noble said ... (4:16 AM) : 

LOVE the dip dye on this pant silhouette! Copying as we speak!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:53 AM) : 

Yes.....Her fashion style is not my type..She was my professor in design school and she looks like a cheap hippy.Always without bra yeaw


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:17 AM) : 

yes, benedetta barzini


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:23 AM) : 

In fact I don't like what she is wearing but I think maybe she is tired about fashion, she was the best and she doesn't need show it.She can tells us stories through her eyes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:25 AM) : 

What a beautifull woman, I hope I'll be like her when I reach her age.
Her style is comfortable and elegant at the same time. Not pretentious at all.

Very nice shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:55 AM) : 

è Lei!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:27 AM) : 

I don't get this one at all - the pants are super unflattering, and the top looks like sleeveless nursing scrubs. My first reaction was that she looks very disproportionate because of the weird pants. Would you seriously have taken this picture if she weren't famous? I normally think your eye is amazing, Sart, but this outfit is a total no for me.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:20 AM) : 

you know, this woman is beautiful and cool and can wear what the hell she likes, but the outfit itself is kind of pottery teacher.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:56 AM) : 

i love this unexpected combination, it's inspiring.


Blogger Bruna Volpi said ... (8:15 AM) : 



Blogger Katie said ... (8:19 AM) : 

Oh, isn't she lovely? Look at those toned arms and the super chill contra posta stance! The way she carries herself is so elegant, despite a very casual outfit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:33 AM) : 

Maybe her pants could be a bit less wide and green all the way down.She has aged beautifully .


Blogger The Spicers said ... (8:38 AM) : 

I hope I look this cool when I'm her age!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:44 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:17 AM) : 

I don't find this outfit flattering at all. The pants are too big to be worn with such a volumnous shirt.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:22 AM) : 

No, brigitta. I'm sorry. She bears a striking resemblance to my literature teacher back in school. I remember her being obsessed with the German poet Rilke. In reminisence of her i take a bow in return for the lovely years we spent together. It is definitely her and i even heard rumors that she emigrated to Italy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:27 AM) : 

This is the last place id ever think to find birkenstocks. I bet her home is just as eclectic and comfortable as she is.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:47 AM) : 

just gorgeous!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:00 PM) : 

Love the combination of the yellow end of the trousers with the yellow sandals! Genius!

...and it is definitely a relief to see that even super-fashionable cotton trousers get wrinkles! I no longer have to worry about mine! ^__^


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:17 PM) : 

It doesn't get better than this ladies and gents. Take a good look at how a classy European woman carries herself as she lives the second half of her life. Posture: perfect. Sense of style: perfect. Life energy: perfecto mundo!

Go Spain.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:36 PM) : 

I like the wrinkley linen pants and the colour of the shoes. Not so sure about the top. She's pretty though.:)


Blogger Kaari Marie said ... (12:48 PM) : 

Thank you - may we all grow old gracefully and with beautiful arms!


Blogger LizBlair said ... (12:54 PM) : 

I'm glad that you include older people in your blog. Most other fashion photographers focus only on pictures of young adults. Thanks for such a great blog!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:00 PM) : 

Um, could someone tell me why this is the Golden Age of Milanese Fashion as opposed to, say, the (more obvious) Earnest Aging Hippie Potter Living in the Pacific Northwest?

Context, presumably.


Blogger Concordia Personal Shopper said ... (1:00 PM) : 

Those trousers match with the sandals but the t-shirt has nothing to do with them. The flowers don´t go with the hippie style. Even the watch is ok.


Blogger Abram said ... (1:11 PM) : 

que lentes tan lindos


Blogger MEMEME said ... (1:15 PM) : 

love all the colors she's wearing...


Blogger nina corvallo said ... (1:20 PM) : 

is it? is it? How exciting!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:40 PM) : 

This outfit doesn't look like anything special to me. I live in Western Mass and she looks like all the women who live here!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:26 PM) : 

Is this the Silver Fox femme?
Your older people are my favourites


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:27 PM) : 

yay birkenstocks!


Blogger Jonathan said ... (2:53 PM) : 

The yellow sandals and the yellow cuffs a great combo. Very light, very fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:27 PM) : 

she looks like she is from the northwest like me!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:36 PM) : 

you know what i love about the photos you post on your that each wearing simple clothing, simple clothing in that, it suits them and who they are. your blog is a great reminder that fashion is really about being true to yourself and making it sublime. thanks!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:24 PM) : 

You featured these same Birkenstocks last year - only in black. I think they are a wonderful compromise...especially if one is traveling!


Blogger Hedda Lettuce said ... (7:30 PM) : 

it all looks terribly comfortable, but i must say that i think the silhouette is unflattering and the entire ensemble (shoes aside) looks to me like a bad thrift store experience. perhaps fashionable, but, i think, very unattractive. she is lovely, but her outfit is not.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 PM) : 

this is where/wear TRUE self-actualization lives.


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:18 PM) : 

I had this woman as a teacher last semester.


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:21 PM) : 

She is a former Vogue model and was photographed by Richard Avedon


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:24 PM) : 

no, sorry, I don't like the mix between top and pants. usually I love benedetta barzini, I saw her some days ago in front my university on a bike, she is beautiful, but not in this picture.


Blogger The Mysterious Traveler said ... (8:54 PM) : 

lovely arms


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:28 PM) : 

Teresa, I was just going to say it looks like she's from Eugene, OR!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:39 PM) : 

She is beautiful, but the only thing I like about the outfit is her sandals and fact that it looks comfortable.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:21 PM) : 

Total freedom.
Yes !


Blogger miss sophie said ... (11:49 PM) : 

this just goes to show that great personal style and confidence conquers 'fashion taboos' like birkenstocks. on a woman as comfortable in her own skin as she is, everything just works wonderfully!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:14 AM) : 

This particular style of Birkenstock sandals seem to be the only one accepted as "fashionable", I see them everywhere. After a certain age, one realizes that uncomfortable shoes are for others' enjoyment, and this woman realizes that.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:37 AM) : 

Dear "Northwesterners"
With all due respect.
Sorry to tell You :
One glance is enough to know that this lady is European.
In the best (summer)sense of the word.


Blogger the Launderette said ... (2:12 AM) : 

this reminds me of two things. one, my mom. this looks like something she would wear. and two, that "there's no such thing as unconcious dressing" quote. those two things combined, i have a new appreciation for my mom's clothes and clothes in general that i don't necessarily "like". basically, this photo just made me think and for that i like it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:15 AM) : 

In the south of France and in parts of Italy, very elegant women are wearing Birkenstocks. To me this seems like a big change over the past few years.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:30 PM) : 

I really like that, even though it's so casual, everything is so carefully pieced with the yellows from top to bottom tying it all together.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:55 PM) : 

The whole look must benefit from context. She's undoubtedly beautiful, but the outfit is very dowdy. It might just be the top ruining things for me (and maybe the dip dye).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:11 PM) : 

I love the pants and can myself doing a lot with them fashion wise, but I would definately use a different shirt with them. The sandals compliment this outfit very well....

Odio's fashionista's
Nekiwa Smith


Blogger okso said ... (9:55 AM) : 

she is beautiful. i hope to be this cool when i grow up. i'm all for comfort too, but i'd try to match up the top a bit more.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:11 AM) : 

this is in true prof.barzini style... broke down hippie feminist who wants to show the world just how much she doesnt care about fashion...and in turn ended up on one of the best fashion blogs in the world...go figure.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:58 PM) : 

The thing is, there is style and there is fashion. There are many stylish people who dress unfashionably, even unflatteringly. Style is personal. Style personalizes fashion.

Anyone can be fashionable. A strong personal style can not be bought.

What is important about this woman, Bendetta Barzini or not, is the strength of personality.

Even someone who never went to school (who would understand the "pottery teacher" reference) can look at her and see her - not her clothes.

To see the person before you see the clothes - that is style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:23 PM) : 

she looks great to me


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:35 AM) : 

she's just fabulous - how great to see a woman accepting her age with relaxed aplomb!


Blogger lenore said ... (6:06 AM) : 

what a surprise: b.b. you're so beautiful and amazingly cool!
claudia from bari
do u remember?
a big hug!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:48 PM) : 

I recognized Benedetta Barzini immediately, but have definitely seen her in more flattering clothing. She would have looked stunning in the gent's outfit above.

I've kept a photo of her on my studio wall for the past 15 years. She is my inspiration and aim for the second half of my life.


Blogger Karen said ... (5:54 PM) : 

Not crazy about the pants, but she looks like someone I'd like to get to know.


Blogger Pratishtha Durga said ... (7:59 AM) : 

Really well put, Gigi. My thoughts exactly. Her personal style fits her like a second skin. It tells me loads about her. I love the fact that even though she has aged so beautifully, it seems that it has been a natural process. She seems so dignified, effortlessly elegant. No amount of "putting on" can achieve this.


Blogger ST said ... (12:34 PM) : 

This woman can teach style and elegance... I believe she is Benedetta Barzini.


Blogger Fabio Bucciardini said ... (12:50 PM) : 

Benedetta Barzini, can really wear what she wants. She's a beautiful and intelligent woman. Brava!!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:37 PM) : 

She herself it beautiful, and I love her hair, but the clothes do nothing for me. They look like typical hippie-mom fare. Nothing wrong with the hippie-mom look, but it's nothing special. Great photo, though.


Blogger junglesiren said ... (12:09 PM) : 

She is stunning.

I'm not fond of her outfit but it's not horrible. It does have personality and originality and an artsiness and if my mom wore it I wouldn't nag her.


Blogger Shayela H. said ... (8:56 PM) : 

She is beautiful, but I'm willing to bet she's even more beautiful in pants that fit well.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:39 AM) : 

Shes doing ok for a woman in her 60s but I think the top is wrong with the pants


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:39 AM) : 

She's a gorgeous woman, but this outfit can be found in any small town in the midwest. I totally agree with the pottery teacher comment. Those pants are really not doing it for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:27 PM) : 

she IS definetely Benedetta barzini ... she lives in my neighbourhood in milan ... I kinda know her


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:07 AM) : 



Blogger Unknown said ... (8:29 AM) : 

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