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Chic & Shiny, Paris


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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chic & Shiny, Paris

Comments on "Chic & Shiny, Paris"


Anonymous Samone said ... (11:40 AM) : 

I LOVE her boots!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:52 PM) : 

That's a man.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:03 PM) : 

I LOVE his boots!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:03 PM) : 

I believe it's a man.


Anonymous Amy W. said ... (2:14 PM) : 

I agree. She looks fantastic. Does anyone know where that coat is from?? I have to get one!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:17 PM) : 

Someone likes their Dior Homme... and that someone is a boy.


Blogger Ink said ... (2:21 PM) : 

It's a man....

LOOVVVEEE his jacket!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:28 PM) : 

to samone...
that's a guy
shows that men should NOT be wearing pvc or patent leather especially when they're this skinny with awful hair. I know this guy's probably wearing lots of expensive designer garb but this look just isn't working.


Blogger B.Chau said ... (2:56 PM) : 

i believe it's HIS boots. but none the matter, stylish androgynous.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:07 PM) : 

I think it's very clear that this is an attractive young man. I am also sure that in person there would be no controversy--boys don't move like girls (unless they want to.) I personally wish people would take the extra seconds to really look before speaking. As a slim 6'1" tall woman, I am so over "Can I help you sir?" , because people can't be bothered to note that I am clearly a woman. "Got a dollar mister?" from guy panhandling was the last straw for me today.


Anonymous artbitch said ... (7:20 PM) : 

i guess he has studied how to dress as heide silmaine would demand to


Blogger NYC Modelista said ... (7:47 PM) : 

I love the shoes.

And yes, that's a boy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:49 PM) : 

We should just stop.


Blogger Candid Cool said ... (8:57 PM) : 

I am going with Anon 7:07. To me this is clearly man; it just takes less than an extra second to see that. But to each his (or her) own, I guess.

Anywho, I think his hair is magnificent. And he is quite sleek indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:50 PM) : 

I want his hair. Gimme your hair.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:12 AM) : 

that is clearly a man...i don't know how people can so easily mistake someone like him. maybe its where you guys are from that you are not used to seeing men dressed a certain way but clearly his facial structure is that of a man's.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:03 AM) : 

Smells like Dior homme.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:31 AM) : 

Please men, no pigeon toes. That's why the guy/girl confusion, although from the looks of him, I'm sure he doesn't mind being called a "girl" sometimes...


Blogger Jennine said ... (7:33 PM) : 

shiny coats are so cool. it's like the future is now! now! ; )


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:21 AM) : 

of curse its a boy


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