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Nick Sullivan of Esquire


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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nick Sullivan of Esquire

Click on image to enlarge image.
I'm still working on this color splicing thing so the enlarged version is the correct color. I will resolve it when I return to NYC.

Comments on "Nick Sullivan of Esquire"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:00 PM) : 


Big pockets. Big scarf.

The dark coat against his pale skin.

It all just makes for his head looking too small for his body.

And while the gloves look nice, they don't look nice with this outfit.

No. A pity really, as he's a handsome man.



Blogger Jack Daniel said ... (2:06 PM) : 

isn't he a fashion director?


Anonymous anon said ... (2:08 PM) : 

This guy looks fabulous!

Quite the handsome man as well as wonderful style.


Blogger Cynthia said ... (2:38 PM) : 

What?!? He is gorgeous. The dark coat against his pale skin seems appropriate for January--it's winter. The scarf and gloves are also appropriate for January--it's winter. If he wore a skimpy little coat and had a winter "tan" he would not be more fashionable, just flashier.


Blogger LBellatrix said ... (3:08 PM) : 

Sadly, I agree with much of what the first poster said. But WOW...he most certainly is gorgeous!


Blogger Luciana Malta said ... (3:09 PM) : 

Como assim?!? :O


Blogger Luciana Malta said ... (3:12 PM) : 

just perfect.


Blogger Cut of cloth said ... (3:22 PM) : 

Old Movie Star Looks
The Return of the Sophisticated
A squire from Esqiure!
no less!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:25 PM) : 

Head to toe, please.

I might like his gloves better if they matched his shoes. But who can tell? Half of his outfit is a mystery cropped out of the picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:36 PM) : 

To the first poster, mItt: he might not look extraordinary, but i think he looks fine. After all, dressing in the morning is not a scientific process. You obviously have a very visually analytic eye, but come on!!! This guy matches, has good taste, and welcomes the camera in such a friendly way. What happened to effortless dressing? i'm in the fashion industry and even i don't calculate how the pockets go with the size of my head.


Blogger The Sartorialist said ... (3:45 PM) : 

actually i still need to tweak the color on this, the whole thing should be a little warmer that would solve the pale skin and actually be closer to real life.

My camera shoots a little cool, color wise.

I think this shot is all about a great smile, great hair and an elegant style plus Nick is a great guy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:48 PM) : 

Absolutely gorgeous man. The gloves aren't working with the rest, but everything else looks great.


Blogger daniqueconijn said ... (4:18 PM) : 

what's building behind him? i would say,,, no i don't know but i really want to! the guy looks great! strong, self assured etc. etc.


Blogger My Place said ... (4:25 PM) : 

Good looking man and I'm not gay not that there's anything wrong with that. Black coat and brown gloves seem off to me, maybe the shoes and trousers would pull it all together. Frankly, black and brown together are a personal style conundrum--I don't like black shoes--most of mine are brown--but do like black trousers, suits with a black background and black ties.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:06 PM) : 

He looks great. For me, part of having great style is ignoring the rigid rules of fashion. I

The brown gloves and the huge scarf keep him real. I like knowing its cold and still he has such a warm sexy smile.

Even I, a straight man, can recognize a man with a sexy smile.



Blogger d. chedwick bryant said ... (7:48 PM) : 

gyijiHe looks really good to me. Very Chic, Keepin it simple. (No crazy purple hat = that's good)


Blogger Janvangogh said ... (8:04 PM) : 

Very nice. Good choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:17 PM) : 

This is a good looking guy not dressed particularly well. The coat ... well it looks like a handmedown. The scarf is nothing special. There isn't a subtle sophistication to the look -- it just looks quicly put together mass of unchallenging colors, patterns.

What happened to your great shots of old men playing chess, people with a few beloved clothes that they've worn to be part of them.

Your blog has more and more fashion peacocks (people dressing for others approval and for whom "staying current" is important) and less people who seem delightfully stuborn about wearing a few things that they see as self-defining.

This blog was once a frequented spot, now every time I check it its the same disappointing stuff I see everywhere else (less interesting than a fashion ad but in the same vein).

Remember your Indiana folk charm and bring it back to your photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:17 PM) : 

His head looks the right size, especially when compared to the width of his shoulders (even if he's turned to the side!).

Wouldn't you feel ashamed if he really had a small head and couldn't help it, or had a huge head and didn't want to look like Conan O'Brien.

I love the scarf and its patterns.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:34 PM) : 

a major caveat should be included at the end of all my posts:

"This message has been brought to you by a near-sighted, work-at-home Canadian soccer mom who mostly wears running shoes and track pants just in case she can squeeze in a 10K run before picking up the kids from school. When not in 'sweat clothes' she can be seen walking about town looking lost (remember, she's near-sighted) with way too much MAC makeup on, giving her a resemblance to RuPaul."

What I think matters not on this gentleman's undoubtedly jet set life. I'm certain too, that he's quite nice; the smile alone is affecting.

Alas, I just wasn't feeling his outfit today.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:39 PM) : 

Though colors of coat and gloves combination seem a bit off the wonderful gray color of the scarf pulls the whole outfit together.


Blogger ENID P. said ... (8:46 PM) : 

He looks very elegant...



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:11 PM) : 

reading all the posts... ya, maybe the first one could be right... but... what difference does it make?!?... being gourgeous is not something that we can discuss. and he certainly is.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:08 PM) : 

Just commenting to thank you for the FANTASTIC shots on ...
Wow I am drooling, especially the ones from the street, and from the Lanvin and YSL shows!

What a treat. Thanks so much as always.


Blogger Butch said ... (10:41 PM) : 

No to nay-sayers: he looks great; a study in what you can do with black, white and gray easily and without pretense. Love the way the scarf's fringe picks up the coat color....

Palette compliments his coloring beautifully....


Blogger The Sartorialist said ... (1:53 AM) : 

To Anon 8:17
I think I still shoot a lot of very wonderfully unique people that are not fashion peacocks but you make it seem like it is easy to find those people and it is not.
The difference in the blog as it grows it that I now have more time to shoot and I have more images to post so as a percentage the level may be down but I feel I am still capturing the fashion outsiders just as much.

Did you see my shots from Florence Pitti Uomo.
The Framemaker series?

What about the Art Director from Milan with the bike.


Blogger ----- said ... (4:48 AM) : 

Nick always looks great. I used to work alongside him in the office of Arena magazine in London. His nickname was 'Bond'. For obvious reasons...


Anonymous rosbif said ... (7:50 AM) : 

I think he looks good. Stylish and not too fussy, contemporary but not fashiony.

Most normal people don't spend their mornings measuring pocket-to-scarf ratios and even if one was able to get that kind of thing exactly right, the final result would look overdone.

Is that the yard at les Beaux-Arts?


Blogger luvsunflowers said ... (8:07 AM) : 

Hmmm....I think he looks great. His gray scarf complements his ashen brown hair and his brown gloves add a twist to a look that might otherwise be boring had he worn the traditionally "expected" black gloves. Again, the brown and black (or is his coat charcoal gray?) combo causes a stir!

Keep up the good work, Scott! Love your blog!


Blogger Alice Olive said ... (8:51 AM) : 

Lovely scarf. And he is lovely to look at!!


Blogger Lit said ... (9:24 AM) : 

Anon 8:17, I must vehemently disagree with you. I think Sart always manages tio find balance. Sure when he's in Europe he takes more pictures of the fashionistas, but that's because he's in Europe, during the shows!! He always finds the quirky street style in NY and one or two sartotial gentleman of yore, but as he explained, the latter group cannot be easy to fing. I think Sart makes it a point to capture everyday people who have individual style. Many examples spring to mind, but think of the Painter series, the red-bicycle guy in NY-come on!

Oh and to mltt, your views are your own, don't be ashamed of them and you certainly don't have to qualify them to anyone. Hence I might respect what anon 8:17 wrote, but just disagree with it, a lot!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:44 AM) : 

Where does one find those enormous scarves? All of mine are much too short to do much other than tuck into the neck of my topcoat.


Blogger whyioughtta said ... (4:02 PM) : 

I've never seen anything on this blog that was mediocre. Not to say I've loved everything (three words: monkey fur sleeves).

But the beauty of this blog is, first, there is some style inspiration for everyone and second, it encourages people to stop and consider the details... to open our minds to the little things that make life interesting and which we rarely note.

There's nothing more fascinating than viewing style through the eyes of someone trained to look for visual interest.

So for me, it doesn't matter who you shoot: fashionistas to fascinating old men, it's all about your eye and the way you've expanded my grasp of style.

I probably didn't explain that very well, but...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:29 PM) : 

Braddock. thanks for pointing out the Bond thing. i thought id finally escaped that. Hope youre well.
BTW everyone that coat is Navy Blue. Alright.....?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:15 PM) : 

I'm not sure the outfit warranted special attention, but a nice smile like that can make a look worth commenting on. And the background is lovely.

I'm a big fan of your blog and photography!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:58 PM) : 

I'd love to have him take me out to dinner and notice all the jealous stares of every female in the room ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:20 AM) : 

First Kennedy, then Sullivan and now Bradshaw...what a motley crew of ex-Arena employees. Probably the best looking trio admittedly.


Anonymous hotcoffy007 said ... (3:41 PM) : 

i like the coat, the scarf a bit large for his frame.i find that the naturally beautiful can pull off just about any look, that smile and gorgeous hair..dreamy


Blogger Mark said ... (7:41 PM) : 

Speaking as a pale Limey myself, I'd like to point out that Nick in the flesh is in fact fairly brown (for an Englishman!)

oh and I used to work at Arena too. Hello chaps


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:14 AM) : 

Hello Hoops. How doth it hang? NS


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:27 AM) : 

jus sayin, He's a style director. Not Fashion. Fashion is fad and flimsy. Style is a lasting monument to oneself, by oneself. Its playing for your own sake versus playing to be percieved.


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