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On The Street........Meatpacking District, New York


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

On The Street........Meatpacking District, New York

Comments on "On The Street........Meatpacking District, New York"


Blogger UpperWestSideGuy said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Yawn. I saw this outfit on the train about 5 times this morning. The subject is very attractive but I dont think her style is that different from most 20 something women in New York.


Blogger Abogado de Ropa said ... (9:27 AM) : 

What a hottie.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:29 AM) : 

I don't care if what she's wearing is designer or not...every thousand girls who shop at old navy and the gap look like this.


Anonymous Leo said ... (9:55 AM) : 

i like that . . lovely


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:26 AM) : 

Great legs - boring outfit.


Anonymous OJ said ... (10:49 AM) : 

Nice glasses


Anonymous anne said ... (11:00 AM) : 

She somehow manage to wear short shorts with flat sandals. It must be the legs;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:09 PM) : 

Why do they call it the meatpacking district?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:27 PM) : 

Well, until this season, the rule was that the shorter somehting is, the flatter the shoe must be. I was pretty shocked to see heels with shorts become so commonplace this summer.


Blogger Big Primpin' said ... (2:57 PM) : 

I agree with the chorus. Fairly plan and common looking. Sunglasses are nice, tho. I know it's hot and nasty outside, but she looks a little cold.


Blogger ClaireMarie said ... (5:35 PM) : 

It used to be literally a district where they had meatpacking plants, but now the real estate value has gone through the roof and people like Alexander McQueen and fashionable flats are opening up there; it is the new Soho I hear. Her outfit is kinda boring; I wear it to class everyday, but give her a break, its hotter than it is in Texas right now!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:44 PM) : 

Love the blog - agree with the other posters. This girl looks cute, but eh - nothing special.

I really wish you'd feature more women in professional clothing. Most of the women you shoot are casual, wearing things that would absolutely not pass muster in my office. They're lovely, but I'm always looking for inspiration for office clothing.


Anonymous rachel lee thai said ... (7:58 PM) : 

I agree, this isn't a very unique outfit. But to anonymous, there's nothing wrong with GAP!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:51 PM) : 

To Rachel Lee Thai:

GAP has pledged to improve the conditions of the millions of people who are paid a few pence a day to make their top-selling goods.... Let's see if GAP will really keep their promise.

It helps to have some consumer ethics and know the facts when buying an outfit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:47 AM) : 

For the record it is not hotter in NYC than it is in Texas right now. I just got back from NYC and it is over 100 degrees here.


Anonymous rosbif said ... (4:01 AM) : 

Well if she's "pretty average" for New York, I'm buying a ticket there tomorrow :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:10 AM) : 

I like the way her flip-flops and bag match her hair -- it makes her look very pulled together.


Blogger Olle said ... (10:06 AM) : 

I can tell you that a lot of girls in Stockholm look like this girl, too, or would like to look like her.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:49 PM) : 

She looks like any anonymous trend follower. I live in Alabama, and there are throngs just like her here. I see no personal style in her outfit. I do like the shades, though, as I am always enamored of a great pair of aviators.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:26 AM) : 

She looks like most Australian girls who live on the coast. And no matter what they are wearing, flip-flops (thongs to us) seem to go with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:41 PM) : 

flip flops are the worst


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:11 PM) : 

She is very cute, she is nicely put together, maybe not different, or trend setting but most people aren't. She is cute, has nice legs, nice smile....looks good in shorts and I love her why not just say, she is one of many and those many sure do look nice.


Blogger stella b. said ... (2:27 PM) : 

meh. i'd probably wear it but i wouldn't expect to get attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:34 AM) : 

She looks very Swedish. And being from there, I would know.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:29 AM) : 

I agree. She looks Swedish to the extreme.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:01 PM) : 

She is swedish for sure. Evry girl in sweden looks like that and dresses like that.. Sooo...


Anonymous josephine said ... (10:20 AM) : 

modern, and the most important thing: simple! I like very much the combination of two t-shirts.
The most important thing is her attitude! so fresh and young!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:51 AM) : 

She looks like a typical it-girl, whether she's American or wherever she comes from, they all look like that. Much too tan to go with their blonde hair, aviators, boy shorts, etc etc etc.
I love many of the people you've photographed, but some of them I just can't see anything special with.


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