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Style Profile.....Derrick Miller, Barker Black


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Monday, January 23, 2006

Style Profile.....Derrick Miller, Barker Black

For The Sartorialist, I have profiled several Italian gentlemen that have grown up with elegant dressing as part of their molecular structure. Now, finally, I have found an American with the same kind of sartorial DNA. Derrick Miller, the creative director of Barker Black, recently told me about growing up with a true Sartorialist as a father. Derrick's father, an artist in Minnesota, still changes his outfit three times a day. When he began research for the revamp of Barker Black, Derrick went straight to his Dads closet for inspiration. The Sartorialist asked Derrick a few questions about his personal style, and his Dad seemed like a good place to start.

Best Sartorial advice from your Dad ?
The idea of self-expression through clothing, using pattern and texture to create an individual look and style.

I only buy __________ in Europe.
Umbrellas (England)

You build your daily look around your ?
Now it is shoes (for obvious reasons), it used to be my socks!

The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist’s outfit ...
Fit of coat and shoes are always first.

I skimp when buying ... I can afford the tailor!

I splurge on.....
having a good tailor.

I always break this fashion rule.
Argyle socks and pinstripes

I never break this fashion rule.
Tie must always have a dimple and end at the belt line.

Must have item for Fall 2006
Barker Black shoes and ties....oh, and a great Filson bag.

Favorite store
Eral 55 in Milan...Genius!
Old English meets the Old West on Corso Como

Style icons
My Dad, Fred Astaire, Pharrell Williams

Most cherished item
Bull Dog cufflinks and tie pin from my amazing girlfriend, Jennifer.

Favorite item of clothing
Vintage custom suit purchased at the Salvation Army for $12.99
(Derrick is wearing the suit in the picture above)

Guilty pleasure
Action movies and the NFL....Sunday morning series A soccer from Italy

Describe your personal style
Sophisticated, with a touch of fuck you.

You feel best wearing?
A custom suit with high armholes, and vintage Barbera khakis

Personal Style quirk
Bright socks and pocket squares...oh, and my vintage welding glasses.

Dress to impress who?
I dress to express, not impress

Most underrated item in menswear
A beautiful pair of braces and a brilliant umbrella

Most stylish city (Milan, Paris, London, New York, other)
Antwerp.....everyone there is cool.

Never caught wearing?
A suit or sportcoat that is too long; I wore hand-me-downs while growing up, and it is now my pet peeve.

When I was high school I wore?
One pair of jeans and hand-me-down Savile Row custom shirts of my Dads

Shine your own shoes?

Soccer, is there anything else?

Favorite fashion magazine?
Italian Vogue, Japanese GQ, and W

Cologne, skincare?
Bond 06....The one that smells like musk and coffee.

Comments on "Style Profile.....Derrick Miller, Barker Black"


Anonymous Purism said ... (9:16 PM) : 

"I dress to express, not impress"

He is having a nice and funny attitude.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:59 PM) : 

the cologne he is talking about is bond no 9 new haarlem


Blogger acidboy said ... (12:19 AM) : 

i am very much intrigued by mr. miller's shoe line, but i can't seem to find any photos of his barker blacks. may i ask that some of his shoes be posted in your site?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 AM) : 

Excellent style. But is it true he doesn't spend money on food. I can't believe it. Hope he's only joking.


Blogger The Sartorialist said ... (3:40 PM) : 

I will try to take a few photos of the shoes this weekend.
Look how skinny he is, of course he doesn't spend money on food!

His brother is in the "Thom Browne Part 2" photo and he is also pretty skinny so maybe it runs in the family.


Blogger joey said ... (2:51 AM) : 

i feel a lot of what this guy says, but listing pharrell as a style influence? he can't be serious.


Blogger joey said ... (2:51 AM) : 

i feel a lot of what this guy says, but listing pharrell as a style influence? he can't be serious.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:03 PM) : 

Does anybody know a website where you can buy his shoes?


Anonymous milovoo said ... (6:42 PM) : 

I wasn't sure if he meant bond no. 9 or the caswell-massey no. 6. (which I personally like - it was worn by geo washington himself, although they have a couple others I like better)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:36 AM) : 

One important question to add to the Style Profile (when applicable!):
Where do you buy your glasses?
Mr. Miller, if you check the comments every now and then, would you like to answer this one for me?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:10 PM) : 

I can't believe that is a 13 dollar suit it looks incredible. I have a lot more respect for him after reading he got it from salvation army


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