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On the Street....Young Milan, Milan


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Friday, July 01, 2011

On the Street....Young Milan, Milan

Comments on "On the Street....Young Milan, Milan"


Blogger Rachel said ... (3:39 PM) : 

That's too cute. Love her hat but then I am particle to large brims


Blogger Linda Wright said ... (3:43 PM) : 

So many children of this age are going thoroughly modern with the "say something t-shirt", latest designer jean and perhaps even a less than flattering shoe. This young lady is beautiful......she has it right!!!
Sometimes modern is best left behind when you can pull off a chic look like this. I say BRAVO to a very modern and stylish young girl who shows the confidence we all wish to have at any age.


Blogger Katarzyna Zuzanna said ... (3:45 PM) : 

cute! xx


Blogger Kellye-Raé Fisher said ... (3:50 PM) : 

Awwwww...I'm sure this is just her debut appearance on your blog. I love it :)


Anonymous Michael said ... (3:57 PM) : 

Cute! Very few young American girls have this kind of sophisticated yet casual flair. Why?


Anonymous SarahV said ... (4:02 PM) : 

I love her hat! She looks great.


Blogger Jo said ... (4:03 PM) : 


And yet, he toes are falling off the sole of her shoe, like everyone else's these days.

Attention, shoemakers - wider soles needed. Adults need different widths too!


Anonymous s said ... (4:05 PM) : 

So cuuuuute, she's so lovely & sooooo stylish ;D

Fashion People: PIPPA MIDDLETON- pretty chic


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:11 PM) : 

Sarai una bellissima futura modella!


Blogger Meena Dhuga said ... (4:15 PM) : 

how sweet!

Meena xxx


Anonymous laura Quinn said ... (4:16 PM) : 

wow, what a stylish kid. love the simplicity of her outfit and the juxta-pose of the aviators with the floppy hat.


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:21 PM) : 

gorgeous! so laid back but gorgeous!


Anonymous Bridget said ... (4:27 PM) : 

I completely agree with Michael. Why do most kids her age dress in mini shorts and Disney-themed, too tight t-shirts? We could learn a thing or two from this little one. Love her sunglasses, so adult! Found a similar pair for myself online (selfish):


Blogger Kacie - With Love said ... (4:31 PM) : 

I love the fresh simplicity of this look, the subject, the setting. Nicely shot.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:44 PM) : 

Love her hat! so sweet!


Anonymous mon sac by me said ... (4:59 PM) : 

Nice little chou !!!!


Blogger comme fraiche said ... (5:00 PM) : 

I particulary like the sun hat and sunnies


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:06 PM) : 

So simple :)


Pedro Garfo
Mens fashion Blog


Blogger Milica said ... (5:14 PM) : 

So cute! Love her hat!


Anonymous said ... (5:17 PM) : 

Linda!!! Totalmente azul e com sandalias douradas!


Blogger The snap style said ... (6:07 PM) : 

stylish young little girl <3


Blogger Cintia said ... (6:17 PM) : 

She's so cute!



Blogger whitney said ... (6:20 PM) : 

This is so adorable!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:23 PM) : 



Blogger beesandbugs said ... (6:46 PM) : 

What a beautiful and stylish girl! Great photo :)


Blogger Evan said ... (7:49 PM) : 



Blogger KC said ... (7:54 PM) : 

aw... really cute summer outfit here.


Anonymous Lauren said ... (8:27 PM) : 

Great shot. Love her outfit - especially the hat.

The Styleseer


Blogger lollipop4598 said ... (8:40 PM) : 

Its really very cute, but I think Id rather see her in jeans. Its kind of too much of a costume for that age. But she certainly has a good sense of style and thats wonderful. i just hope that she usually lets her own features be center stage. Not a hat glasses and dress, no matter how lovely.


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:47 PM) : 

Love her hat! She looks very chic with her sunglasses too :)


Blogger Claire said ... (9:22 PM) : 

I wish I had been so stylish at that age!


Anonymous lingerie said ... (12:08 AM) : 

Looks like this kid could be a great look of the future. Great outfit and hat.


Blogger viumoi said ... (12:12 AM) : 

The hat seems very sun effective. Love it!


Anonymous Andy said ... (12:23 AM) : 

wear clothing that looks simple but it's got character


Blogger Oh my Dior! said ... (12:29 AM) : 

great sandals!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:10 AM) : 

This image is so pure, so innocent, timeless, makes me pine for a daughter. She appears naive but somehow so cultivated. But, then I look at the blatant, obvious, degrading, and just plain tacky American Apparel girl flashing her butt adjacent to this innocent young girl and I snap out of my sentimental longing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:43 AM) : 

She manages to be both ridiculously charming and very sharp, and it's great to see an interesting youth look that isn't, at heart, "mini-adult." This kid has style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:57 AM) : 

i'm so enthusiasmed with this picture! I love the color, the sleeves, the way the dress is cut, so fresh and simple, and it goes so great with the hat!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:23 AM) : 

This look would work on her mother as well.


Anonymous IS THIS IT? models review said ... (4:24 AM) : 

Fresh, cute, chic, impeccable and adorable.


Blogger Her fashion closet said ... (7:12 AM) : 

the new generations...if I had a daughter i would buy a dress like this.
she looks totally fashiocute



Anonymous antique engagement rings said ... (7:35 AM) : 

A very cool lokk for the summer!


Blogger John B Pritchett said ... (7:35 AM) : 

Refreshing to see this young lady dressed stylishly. Americans need to take note...


Anonymous Jennifer said ... (7:53 AM) : 

So classically cute!


Blogger Cecille said ... (8:21 AM) : 



Blogger Unknown said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Nice!!!!! <3


Anonymous The Bohmerian said ... (10:01 AM) : 

So cute! Fun hat.


Blogger SAMANTHA said ... (10:22 AM) : 

so cute!


Blogger Marcel Da Chump said ... (11:09 AM) : 

Her future's so bright;

she has to wear shades.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:18 AM) : 

makes me thing about this film 'death in Venice' of Visconti from the book of Thomas Mann... really interesting picture!


Anonymous JJ said ... (11:55 AM) : 

Cute girl, but I'm not in love with the playsuit... the 3/4 length sleeves and low waisted drawstring make the child look gangly when she isn't. The playsuit is wearing the child, unfortunately, when it should be the other way around.


Anonymous Marisa Alma said ... (12:23 PM) : 

Even the Italian children are stylist! Very cute and age appropriate. Perfect summer outfit:straw hat, gold sandals, and chambray dress. I wish the young girls here were turn away from the "hooker-wear" and I have to tell you as someone who takes ballet classes 6x a week, most people (children and adults) don't look that good in jeans--you have to be in really good shape to pull off that look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:58 PM) : 

I'm jealous.
My mother was loathe to buy me-anything-when I was this girl's age. "You'll just outgrow it." On the other hand, she taught me stay thin and fit, and I'll look good in anything. She was correct.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:34 PM) : 

She reminds me of Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls. Lovely.


Blogger Bäcksand said ... (11:03 AM) : 

really nice ... Lovely.


Blogger My Unfinished Life said ... (11:25 AM) : 

how sweet!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:30 PM) : 

yeah this girl has style! i only think that the jumpsuit is not her size... but i really like this girl :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:31 PM) : 

So young; so chic. Adorable.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:20 AM) : 

Have a few dresses in a similar cut and everyone always calls me a little girl when I wear them! Maybe a last grasp at youth was the intial attraction.


Blogger Una B. said ... (7:14 AM) : 

love her hat!


Anonymous Jimmy said ... (2:40 PM) : 

nice and chilled, quality hat!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:37 PM) : 

I don't get it. If you were her age, would you think it cute, or just scratch your head? American Apparel may be pedophile catering, but its more what kids her age like to wear. Shouldn't she be more in tune with her peers then adults?


Blogger Ami said ... (10:50 PM) : 

I wonder if she takes ballet classes...she stands so straight, with her chest lifted and open, and both feet turned out. Lovely. And I always love a child who is more "in tune" with adults than other kids - I was one, myself. And I learned much about character, style, and life that still benefits me far beyond my yet-young years.


Anonymous FashionIndie said ... (12:58 PM) : 

She is lovely. It is so nice to see young people dressed so chic and timeless.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:35 PM) : 

What's so wonderful is that she is modest and age appropriate, yet so much more sophisticated than many women in their 30s who are bare and tarted up. Fresh, adorable, and chic.


Anonymous Claire M. said ... (11:55 PM) : 

Adorable outfit! Love it ;)


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:15 AM) : 

it's great to see a young lady dress like her!!! No mini skirts,no tight the pastel colors of all her outfit<3 {Liked}


Blogger lollipop4598 said ... (2:24 PM) : 

Michael and Bridgit; My niece was here wrecking my computer and looking at this with her buddies, and I recalled this, and wanted their opinion; I can tell you what they said. This isn't coming from me, so... In summery; I think that its a bit too understated, and impractical for them. They weren't that impressed. I don't think they liked the fit of the dress. A bit too shapeless. The hat was too large in their eyes. The shoes make her feet look flat ( thats not exactly what they said, but close). They seemed to like the sunnies OK. Of course thats just three girls. If you know other kids around that age, you can ask them. Maybe they would like it more.
On the other hand, they loved Scotts blog.


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