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On the Street....Saddle Shoes and Seersucker, Florence


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Monday, July 18, 2011

On the Street....Saddle Shoes and Seersucker, Florence

Comments on "On the Street....Saddle Shoes and Seersucker, Florence"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:33 PM) : 

such a great shot!


Anonymous fotini said ... (4:46 PM) : 

back to the your way you see..


Blogger Rachel said ... (4:50 PM) : 

The pastel contrast of the suit with the shoes is genius..



Blogger Annie Chang said ... (4:53 PM) : 

fabulous photo! classy!



Blogger Kacie - With Love said ... (5:01 PM) : 

Wow. So classic and classy. Love the white and the shoes. Great photo.



Blogger AGreekAbroad said ... (5:04 PM) : 

you have such an amazing eye, I love the retro feel.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:05 PM) : 

i need those shoes in my life!!!


Anonymous Bohemian Design said ... (5:09 PM) : 

Great shoes n' style.


Anonymous said ... (5:18 PM) : 



Blogger Bigio said ... (5:28 PM) : 



Blogger Slim Paley said ... (5:29 PM) : 

how adorable. I love him.


Blogger Rachel said ... (5:36 PM) : 

I love it! I wish my husband had that suit!


Anonymous Elaine said ... (5:40 PM) : 

Nice hat, too.


Blogger Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said ... (5:42 PM) : 

Your Florence shots are by far my favorite!

Just a Silhouette


Blogger Paul said ... (5:46 PM) : 

Dapper Dan!


Anonymous The Styley said ... (5:49 PM) : 

Oh, I love seersucker. This photograph is really great.


Anonymous ifwaxtel said ... (5:50 PM) : 

el classico


Anonymous mon sac by me said ... (6:10 PM) : 

So perfect !!


Blogger SAMANTHA said ... (6:12 PM) : 

This makes me happyyy.


Anonymous The Dandy Portraits said ... (6:14 PM) : 

Love this gentleman!


Blogger Cynthia Fox-Giddens said ... (6:48 PM) : 

I like his sharp look and really dig the shoes!


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (7:57 PM) : 

That's great!

I love this Pelota shoes!!!


Blogger msmariah said ... (8:13 PM) : 

I live in the American south, so I see seersucker suits quite a bit. They're very distinguished.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:34 PM) : 

Simplesmente fashion!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:57 PM) : 

hey. hey. swanky.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:58 PM) : 

oooo, this photo is so lovely!


Blogger Sabina said ... (9:00 PM) : 

I absolutely love his style. Makes me wonder about his story.


Anonymous Lauren said ... (9:00 PM) : 

What a dapper fellow! Love his look!

The Styleseer


Anonymous Lori Neufeld said ... (9:42 PM) : 

those are some serious shoes - wow! made my eyes pop out!


Blogger fashioneggpplant said ... (9:53 PM) : 

so cool, love his shoes!


Blogger Shana Dumont Garr said ... (11:07 PM) : 

love this guy!


Blogger ladydazy said ... (11:36 PM) : 

Love this look!! Always sharp, classic and in style.


Blogger sole2sole said ... (11:53 PM) : 

So nice to see an elderly gentleman still possesses an uncanny sense of style.


Anonymous Brendan said ... (12:03 AM) : 

Love the way the notepad or booklet in his breast pocket makes the shape of the pocket literally pop out against the fabric - very architectural effect.


Anonymous shervinsworld said ... (12:36 AM) : 

SO SO Sophisticated Elegance! 4 vintage street fashion


Blogger Kat said ... (12:44 AM) : 

he's darling. awfully dapper.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:32 AM) : 

The hat, the frames, the suit, the cuffs, the shoes, the vest - studied, retro, clown. Way too much look.


Blogger The Wind of Inspiration said ... (1:48 AM) : 

love the shoes! :)


Blogger Dawn said ... (2:13 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:38 AM) : 

Chilly and timeless.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:11 AM) : 

I'll bet this dapper gent could cut a rug in his day!


Anonymous IS THIS IT? models review said ... (4:22 AM) : 

I have to say I love especially the shoes!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:23 AM) : 

Lovely combination...and I think its all the better because of his age.


Blogger Beatrice B. said ... (6:24 AM) : 

the shoes are the best!!!


Anonymous antique engagement rings said ... (6:40 AM) : 

I love seersucker... its wonderful for the summer!


Blogger KC said ... (7:04 AM) : 

oh a well-dressed and fine gentleman.


Blogger Nia said ... (7:11 AM) : 

I like the outfit, great pic.

Greetings from Barcelona



Blogger mrpinkcat said ... (7:33 AM) : 

love the shoes :)


Anonymous AJ said ... (7:53 AM) : 

No one does classic English style like the Italian.


Blogger Rocket Fashionista said ... (9:00 AM) : 

Lovely picture and I just love looking at well-dressed men!


Anonymous davidsl said ... (9:33 AM) : 

it looks like he's tied in the light tan of the shoes with the light though more yellow tan of his vest. i love this look. and i so want a pair of saddle shoes. when i was a kid my mother bought me a pair and i hated them...they were girl shoes...but now that i'm 50, i want!


Blogger Sandy Scott said ... (9:42 AM) : 

I really like the marriage of different tones of white. In my opinion, this gentleman has done it beautifully: pure white, off white, egg shell all the way to beige.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:18 AM) : 

Was the photo set up or doesn't he mind wearing those shoes through such ground?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:22 AM) : 

You know, saddle shoes have always been available for men. I've always had them. So why is it that when a model on here wears a pair people practically orgasm over them? They've never seen them worn by a man before? Jeesh.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:50 AM) : 

I think he can pull off this look BECAUSE of his age. The same look on someone younger would look to artificial and studied. Worth noticing is the pocket square with the "Architect" fold. It matches the color of the abalone buttons and of the vest.


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:18 PM) : 

This dude is the bee's knees. What the what. Loaf it!

Peace, Love and Puppies
Raised By Wolves


Blogger Ashley said ... (1:33 PM) : 

Classy and sophisticated - you can never go wrong with a perfectly fitting suit. This picture honestly made me smile. Its so good to see that certain looks will never go out of style.

The I on Fashion


Anonymous Fashion Editorials said ... (3:04 PM) : 

OMG!!! :x This man looks so awesome :x


Anonymous Bethany Beach Real Estate said ... (3:06 PM) : 

I wish my dad will look like that :x i'm amazed about how you find these people! Good job.


Blogger whiterice said ... (4:48 PM) : 

His shoes are unreal, so splendid.


Anonymous Jessica said ... (5:57 PM) : 

This is an amazing shot! I love the outfit! So put together. I wish men still dressed like that (you know, more so than they do now!), it's just such a classic look!



Anonymous Urban Jungle Fashion said ... (7:52 PM) : 

This picture is swagga defined.


Anonymous Stern Design said ... (9:10 PM) : 

Great cuffs!!


Blogger The Foolish Aesthete said ... (11:08 PM) : 

What a natty look, perfect from head to toe!


Blogger Julie said ... (12:37 AM) : 


Check out my work shop/blog too!


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:25 AM) : 

perfection. older gentlemen have the best style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:02 AM) : 

more info on the shoes please!!!


Blogger miguel said ... (7:16 PM) : 

He really looks put together if it was a shot for an ad. It looks to laid back for it to be done as an ad shot, so kudos to the photogrpher for capturing the ellegance in this image. He is a daper man and knows what is best for him. Florence is a country of great style and the Italians love to dress.


Anonymous Labella Luxe said ... (8:02 PM) : 

Now, that's what I call style!


Blogger Amailto said ... (2:48 PM) : 

Very inspiring your work! Great photos!


Blogger evolV said ... (1:04 AM) : 

This guy looks like he could tell great stories. I want to meet him!


Anonymous princess gabunales said ... (10:18 AM) : 

old man still got it :))


Anonymous Lauren said ... (6:21 PM) : 

absolutely love the combination. so classy and the shoes are a nice touch!


Blogger cebustfashion said ... (1:43 AM) : 

wish i can buy those shoes
Great Shot!


Blogger CAPITAL THREAD said ... (8:46 AM) : 

Wow all different whites and it still works so well!


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