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On the Street...At FIT, New York


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Thursday, May 05, 2011

On the Street...At FIT, New York

Comments on "On the Street...At FIT, New York"


Blogger blue roses said ... (3:38 PM) : 

in the sun she lounges, lazes, long legs outstretched, running away from the heart.


Blogger Milica said ... (3:42 PM) : 

So cute! Love her sandals!


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:44 PM) : 

Is that the size of what's considered a studio in New York City now? :p Anyway, it looks really warm and comfy there, and her heels are wonderful.


Blogger Thuya said ... (3:44 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous Antonia at Swedish Love Affair said ... (3:45 PM) : 

This is how I often do my blogging!


Anonymous The Bohmerian said ... (3:45 PM) : 

Liking the Leopard Jacket..



Blogger Lenita said ... (3:46 PM) : 

cool! cool style! but it´s not safe!


Blogger Monica said ... (3:48 PM) : 

Just cool.


Anonymous Alice said ... (3:54 PM) : 

The first thing I noticed was the purple laptop cover, ha. :)


Blogger Marcel Da Chump said ... (3:54 PM) : 

I sold those shoes in the 70's.

Boogie down, young lady.


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:55 PM) : 

WOW first comment!

I have been following you for so long and today we talked about you in my photography class, Mr. Schuman. I described how it was my life long goal to be photographed by you!

Hopefully someday my dream will come true.

Keep on rockin'



Blogger Project Curve said ... (3:57 PM) : 

makes me wonder when i will get out of this the shoes.and the skirt.
visit me / follow me


Blogger Serena said ... (3:58 PM) : 

love the leopard- finally the weather's nice enough in NYC to allow outdoor studying!!



Blogger Jessie said ... (4:05 PM) : 

Great day to be outside! she looks adorable. what a great snipe.


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:09 PM) : 

She is looking cute:D Love her shoes!

Love Despite color


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:11 PM) : 

love the computer


Blogger Porque Chile said ... (4:13 PM) : 

interesting photo. Cool shoes. Very relaxed again...


Anonymous jdit said ... (4:17 PM) : - design - design...Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

So many layers and textures - so typical of spring...everything like pieces of a convertible. Coat(?) becomes a leg rest blanket, bag is a backrest... and so it goes. Maybe the F in this FIT stands for fusion(sic).


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:30 PM) : 

I love those ruffled shorts! Anyone know where to find them?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:33 PM) : 

Hanging at an aptly named establishment...


Blogger Danielle said ... (4:41 PM) : 

Great picture, I love the pop of colour her laptop gives! :)



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:46 PM) : 

I love that! Especially the violet shine from the laptop!

How cool she just sits there with her computer, haha!

Great photo!


Anonymous Letizia said ... (5:12 PM) : 

She's so cool!Love her sandals!!


Anonymous Winston said ... (5:42 PM) : 

come to pratt
she looks good tho


Blogger eljovendario said ... (6:14 PM) : 

An image of our times!



Blogger Rachelle ( said ... (6:26 PM) : 

Love the sandals.


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:31 PM) : 

You should taste her food. She is constantly creating new dishes equally as innovative and delicious as her outfits!


Anonymous Jenny said ... (6:54 PM) : 

Everywhere is fair game for blogging!


Anonymous Hannah said ... (6:54 PM) : 

i want to be her... those shoes, her rucksack, and in New York x


Blogger ADJ said ... (7:02 PM) : 

The design in the photo, the use of architecture, is really stunning. NYC in the summer time. It is a perfect place.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:10 PM) : 

Great photo--though personally I thought it was too cold for an outfit like that today.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:42 PM) : 

yo that's my friend hayley!


Blogger Gifts By Katherine said ... (8:12 PM) : 

Great photo for a beautiful spring day.I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine


Anonymous BlingDuckFashion said ... (8:35 PM) : 

the color of the laptop is love <3


Blogger ZHENYA ZHURAVLYOVA said ... (8:48 PM) : 

lovely shoes


Anonymous JoJo said ... (9:48 PM) : 

Want her laptop!!! And her backpack for good measure. Reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:29 PM) : 

I suppose, computer is Apple Mac Book Pro with special cover :-)


Anonymous Tom said ... (10:44 PM) : 

Longest legs ever?


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:55 PM) : 

Oh... This is supercool. One girl in the computer, online facebook, and is original. (Imagine)
Your clothes is fashion and basic, maybe will be cheap.
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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:04 PM) : 

wow I can't believe you were here!
You should hang around FIT more!
We'd love to have you!


Blogger Evan said ... (11:07 PM) : 

ahhh NYC it Miss it..
so cool


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:41 PM) : 

Cute outfit! Love your shoes! :)


Blogger Jon Black said ... (11:59 PM) : 

Besides the repeated L shape contrasting against the lines of the door, there is really nothing interesting about this shot.


Anonymous Alice said ... (12:04 AM) : 

I am sorry, but I find this style boring. Nothing really gets my attention except the fact that you decided to take this picture and post here. I find it uninspiring.
I was also wondering about some of the people who comment here. Every single picture, no matter what, no matter who, they are all over praising it.

I love your work, but sometimes I think people will praise a picture just because you were the one who photographed.


Anonymous said ... (1:55 AM) : 

all is say, graphisme architecure, chromatique's colors, and the little mac every where.......! bravo.


Blogger Larissa said ... (2:09 AM) : 

she's so effortless chic!


Anonymous Wholesale Fashion said ... (2:19 AM) : 

First her laptop I like the color, the shoes, the shades I love it..nice shot ..


Blogger yvo said ... (2:56 AM) : 

her shoes!


Blogger Marta Muñoz Ramal said ... (3:14 AM) : 

Great photo!! And great clothes, as well!! Especially the leather bag... ;)

Marta, xxx


Anonymous IS THIS IT? models review said ... (3:47 AM) : 

Adorable - even if wait, my notebook reaches 1000°C I guess, so it would be totally impossible to stay that way... even if that may explain such a summer outfit... :)


Anonymous Sophie Jane van den Noort said ... (4:01 AM) : 



Blogger Wallace Chapman said ... (4:57 AM) : 

It's a really natural shoot, cool and casual..wonderful ! w


Blogger MELISSA Z. said ... (4:59 AM) : 

this easy way of life! Great photo!


Blogger Marianna Papagiannopoulou said ... (7:15 AM) : 

I want those heels!



Blogger Cybee said ... (7:30 AM) : 

Ah, this photo exudes the fun essence of summer! She has it going on sporting great basics.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:54 AM) : 

Only Spring in New York can result in fur coats and sandals and tank tops being appropriate in the same day!


Blogger MFP said ... (8:03 AM) : 

I'm loving those shoes!


Blogger Style Stitch said ... (8:45 AM) : 

I love how effortless her outfit is. But I have to only an FIT student would be writing a paper in 5 inch platforms!


Blogger Copper Etiquette said ... (9:36 AM) : 



Blogger rabkha said ... (9:45 AM) : 

Love my old school! Everyone is always so stylish @ the crack of dawn.


Blogger Heartst♥p said ... (9:52 AM) : 

Those shoes! Just amazing.


Blogger Karoline Kalvø said ... (9:54 AM) : 

Amazing photo. Looks so relaxed and cool.

Karoline Kalvo


Anonymous Kate said ... (11:24 AM) : 

I love this photo because I've known this girl since i was two years old, and it's cool to see her in a street style context, especially juxtaposed against goofy childhood photos in completely different contexts. I guess that's what your photos are about- capturing an interesting subject as the world sees them in that moment. It makes me wonder how the other subjects in your photos looked in different places and times and the elements that shaped their style.


Blogger loves rugs :) said ... (11:38 AM) : 

this pic just made me really miss waiting for class with all my supplies on 27th street. Headed to 'nature studies for textiles' or something like that.

never thought I would miss those days, but being trapped in a cubicle right now in Jersey, boy I sure do.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:44 AM) : 

I hope she has another pair of shoes in her bag, because who can walk in NY streets in those, and why would you?


Blogger B said ... (2:19 PM) : 

amazing! Those are Stuart Weitzman shoes!!!



Anonymous Abbé said ... (2:58 PM) : 

everybody knows we are better dressed and more fun at Parsons...!


Blogger Kismondo said ... (4:10 PM) : 

This is a perfect example of what I'm seing as a new sartorialism. Relaxed, original yet natural. Simle. Perfect.


Blogger marjorie rose said ... (9:46 PM) : 

She looks comfortable, smart and hot.. completely effortless..


Anonymous rob b said ... (10:07 PM) : 

how cute, KITTY ;)

Oo===D xo


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:45 AM) : 



Anonymous Wholesale apparel said ... (4:02 AM) : 

She's so coll. Love her style!


Blogger Frank Vinyl said ... (6:04 AM) : 

this looks like a good time. Kinda wanna be there. I wonder if she has internet? Great picture


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20 AM) : 

Given the insane height of those shoes, I'm not surprised she is sitting down. No doubt she will call a cab to get her home.


Blogger Lika said ... (12:07 PM) : 

I love thia purple macbook !


Blogger Celeste said ... (7:58 PM) : 

beautiful shoes! she look so comfy sitting there :)


Blogger André said ... (8:05 PM) : 

Simple and beautiful.

She has some pretty legs :P


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:39 AM) : 

Nothing 'wrong' with her outfit
nothing particularly noteworthy about it either, especially IF she's an F.I.T. student.

She looks like 54.7% of all 20-something females to me.

For me, the most interesting thing in this image is, what appears to be a tobacco brown, leather knap sack (and how it does complement her shoes).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:23 PM) : 

What's so special about this pic?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:47 AM) : 

Now this is …… beautiful, peaceful and elegant !!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:21 AM) : 

Love the Stuart Weitzman sandals.


Blogger Michele Bergo said ... (11:47 PM) : 

university student in pause????? :)


Blogger Cristiana Nunes said ... (4:28 AM) : 

Great shot!


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:25 PM) : 

Now THIS girl knows how to dress like a Brazilian. In my country, the nuns wear high heels. My compliments to your style. It is mine completely. I am living in Maine but I miss Rio de Janeiro where I can dress like that and it is normal. Here I get the cow look, hahaha. If you ever go to Rio email or call me and I will tell you where to go to find your fashion zemith. Dresses at 15 dollars that here would sell for 120-150.



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