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Monday, May 09, 2011


Hi guys,

Thanks so much for all the great info about Philly and Boston. Between my schedule and the weather a day hasn't worked out yet, but it's very high on my priority list.

In the meantime, I have plans to visit Copenhagen next week. I think I'll be there the 14th and 15th.

Where should I go? Do you know of any good stores and neighborhoods?

Comments on "Copenhagen!"


Blogger lesfleursdumal said ... (3:49 PM) : 

Shops (clothes):
Norse Projects, Pilestræde
Henrik Vibskov, Krystalgade
WoodWood, Krystalgade

Indre By



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:52 PM) : 

Visit Norway! :) Go to Günerløkka in Oslo on a Sunday. Its a very nice and trendy neighborhood. Beautiful people, nice stores, music scenes and coffeshops.


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:54 PM) : 


You have to visit STORM at St. Regnegade 1
1110 København K, an the neighborhood surrounding it.

Allan, Denmark.


Blogger Lisbeth said ... (3:55 PM) :

This vintage shop on the corner of King's garden is my absolute favorite. A full length vintage mint condition fur coat for $100. Yes please!! Kongen’s Klæ’r is the name if you can't click the link.


Blogger Elizabeth Jaime said ... (3:58 PM) : 

I've always wanted to go to Copenhagen...

x Elizabeth / In Between Seams


Anonymous frede said ... (3:59 PM) : 

Def. go to vesterbro :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:00 PM) : 



Anonymous Patricia said ... (4:01 PM) : 

Finally! Storm is a must for international fashion, but I guess you should be checking out some Danish fashion instead. Krystalgade is the street where you get a good overview. There is a nice shop for ladies called Another Nue, right next to it Wood Wood and opposite from Wood Wood there is Henrik Vibskov store, which has a good selection, not only Henrik Vibskov stuff, but also other great danish designers like Wackerhouse or Stine Goya. Can't wait to see your shots of Copenhagen.


Blogger Joe said ... (4:01 PM) : 

copenhagen it's a wonderful city,I've been there once in the carnival vocations and loved it:)
Hope you have nice time there


Anonymous pouni said ... (4:03 PM) : 

You must go to CHRISTIANIAAA !!! I was there 2 weeks ago, the weather was so good!


Blogger cdbyron said ... (4:06 PM) : 

From my experience there as an exchange student, I would advice you walk in the small streets around the University, then to ride your bike to Vesterbro, and maybe finish the night in Christiania jazz club or in one of the trendy bars in the city ! But about those, I let danish people give you more specific cool adresses ;) Have fun, and thanks for your great work on this blog!


Blogger A fashion fool said ... (4:08 PM) : 

i would say that you should go visit the park called Øster anlæg located in østerbro. it is so beautifull.

also, visit the vintage shop - times up.

argh i will have to walk the city thin, i so want to meet you

- Alberte


Blogger Tiffany Leung said ... (4:12 PM) : 

Hey cdbyron I am leaving to study abroad there on the 22nd! Which campus are you talking about ? I am super excited!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:15 PM) : 

the best place to find beautiful people in the city is at the school of architecture.


Anonymous Jakob said ... (4:16 PM) : 

Best recommendations for Copenhagen is.. Walk!

It is by far the best way to Discovery our beautiful city... You Can also take a City bike, which Can take you to areas like Elmegade (Noerrebro) or Istedgade (Vesterbro).


Blogger GRAYSONFAVOUR said ... (4:17 PM) : 

Tags Andersen!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:18 PM) : 

Go to the neighborhood Pisserenden, that is where all the antique- and vintage stores are. And be sure to visit Nørrebro! The cafées and people there are amazing.


Anonymous ashley said ... (4:18 PM) : 

cph is my favorite city on earth. i second the comment to visit vesterbro. you'll be so overwhelmed. the city is full of models on bicycles!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:20 PM) : 

i would say take a walk in christianshavn, so cosy! and noma is there too ;)

and if you want to see stylish students, go to holmen, there are all the art schools, architecture, design, dance, music, film, etc. otherwise the city is full of people with excellent taste spiced with a little spark of humour.

also you should walk to the playhouse, such a nice view by the canal. and good architecture.

you should rent a bike. that's the only way. have fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:22 PM) : 

The Coffee Collective. Best coffee you'll ever have, and Norrebro has great style. I was just there a few weeks ago and wondered why no one ever admired Copenhagen fashion.

Jægersborggade 10
2200 København N


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:24 PM) : 

dunkel (bar club) & kødbyen (Clubing)


Blogger DJMonsterMo said ... (4:25 PM) : 

Just walking along Strøget is a marvelous experience. Noma is supposed to be the #1 restaurant in the world; I did not get a chance to eat there. The Michelin-rated Kong Hans Kælder is quite good though if you can't get a reservation at Noma.


Blogger Rob said ... (4:27 PM) : 

Copenhagen excels at well-curated stores. If you are in the center of the city (indre byen), then Wood Wood, Henrik Vibskov all do Nordic- and American-inspired men’s streetwear well. Outside the inner city, I’d go to Istegade in Vesterbro, Gamle Kongensvej in Frederiksberg, and Elmegade in Nørrebro.

Hints with Danish:
J’s sound like Y’s.
D’s sound like L’s when they fall in the middle or at the end of a word.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:30 PM) : 

You should definetly visit Kodbyen.
It is Copenhagens meat packing district.

Another great place to go to is Christiania, a freetown:

Have fun!
I have been a big copenhagenfan for years and I'm sure you will be!


Blogger Anne said ... (4:37 PM) : 

You should definitely go to Christiania! And, like others already have, I would advice you to go for stores and museums with Danish design - especially furniture! Unfortunately I don't recall any museums of that kind at the moment, but maybe somebody else in here does...?


Blogger Courtney said ... (4:38 PM) : 

Have fun at the airport! Its like a mall with planes.


Anonymous AnneH said ... (4:38 PM) : 

Jægersborggade, Nørrebro. Small design shops, galleries... Visit the restaurant Relæ there - the chef used to be at noma.
Kødbyen, Vesterbro. Copenhagen's meat packing district, galleries, restaurants and bars.
Sønder Boulevard, Vesterbro. A green spot with plenty of room to hang out, play ping pong and more.
Vega, enghavevej, Vesterbro. The best concert venue - all 1950s Danish architecture and interior.
Glyptoteket, centre. Lovely museum, sculptures and late 1800 / early 1900 painting.
Have a great visit here!!


Blogger Mar†e said ... (4:39 PM) : 

CHRISTIANIA is so full of new styles and inspirations!


Anonymous Frederikke said ... (4:43 PM) : 

Go to:
Sankt Hans Plads at Nørrebro

Istedgade/Kødbyen at Vesterbro

An area called Pisserenden which is the following streets; Krystalgade, Studiestræde, Vestergade, Larsbjørnsstræde

- Enjoy!


Blogger Stylestar67 said ... (4:43 PM) : 

Dear Scott,

if you can spare the time you should drive out to
the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in 3050 Humlebæk. It is about a 30min drive from Central Copenhagen along one of the most beautiful Villa lined street in all of Europe.

I hope you enjoy Copenhagens inspiration and share some of it with us.

Hendrik Schaulin


Blogger Sasha said ... (4:44 PM) : 

a charming cafe with great decor and even more interesting guests.


Anonymous Sebastian said ... (4:48 PM) : 

The area around the one end of Strøget (central pedestrian shopping street at the Kongens Nytorv end)) is the posh part of town. To find the more hip and bohemian looks, go to Vesterbro, especially Den Hvide Kødby - it's a still working meat packing district which has been invaded by the creatives. Full of bars, galleries and cool people. Christiania is great - hippi'ish and dodgy - but be careful walking around with a camera, mostly because the pushers selling pot tends to be a little nervous...
Bien Cache at Gl. Mønt ( is good for shoes. Storm ( is located just next to Bien Cache, and is run by a true Sartorialist - Rasmus Storm. You should book a coffee appointment with him for the best tips about shops - he knows them all (and I'm sure he would be quite happy to meet you).
As other have mentioned, Henrik Vibskov and WoodWood at Krystalgade is also good spots - and Skt. Petri Hotel is located in the same street which is a great hotel (if not so cosy then very cool).
Looking forward to see your view on our little city - you couldn't have picked a better time, as spring has sprung and everybody is going out to show off after an extremely long and cold winter.


Anonymous Nanna Barlby said ... (4:49 PM) : 

THE ART OF in Gothersgade (Between The Kings garden & Storm ) - Quite a unique store
Open 11am - 4pm sat.

XX Remember all stores are closed on Sundays - so visit Værnedamsvej on Vesterbro or Christiania/Christianshavn.

Go through The Kings garden to Statens museum or The David Collection and gaze at (or watch people gazing at) Hammershøj



Anonymous Daniel said ... (4:50 PM) : 

Definitely check out Wardrobe 19! It's a great men's story in the University part of the city!


Anonymous Frederikke said ... (4:50 PM) : 

If you need to rest your feet or just lie down in the sun, you could visit Kongens Have, which is a beautiful park in the city center. You should also go to Nyhavn (a little canal surrounded by 300 year old buildings). And Christiania is a must.

You could also look at this guide for more inspiration:
- I think it has pointed out some good spots.

Looking forward to see the pictures form your trip!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:52 PM) : 

Share one of their very generous-portioned soft ice cream stuffed with chocolate bonbons while strolling (I was a tourist after all) and visit any local galleries for some amazing art works. Bon voyage. (Oh, and the Louisiana Museum is lovely, too, but if you only have two days save it for the next time.)


Blogger Maja said ... (5:01 PM) : 

Well of course Christiania and a stroll down Istedgade. And also Nørrebro. Copenhagen is small enough to be seen in a day or two. You should also visit the kings garden - Kongens have - especially if the sun shines, it will be a living sea of human kaviar of beautiful people.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:05 PM) : 

Marianne Dulong -Silkegade 5. A beautiful danish jewelry brand/ shop.
The perfect place to buy the perfect gift to bring back home...; )


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:05 PM) : 

Fantastic! To catch the Copenhagen-vibe you should; visit Nørrebro - take a walk down "Frederiksborggade" to "Nørrebrogade" when you see how the city changes -from the central part with the main street "Strøget" into a more creative and alternative environment!
When you are at the central part of Cph - go to "The Kings Garden"(Danish:Kongens have); this is defiantly the place to spot stylish-students taking a break in the sun. You should also take the Metro to "Christianshavn" where you'll find Christiania - a truely alternative place with old home-made buildings and a people with different and more peace-full mind-set ..
For a whole other part of cph visit "Frederiksberg" ! This is a hip place with a great park and beautiful old buildings - take a walk down "Frederiksberg Allé" and walk to the heart of CPH - "Vesterbro" here you will find danish shops, vintage and the old meatpacking district where young fashion-people party all night long - the place is called "Kødbyen"; in this area you'll find some of the most interesting galleries and bars.
And as in NY - walking and a nice pair of shoes will take you any where !
Hope you can you the advice, Kirsten


Anonymous Annika said ... (5:05 PM) : 

You should definetly go to Jægersborggade on Nørrebro. And have dinner at Geist on Kgs. Nytorv or Kiin Kiin on Nørrebro (asian cuisine with a well earned michelin star).


Blogger Jo said ... (5:09 PM) : 

Welcome to Copenhagen!

You might want to keep in mind that Copenhagen - like many European cities - is very quiet on Sundays, if you plan to visit on 14th and 15th. On Sundays, all the shops are closed and the city centre slows to a crawl. If the weather is nice, you'll find everyone hanging out in city parks, along the waterfront, or, well, anywhere that has sun and shelter from the wind, but if it's grim outside, make sure to find friends to visit, coz the city will be dead :-)

I second Krystalgade:
Henrik Vibskov

A couple of blocks around the intersection of Pilestræde and Kronprinsensgade:
Norse Projects
Storm (fun combo of fashion/design/art)
plus all the big Scandinavian brands have standalone stores in this area, such as Acne, Hope, Bruuns Bazaar etc.

Jægersborggade in Nørrebro is great. Lots of small shops doing their own labels and great place to just hang and people watch. Coffee Collective makes some of the best coffee in town. Relæ is an excellent restaurant (will require advance reservations).

If the weather is nice, Christianshavn is a great place to wander around the back streets, canals and tucked away gardens.

Our version of the meatpacking district (where they actually still pack meat) is also worth a visit, especially at night and on weekends. Lots of galleries (check out V1), restaurants (especially Fiskebaren and PatéPaté) and bars (follow the sound). Wander up Skydebanegade for Copenhagen's best ice cream (Italian inspired, of course) at Siciliansk Is and what may be the world's smallest coffee shop, Sort Kaffe & Vinyl.

You might also want to check out "Pisserenden" - our latin quarter - between Studiestræde and Skt. Peder Stræde. Risteriet is good for a quick coffee break, or hang out in front of Riccos. Tire Bouchon for good choice of wine.

Have fun and look forward to seeing the pictures!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:17 PM) : 

come to chicago!


Blogger Sofia Morgan said ... (5:20 PM) : 

Yes, def go to Christiania! Lovely bohemian hoods!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:20 PM) : 

Copenhagen is a beautiful city.

If you can, you should also visit Norway on May 17, it's the national day. On this day people wear a clothing called "bunad". Take a look:

Love your pictures :)

Kind thoughts
girl from Norway


Anonymous Marcel said ... (5:21 PM) : 

I'll be there one week later. Have to go to Meatpacking district.
Google maps inspired me to plan to visit: there.

Perhaps you should contact @copenhagenize & & I think you'de love this.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:26 PM) : 

Can't wait to see your fantastic photos from our fantastic capital.
I recommend Elmegade and surroundings. Susanne


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:30 PM) : 

go to chicago in the summer especially during lollapalooza season this summer you can find some amazing people to photograph!


Anonymous Martha said ... (5:43 PM) : 

Meet your fellow blogger, Brinja! She has a shop in Copenhagen.


Blogger STVNGR said ... (5:49 PM) : 

I don't know much about clothes, restaurants or hotels in Copenhagen, although I've got the perfect café for you! It's called Granola (, hipster café number one in the city, with wooden doors and a beyond retro approach. Order, not only the compulsory cup of coffee, but their smoothies. But beware, if you order something with ginger in it, you'll probably think it's too spicy. Even though I have no idea what Bagutta is (, I believe that the atmosphere and the furnitures might be similar to Granola. And don't be alarmed by the hipsters, they are not that pretentious! Enjoy your coffee.


Blogger Lisbeth said ... (5:54 PM) : 

I forgot to mention if you want great menswear from a Danish brand try Bruuns Bazaar. It is my brother's favorite and he always makes me bring back clothes for him everytime I visit. I also have a dear friend there who rocks her style even with a bald head from Chemo treatment for her cancer. if you want to photograph someone with style, class, and a whole lot of courage let me know and I'll introduce you!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:16 PM) : 

So cool that you are coming to Copenhagen!! Walk around the City, see the harbour front (skuespilhuset). Eat lunch at Pastis in gothersgade... Take a walk in the Kings garden in the inner City! Don't miss værnedamsvej in Frederiksberg, nice place to people watch and drink coffee or a beer at the cafe Falernum! Go to Vesterbro/istedgade to see another cool part of town!! If you have time take a boat Tour (kanal rundfart) from nyhavn, it is a little bit coorny but it is a great way to see alot of good stuff!

Hope you have a great stay


Blogger Kate Magleby said ... (6:19 PM) : 

Christiania doesn't allow you to take pictures. I would go to Nyhavn.


Blogger Carolina Lange said ... (6:23 PM) : 

Have fun!
Copenhagen is such an amazing city!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:36 PM) : 

Like many others I recommend Jægersborggade and the surrounding streets, which is an amazing venue for young people to relax, drink beer, shop etc. etc. Elmegade and Guldbergsgade is also nice streets if you are looking for young people and small shops. For a coffee break you should go to KAFFEBAR on Elmegade.

The meatpacking district is great for clubbing, and there is also a very nice bar called "Dyrehaven" very close. It is very low key and a lot of young people gather together here for a beer or some traditional danish food. Istedgade is also the place to be, if you are looking for a low key bar.

City centre:
"Strøget" which the main street is very crowded mostly with tourists, and is not anything special. But the streets around Strøget is really good. You should visit Pilestræde, Krystalgade, Studiestræde(and the surrounding streets) Here you will find vintage, Henrik Vibskov, WoodWood, Weekday, HAY and much more.

Neighborhoods like Christianshavn, Frederiksberg and Østerbro are also worth a visit, but if you can rent a bike, then it is the easiest (and most copehagen'ish way) to do it.

There are many great restaurants in Copenhagen. I suggest you try one of Cofocos restaurants:
It is in danish, but you can see the address of the different restaurants and get the picture of what it is :) they are all great and cheap. Otherwise try: Relæ (Jægersborggade), Madklubben Steak (Pilestræde), Ricemarket (Kultorvet) or sticks'n'sushi at the top of the tivoli hotel.

Have a great visit!
Anne from CPH


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:04 PM) : 

If you want to see something not as commercially visit Istedgade in Vesterbro. And In Nørrebro visit the area around Sankt Hans Torv especially Elmegade.
You also have to take a walk around the lakes.

Hope to see you!!!

Xoxo a BIG fan from cph


Blogger Ethilia//Nilia said ... (7:06 PM) : 

Is so much looking forward to se who you will meet on you way.


Blogger Emilie said ... (7:07 PM) : 

Finally!!! Copenhagen! I have been waiting for you to come since forever. All I ever hear from people visiting this place is: "where do you stash the old, not-so-good looking people?" It's a great place for your kind of photography, I would think.

I can only second what everyone else has said:
-Kødbyen for going out (in Vesterbro)
-Istedgade for strolling and checking out all the nice cafes and chilled vibes (also Vesterbro)
-Elmegade and St. Hans Torv- good shops, good people, good food (Nørrebro)
-Jægersborggade - (Nørrebro) a must-see. The street has every kind of amazing, alternative shop. There's one, Ruben & Bobby, which is a cross between a hair-dresser and an 80's gadget shop filled with Gameboys and Nintendos and weird action figures. There's a small caramel factory, good vintage stores, Coffe Collective (best coffee in town) and loads of other fun things!

I can't wait to see your pictures


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:36 PM) : 

go to christiania in christianshavn. a fanciful commune full of surprises!


Anonymous sofie said ... (7:47 PM) : 

if the weather's nice you might want to check Amager beach! In the city itself Nørrebro & Vesterbro are great, in the center there's a nice café 'Europa' (Amagertorv Strøget) and there's a lot of great shops in the area between that café and the Marimekko store (haven't got the address). HAY e.g. (Østergade 61) is a great interior store, the whole street is filled with good shops actually.
If you want to go to a real Danish place I'd say go to Café Nick (Nikolajgade) for coffee, it's not fancy at all and it's more of a place where the locals hang out (not the youth though), but they're really friendly.

ps - rent a bike & don't waist your time visiting the little mermaid!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 PM) : 

another shout out for Boston -- Harvard's commencement will be on 25 May, so that might be an interesting time to visit/shoot in Cambridge!


Anonymous Elsa said ... (7:54 PM) : 

Go to Susanne Juul for the most incredible hand-made hats.
I wished I lived closer so I could visit more often; however I lie on the other side of the world.
Susanne is the most lovely person also!


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:02 PM) : 

Go to the streets 'Værnedamsvej and Tullinsgade', it is Copenhagens 'Little Paris'. Cute bare there called Falernum.

Good restaurants in 'the Meatpacking district' - called Kødbyen in Danish, for example 'Pate Pate'; cool winebar.

Take a walk around the 'Lakes' and also in the great parks (Kongens Have or Frederiksberg Have).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:21 PM) : 

Paris Texas is a beautifully edited mens and womens boutique in the center of town.

Pilestræde 35
1112 Copenhagen

Also, visit Amager for the best architecture


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:31 PM) : 

dk people are very well dressed... it's in there blood and as an american i was thoroughly impressed, sort of a simplified milan/paris, practical and well edited. i hope you'll capture that. would be an interesting thing to share with those striving for better style.


Blogger Anna said ... (9:22 PM) : 

this might seem silly but i hope you make it to philly before i leave it! we've been having beautiful weather here i hope you can make it out soon!


Blogger Rachel said ... (9:29 PM) : 

-you could see some neat sites in christiania - it's always so fun to go there, and especially to delve further in off of pusher street and see the neat homes + the people who occupy them
-if you go to christiania, spend some time in christianshavn
-i liked grabbing a coffee and walking along the lakes (just between indre by and nørrebro/østerbro)
-picnic or laze around fælledparken in østerbro

-mm maybe not so creative but illum and magasin
-nørgaard on strøget
-bruuns bazaar
-for ladies... day birger et mikkelsen

-get ice cream! danish ice... the very very yummy gelato at paradis and other places


Blogger Reva said ... (9:51 PM) : 

check out this post (with pics)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:23 PM) : 

Frederiksberg chokolade is my favorite chocolate shop worth a visit. I would try to go Assistens Kirkegaard (cemetery). A lot of Danish history. The Hotel Skt. Petri is a great place to stay in the Latin quarter. I Had a great meal at Den lille fede (The little fat) on Store Kongengade.

Inge-Lise From Los Angeles


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:06 AM) : 

Thorvaldsens Museum. Small, beautiful neo-classical building. Excellent collection perfectly displayed. Very evocative.


Blogger Julia said ... (1:34 AM) : 

There is the most amazing cafe in the middle of Copenhagen called La Glace that has been there since 1870 with mindblowing hot chocolate and pastries.
Also, a clothing store with classic hunting attire nearby on Skindergade called "Guns & Gents" I would highly recommend.


Anonymous Jakob said ... (2:04 AM) : 

For a classy and fun reportage, go to Barb, a men's only barbershop with a great photo opportunity.




Blogger Monsieur Callian said ... (2:32 AM) : 

Hi Sart.

If you wanna see a cool and true sartorial shop go to this one:
Godthåbsvej 61
2000 Frederiksberg.
They stock some serious nice brands, such as Pal Zileri, Church's, Santoni, Corneliani, Jacob Cohen etc..
The shop is very old fashioned, (believe it's nearly 70 years old)but if you ask me this is a true gem, and is just 3 kilometers outside the very touristy Center.

All the best, enjoy CPH



Anonymous Anna said ... (3:24 AM) : 

I wouldn't wanna miss this exhibition if I went there!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:38 AM) : 

Visit the Botanical Garden it’s just next to the Kings Garden. It is a really old stile garden with a beautiful 150 years old Victorian style palm house – very stylish.

Also check out this artist / who has worked a lot with vintage 8 mm film and does very different T-shirt designs.
(He has a show coming up with new T-shirts in a second hand shop – where he has interviewed immigrants about memories of clothes and then designed T-shirt based on their stories.)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:39 AM) : 

So nice your visiting Copenhagen! The below are among my favourites, some very significant for the vibe of Cph., some yet a bit unknown, but DEF. worth visiting.

Værnedamsvej (a parisian piece of Cph. with cafes, coffee bars, flower boutiques, bookstore, bio garden/vegetable store etc.)

Larsbjørnsstræde (charming, young neighborhood in the center of the city)

Jægersborggade (low key atmosphere, upcoming artists, designer stores, cheramic stores etc.)

Christiania (visit just for the experience)

Kongens Have (central hang out garden)

Nørrebroparken (multi ethnic vibe, skaters, barbeque parties, volley ball etc.)

Restaurants, cafees, coffee bars:
Underwood Ink. (Ryesgade; Bookstore, bar and pictures, plate with cheese, ham, paté etc. as well)

Beau Marché (Ny Østergade 32, 1101 Kbh. K; french wine cafee owned by four young danish people raised in France. Situated in the back yard behind their antique store)

Nose2Tail (Flæsketorvet 13A, 1711 Kbh. V; a new food bodega (using the pig from nose to tail). Danish and low key stylish)

The Coffee Collective (Jægersborggade; one of the most beloved coffee bars in city)

Cofoco's many restaurants (Around city. Visit for specific info)

Geranium (Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8. 2100 Kbh. K; restaurant owned by the Bocuse d'Or Gold winner 2011, Rasmus Kofoed)

TimesUpVintage (Krystalgade 4, 1172 Kbh. K: great and stylish vintage store)
STORM (Store Regnegade 1, 1110 Kbh. K; national and international designer wear)

Have fun and enjoy!


Blogger jellyfishheart said ... (3:48 AM) : 

You should come to our place, Paté Paté, in Kødbyn, on Saturday evening. We seem to draw a ridiculous amount of beautiful stylish people. You can sit out on our deck and shoot people all evening long, as it is now not getting dark until 9pm. Then you can drink & eat at the same time. If you let me know, I will keep a good table for you!

Sunday, hanging out on the streets of Istegade, or Blågardsgade, and even along the bridge on Nørrebrogade if it is deliciously sunny. Those are the places where I shoot the most photos of happy stylish people.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:05 AM) : 

Copenhagen is an amazing city..
Come to Greece will a great time..


Anonymous Sophie Kampmann said ... (5:04 AM) : 

As a true Copenhagener, these are my best advice:

- Vesterbro area - Enghave Plads, Kødbyen, Oenschlagergade, small bodegas and bars in the neighborhood. For dining - Mothers or BioMio
- Nørrebro - Blågårdsgade, Jægersborggade and Elmegade (streets with interesting stores, and small little designers)
- City - Try Cafe Zirup for a quick dinner, the Jane for a quick drink, and walk around - beautiful architecture!
Have a wonderful trip!!


Blogger Bjarne said ... (6:02 AM) : 

I can only say, that there is some very good suggestions in some of the comments, so I will only say - WELCOME TO COPENHAGEN


restauranter København


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:13 AM) : 

As a copenhagener and a big fan of your blog, I would recommend you to visit Istedgade (only the end near Enghave plads), Sønder Boulevard, and Værnedamsvej for people watching, cool cafees etc.
Visit the centre (CPH K.) for beautiful historic surrondings and classic style, and Krystalgade for danish fashion design.

Hope you'll have a great time here, and enjoy the city!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:25 AM) : 

Two things.
i) I'd be weary of going to Christiania with a camera (as others have already pointed out). The locals - although cool - do not usually accept that, for obvious reasons.
ii) You should consider going to Tekinoktay Finest Lingerie on Silkegade 13. The shop - designed by owner, Evren Tekinoktay- is an apparition of boudoir-inspired coolness! Fun fact which might get the feminists going (chill out: it does not take anything away from Evren): the owner is married to famous Danish painter, Tal R.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:58 AM) : 

Think they have all been said...
Cant wait to see you shots of Copenhagen - hope you'll love it there!


Blogger herding tapeworms said ... (7:10 AM) : 

amazing coffee shop in norrebro: Coffee Collective (Jægersborggade 10). so friendly, damn good drinks, and other good restaurants afoot.


Anonymous SH said ... (7:17 AM) : 

If you have time, do cross the water and visit Malmö on the Swedish side of the Öresund Strait. If not for people spotting in its beautiful parks, then at least for a visit to one of the best men's clothing stores on the planet; Très Bien Shop!


Blogger Alexandra said ... (7:20 AM) : 

I just visited Copenhagen a couple weeks ago and fell in love with the city. Christiania for me was the most interesting and fun place to be in. Walking a round and getting a glimpse of the everyday life and the architecture that you can find and experience in Christiania was amazing! I highly recommend the place if you can bare the fact that smoking weed is a big part of the Christiania culture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:34 AM) : 

for amazing fish/food: Fiskebaren located at the meatpacking district in Copenhagen. Looking forward to see some amazing pictures from one of the greatest cities in Europe


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:38 AM) : 

"Magasin du Nord" in CPH, you can find some good danish brands at the men's floor.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:39 AM) : 

all of these are really nice...........
new area: meatpacking district in Vesterbro is really nice for restaurants and clubs!!!


Blogger Christian said ... (8:00 AM) : 

Why not come over to Malmö and check out Très Bien Shop and restaurant Bastard?


Blogger Christian said ... (8:02 AM) : 

Come over to Malmö and check out Très Bien Shop and restaurant Bastard.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:15 AM) : 

Don't visit Boston until the fall and school has started again. It won't be the same unless the students are there to photograph, but most of the colleges have been let out for summer!


Blogger Joachim said ... (8:16 AM) : 

I would recommend "Told and Snaps" or "Restaurant Sankt annæ" for lunch. They offer classic Danish lunch such as ryebred with herring, potatoes, or eggs.

Check or

Hartung at Kristen Bernikows Gade 4
1105 København K is also worth a visit. They offer classic men's garment.

A trip with the cruise ships at Nyhavn is also recommendable.

If you are looking for a drink at night you should visit "The Union" at St. Strandstæde 19, Kbh. K or "1105" next to Hartung.


Anonymous Sine said ... (8:36 AM) : 

I'm sooo glad that you are coming to Copenhagen - You have no idea how many times I've wondered when you would make it to our beautiful city.

For relaxed dinner I would recommend Mêlée on Martens Alle (Frederiksberg) or Paté Paté (Kødbyen).

For great shops and atmosphere check out Gl. Kongevej (Frederiksberg), Værnedamsvej (Frederiksberg/Vesterbro), Istedgade (Vesterbro), Elmegade (Nørrebro).

You should definitely take time out to visit our nice and cozy parks too -especially Kongens Have and Frederiksberg Have.

Should you need a guide me and my husband would be happy to take you around :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:36 AM) : 

What you really wanna do :-) is check out the very classic, edgy and glamourous jewellery from Marianne Dulong.
Visit the cool shop at Silkegade 5, 1113 Copenhagen.

Have a great time.


Anonymous Takashimaya said ... (8:46 AM) : 

The city is quite small and without any hills or moutains so bike around.

Go visit Vesterbro and the inner city


Anonymous Riina Spørring Zachariassen said ... (8:56 AM) : 

More important than any neighbourhood or shop in Copenhagen are the Hammershøi paintings in Statens Museum for Kunst (the National Gallery) and Den Hirschsprungske Samling - both are in the beautiful park, Østre Anlæg.

As for shops, two vintage ones are top of my list: Décor in Israels Plads and FN92 in Larsbjørnstræde.

Right behind Israels Plads is Nansensgade, my favorite hood.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:07 AM) : 

I guess you could visit noma or geranium or ... as all the others do. And it is great food.

But try to eat at Fiskebaren, which is situated in the Meatpacking district. Pastis on the corner of Adelgade and Gothersgade.

But my ultimate favorite the coffee shop Granola at Vaernedamsvej. By the way, it might be the best place on earth.

These places def accelerate your impression of Copenhagen - very people and street focussed.

Have a great trip, I'm on my way to Granola.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:08 AM) : 

Like someone said higher up, keep in mind that in Copenhagen on Sunday's EVERYTHING IS CLOSED. I've done that mistake a few times myself...

But you can check out the parks, or like some others suggested, take the train over to Malmo in Sweden. Only takes 30 min, and there everything is open. :)


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:37 AM) : 

Go to the Meatpacking district (Kødbyen) at Vesterbro - here is lots of gallerys and try Paté Paté or BioMio for a relaxing dinner or lunch (paté paté has breakfast too) the more exclusive fish restaurant and get the party startet with nice drinks and upcoming dj's at Karriere Bar, Bakken or Jolene :) Enjoy our beautiful city as much as we do.

If you take the city-bikes, be aware of rush-hour - we ride bikes like crazy-people and there is MANY of them!


Blogger Flora said ... (10:11 AM) : 

cannot wait to see the photos you are going to take in CPH.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:24 AM) : 

If you want to go somewhere outside the highstreet brands, and all the stuff that everyone else sees, then drop by the vintage-shops in Østerbro and Vesterbro!

And for a great cup of coffe, Mokkariet on Odensegade in Østerbro!


Blogger Amylou said ... (10:58 AM) : 

Looking forward to your Boston photos.


Anonymous The Styley said ... (11:34 AM) : 

Please let us know if you have any trips planned for San Francisco. You could, I don't know, give a talk about street style photography (that would be wonderful), and of course your fans here would be full of suggestions about places to go!



Anonymous Simone Emilie Lehmann Brandt said ... (11:36 AM) : 

Inspirational shopes:

Normann Copenhagen - interior design
Hay - interior design
Henrik Vibskov - Danish designer clothes

Coffee shops:

Riccos - located on Ryesgade, close to the lakes
Mokkariet - best homemade buns for breakfast


Rubys - if you want a VERY good cocktail
Zefside - cocktail bar and dancefloor
The Office - cocktail bar and dancefloor


Pierre André - french and very good
Le Saint Jacques - also french
Grøften (in Tivoli) - danish "smørebrød", very good
Søllerød kro - great michelin restaurant, 30 min from copenhagen.

Hope it was helpful! :)


Blogger Artaud said ... (11:39 AM) : 

I was in Copenhagen for one rainy day way back in 1993 and would LOVE to go back. It was a beautiful city then and I'm it's even better now. The hilite of our day was wandering into a stony square and finding Peder Oxe, where we had a really splendid lunch. It's in an old monastery. I'm told it's still exceptional and great on atmosphere. I'd go back in a heartbeat.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:44 AM) : 

The best store in Copenhagen by far is YDE in Ny Adelgade 5, right in the center, the designer Ole Yde is definitely one to watch and the boutique is super charming. Enjoy your trip!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:04 PM) : 

You'll found beauty anywhere in Copenhagen. Keep your eye open for the city's variety. You'll get some incredible shots if you do so. Everyone in that city has their own style. Enjoy.


Anonymous Maija said ... (12:09 PM) : 

Now that you've done Stockholm, going to Copenhagen, pass by Helsinki some time! A bit off route but still worth a visit!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:21 PM) : 

Rule number one: Stay away from STRØGET. You will not find any people from Copenhagen there.

Start with pizza-brunch at Mother in Kødbyen (The meatpacking district).

Then walk around at Vesterbro, and there is a good vintage furniture shop at the basement in Flensborggade.
Close to a cosy coffeeshop at Enghave Plads.

If you want to shop the danish labels go to Krystalgade - Vibskov, Wood Wood osv.

For dinner you should go to Kung Fu bar - Ravsborggade (Nørrebro) or Sundvedsgade (Vesterbro).

The best bookshop (Architecture, art, design...) in Copenhagen is at the Architecture Center.

And Olafur Eliasson made an installation at ARKEN in Ishøj (outside Copenhagen). If you have the time, then do it!

Have a good stay!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:41 PM) : 

Definitely Christiania!

For architecture, The Royal Library, aka the black diamond building.

If you want to see some Georg Jensen silver, Danish Silver Bredgade 12 DK-1260. The best selection of antique Georg Jensen. Say hi to Greg!


Anonymous Fanny said ... (1:03 PM) : 

Finally! Oh I really hope you'll enjoy it here! You should go to all the inner city places like Pilestræde, Studiestræde and Krystalgade - but also, pay a visit to Værnedamsvej right between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg, where you'll find some great little places, fx. Granola.
And if you're in that area and have time, it's worth taking a stroll down Frederiksberg Allé. Not a lot of people there, but it's just so beautiful.
For very cool young people, go to Kødbyen (the meat packing district) saturday night.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:58 PM) : 

Visit Louisiana art museum just outside Copenhagen.


Blogger Nanna said ... (2:15 PM) : 

Fell free to stop by my place.
I also personally love "Lanbohøjskolens have" at Frederiksberg. It's really beautiful and quiet.
Blågårdsgade is - despite it's reputation - also really nice. It's located at Nørrebro a part part of town a lot of people recommended.
Oh it's such a nice city - you really should stay longer.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:44 PM) : 

You should visit Norway on May 17!!!! I promise there is so many people in the streets that day, and everyone is wearing either their national costumes (budad) or their nicest dress!
Beautiful sight!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:48 PM) : 

Please stop by Helsinki for a visit !! It would be great to see you in Finland!


Anonymous Lise said ... (2:48 PM) : 

Very excited that you are finally coming to 'my' city. There is lots to do and see.

Go to the inner city: Krystalgade for some cool Danish design stores.

Vesterbro: Check out Istedgade and the area around Værnedamsvej and Tulinsgade. There is a really cool concept store called Playtype - they sell, as the name suggests, fonts and types for you pc.

Nørrebro: Blågårdsgade and Nørrebrogade.

Also, make sure to go for a walk around the lakes. If the weather is nice, this is where people will gather (as well and in Kongens Have (the King's garden).

Oh, and prepare for tons of people on bikes. It is the way we get around. In the city centre, you can grab a city bike for free and go on a bike trip yourself (there is a 20 kr deposit which you get back once you return the bike to a stand).

Hope you enjoy Copenhagen - let us know if you need a tour of the city:)



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:04 PM) : 

You should take the train over to Lund, Sweden's Ivy Legue and take some photos of young men and women in their prime - no better place for the solid scandinavian preppy beauty and fashion..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:46 PM) : 

You made my heart stop for a second when I read you're coming to visit our beautiful little city:)

My absolute favorite square in the entire world is 'Sankt Hans Torv' at Nørrebro. There's a great coffee shop on one of the corners called 'kaffeplantagen'. The square is packed with people during the summer, some really fashionable wearing what all the designers dictate, but there's also a lot of people with a more personal and creative style. I love sitting in the sun on the square in the summer with a coffee and people watch, there are so many beautiful people here!

From Sankt Hans Torv I would walk down Elmegade (wonderful street) and turn right. After a couple of minutes you'll get to a very old, famous and really beautiful cementary called 'Assistens' (easily recognised by the yellow wall that surrounds it). In here you find famous people such as Hans Christian Andersen - the guy with all the fairy tales:) If you walk through the cementary you'll end up at Jægerborggade which is a really fantastic street. I second all written about the street! - but hte others forgot to mention the great little café called Lyst and the far end of the street (from the cementary). My favourite bakery in the city is on this street to, 'Meyer's Bageri', try the 'hinbærsnitter' is a rapsberry cake which they will serve in heaven, that's how good they are! (Don't bye this cake any other place, they are terrible compared to Meyer's). Coffee Collective (across the street from Meyer's Bageri) just won the first place for the best coffee in Denmark. They roast their own coffee and sometimes when you pass the street, you can smell the roasted beens:)

When you, hopefully, have seen my part of town, I would also look into Christians Havn, Frederiksberg and King's Garden. I also agree with the warning of Strøget, It's very touristy and kind of boring... Copenhagen have so many better shops, neighbourhoods and things to see.

A thing us Copenhageners love is biking, I would, however, not use the city bikes, they are very old and basically a really bad excusion for bicycles. Most hotels lent out bikes, get one of these instead:)

I hope you'll have a wonderful trip to wonderful Copenhagen and I look forward to see your photographs.


PS. I LOVE your blog!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:58 PM) : 

You are too great. You should visit whatever needs to be but in your smartest favorites. You may see a siren but pass her by : she's waiting for someone else. And once you are in the so-long searched for restaurant, remember the little girl with the matches, on the other side of the wall. You are very lucky to visit Copenhagen !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:06 PM) : 

Another regular follower here from Cph. Cool you're stopping by - the city is starting to shed its winter digs, so great time to visit. All xellent suggestions here: Woodwood, Norse Projects, Vibskov, Time's Up (all on the same street), Storm etc. etc. I would add Hartung (best shop for men's classic fashion with a focus on Italian stuff) and Franz Jaeger & Me, which is great for vintage time pieces and accessories.

For eats and drinks there are just so many great places to choose from - great suggestions in the other posts. Maybe check out newly opened Geist on Kongens Nytorv (King's New Square). Granola on Vesterbro (West Bridge) is great for breakfast. Coffee Collective is the best place for a cup of joe.

I could go on and on. Hope you have a great time while here and look forward to seeing shots from Cph. here on the blog.


Blogger Maiken said ... (7:10 PM) : 

For clothing go to Masay Clothing Jens Kofods gade 2,upstairs/L Eating:nothing is cheap but try some authentic food like at The Copenhagen Cafe,I believe in Mikkel Bryggersgade off Stroeget.(biksemad>stegt flaesk>frikadeller>roedspaette fillet>hakke boef) or try a smoerre broeds platte).This from a full blodded dane in CA.


Blogger Maiken said ... (7:57 PM) : 

I agree with all the wonderfull suggestions made by others but I forgot to mention (weather permitting) De smaa Haver (Pedersen's Have) at Frederiksberg where you eat Danish in an outdoor setting with live music on week ends.Bye a 10 clip bus card at the main railway station,there is busses cris-crossing every place mantioned above and if raining biking is no fun for a novice.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:44 PM) : 

Hello thanks for a wonderful blog - if the weather is nice you must must must go to "Halvandet" beach bar with a view across to the city in Holmen,

from a native of Copenhagen living in Beijing


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:23 AM) : 

For contemporary and vintage Italian jewellery and design you should visit Stil Novo at antonigade 9, 1106 København ( Great selection of interesting pieces


Blogger The Chemist said ... (3:07 AM) : 

The Best museums of Denmark you find in Cph. Glyptotheket has a great art and egyptian collection. Also the designmuseum in Bredgade 68 is great. Loved it myself. :-)


Anonymous Anne said ... (4:27 AM) : 

The Kunstmesset Louisiana is the absolut must if you have the time to go to Humlebaek which is a little out of town but really worth to go. It's first the architecture and also the art, of course.

Futhermore I recommend to have a cup of tea at the Royal Copenhagen flagship store. Enjoying delicious tea and sandwiches right form this precious china you will have the chance to watch many stylish Copenhagiens.

Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store
Amagertorv 6
1160 Copenhagen K.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:46 AM) : 

I grew up in Copenhagen just nearby The Lakes (Søerne), and it is by far my favourite part of the city. It's basically 5 square lakes end to end dividing the city from the boroughs and the city central. And on a sunny summer's day, there's nothing like it. You will be amazed by the amount of joggers, baby prams, hipsters, (stylish!) grannies walking their dogs and bicycles surrounding these lakes.
Take a seat on of the many benches and just breathe in the city. I swear, you can feel the copenhagen spirit - it is such a wonderful breathing space. And I would personally LOVE to see your pictures from my favourite spot on earth! They are going to be fabulous! OMG, I can't wait.
Start at Sortedamssøen), you will not regret it.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:49 AM) : 

Too bad you're not visiting over the weekend - weather will be quite nice, but turning a bit grey and colder early next week. Ah well....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:06 AM) : 

Tøj & Sko på Vesterbrogade is a must see


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:14 AM) : 

Go to Væernedamsvej at Vesterbro. Have breakfast at Granola an visit the Playtype shop across the street.

Falernum is a very good vine /tapas bar.


Blogger spurvehøg said ... (7:30 AM) : 

it is really a must to visit Christiania!


Anonymous Simona said ... (10:08 AM) : 


do You know is it allowed to take photos at Louisiana museum (Copenhagen)?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:57 AM) : 

You should definitely go to Norway and visit Grünerløkka and Frogner someday. Two wonderful and trendy neighborhoods.. Especially a visit to "Kolonihagen" OR "Olaf Ryes plass"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:09 PM) : 

Go visit Vesterbro and especially Sønder Boulevard! when the sun shines, this is where the interesting people hang out. the area is a bit like Brick Lane, East London.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:18 PM) : 

If you want to see the funkiest of all go to the arts island (Holmen) it's where all the arts schools are and hence all the color and style!

Christiania is always a treat but be careful taking pictures there, its not the most picture friendly area.

Blågårdsgade is a great little street to walk around on and if you are here the weekend you should go to the flee market thats on Norrebro along the Yellow wall!

happy biking!


Anonymous Babette said ... (6:07 PM) : 

Copenhagen is very charming!

My favorite places are out of CPH.

Don't miss the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in the north of CPH
A lovely place to enjoy art and Denmark.

Do a "walk down memory lane" with Arne Jacobsen at Bellevue Beach, 10 km north of Copenhagen and take a coffee at the Jacobsen Cafe next to the Bellevue Theatre.

In CPH don't miss the amazing flower shop by Tage Andersen

Have fun and please take many many pictures!


Blogger Jennifer said ... (10:09 AM) : 

i studied abroad there- try to catch one of the folk kitchens at one of the punk kitchens or art collectives. blagardsgade is a good pedestrian street. there is a cafe called props, a record shop, and on the corner of blagardsgade and korsgade is a cafe where they serve folk kitchen food. also check out Bolsjefabrikken, an art collective/community space in outer norrebro, along with Ungdomshuset which serves a great vegan brunch sundays around 11am.
then some of my favorite bars/cafes included underwood ink (Læssøesgade 11) also in norrebro. and cafe retro in the city center (Knabrostræde 26) and on jaeggersbrogade. and then frederiksbergs flea market is one of the best!
in general, i would check out norrebro and vesterbro. the city center is alright but it is super touristy.
have fun! and hopefully you will feel super hyggeligt in copenhagen!


Blogger meow said ... (11:14 AM) : 

This post came 1 year too late. I'd have gladly offer to be your guide and personally see to it that you get the best of this unique city in those 48hrs.

Unfortunately, I'm currently based 5129miles away from CPH - in Shanghai. So have fun and remember to eat ice cream from PARADIS.

I'll just go get depressed now as I anticipate those beautiful photos.


Blogger Alexandra said ... (1:22 PM) : 


You should look forward to getting here!
Places to visit:


Café Granola (Værnedamsvej)
Halvvandet (Refshaløen)
Franske konditori (Oenslægergade)
Istedgade in general


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:52 PM) : 

You'll like Copenhagen so much!

Saturday: Go down Istedgade in Vesterbro to find stylish danes and cool shops.
Also Elmegade at Nørrebro is worth a visit like many of your fans already suggested.

Sunday: You can take the metro to Ørestad to see some of the coolest arcitecture in northern Europe.
If the weather is nice go to Nyhavn and at the end of that area: Skuespilhuset (national scene for plays). People hang out there in the sun looking chilled out and funky at the same time.

Have a nice time here!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:10 PM) : 

second the reco to visit Louisiana!! magical place. you can take the train and walk from the village.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:59 AM) : 

Visit e-pagne in Hyskenstræde inner city. Ultra hip high end womens wear. Many fab. Danish designers. And everything is black.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:19 AM) : 

Get an invitation for NASA, it's the absolute club in Kobenhavn


Anonymous Monica said ... (5:38 PM) : 

Kafferiet at Esplanaden has got the best coffee and is a really nice little spot-Princess Mary likes to get her coffee there.

I recommend Madklubben in St. Kgs. gade for great food at a reasonable price.

Kongens have is absolutely the most beautiful park in Copenhagen-often very well-dressed people at the picturesque playground and there is an old castle built by one of Denmarks most famous kings-Christian the 4.

Also well-dressed people at Danmarks Design skole and "Diamanten"-Det kongelige bibliotek.

Stores: Wood Wood, Normann Cph. Moshi Moshi. Best Behaviour do not have a store, but their clothes are fabulous and so comfortable that you want to wear it all the time.

Art: Sara Stilling does striking paintings and drawings.
Statens museum for kunst-Museum of modern art-at Kongens have.

Most of this stuff is downtown. But Østerbro and Hellerup have a lot of elegant people to look at.


Blogger AFJ said ... (8:03 AM) : 




greetings from Denmark


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:25 AM) : 

Copenhagen is lovely - there are lots of places to go and things to see above mentioned will deff get you a long way! Hope you wont drown in the rain we are having these days. Can't wait to see your pics - life always look different through a lense


Blogger Nanna said ... (4:22 PM) : 

I've been feeling sorry for you today. Hope you found some nice places despite the weather.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:43 PM) : 

Istedgade, Vesterbro is the place you want to go. The shop owners there are great photo potential. May the weather be with you, can't wait to see your pics!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:43 PM) : 

I'm a Spanish Guy. I spent one year in Copenhagen as a exchange student five years ago, it was the best year in my life. Danish people are beautiful, I remember getting impressed by how handsome and pretty they are. I also got shocked at how stilysh they are, they wear clothes that get in fashion here in Spain two years later. Copenhagen is amazing, I can say only good things about this city.
Boris from Calahorra (Spain)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:13 PM) : 

Studiestræde and Skt. Peder stræde is filled with the most cozy cafés.
Don't forget to visit Nyhavn and if the weather is good, take a nap in The King's Garden.
For the nightlife go to Kødboderne, Gothersgade or just Nørrebro.

Have a totally awesome time. Our city is amazing, and i really hope i'll get sun and nice weather while you here.

Cph-smiles from me :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:52 AM) : 

REAL MEN would absolutely visit the classy, cool GOODS store located on the corner of Classensgade and Østerbrogade on Østerbro. You find the shop on the main bus lines (1A, 15), next to the idyllic "finger lakes". Here you will find rare men brands and superb quality. Classic and modern cuts for young fashion lovers (and older).


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