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Vintage Photos Return!


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage Photos Return!

I am a big fan of both your blogs. I am Alexandra, french but living in Germany, Berlin since 2000.

It was quite difficult to make a decision on which photo I should send you because I have several which could be perfect for the contest.

The one enclosed is from my grand-parents. "Biarritz_1936" They lived normally in Reims, north-east from France.

This photo was taken just before the war in 1936 in Biarritz. They are on their honeymoon. I like this photo a lot because they just feel happy and they look incredibly elegant and stylish even if they are at the sea... it would never happen nowdays ! My grand-father was half english and until his death very elegant, a real gentlman. I also like the contrast of the perfect hair for my grand-father and the wind blowing through the hair of my grand-mother.

Until their death, they had 6 children and about 35 grandchildren... they were very important to me and my family, and were very implicated in helping others who needed it.

I could not resist sending you a photo of them both in Bandol on the same vacation because I find them so beautiful even though they are just wearing the minimum: a swinsuit. The photo reminds me a little bit of Man Ray photo.


Alexandra H.


Remember those great vintage photo posts we were doing back in the spring?

Let's start that up again!

Below are the details.

- The subject line of the email should read "Vintage Photo Contest"

- The photos will only be posted here on the blog, so the file size can be very small (no bigger than 700kb). I DO NOT need hi-res images, they take too long to download.

- Writing a little something about the image you send will make your entry much more interesting for all of us.

- Email your photos to:

Comments on "Vintage Photos Return!"


Blogger Lia said ... (3:33 PM) : 

wow, amazing image and such a powerful story

Glass of Fashion


Blogger Judith Bel said ... (3:34 PM) : 

Lovely picture!!!

A kiss from Barcelona ;)


Blogger Marrisa said ... (3:34 PM) : 

Oh I love this!
Please check out my blog and follow me!


Blogger Fish said ... (3:37 PM) : 

lovely photo!


Blogger Shannon Elle said ... (3:40 PM) : 

Hello Mr. Schuman,

I love the idea of a vintage photography contest. I hope we get to see lots of submissions. What fun! Thank you for blogging fashion with such taste and class. The Sartorialist is the first thing I look at every day. :)

Shannon Elle
Express Our Branches
Nourish Our Roots


Blogger blue roses said ... (3:41 PM) : 

thank you so much for starting this up again; finding family photos in vintage and antique shops is always such a treasure.


Blogger Stephanie said ... (3:46 PM) : 

You read my mind! I was just looking through some old family photos this weekend and thinking about your previous posts with vintage photos. Can't wait to show you what I found!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:49 PM) : 

Love this picture.
Thanks for sharing!


Blogger Lenka B. said ... (3:49 PM) : 

nice idea, I´m curious about more of them :)


Anonymous Pau said ... (3:49 PM) : 

YES! I loved and missed the vintage photos. :) Good days to come.


Blogger Elise / Pennyweight said ... (3:51 PM) : 

Love this. Would be really helpful if you created a label/category for all of the vintage photos so there was a way to look through them all here!


Blogger Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said ... (3:52 PM) : 

Yay for the return of vintage photos here on this blog! :)


Blogger trix miami said ... (4:03 PM) : 

romantic monday!


Blogger Collections said ... (4:03 PM) : 

This is such a great idea! I'll have to search around for something to send in :)

I'm having a $100 dollar Shopbop giftcard GIVEAWAY on my blog! Come check it out :) It's open to international bloggers as well.

Collections Giveaway


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:04 PM) : 

amazing story!
i like the pic



Anonymous Ian said ... (4:06 PM) : 

Just another couple of skinny hipsters.


Blogger Cloud P. said ... (4:07 PM) : 

love it


Anonymous meenal @ maison marigold said ... (4:08 PM) : 

beautiful the idea of bringing back vintage on this blog..xx meenal


Anonymous el mundo en un espejo said ... (4:11 PM) : 

Great photo!!! the look of both are fantastic.


Blogger The Arrogant Male said ... (4:14 PM) : 

So happy this feature is back. Looking forward to seeing what people submit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:20 PM) : 

elegant-looking couple.


Blogger Kathleen said ... (4:43 PM) : 

Elegance & joy!


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:49 PM) : 

i seriously love the REAL vintage photos!

right, time for me to dig out for one in your honour



Blogger Bronzed Humanity said ... (4:50 PM) : 

So amazing and elegant! Gorgeous photo!
Hot Pink Day


Blogger Jessie said ... (4:57 PM) : 

what a fabulous photograph! i love it :D


Blogger KatjaB said ... (4:58 PM) : 

Great idea! I've just send you some of my favourite vintage pics, it's so much fun looking at them, let's see more!


Blogger Trashy Student said ... (5:06 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:10 PM) : 

can we submit photos of kids?


Blogger Amanda said ... (5:23 PM) : 

Such a cool idea! I will definitely be asking to look through my grandparents' old photos this weekend.



Blogger Katie said ... (5:29 PM) : 

Love old photos like this! Those short shorts are amazing. ;)


Blogger Jenni Austria Germany said ... (6:01 PM) : 

love the photo. love the story. 6 kids and 35 grandkids? amazing.


Anonymous IS THIS IT? models review said ... (6:12 PM) : 

Horray for the Vintage Photos Return! :)


Blogger Kacie - With Love said ... (7:21 PM) : 

I've just emailed you my submission. I LOVE this!


Anonymous Cat said ... (7:29 PM) : 

I'm pretty excited to see what people send you!



Blogger estela.pereira said ... (8:06 PM) : 

So nice! I love seeing old pictures, its so magic, so much story behind. Looking forward to see what its coming.


Blogger Paloma Rivera said ... (8:29 PM) : 

amazing picture..wish i had some of those of my grandparents.



Blogger Katherine said ... (9:20 PM) : 

Yayy! I love when you post old photos :) Great inspiration!
La Petite Marmoset


Anonymous Laurie said ... (10:31 PM) : 

Thank you! I'm thrilled to see the vintage photos back! Maybe this time I'll send one in...


Anonymous esme noir said ... (10:32 PM) : 

lovely photo...but they look so thin!


Blogger Erica said ... (12:51 AM) : 

YAY! You're doing it again! That is my absolute favorite vintage photo that has been featured on your blog. I wish I had her look. I wish that kind of look was always at the beach!


Blogger Mars said ... (12:52 AM) : 

The photo is so beautiful. She's right, you cannot capture that nowadays. I love the story behind this photo. I cannot wait to see more vintage images here.

Mars of fashion insouciance


Blogger Caddy said ... (3:05 AM) : 

So glad to know these posts are back!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:50 AM) : 

This picture is so beautiful and elegant, and also so stunningly shot. I guess it was by a professional photographer - the tones and detail are fantastic. It's made me want to be more sophisticated by the beach this year!


Blogger SAMANTHA said ... (5:02 AM) : 

Wow this photo is absolutely beautiful, so refreshing and lovely. And I love the story.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:06 AM) : 

Please publish the one from Bandol too!!!! I live in the area and I am intrigued...


Anonymous scarf hood said ... (8:02 AM) : 

Its a rare art.. it also indicates the era and elegant it's for sure.
Thanks for sharing


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (8:57 AM) : 

this time I want forget hahha


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:28 AM) : 

I can smell the salt air! Amazing!


Blogger Talia said ... (9:35 AM) : 

Beautiful Picture! I feel nostalgic just by your description of it, thanks


Blogger My Unfinished Life said ... (9:43 AM) : 

lovely photo!!! and grt story of the couple!!!


Anonymous Sweety said ... (10:29 AM) : 

Beautiful picture. I love it:


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:00 AM) : 

Lovely family story, beautiful photo. Her halter top is so elegant and tasteful -- both of them just impeccable. Thanks for sending it in!


Blogger miss anna katie said ... (11:18 AM) : 

love this, every aspect of it combined has produced the most beautiful picture.. I wish life was still like this. <3


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:55 AM) : 

The image is naive but very good (thus very good?) I am thinking of Van Gloeden, for some reason.


Blogger McNeill said ... (12:21 PM) : 

I love vintage photographs and the stories behind them. I'm so excited to see what some of the entries are.


Blogger Malo said ... (1:46 PM) : 

Wow, those were the times... Awesome photo.





Anonymous madalena said ... (2:21 PM) : 



Anonymous Fred and Ginger Lingerie said ... (2:54 PM) : 

A step back in time ... So romantic! x


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:00 PM) : 

What a dorgoues photo. I love her shorts - very stylish and something you'd see on the high street today


Anonymous princessglee said ... (3:22 PM) : 

He makes me think of Fred Astaire. But my first thought was how much thinner the average person was back then--not anymore.


Anonymous Calgary Photographer said ... (3:43 PM) : 

Gorgeous retro photography! Makes me think of pictures of my grandparents at the lake.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:13 PM) : 

how weird...i was going to write last week and beg you to do this again...! vintage photos are such a guilty pleasure


Blogger Heather Robinson said ... (5:54 PM) : 

That is so crazy! I was JUST thinking about how I missed this blog's reaching outside the lines and this contest (as well as my favorite conversation about the importance of manners) is a perfect example of that. Hooray! And what an amazing example to get things rolling with, my goodness.


Blogger Tina Marie said ... (6:21 PM) : 

She is so elegant. She looks like she should have been a model with those long legs!


Blogger Alexandria said ... (8:29 PM) : 

Is there a limit on how many photos we can send?


Anonymous BuyWoWAccounts said ... (10:25 PM) : 

Such a beautiful vintage photo. An interesting shot too!

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:03 AM) : 

i loved this idea and especially that people shared such personal stuff. that said, it really made me sad that some of the comments were so barbed and mean spirited.

like most people who have pics of old relatives, to share them is to share a very tender part of me and a part that i think is fantastic.

i'd love to send in snaps but would be very angry/disappointed/put off by rude feedback.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:46 AM) : 

Wow, I wish my grandparents had such great photos to show to me! I should search through their photos soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:53 AM) : 

Quelle splendide vue de la limite entre le muscle vaste latéral de la cuisse et le biceps fémoral!


Anonymous Wanderbuster said ... (2:32 PM) : 

I wonder if people nowadays could not effect such natural elegance, as Alexandra says, because today we all pose too knowingly for the camera. We angle our jaws to one side, stick out a shoulder or chest, and open our eyes wide & smile. We are all too forced and aware today, hoping our photos will appear online or be admired on our Facebook.


Anonymous San said ... (4:25 PM) : 

I loved the vintage photo contest! Nice to start that up again!


Anonymous Angie Muresan said ... (5:12 PM) : 

I adore the elegance of those days.

What a great idea this is. I need to look through my photos and see what I can find.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:18 PM) : 

Early last year I sent you a picture, head shot only, of my 108 years old father when he was 23, unfortunately he died last August. When he was young he had an Asian look, like the guy in the movie The Lover, very exotic. He used to play the violin at the theatres when they were showing silent movies. He was national boxing champion, feather weight, in his native El Salvador. He was a musician, boxer, and pharmacist. He was truly a renaissance man.


Blogger CarliKeene said ... (9:19 AM) : 

This picture is so cool! I'm following your blog, please follow mine as well:



Blogger Teresa @ good-grace said ... (10:55 AM) : 

***THRILLED*** to see the return of this wonderful feature!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:43 PM) : 

Great pic. I would like to see more of that.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:04 PM) : 

What's more elegant - the lovely couple themselves, or their lanky, languorous limbs?? Such grace.


Blogger saradowle said ... (5:35 PM) : 

Yay! Bring on the return of the vintage photos!


Blogger Mallory said ... (6:00 PM) : 

i really do love this picture.


Anonymous Sheila said ... (5:39 PM) : 

Oh my god Scott!! :D
This photo and letter was amazing!


Blogger Home Body said ... (5:49 PM) : 

What gorgeous people. What limbs!


Anonymous BlingDuckFashion said ... (7:21 AM) : 

i have a lot of vintage photos to share too!

hope i'd have more time though :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:48 AM) : 

so glad you're doing this again!


Blogger molly said ... (9:36 PM) : 

i've sent you a submission, but am mortified to think you may receive it 3 times because it never showed up in my 'sent' mail.
please grant me forgiveness, if this is the case!
and enjoy...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:16 PM) : 

This contest is so exciting !!!!
We gonna search among our vintage pics !!!



Anonymous Ninel said ... (4:57 PM) : 

I love it!


Blogger Regiane said ... (5:20 PM) : 

Oh Scot, I'll upload my parents wedding day... my mother was beautiful with her Jackie O style hair... and my fatjer with his Pierre cardin costume!!! Beautiful!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:44 PM) : 

gorgeous! love it...

~ivy m.


Blogger Helen said ... (5:15 PM) : 

one thing i think that makes them so elegant even in simple swimsuits is that their bodies are very sleek - not bulky from excess muscle or fat, just sleek. I think even a few decades ago more people were that way.


Blogger A Casa da Vá said ... (3:44 PM) : 

Just sent you some awesome photos, hope you like them!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!


Blogger Figvenom Boutique said ... (4:08 PM) : 

Beautiful couple! Wooow...


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