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On the Street....Checks & Stripes, Florence


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On the Street....Checks & Stripes, Florence

Comments on "On the Street....Checks & Stripes, Florence"


Anonymous Blair said ... (4:31 PM) : 

Wow, I love the mix of patterns and the scarf is amazing!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:33 PM) : 

he is so chic!


Blogger Alice Olive said ... (4:33 PM) : 

Love the fold of that scarf.


Blogger Meg said ... (4:33 PM) : 

I love this smile!! :)


Blogger Angel said ... (4:34 PM) : 

Great dark chocolate brown color, its really a color that says 1970's to me. Pretty fun though.

Angels Point of View - Street Style Blog


Blogger Valerie Friedrich said ... (4:37 PM) : 

I want to be there now! The pattern combo works and that Goyard is phenomenal.

XO Valerie


Anonymous salomé said ... (4:40 PM) : 

Looove ;))


Blogger Miss Molly said ... (4:43 PM) : 

his scarf is fabulous and i love the mix of prints - great look, great snap!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:51 PM) : 

Now here we see a true feeling for fashion!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:51 PM) : 

This shot is GREAT! The mix of patterns and not to mention his killer smile.


Anonymous Meredith said ... (4:54 PM) : 

The outfit is great, but the personality is even better!

- Meredith


Anonymous Maureen French said ... (4:55 PM) : 

What an incredibly appealing photo! Dapper is the word that comes to mind to describe this gent. All 3 patterns work so well together and his smile is the perfect accessory...


Blogger Hannah Alyse said ... (4:55 PM) : 

This man looks absolutely FABULOUS!! And he has such a wonderful smile! Love this pic :)


Blogger Aubrey and Melissa said ... (5:15 PM) : 

Oh my word he is adorable! That giant smile really completes the look. The mix of prints is great.


Blogger M said ... (5:16 PM) : 

Sorry, but the mix of patterns is ill-advised; a perfect example of more not being more. But that scarf is a real winner, as is the way he has tied it. Nice.


Anonymous Sophie Mhabille said ... (5:18 PM) : 

Very nice mix of stripes


Blogger TTT said ... (5:27 PM) : 

Now thats more like it Sart! Love the images from Pitti. Thoughts go out to all our Japanesse friends.


Blogger Tanisha E said ... (5:50 PM) : 

Florentines are the best dressers in all of Italy I tell you. They are so stylish and chic..loves this look fantastic.


Anonymous michael said ... (5:51 PM) : 

Elegant. Texture, color, pattern all perfect, right down to the pocket square.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:52 PM) : 

Great Smile!


Blogger c.o.a said ... (6:01 PM) : 

Love this look!


Blogger Ninjagaiden78 said ... (6:13 PM) : 

That is a nice combination.


Blogger Caroline said ... (6:14 PM) : 

Oh now...this is just awesome. great smile too!


Blogger SZMITOLOGIA said ... (6:25 PM) : 

Just that he´s happy makes it! Fashion or not!


Blogger jackie said ... (6:27 PM) : 

i love the mix of patterns, including the striped one that you see peaking out... and the pocket square... and the bag too... and the freckles :)
i guess when you mix with similar color patterns the results are successful!

i like his smile too :D makes me smile


Blogger Megan Hattie said ... (6:37 PM) : 

Oh this is delightful! I love his scarf! And people just need to smile more in general... but I guess that's the American inside of me speaking.


Blogger Francesca P. said ... (6:41 PM) : 

so cool! asians are amazing!


Anonymous Rosa Falkenburg said ... (6:43 PM) : 

Fantastic smile!


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:44 PM) : 

A man in a great suit is always good :) love the little stars detail on the pocket


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:02 PM) : 

in love with his scarf


Blogger Julia said ... (7:13 PM) : 

Love it mix it up!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:14 PM) : 

he is beautifull


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:19 PM) : 

This is kamoshita-san, the best dressed man in asia!
What more can you expect?
Bravo Kammo,
always cool!!!!
L Stockholm


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:36 PM) : 



Blogger crowleyiancanto said ... (7:44 PM) : 

The vest in the same pattern is overkill - but he makes up for it with that snappy scarf and his big smile...


Anonymous LolóRey said ... (7:49 PM) : 

l do like the mixing patterns, l think is it so awesome....
l love it.. ! ! !


Blogger Katherine said ... (8:08 PM) : 

Now there's a man who can rock a neck scarf!
La Petite Marmoset


Blogger My Heart Blogged said ... (8:10 PM) : 

I love the suit, and he looks joyous.
My Heart Blogged


Blogger elena nuez said ... (8:39 PM) : 

perfect look!!!


Blogger dressingup-everyday said ... (9:26 PM) : 



Blogger colourmehappy said ... (9:57 PM) : 

Love how the scarf stands out.


Anonymous The Bohmerian said ... (10:16 PM) : 

Great scarf.


Blogger Jessie said ... (10:30 PM) : 

what a beautiful mixture. i love these pictures.


Blogger Linda said ... (10:37 PM) : 

That scarf, his suit, Goyard, and smile is a classic match.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:50 PM) : 

Where can I get that bias-cut scarf ?!!!
God! -- I LOVE IT !


Blogger yeahzel said ... (11:15 PM) : 

love the mix of patterns in this look. very classy style!


Blogger VintageNerd said ... (12:19 AM) : 

I adore the mix of pattern! And his happy face honestly makes everything look even better! Great shot!


Blogger Sabina said ... (12:19 AM) : 

D is for dapper.


Anonymous N.Hopkins said ... (12:43 AM) : 

This is amazing! A man dressed well having a great time it seems. We need to see this kind of stuff more often!


Anonymous meenal @ maison marigold said ... (12:52 AM) : 

don't miss the polka dots on the pocket square..what a lovely mix of patterns and a heart-warming smile!! xx meenal


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:22 AM) : 

Ok, that's just ridiculously adorable. As is he.

(And I would looooove that jacket for myself.)


Blogger Maestro Curtis said ... (3:25 AM) : 

He's in pattern heaven, and we're all pressing our noses against the pearly gates. This is special!


Anonymous Yasmine said ... (4:38 AM) : 

That's just wonderful! What a cute man.


Blogger Cecille said ... (5:06 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:20 AM) : 

Nicely done combination as the suit is quite subtle. His smile is infectious that adds to his great style. dt


Blogger Mrs Vintage said ... (5:27 AM) : 

fab checkers and stripes combination ^^


Anonymous proletarian Great Gatsby said ... (5:38 AM) : 

bravo for the 3 "S":smile, skin & scarf.Good picture


Blogger THE PURSE FORUM ADVISORY said ... (6:38 AM) : 

Love this mix-up of stripes and plaid. Even the Goyard bag becomes part of the mix.


Blogger Michelle's Style File said ... (6:52 AM) : 

Great SMILE & great STYLE. Love it.


Blogger hp said ... (8:00 AM) : 

Love the confidence (and smile) of the man! A bit of a studious / bookish look? :)


Blogger CAYA said ... (8:17 AM) : 

Brings me back to a time when all men could dress up. It makes me wish I was born in another time.


Blogger The Fancy Teacup said ... (8:18 AM) : 

What a great conglomerate of patterns. Truly dapper.
much love.


Anonymous IS THIS IT? models review said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Wow, perfection... really like him a lot.


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:25 AM) : 

Great match!


Blogger Mertxe Hernàndez said ... (9:32 AM) : 

The colours are perfect for a guy who wants to look stylish. The red striped scarf definitely brings much attention to the face, and balances out the look. Its great.


Anonymous Best of Beehive said ... (9:33 AM) : 

I wish he were just wearing a pair of nice slacks. But still, I think the mixing and matching of patterns works really well here.


Anonymous MBerry said ... (9:54 AM) : 

I love his outfit, but my favorite of his accessories are his wonderful freckles!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:40 AM) : 

Damn near perfect. If I had to find a fault, it would be the Goyard bag. Perhaps it's the tipping point of one pattern too many. But I'm picking nits, he's killin' it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:55 AM) : 

All men should dress like this.


Blogger Milica said ... (11:31 AM) : 

Love his outfit! It's so original!


Anonymous Marisa Alma said ... (11:34 AM) : 

Made me smile. The color palette is great! I like the stripes in the shirt which subtly play off the larger stripes in that great scarf. Plus he remembered the pocket handkerchief.


Blogger San said ... (11:43 AM) : 

Wow, what a smile!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:11 PM) : 

Well dressed and easy on the eyes. What else can you ask for?


Anonymous Ulrika said ... (12:54 PM) : 

Nice shot, Scott! Your photography - capturing the moment - is above the rest. There is no imitation in your work. Good stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:53 PM) : 

I know that its not necessary to spend a lot of money to have style, but to wear nice, well cut suits on a daily basis (even if one wears them repeatedly during the same week; changing out shirts and ties) is difficult to pull off. First, need to have a few suits in different fabrics for changing weather conditions. Need a topcoat. Need some tailoring. shoes. shoe maintenance. possibly a belt and bag that matches the shoes. It can be done, but, at least for me, money is a big obstacle, even though I do a pretty good job of value shopping and no longer invest in trendy casual wear.


Blogger Kelly Erin said ... (2:54 PM) : 

This photo exudes joy. I love the scarf!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:54 PM) : 

I love a man in a great suit. His is fantastic. I love the scarf with it, but more than anything, I love his smile. He seems to love life. Is that an Italian thing?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:05 PM) : 

He looks fabulous, I love the suit and scarf.

But honestly, I just want him to smile at me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:20 PM) : 

What an amazing face!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:29 PM) : 

The japanese can make a thousand dollar outfit look humble. And im sur the other way around just as easy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:34 AM) : 

How come no one's mentioning his vintage goyard bag? That's what completes the whole look!!!! :-)


Blogger Copper Etiquette said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Hot! really classy.


Blogger Ms Wanda said ... (9:33 AM) : 

What a great face! I sometimes just get caught up in the people rather than the outfits on this blog. Love it!


Anonymous loveandalchemy said ... (10:48 AM) : 

What a very smart look..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:55 AM) : 

everything about him, is expression, suit, scarf.... all scream winner


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:10 AM) : 

Look is very constructive, with a touch of stylish class.


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:22 PM) : 

A perfect outfit...i'm ready to throw all my clothes away and start over


Blogger STYLE FILE: NYC said ... (11:23 PM) : 

awesome. Love the way he wore the scarf.


Blogger leeflailmarch said ... (4:34 AM) : 

Here I was thinking too much patterns is bad. But this man pulls it off well. A very smart look.


Blogger Delilah Gerkin said ... (7:37 AM) : 

he is gorgeous!


Blogger Gunn said ... (1:03 PM) : 

He got the Girls happy. A very handsome man !!! G


Anonymous Melanieee said ... (11:44 PM) : 

Oh he looks so happy!!! :)


Blogger Laurie said ... (1:10 PM) : 

He's too cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:45 AM) : 

cute freckles!


Blogger Spiros Savvinos said ... (3:21 PM) : 

cool bag


Anonymous ThePortalShop said ... (10:24 AM) : 

Excellent stuff


Anonymous ak said ... (2:39 AM) : 

I love any kind of dapper debonair dandy-ness!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:39 PM) : 

yes! great shot, the scarf falls perfect in lined!


Blogger mdrnpntofvu said ... (10:20 PM) : 



Blogger Mertxe Hernàndez said ... (10:35 AM) : 

I love the smile.


Blogger 4eyeblogabout said ... (12:44 PM) : 

Looking mighty pleased at being shot isn't he? Well, his mix of checks and stripes truly deserves the attention. Good eye.


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