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On the Street.....Dosan Park, Seoul


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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

On the Street.....Dosan Park, Seoul

Back in Korea!

Comments on "On the Street.....Dosan Park, Seoul"


Blogger S said ... (9:21 AM) : 

The oversized cardigan is gorgeous.


Blogger Anastasios said ... (9:22 AM) : 

Oh, really an eye catcher! Everything cool till the last detail. I love her look, great capture!!!!


Blogger Yajaira said ... (9:22 AM) : 

wow too much color!
but i would wear the sweater with solid colors


Blogger Tali @ RockMyHeels said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Oh I love Korean street fashion! So colorful!! Her cardi is supercool.



Anonymous PhotoTristan said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Wow, hippy yet modern. Timeless look!


Blogger Sang Bae said ... (9:23 AM) : 

Holding a tour guide book.. I think she is from Japan,


Blogger SimpleTobz said ... (9:26 AM) : 

wow, didn't u go there by the end of Jan? :)


Anonymous karnit said ... (9:27 AM) : 

wow, great


Blogger Nolita said ... (9:27 AM) : 

So many colors, love it!

FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog


Blogger IN TERMS OF ME said ... (9:29 AM) : 

Creatively put together, I kinda like this.


Blogger Cecille said ... (9:30 AM) : 

WOW cool! i like every single piece of her outfit!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:32 AM) : 

amazing colour.... ;)
come discover our blog ;))


Blogger Monika said ... (9:35 AM) : 

great mix


Blogger SLF41 said ... (9:39 AM) : 

Love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:39 AM) : 

You would think that the overflow of patterns may have made the overall look messy, but it actually played out perfectly. Great shot there, Scott!


Blogger Trou, .ma petite cherie said ... (9:40 AM) : 

I love the mix of colors, except for the skirt. It just seems a tad wild for the already colorful ensemble. I adore the oversized sweater the most though. It looks so warm and comfy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:43 AM) : 

I have that cardigan! And I thought I was the only one...she looks great!


Blogger boyunso said ... (9:44 AM) : 

ohoho you went to Korea again?!
that's so nice!!! but i'm sad cuz i'm not living in Seoul... i live in Busan... :(

anyways, her ability of layering patterns are intelligent! so great!!

and have fun in Seoul, i hope you will have nice experiences and happy days in Seoul,Korea^^


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:45 AM) : 

Cardi is great.

However, jury out on the leather gloves + the ensemble


Blogger simply h² said ... (9:45 AM) : 

Cool outfit. She definitely knows how to mix patterns.


Blogger boyunso said ... (9:46 AM) : 

how about making the Sartorialist 2 !
the 1 was so great! :D as usuall^^
just my think..:)


Blogger Robert Sisson said ... (9:48 AM) : 

Beautifully eclectic


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:50 AM) : 

interesting style!
like it!

xx Ale


Anonymous gogosing said ... (9:51 AM) : 

welcome to corea!!
missing you picture.


Blogger Bronwyn said ... (9:53 AM) : 

I love the absolute mix of things - it almost looks nomadic in a sense, no? I especially love the very ladylike black leather gloves juxtaposed with the converse high-tops...


Blogger The Wh0le Story said ... (9:54 AM) : 

Probably the coolest girl in the world.


Blogger Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said ... (9:54 AM) : 

very creative! It's daring but it works really well :)
fashion illustrations at


Blogger Emma said ... (9:57 AM) : 

Wow! I love her style. The cardi is awesome and the skirt is really eyecatching!


Anonymous Ivana said ... (10:00 AM) : 

so cool,unique and special!!! =)))


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:00 AM) : 

okay - just because you took a picture of it doesn't make it fashionable.


Anonymous Elisabeth said ... (10:02 AM) : 

excellent style!!!


Blogger élan du jour said ... (10:03 AM) : 

love it, so cool!


Blogger Gorete Sousa said ... (10:03 AM) : 

Nice mix


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:04 AM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:05 AM) : 

She seems to be a Japanese or Chinese tourist, carrying a travel guide in her hand. Guess the weather got warmer in Seoul finally! A beautiful shot.


Blogger CINCHED AT THE WAIST said ... (10:07 AM) : 

mixed prints can only be done by experts, she is a genius.


Anonymous fashionsdirtylaundry said ... (10:09 AM) : 

Flip it, Mix it, Technicolor.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:10 AM) : 

OMG → They have ManRepellers even in Korea!! Oh no.....:-(

baci ♥ Brad


Blogger zebiah said ... (10:10 AM) : 

Just amazing!! supper nice outfit!! love the colors!!


Blogger Aquí said ... (10:25 AM) : 

LOVE this! The sweater is amazing and that skirt is gorgeous!!!


Anonymous HMS said ... (10:28 AM) : 

Like the comment that this looks nomadic in a sense. It does have a tribal sense.

This is one of the best street style pics you have ever posted.

This is exactly the kind of projection I would expect from youth that grew up on over stimulation of video games, tv, movies and electronic music.

She is awesome!


Blogger / xw said ... (10:31 AM) : 

Love this one!


Blogger Tash said ... (10:31 AM) : 

Luv the skirt - don't remember seeing anything quite like it (reminds me a bit of Polish paper-cut patterns). Don't know where you found her - lived one year in Korea and got very very tired with the monotony of styles - rarely anybody stood out, or had an original style. But like sb noticed, she doesn't seem Korean - from the style and face she reminds me of Japanese.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:35 AM) : 

Que bien , viajar tanto y poder disfrutar de todo lo bueno, incluido los looks que puedes ver, la rebeca me gusta, aunque con la parece demasiado grunge.



Blogger TheStreetFashion5xpro said ... (10:40 AM) : 

absolutely love this outfit...perfect mix...great!!!!!


Blogger comme fraiche said ... (10:43 AM) : 

I wish her bag was a different color, a shade of red,black, something other than green


Blogger Alys said ... (10:45 AM) : 

Wow! So eclectic, I love it.


Blogger Caroline said ... (10:48 AM) : 

Love the capture...the outfit...not so much. But I like that fact that she has the balls to wear this and looks like she could care less what any of us think....good, bad or indifferent. Very aloof attitude you caught!


Anonymous Amalia said ... (10:51 AM) : 

So exciting. It's like she was coming down from another world.


Anonymous Best of Beehive said ... (10:51 AM) : 

It's almost completely fabulous. The skirt needs to be solid or have a less obnoxious pattern. Otherwise, I love every element.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:58 AM) : 

AWESOME! RAD! THE SHOES ADD THAT PERFECT DASH OF RED AND THE BOTTOM FINISHING OF THIS CRAZY OUTFIT! I don't think it would have worked as well if the shoes were black, ya know?
This rocks-
I think you should stay in Korea..
And let the large men in Europe who wear their clothes to tight have their ego's cool off for a while.
And those anorexic socialites can go eat.
Sartorialist in Korea should be a permanent fix!
Rocks man


Anonymous proletarian Great Gatsby said ... (11:00 AM) : 

I would wear the cardigan.Too much colors on her clothes but for grey days in the winter it gives hope.


Blogger Jennie Nguyen said ... (11:01 AM) : 

yea asian!
love the big cardigan!



Blogger franca maisha said ... (11:03 AM) : 

wow - love it!! all those colors...



Blogger from the Lady Philosopher said ... (11:12 AM) : 

LOVE the skirt and its colors--


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:12 AM) : 

I would never wear this, however, she pulled the look amazing and made me think I could maybe wear it. That's amazing!



Blogger Prutha Raithatha said ... (11:18 AM) : 

cannot tell u how badly i want that look in my closet right now!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:23 AM) : 

thats something!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:32 AM) : 

It's Bae Doo Na, famous Korean actress - and she is usually a fashion icon, but not here.


Anonymous Maryanne said ... (11:41 AM) : 

peaceful & brave.

connected to her music..peaceful.

pattern clash..brave.

wondering why one sneaker is tied round the back of her ankle..and the other is tied the regular way.

kind of a 1968..1969 vibe going on.


Anonymous Ana López Jiménez said ... (11:45 AM) : 

Ohhh this look is so beautiful. Love all the combination of textures and colors of a very good taste.

Ana López Jiménez
Blog Fashion Everywhere

Ana López Jiménez
Blog Fashion Everywhere
last post:


Blogger Blair Nastasi said ... (11:49 AM) : 

So colorful! Love the shoes! :)

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TT's Attic - Edgy, Affordable Fashion!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:51 AM) : 

Hey,your blog is really coolz ♥ (:
Tchusss♥ (: (have a look if u have time) ;)


Blogger Scarlett Yoo said ... (11:59 AM) : 

Welcome back to Seoul!!
but actually she doesn't looks like korean ...
totally like japanese:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:00 PM) : 

Check the shoe laces...


Blogger dinster said ... (12:04 PM) : 

fearless. love it.


Anonymous herCatwalk said ... (12:10 PM) : 

Love it! So nice to see more Korean street fashion!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:13 PM) : 

this is just amazing!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:16 PM) : 

i could never pull of the loose fitting cardigan but love the print as wel as the central asian looking and psychadelic kashmiri type print of her skirt.
she definitely pulls off the look. i think it's her confidence and un-pretentiousness. most of us tend to be so finicky about this not matching with that or that not matching with this.
like a few other people said, i too agree that she's most probably japanese based on her facial features(weird u might say but over the years, i've come to differentiate between asian faces) as well as the tour book in her hand. there are many japanese tourists that visit neighboring Korea.


Blogger Stylison said ... (12:20 PM) : 

amazing! love the colour combi that is randomly put together!



Blogger Nicolle J said ... (12:21 PM) : 

stunning! Asian eccentricity and style done perfectly.


Anonymous Zoe, All for Style (GIVEAWAY) said ... (12:21 PM) : 

Now this is style taken to its extreme and it works! Good on her!

xoxo - Zoe (All For Style)


Blogger anthony said ... (12:24 PM) : 

Spectacular. The top is great, everything is great although I'd only give her 9/10 because of her wacky skirt.


Blogger Kathleen said ... (12:24 PM) : 

This walking eclectic heap of clothing and accessories is what I keep referring to as "Hippie gone wrong" Too bad because I know she's really trying to own this look, but she's got way too much going on here. The shoes are bad and there's no justification for them as far as lending validity to her pieces of choice. Ironically, the rest of the pieces, save boring messenger bag, all stand out on their own and are beautiful! The colors are just not working well with each other. I do say "Go for it girl" boldness and guts wise. But in the end her ensemble is a bomb! I do love her regal posture.


Blogger Bimba Ropa Vintage said ... (12:24 PM) : 

she´s everything, i love her look, if you come to Argentina, come to visit BIMBA vintage


Blogger 82Brute said ... (12:25 PM) : 

Harajuku Fruits goes to college. She put some thought into this. Look at how she ties her sneakers, one round the back and one in front. Put your hand on the screen, cover the skirt and imagine this with jeans. Boring and matchy. I wish I'd had the imagination to dress like this in college.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:27 PM) : 

adorable 꺆 <3


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:28 PM) : 

YES!!!! yeah for Seoul!!! Stay there and shoot your heart out! (I mean that camera wise). Really sick of the redundant european men with tight high water pants and something lumberjacky..very sick of androgynous women...Korea is where its at right now...very fresh.


Anonymous T Hollis said ... (12:31 PM) : 

Made me smile on a gray day in TN - beautiful, bright colors and I love the high-tops!


Blogger KimChicSisters said ... (12:33 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:37 PM) : 

I think she looks rad. I love the red sneakers (converse) and the oversized sweater. Also the pattern clash is wonderful. I think pulling off a look like this needs a lot of black.


Blogger Brianne said ... (12:37 PM) : 

I love how everything looks random, and yet, everything is pulled together by similar colors, lines, etc. The small details like the shoelaces and the leather gloves are also very cool and confident.

The careless air about her makes me wonder if she really thought about the combination. Of course, the idea that it all works unintentionally makes it that much more intriguing.


Blogger Artfully Awear said ... (12:41 PM) : 

Whoa, this is GLORIOUS!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:49 PM) : 

Unbelievable colors! What an inspiration!!!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:59 PM) : 

Everything about this is beautiful! Love the different patterns and shapes and colours and cuts.


Blogger haikarapaprika said ... (1:08 PM) : 

It's interesting how the ethnic/vintage look is finally being incorporated into Korean fashion now. It reminds me of something you would have been seen in the late 90's in Harajuku or Osaka.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:08 PM) : 

Love! Anyone know how to get my hands on that sweater? LOL. Great look!


Blogger Nicole Dao said ... (1:15 PM) : 

Love the mixing of the various patterns in her outfit and how it contrasts her perfectly pale complexion. She looks like an urban geisha!


Blogger Myfavoritethings said ... (1:16 PM) : 

I have the same cardigan, it's from H&M! (last autumn I think)


Blogger Liv said ... (1:17 PM) : 

I DO LIKE this! I adore how they can mix and match anything, it's so Asia, so different things side by side and still it works...


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:19 PM) : 

love her.


Blogger La Nouvelle Observatrice said ... (1:21 PM) : 

Love the mix of color and texture. It all carries thru.


Anonymous Thomas said ... (1:30 PM) : 

She looks cute, but one more pattern could easily push this look into "Rodeo Clown" territory


Blogger Gabrielle Gendron said ... (1:38 PM) : 

I loooove it :)


Blogger Eugenia Woods said ... (1:40 PM) : 

The Converse!


Anonymous Violet Day said ... (1:41 PM) : 

Kim was visiting Seoul with her dance group and wanted to see the city she had only been to once before. Comfort and warmth were key as she took her map and began to walk,killing time until her night time performance.

She noticed that the colors of the city were gray and she stood out amongst the drab clothes worn by too many of the women. But she did not mind that...


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:43 PM) : 

such a lovely photo, amazing colours


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:16 PM) : 

yes!! so excited to see more korean style pics


Anonymous JM said ... (2:26 PM) : 

I love that it looks so casual, like she put no thoughts into it at all.


Blogger Una B. said ... (2:37 PM) : 

oh!this is something really amazing!
crazy patterns,texture,really reaally good!


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:43 PM) : 

love the color!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:46 PM) : 

Colour riot?


Blogger Mary Beth said ... (2:57 PM) : 

I'm with the previous commentator who loves the over-sized cardigan...easy to sew if you know how to sew knits.


Blogger Ninjagaiden78 said ... (3:12 PM) : 

Very colorful!


Blogger Rosa Tang said ... (3:12 PM) : 

i'm dying to go to korea one day! so much culture to experience
buttercup buttons


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:16 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:22 PM) : 

I love this. Brianne's absolutely right--there's a deep, almost subliminal harmony in the lines and colors that makes everything work together. (E.g., the way the flare of the skirt echos the drape of the sweater...) And the elements, unrelated as they seem, come together to form a portrait of the wearer's vision of herself. As a trial fusion dancer, I completely "get" this one (though the idea of wearing this much color makes me twitchy!).


Blogger Yoyo Little bites ! said ... (3:56 PM) :


Blogger Jackii said ... (3:58 PM) : 

What an inspiration!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:58 PM) : 

The cardi/scarf combination is fantastic.


Blogger sweet fashion affairs said ... (4:03 PM) : 

different parts of her outfit represents different culture-fashion.

Remarkable style!

check out my blog:


Blogger It-Blogirls said ... (4:05 PM) : 

Woww so nicee
i am reading Garance's article, and i know your in korea, it must be so nice


Blogger Marta said ... (4:08 PM) : 

OMG her skirt looks like a typical Polish design


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:11 PM) : 

You should definitely visit hongdae. i think youll like what you see


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:17 PM) : 

L O V E I T !!!!!! In her own world all the way. textures, patterns, colours.


Blogger Natalie Gonzalez said ... (4:21 PM) : 

Beautiful colours. I love the oversized cardi over the contrasting maxi! It just works.

The over accessorizing is great, you can never have enough!


Blogger mirae. said ... (4:30 PM) : 

Lovely match of patterns. Love it. I've never really looked at street styles whenever I went to Korea and now, I think I should! Thank you for taking such lovely pictures of Korean style.


Blogger anna heejin said ... (4:31 PM) : 

that cardigan needs to be mine! love the patterns and the beautiful colors. give me nowwwww


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:47 PM) : 

She doesn't look Korean at all to me. Seems like she's heavily influenced by Japanese style or actually is a Japanese. I cannot agree more with the comment that there are too many colors already despite the gorgeous oversized cardigan.


Blogger Spiritually & Grammatically Incorrect said ... (5:08 PM) : 



Blogger Unknown said ... (5:09 PM) : 

Awesome oversizing!


Blogger An Invitation said ... (5:09 PM) : 

Loving some wintertime color!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:09 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger My Heart Blogged said ... (5:20 PM) : 

I love all the bold colors. I also love the chuck taylors.
My Heart Blogged


Anonymous arachne said ... (6:17 PM) : 

I love her looks,so colourfull and pretty


Anonymous HOT + COOL said ... (6:20 PM) : 

Notice the one shoelace tied behind her converse...very eccentric cool.


Blogger caribbelle said ... (6:46 PM) : 

I'm loving it all, the patterns, textures and colors. This look says effortless cool comfort.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:05 PM) : 

she isn't korean because hold a guide book in her's hand. also, at this place a lot of japanes tourist.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:36 PM) : 

As several other posters have noted, she is definitely not Korean. Even without the guidebook in hand she would stand out as a tourist. I've lived here for six months and never seen anyone this bold, colorful, or whimsical.

Korean style is a testament to the fact that they never had the sixties, and didn't have a counter-cultural renaissance in the 90s like Japan. As a result, style here looks very restrained, even tight, and always polished.


Blogger roxanne s. sukhan said ... (9:13 PM) : 

Love it! How cool.


Blogger Michelle Lee said ... (10:05 PM) : 

cute style :)

my first debut single is out in Korea hope you can check it out sometimes!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:09 PM) : 

this one is amazing


Blogger street number eight said ... (10:18 PM) : 

for everyone who thinks style means a 6 inch heel and something out of French Vouge, i present...this AH-mazing photo!

she's so comfortable with herself and goes for it 100%. THAT is style :) love.


Blogger marjorie rose said ... (10:29 PM) : 

The mix of colors and patterns and the serious look on her face make for an interesting photograph. Great contrast!


Blogger Black Cat Vintage said ... (11:24 PM) : 

so great!


Blogger Mayuly Kamphan said ... (12:25 AM) : 

sweeeet style!!



Blogger Shilpi Tomar said ... (12:46 AM) : 

oh my god this is incredible




Blogger Thought Forms said ... (1:14 AM) : 

This has to be in the next book!!!


Blogger Stacey Kay said ... (1:39 AM) : 

O wow, this is amazing. I love the way that she put this outfit together, it is so impeccably Korean. I love the adverse way of dressing from what we see over here in the USA.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
My Vintage Handbag Line


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:44 AM) : 

She might be Japanese, based on the tourist guide book, but she obviously has great taste b/c she came to visit Korea. :P The only thing even remotely "Korean" about this outfit (and it's not even Korean) are the Chuck Taylors. They're EVERYWHERE in Korea worn by all the young kids.

Oh, and I JUST noticed her leather black gloves. This outfit is totally wacky, but it works somehow!


Anonymous Kazuko said ... (2:14 AM) : 

this is love. her outfit is so good on so many levels and for so many reasons. so inspiring!


Blogger Ostentatious said ... (2:33 AM) : 

This is Seoul, but she is Japanese.. What the?


Blogger thwany said ... (3:08 AM) : 

loveee all the textures, colors and patterns.


Blogger The student's guide to affordable luxury said ... (3:18 AM) : 

Unexpected combinations and great colours. She looks great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:02 AM) : 

Funny combination but cool.


Anonymous dominique said ... (4:22 AM) : 

j'adore ce look !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:24 AM) : 

she definitely seems japanese. this would be a very uncommon ensemble among koreans, in my experience. the japanese are much more the point of exhilaration! :D


Anonymous jimjims said ... (4:25 AM) : 

digging all the craziness and colours in this one photo!


Blogger Sophia Molen said ... (5:22 AM) : 




Blogger Unknown said ... (5:41 AM) : 

She just passed by me near Myungdong in Seoul .I was surprised :)


Blogger secret38 said ... (5:45 AM) : 

How great to get to see how differently people do things the world over, instead of just the fash-pack brigade - thank you Sart - keep travelling!


Anonymous Beatriz said ... (6:06 AM) : 

colour, colour, colour!


Blogger SAMANTHA said ... (6:09 AM) : 

wow this is AMAZING! it might be one my favorite shots from you! i want to go there so bad.



Blogger MY PITANGAS said ... (6:24 AM) : 

I wonder what she's thinking??...


Blogger ZHENYA ZHURAVLYOVA said ... (6:24 AM) : 

attractive sweater, but kedy here superfluous!))


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:57 AM) : 

I lvoe the mix of colors, the pattern ont he skirt and the otufit...amaziong!


Anonymous PopArtRockGirlYeah! said ... (8:45 AM) : 

Love the ecclectic pattterns in the last pic - great stuff x


Anonymous Suziesan said ... (9:24 AM) : 

I am sure that she is Japanese. Her right hand hold a guide book kkk


Blogger A said ... (9:53 AM) : 

So much color, very nice!



Blogger Suzanne said ... (10:16 AM) : 

Funny how even her map picks up the colours in her look!


Blogger Copper Etiquette said ... (10:16 AM) : 

Interesting combination


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:24 AM) : 

A big YES.


Blogger Britney said ... (11:28 AM) : 

Very interesting, I sense a man repeller!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:34 AM) : 

takes a serene face like hers to carry the look. absolutely fabulous!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:23 PM) : 

Yay-the Sartorialist is in Seoul! I was there last summer and the city was filled with young people with great, dressed-up style.


Blogger Ching Lao said ... (12:32 PM) : 

love it. nice nice nice.


Blogger Lex said ... (1:15 PM) : 

Wow, love the mix of color!


Anonymous Steff B. said ... (2:35 PM) : 

i love her cream headphones!! and i just found that same cardi on queenoflalaland! >.<


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:14 PM) : 

I have seen me wearing cardigans like this, where can i get one here in Los Angeles. They look great and are popular amongst the Koreans. There are fair iles ish and colorful, i really want one. Someone please help me figuer out how to buy one. Thanks alot fellow Sarts!


Blogger Anai Le said ... (4:11 PM) : 

Imposible no verla.


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:11 PM) : 

Such a neat scarf!


Anonymous John said ... (4:22 PM) : 

Funny one !! She does live on another planet... her fashion world :-) ! the oversized cardigan remains amazing... Nice shot


Anonymous Sophie Mhabille said ... (4:25 PM) : 

so colourful <3


Blogger GRATEFUL HEART DESIGNS said ... (5:33 PM) : 

My guess is she is traveling and the cardigan is for warmth. Her outfit beneath is very well co ordinated with the exception of the green bag. The look is fun, and her expressions so serene above such a vibrant collection of color.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:07 PM) : 

damn! i really should have bought that Bbon-J cardigan when I had the chance! its great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:48 PM) : 

so chic

- Sarita


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:36 PM) : 

She looks cool. I like everything, even her haircut and headphones makes her look cool. Her style seems very eclectic, more Japanese than Korean, but that style is becoming more and more popular in Korea.


Blogger Formica said ... (12:34 AM) : 

Ethno-Chic! Love the color.. and how there are no co-ordinates, and that's what creates the interest to look twice! Interesting!


Blogger brooklyn said ... (12:50 AM) : 

this is my most favorite outfit you have ever posted. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!


Anonymous dress said ... (2:31 AM) : 

love this outfit, so colorful!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:44 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:07 AM) : 

Isn't she from Japan? The book she is holding is a travel guide I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:50 AM) : 

^she could be, but shes wearing korean clothes.
the cardigan is from Bbon-J, a Korean label.


Blogger treetopbirdy said ... (12:43 PM) : 

This may be my favorite combination ever. It just works. gorgeous.


Anonymous Shadders said ... (1:08 PM) : 

Love the cardigan.....very colourful


Blogger happyjnd said ... (1:13 PM) : 

She's Japanese.


Blogger Lux said ... (1:59 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:55 PM) : 

Traveling to India made me really appreciate opens your eyes towards happiness. It seems like "most" people get insecure about color and shy away from it...afraid of what it will do to those around you or yourself...I say let them talk-let some light shine into their sad gray, black, brown cookie cutter style/personality. So liberating....


Blogger saradowle said ... (4:36 PM) : 

The cardigan is fabulous!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:24 PM) : 

A splendid mess!


Blogger 5 Students in Celebrity Culture said ... (8:46 PM) : 

The cardigan is from NastyGal. It is an online website located in California...small world.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:55 PM) : 

Brilliant! Modern nomadic. Urban tribal. To me this ensemble qualifies as art. Very intelligently put together, and she is about 1 in 10 people in the world who could carry it off. Congratulations, my are very talented. And thank you, Sartorialist......great shot!


Blogger hw said ... (12:01 AM) : 

Oh!good~~~ Very coloful and unique! Maybe one from other place for tour, I guess! Cause the tour guide book in her hand ^^ Welcome to KOREA !!!


Anonymous OgKofB said ... (4:51 AM) : 

oh wow, the cardigan, the textures, the colours, even the gloves, beautiful!


Blogger La Gypsetter said ... (7:24 AM) : 

TOTALLY INSPIRED!! Korea I can't wait to visit YOU!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:49 AM) : 

This shouldn`t work, but it does - bigtime!


Blogger Liz S said ... (8:25 AM) : 

Oh, wow and wow!
Amazing... this works so well on her.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 AM) : 

The skirt here is traditional Kutch embroidery from gujrat, India...... so well paired n carried....:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:44 AM) : 

The skirt here is traditional Kutch embroidery from gujrat, India...... so well paired n carried....:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20 AM) : 

I love this beautiful creative outfit!


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