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Christopher Kane Fall 2011


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christopher Kane Fall 2011

Comments on "Christopher Kane Fall 2011"


Anonymous mll mag said ... (3:39 PM) : 

Looooooooooooove these pics ;))


Blogger Una B. said ... (3:40 PM) : 

Beautiful.First photo lightly reminded of McQueen's "Evolution"


Blogger Clemence and me said ... (3:42 PM) : 

Very nice collection and I realy like the style!!!


Blogger Sumo said ... (3:43 PM) : 

feels kind of aquatic
so beautiful


Blogger GINGER FASHION MONSTERS said ... (3:45 PM) : 

Gorgeous photos....
Lovethe work with the coloured edges brings a really new focus to the structure of the clothes somehow


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:45 PM) : 

stunning, so graphic and joyful!


Blogger Lala said ... (3:53 PM) : 

Oh wow, mermaids! (And sunsets.) No wonder he's my idol.


Blogger Chiii said ... (3:53 PM) : 

Great work! Just like mermaids on the first photo.


Anonymous Christa51 said ... (3:59 PM) : 

SO glad the bare shoulder is back all over the place!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:01 PM) : 

absolutely fantastic, best at LFW so far. love;


Blogger Karena said ... (4:02 PM) : 

Adore the sleek graphic design!! Fabulous!

Art by Karena


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:05 PM) : 

how absolutely beautiful. guess london fashion week is all about the uniformity!



Blogger Charlotte said ... (4:16 PM) : 

Great Collection. I love the dresses` small details.



Blogger Francesca Robertson said ... (4:29 PM) : 

love all of the dresses in black. wow


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Blogger Laura Sherriffs said ... (4:33 PM) : 

Beautiful collection. Kane is so innovative with his use of materials, and I love how every collection he does is such a radical contrast from the previous.



Blogger My Savage Side said ... (4:33 PM) : 

good photos! like the focus you shooted them!


Anonymous jeanne berre said ... (4:34 PM) : 

These pictures make you want to discover the show. Thank you.


Anonymous Sartor Resartus said ... (5:39 PM) : 

Tip top !


Blogger Steven said ... (5:47 PM) : 

Digin the style of these photos!


Anonymous Vicky Tate said ... (6:16 PM) : 

Love it, feels like plastic missoni


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:42 PM) : 

Although I must admit, my first reaction was that those colorful wiggly accents look very much like ric-racs, which my grandmother used to decorate the edges of her needlepoint. Oh, and also wriggly borders that grade-school teachers use to outline the boards on their walls...LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:16 PM) : 

i love the progressions in the pieces!! amazing, kinda a classical feeling even though they r quite adventurous


Blogger the chic addict said ... (8:35 PM) : 

Beautiful collection, for sure. He's amazing.


Anonymous Meredith said ... (8:47 PM) : 

Ok. This time, you win (over Garance). The impact of the whole line of girls together is breath-taking.

- Meredith


Blogger Anastasios said ... (8:57 PM) : 

Totally cool. Really of 2011!


Blogger David Diaz said ... (9:05 PM) : 


Have a Good Day!



Blogger LoveE ♥ said ... (11:56 PM) : 

So excited for the new Fall collection! There are finally some perks about living in the Southern Hemisphere :)


Anonymous accessories said ... (12:58 AM) : 

I love the see through dresses.


Anonymous shoes uk said ... (3:02 AM) : 

Gorgeous photos....
i love new fashion collection all model are so cute very nice


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:04 AM) : 

i was really hoping that you would show us something from c.kane. thanks so much!!


Blogger ML said ... (3:23 AM) : 

I love those squiggles! And seeing the girls altogether like really makes an impact.


Blogger Glass and Splinters said ... (3:43 AM) : 

Oh wow, I've just finished working in red and black, I made the right choice!


Blogger Ursula Manning said ... (5:15 AM) : 

Really nice collection!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:43 AM) : 

Tired of the Kane gimmicks.


Blogger fashionxxi said ... (6:10 AM) : 

Amazing collection! I love C.Kane!!!


Blogger Magdalena said ... (7:48 AM) : 

Lovely collection!!


Blogger Michelle Lee said ... (8:01 AM) : 

love the collection!


Anonymous Beatriz said ... (9:21 AM) : 

great collection!!! so cool...xxb


Anonymous Sophie Mhabille said ... (9:27 AM) : 

beautiful dresses


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:51 AM) : 

Beautiful fabrics !


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:53 AM) : 

I lvoe the jelly details cool and fresh!! Great work Kane!


Anonymous elxoxodetuprima said ... (9:59 AM) : 

Our pictures are great. But London didnt impressed me at all this season... just bland and commercial.


Blogger Alex Adamson said ... (11:06 AM) : 

I like the second picture, not so much the first picture though. As a whole I don't find the collection to be particularly fresh or beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:28 PM) : 

what do we call that hair style?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:15 PM) : 

Interesting use of materials.


Anonymous ClothesDR said ... (4:25 PM) : 

Pur sensuality in the first set. love the see through material.


Blogger Gucci S. said ... (10:15 AM) : 

Beautiful show xxxx


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:21 PM) : 

Love these pics, girls look fierce....


Anonymous manchester escorts said ... (10:32 PM) : 

Sensual, elegant and arrogant - love the photos!


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