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On the Street....Ah, Cool!, Florence


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Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Street....Ah, Cool!, Florence

Comments on "On the Street....Ah, Cool!, Florence"


Blogger Marrisa said ... (5:19 PM) : 

Beautiful photo, love the vest!

Please check out my blog and follow me!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:19 PM) : 

This is gorgeous. Love the style and the mood of the photograph.


Blogger Beautycountry said ... (5:20 PM) : 

his vest is aaaawsome!!! :D

and his look is...yes; cool :D


Blogger my.amalgam said ... (5:20 PM) : 

"Ah, cool!"

fits this photo perfectly!


Blogger Clemence and me said ... (5:23 PM) : 

Beautiful coat and style!


Blogger The Fashionable Traveler said ... (5:24 PM) : 

What a fantastic vest!


Blogger Bronwyn said ... (5:24 PM) : 

Very cool, indeed!


Blogger The Sluice Box said ... (5:26 PM) : 

I love a high contrast look.


Blogger blue roses said ... (5:31 PM) : 

wow, great contrast between the leather and soft fleece of that vest.


Blogger Anastasios said ... (5:33 PM) : 

Seriously, this is a very cool jacket!
And what a portrait!


Blogger crystal said ... (5:41 PM) : 

What a fantastic vest!


Blogger Kristen said ... (5:41 PM) : 

The leather detail on the vest is great. I love how the sherpa is on the outside, too. It's a cool texture.


Blogger GINGER FASHION MONSTERS said ... (5:46 PM) : 

Aaaah, I do love a bit of somehow manages to combine cool & cosy, which is no easy task!


Blogger BECKY MAY said ... (5:50 PM) : 

just stunning. you are an incredible, never ending source of inspiration. thank you!



Blogger Whitney Sherrell said ... (5:54 PM) : 

Wonderful photo, what an amazing vest. I'd wear it myself!



Blogger comme fraiche said ... (6:02 PM) : 

like the design of the vest, the strap and pockets, looks cool indeed


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:02 PM) : 

I don't like so much this jacket :S



Anonymous jimjims said ... (6:02 PM) : 

Interesting top.

not sure what to think of it...

bold move by this dude!


Blogger Helen said ... (6:03 PM) : 

haha, that title captures it perfectly.


Blogger caribbelle said ... (6:08 PM) : 

this happens to be one of the most stylish guys I've seen you photograph. His attitude and the jacket make the photo


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:13 PM) : 

Cool vest!!


Blogger Rosa Tang said ... (6:17 PM) : 

Reminds me of my dad :)


Anonymous Kim said ... (6:22 PM) : 

I love it.
Keep up the wonderful work!


Blogger Not quite beautiful said ... (6:30 PM) : 

Simply striking. Really like the vest too.




Blogger * said ... (6:36 PM) : 



Blogger Quest St. Jacobs said ... (6:43 PM) : 

Dope vest that can easily be an acceptable (non-tacky) reverse.


Anonymous Vanessa said ... (7:04 PM) : 

Nice vest! Who's the model?


Anonymous Sophie Mhabille said ... (7:06 PM) : 

"le bombardier en peau lainée" is the strongest piece of this winter


Anonymous carole said ... (7:10 PM) : 

Love the vest!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:12 PM) : 

Very feminine vest with too much frill.


Blogger Katherine said ... (7:17 PM) : 

Love it, almost looks like an inside out shearling vest, but cooler!


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (7:18 PM) : 

Such a beautiful jacket

Asiatic style


Blogger S said ... (7:38 PM) : 

Great photo. That's an amazing vest.


Blogger Vinda Sonata said ... (7:55 PM) : 

gorgeous style
the details of the vest are amazing !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:04 PM) : 

leather and wool, lovely natural fabrics, :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:22 PM) : 

I like ! kiss ;*


Blogger Gene said ... (8:40 PM) : 

Really stylish vest.


Blogger Anna said ... (9:04 PM) : 

love the vest!


Blogger Wida said ... (9:38 PM) : 

This is very lovely.

Thank you!

Missing Amsie Blog


Blogger Carrie's Clothes said ... (9:42 PM) : 

Wow, I love the vest, just wow.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:51 PM) : 

Nice vest!


Blogger Wallace Chapman said ... (9:51 PM) : 

very cool vest, very cool pose..w


Anonymous Lee Oliveira said ... (11:18 PM) : 

Love his vest.
lee x


Blogger Funky Fraîche said ... (11:26 PM) : 

really cool vest...<3


Love, L


Blogger TheHypeAround... said ... (11:36 PM) : 

A rugged look on a man always looks stylish and this fellow is no exception. I have an old authentic bomber jacket from the Korean War and this high collard vest reminds me of the interior of my beloved garment.

I'm sure he was the envy of his crew!


Blogger boyunso said ... (11:49 PM) : 

the fur vest looks very nice with other chick clothes on him!! :D


Anonymous May said ... (1:03 AM) : 

I seriously love this!!!


Blogger Laurita P said ... (1:06 AM) : 

what a rockin vest!


Blogger sam zahri said ... (1:44 AM) : 

i want that vest!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:48 AM) : 

46 comments and no one pointing out that this man would be utterly gorgeous wearing absolutely anything? Let me right that wrong. Yeah, the vest is nifty, but this is a case where the man makes the clothes, not vice versa.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:54 AM) : 

Fabulous jacket! x


Anonymous ward Roberts said ... (2:55 AM) : 

Awesome vest


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:03 AM) : 

Beautiful pic ;)


Blogger Be-art(B-R´t) said ... (4:30 AM) : 

WOW! Love your blog, your phtos are amazing! Check mine and follow it! I´m a young dessigner hope you will enjoy my first collection!


Blogger Mark H said ... (4:45 AM) : 

this is one of the worst jackets I've ever seen


Anonymous julie said ... (5:14 AM) : 

lovely jacket. Burberry trends for men !
my blog :


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:18 AM) : 

I think I have same vest. Although I haven't found it was so stylish till now!


Blogger Contact said ... (5:21 AM) : 

His attitude, his outfit, all is incredible! We have the impress he is a character of a movie!


Blogger TheStreetFashion5xpro said ... (5:41 AM) : 

absolutely cool


Blogger Hardo said ... (5:53 AM) : 

hello mr sartorialist. well do you ever use some photoshop?


Blogger Anna said ... (5:58 AM) : 

the perfect exclamation!

ben fatto!

do you like my new bag?
take a look!


Anonymous saintsandevils said ... (6:42 AM) : 

Horrible vest, horrible hairstyle... No cool anyway


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:54 AM) : 

i love his vest! and i love his hair :D


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:07 AM) : 

I love this shearling vest it's os cool and Burberry style...


Blogger Jo said ... (8:29 AM) : 

what a handsome boy!


Blogger A La Male said ... (8:39 AM) : 




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:44 AM) : 

Nice! You have to go to Spain too! In Barcelona there are a lot of style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:55 AM) : 

Great vest. It's warm and i love the fact that it seems to be backwards! VEry strong piece, because you can match it with very simple pieces and still look really stylish. Amazing shot!


Blogger SAMANTHA said ... (9:02 AM) : 

so cool, what an amazing jacket.



Anonymous The Artmachine said ... (9:25 AM) : 



Anonymous Maryanne said ... (10:46 AM) : 

this would be an amazing jacket if it were lined with the same cosy sheepskin.
so that it's a double sheepskin jacket.

he certainly has style and warmth!


Blogger Foodies said ... (10:47 AM) : 

LOVE the vest!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:59 AM) : 

mmm..... on the cover of a fashion magazine!!!!


Blogger TheMen'sSide said ... (12:21 PM) : 



Blogger MELISSA Z. said ... (12:29 PM) : 

what a cool man, great jacket! wow!


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:33 PM) : 

Great jacket. It looks like it is worn inside out: rather postmodern...


Blogger Kacrates said ... (12:39 PM) : 

this reminds me of the burberry piece but i love seeing this!


Blogger the GOLD book d'Odette said ... (12:42 PM) : 



Anonymous IS THIS IT? models review said ... (12:43 PM) : 

Not a fan of this kind of coat, not really. But I like his attitude for sure.


Anonymous rebecca Braha said ... (1:05 PM) : 

who makes this vest?


Blogger LuladarkJewels said ... (1:28 PM) : 

wow.... amazing look!!!!


Blogger Fashion Nerd said ... (1:31 PM) : 

Amazing Jacket.


Blogger Kathleen said ... (1:37 PM) : 


It just keeps getting better and better with you and your craft! I have been away for a few months, in that I haven't been blogging on The Sartorialist. Is it me or is it you? Going out a a limb here. Could it be a combo of you and my taste as far as culture and dressing for one's day is improving? This would be great! One thing for certain, you've bumped it up about ten notches, or more. Your eye is exquisite. Love, love, love this photograph and the man in it. His clothes, his attitude. Very sexy indeed! Great balls of fire, this is what I have to say on a sultry (Out of the blue) southern afternoon. More snow to come, any time now. Love you work, Kathleen


Blogger brightlightsbigcity said ... (2:11 PM) : 

awesome vest! it looks so cozy :)


Blogger DorsiaShannonVintage said ... (2:16 PM) : 

Love the color story! and the celebration of the man


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:58 PM) : 

Can this daring look be the trend for young men? I hope!


Anonymous dimitri said ... (4:03 PM) : 

This vest is so beautiful !
I love this portrait.


Blogger Sophia said ... (4:34 PM) : 

amazing shot and amazing vest! I love how he wears his (facial) hair.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:37 PM) : 



Blogger from the Lady Philosopher said ... (6:47 PM) : 

Style's all in his attitude.


Anonymous Klara said ... (6:48 PM) : 

Now we have to find out where he bought his vest!!


Blogger Be-art(B-R´t) said ... (7:00 PM) : 

Hey! I love your blog! It´s fantastic your pics are amazing! Check mine I think u will like it, I´m young dessigner! Hope u will enjoy my clothes ;)


Blogger Olimpia Elide B. said ... (8:34 PM) : 

This is why I love MY city.
Simply wonderful.


Blogger HStrang said ... (9:07 PM) : 

How is he NOT a model? Absolutely gorgeous. Makes me almost okay with cold weather.

You are genius!


Blogger Sole Digger said ... (10:52 PM) : 

What a great shot - I'm in awe, as always.


Blogger ...Brasil... said ... (1:22 AM) : 

Hi, my name is fellype, and dream a lot in modeling, I'm 17 years old, and I'm 1.83 tall, I'm afraid, not being able to realize my dream, you're a great photographer, as I can be a great model ?


Blogger Marina e Camilla said ... (3:41 AM) : 

Love this guy! It's really cool!


Blogger D said ... (5:15 AM) : 

likey likey


Blogger Isabella said ... (6:09 AM) : 

Cool outfit, he matches the clothes really well... and I love the way he handles the bag!



Blogger Unknown said ... (8:29 AM) : 

Beautiful style! Awesome vest!Very cool!


Anonymous Steve McQueen said ... (8:45 AM) : 

Pretty awesome jacket, well worn by Manny Pacquiao!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:18 AM) : 

i like only the jacket :)


Blogger Brianne said ... (9:20 AM) : 

The stark basics under his vest make it all very rugged, as if he just stepped off an old war-time plane or something... The scene reminds me of a classic black and white movie.

Great eye!

International Fashion


Anonymous Art of RetroCollage said ... (9:36 AM) : 

We could sure use vests like that here in NYC now!


Blogger Ashley said ... (10:42 AM) : 

Beautiful vest!!


Blogger Irene PS said ... (11:51 AM) : 

I felt in love with the jacket!
Your shots are great!
Kisses from a spanish 14-year old!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 AM) : 

Ooh my God! it`s fantastic vest...


Blogger NamSunny.K :) said ... (12:55 PM) : 

No No! It's so cold in korea!
It's like Arctic


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:25 PM) : 

quelle veste, quelle attitude !


Anonymous imobiliarias alegrete said ... (3:20 PM) : 

I loved


Anonymous imobiliarias alegrete said ... (3:21 PM) : 

very good


Blogger Cybelle e Fabi said ... (7:34 PM) : 

Very stylish!!!Love the pictures!!!xoxo Cybelle & Fabi


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:07 PM) : 

AWESOME as always.
come visit the completely new COSMICaroline again soon and see the better layout, revamped outfits, and a new photographer!



Blogger The Red Umbrella said ... (11:43 PM) : 

This works for me!


Anonymous Lindsey said ... (12:13 AM) : 

did you hold the casting calls for the project you're working on in seoul? are you still in seoul, mr schuman?


Blogger ZHENYA ZHURAVLYOVA said ... (12:26 AM) : 

interesting look!


Blogger Ky said ... (12:41 AM) : 

Your 'on the street' photos are awesome. Real people wearing real clothes. So much better than runway.


Blogger CHEARLY said ... (4:43 AM) : 

I love this blog. I adore it. All the pictures are so amazing.... thank you for your work.
XOXO from italy


Blogger Miss Molly said ... (4:49 AM) : 

he looks cool.. rad style


Blogger liger said ... (5:47 AM) : 

cool indeed! i like the vest :)


Anonymous DBF-ATELIER said ... (5:48 AM) : 



Blogger liger said ... (5:48 AM) : 

cool indeed! i like the vest :)


Anonymous Ciarghlee said ... (6:14 AM) : 

love this fur gillet! he has such attitude


Anonymous Kazu said ... (6:35 AM) : 

Ah, CooL
I know him.
He is a one of famous stylist in Japan.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:13 AM) : 

Love the guys expression. Great shot


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:28 AM) : 

dislike the hair.


Anonymous ERTLandCOHN said ... (7:58 AM) : 

Nice combo again! Love the jacket!



Blogger Tara s Dolce Vita said ... (8:21 AM) : 

Very cool indeed!


Blogger Bigio said ... (9:33 AM) : 

That jacket is amazing!!! I want it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:40 AM) : 

amazing vest!! :)
does anyone now the brand?


Blogger Kira Lilly said ... (10:41 AM) : 

love the shearling look
this guy is very cool!

my fashion blog Kira Lilly


Anonymous proletarian Great Gatsby said ... (11:02 AM) : 

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?yes, please.


Anonymous costume jewellery said ... (11:53 AM) : 

Very cool. The shearling look is great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:37 PM) : 

Great jacket and colours ar good too...


Anonymous thefashionguitar said ... (5:05 PM) : 

He looks hot!

xo thefashionguitar


Blogger Peroxide Blonde said ... (11:48 PM) : 

yeah yeah yeah fantastic

Peroxide Blonde


Blogger Luciane at said ... (10:54 AM) : 

Everything is gorgeous here! Love it!


Luciane at

Post of the day: A Cottage on Shelter Island.


Anonymous Pastabelly said ... (7:55 PM) : 

An interesting take on the 1930's "Grizzly' jacket...without sleeves..
I'm surprised none of the vintage fashionistas's here picked up on it ;)

japanese do slim very well..and cool


Anonymous fashionsdirtylaundry said ... (11:40 AM) : 

I love this shot. Cool vest, nice pose :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:24 PM) : 

Gorgeous jacket (vest?), gorgeous young man.

Attention, guy in photo! If you are not a model already, you need to find an agent asap!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:35 PM) : 

he is masahiko sakata.
famous director in Japan.


Blogger Marieta Milanović Trapo said ... (6:44 PM) : 

too cool


Blogger Miriam Parkman said ... (5:22 PM) : 

Oohh...if I would pass him on the street looking like that I'd whistle.


Blogger Solange Statsevich said ... (9:25 PM) : 

love the look!


Anonymous Fashionality said ... (10:21 PM) : 

Love the bag.

Check out more fashionable bags for men here.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:34 AM) : 

Is this vest reversible? It'll be much better if it's not - The zipper and the flap on the inside look a bit awkward to me. Otherwise the vest is beautiful, and so is the guy's stance.


Anonymous Julia said ... (7:09 AM) : 

Oh. You just photgraphed my dream man. Everything gorgeous.


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