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Sunday, September 26, 2010

At Jil Sander

Several of the editors felt that, so far, this was the best show of the entire season.

I love the that the lowly shopping bag is making such a fashion statement at Jil

Comments on "At Jil Sander"


Blogger Marina said ... (8:17 AM) : 



Blogger kylie said ... (8:20 AM) : 



Blogger Michelle Bobb-Parris said ... (8:20 AM) : 

The colours and shapes in this collections are just mind-blowing. I am looking forward to seeing more of it in print. Raf Simons is amazing.



Blogger Jason Laucht said ... (8:20 AM) : 

amazing! great colors and photographs


Blogger Jose Luis said ... (8:21 AM) : 

Such beautiful silhouettes.. colors..Prints.. Everything was just amazing..


Blogger s milano said ... (8:25 AM) : 

Indeed amazing colors, vivid , alive great photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:25 AM) : 

wow, I'm totally amazed by the dresses!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:25 AM) : 

It was my personal favourite show too.

It's incredible how Raf Simons have moved from super minimalism to colours, volumes and "maximalism".

For me it’s up there with Prada and (the first part of) the Gucci show.


Anonymous michael sanderson said ... (8:27 AM) : 

excellent color scheme, so much usable things.



Blogger Geraldine Hutt said ... (8:27 AM) : 

thumps up


Blogger agata said ... (8:29 AM) : 

one of the best collections so far. love all the stripes, flowers and vibrant colours!

still waiting for chanel and miu miu though xx


Blogger Giacomo Amidei said ... (8:31 AM) : 

I love it!


Blogger Sven said ... (8:31 AM) : 

Jil was know for something different :(


Blogger Meine Dinge Franka said ... (8:32 AM) : 

Colours! Great!

Not the sometimes boring black & white!



Anonymous Fashionelka said ... (8:33 AM) : 

Kasia Struss <3


Blogger Ana Laura said ... (8:34 AM) : 

marvellous clothing and astonishing make-up! AL


Blogger Nolita said ... (8:37 AM) : 

I love the electric blue-violet dress with those accessories!

--Nolita Vintage--


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:38 AM) : 

Wow! Really not used to seeing those kind of proportions from Jil Sander! Wonderful color and the handbags are sublime. I may need to save up for that last outfit!


Blogger Troubavkuchyni said ... (8:40 AM) : 

so simple but colorful and fresh, when you see shopping bag at fashion show it makes the clothing more acceptable to ordirary people!!:-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:40 AM) : 

Mindblowing phantastic colours and structures. Love it


Anonymous Sonia said ... (8:41 AM) : 

Makes you love colors!


Anonymous Liza Ramli said ... (8:41 AM) : 

I passed out at the sight of the handbag. :)) Simply too gorgeous for words!!!!


Blogger Caddy said ... (8:43 AM) : 

I really like the use of color. That white dress is popping!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:43 AM) : 

the first dress is amazing! i think that the whole collection is really beautiful. i love the bags!


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:44 AM) : 

Wow the first picture is amazing! I love the bright clashing colours and the flower handbag is gorgeous!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:44 AM) : 

I'm loving the colors and florals used in the collection. Stunning work.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:45 AM) : 

love the colors. bold. crisp.


Anonymous mariax said ... (8:45 AM) : 

Lovely colours, elegant shapes, very much like artwork.


Blogger Julie Leah said ... (8:46 AM) : 

I am obsessed with these bright pops of color! How gorgeous! Not to mention I'm swooning over the first two floral frocks! Stunning.


Anonymous Elodie said ... (8:49 AM) : 

I also think that is one of the best show. Daring, different, that is stunning. I love.


Blogger Pink said ... (8:50 AM) : 

woww the colors are awesome!!! love the prints too

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:52 AM) : 

Is that a plastic shopping bag? It makes me very sad to see such an item touted as stylish accessory when most of the world is trying to do away with them. Sure, fashion is not the most green of industries, but why lend merit to such an unnecessary and environmentally damaging piece of plastic. For me, this ruins an otherwise beautiful collection - it vindicates the critics who say the fashion world is out of touch with reality. Sorry, I love every other photo on the page - just not the plastic bag.


Blogger Bruce Barone said ... (8:55 AM) : 

LOVE the colors!!!


Blogger Brigadeiro said ... (8:56 AM) : 

I absolutely loved this collection! The shapes, the bold colours, the prints...minimalism + maximalism beautifully married together. Raf Simons' best work yet, IMHO.


Anonymous LEMOND1 said ... (8:59 AM) : 

TREND: CANDY COLORS, the show was really stunning!! ALL the cuts too were amazing! I hope Paris will be better than every thing we saw in NYC, london & Milan!!



Blogger Noumia's papers said ... (9:04 AM) : 

Love it !


Blogger TorontoVerve Street Style said ... (9:09 AM) : 

Love the bold colours.


Blogger Not Specified said ... (9:11 AM) : 

I love the bright colours!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:15 AM) : 

I love the blue dress, but I expect the other looks to be featured on the Man Repeller.


Anonymous Frau Sonntag said ... (9:18 AM) : 

love the colours


Blogger Jasmin said ... (9:24 AM) : 

I love the first photo!


Blogger For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things said ... (9:26 AM) : 

The clothes are GORGEOUS! The first dress stole the show for me :)

Follow my blog at


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:32 AM) : 

Ummm, they certainly are colorful.


Blogger kate said ... (9:38 AM) : 

great colours!!!


Blogger Longuette said ... (9:48 AM) : 

the white dress with the splash of colour on teh waist is to die for.
I would wear it for my wedding!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:54 AM) : 

Seriously? That first dress makes the model look like a couch. And the super-high-waisted-pants outfit looks super awful in those bright colors.


Blogger Judy C said ... (9:59 AM) : 

The colors are great but I am not into garbage bag fashion.


Blogger Bridget said ... (10:04 AM) : 

I'd love to see a fashion house design shopping bags for a department store over the holidays. It would get people to reuse them -- especially if the different sizes emulated clutches, handbags and totes, etc. I'm thinking Tory Burch for Bloomingdale's or Michael Kors for Macy's. Although, it occurs to me as I type this that 99% of the male population probably doesn't want to be seen sporting a paper "pocketbook."


Blogger Eléonore said ... (10:14 AM) : 

Absolutely gorgeous !!! Love the purple dress ;)


Anonymous Asia said ... (10:18 AM) : 

Honestly, I am not sure if I like the clothes they are not very flattering, but definitely I love the colours


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:19 AM) : 

love this! So colourful and nice!


Blogger mónica t. said ... (10:34 AM) : 

beautiful colors! ilove the first dress!!!!!


Anonymous michel said ... (11:03 AM) : 

anyone who really loves and UNDERSTANDS fashion will adore this collection.
Others, will pay attention to minor details like plastic bags,even when they are used as a statement,(but we really didnt expect that they would understand it...For those there will always be H&M...


Anonymous Jen said ... (11:10 AM) : 

Jil Sanders killed it. Love love love the first dress and the blue short dress. Gorgeous.


Blogger Sarah said ... (11:36 AM) : 

Hmm. The colors are so mouthwateringly saturated and bright -- refreshing after the fall neutrals all over the place. You have to be pretty trim, tall, and confident in your body to add those extra bulgy volumes to it, though. I'd love the fabrics in sleeker shapes!

<a href="</a></a>


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:36 AM) : 

oh this is so wonderful. that 2nd dress! wish i could afford it... thanks you for showing it to us, this is glorious!


Blogger Sandy said ... (11:37 AM) : 

I love that purple dress!! The colors of this collection are simply breath-taking!


Blogger Angelica said ... (11:43 AM) : 

love this collection! the print of the second dress remind me a little bit at cavalli 2007 or 06


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:05 PM) : 

Splendid collection from Jil Sanders!


Blogger polin said ... (12:20 PM) : 

The satorialist is my god
pray for him!
thinks ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:21 PM) : 



Anonymous S.C. said ... (12:38 PM) : 

amazing!!!! thanks very much to show us these beauties.


Blogger Sarah said ... (12:48 PM) : 

beautiful, so refreshing to see such bright colours back again!


Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (12:51 PM) : 

I love Jil Sander! Great collection. x


Blogger Lisa Chakan said ... (12:51 PM) : 

Glorious colors and real-world stylings.

Brilliant stuff.


Anonymous Miasto-od-podszewki said ... (1:01 PM) : 

Awesome! beautiful energetic colours. I totally agree with editors :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:09 PM) : 

Notice how the lipstick comes alive through the clothing.


Anonymous mabelmabel said ... (1:09 PM) : 

Fun clothes, palate-clearing colors, probably a pleasure to wear--and who cares if they make you look pregnant with sextuplets? I don't.


Blogger Admin said ... (1:09 PM) : 

Bold Colors!!.. Very alive!!


Blogger Karena said ... (1:14 PM) : 

Truly artistic creations, the color palette, the designs, fabulous!!

Art by Karena


Anonymous j said ... (1:23 PM) : 

wow.. the colors..!


Anonymous ernesto said ... (1:33 PM) : 

this is incredible!!
the best of the season ...simple yet, striking


Blogger labibu said ... (1:51 PM) : 

love the blue dress!!!


Anonymous jimjims said ... (2:06 PM) : 


i dig it.


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:12 PM) : 

This collection is absolutely amazing! I love the colour-blocking and the clothes are just so beautiful. This is so refreshing after seeing so much white this season.


Blogger Sing of Singature Style said ... (2:15 PM) : 

Stunning colors in this collection. Another favorite for sure.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:16 PM) : 

I love everything about this show. You're right, best show of the season, by far. The bright colors look amazing against the neutral hues (ie. white).


Blogger eljovendario said ... (2:33 PM) : 

Love Prints!


Anonymous Sammy Sam said ... (2:46 PM) : 

It seems Jil is channeling A.McQ just a tad...


Blogger Victoria and Danni said ... (3:06 PM) : 

the word "PERFECT" pretty much sums this up.


Blogger IMaiorano said ... (3:09 PM) : 

i'm completely ok with you!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Francesca Robertson said ... (3:09 PM) : 

love the colors. wow

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!


Anonymous Christina Skreiberg said ... (3:24 PM) : 

FANTASTIC colour combinations! Thanx for sharing!

xx Christina, Norway


Blogger M said ... (3:25 PM) : 

Loving the colors!
The white outfit in the 2nd pic is one of my faves from this collection, looks so easy to wear!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:38 PM) : 

I agree with the blogger who said "so many usable things". It is amazing, I love the blaze of colour, the clean lines and the silhouettes.


Anonymous Ana said ... (3:38 PM) : 

Great colors!! Love, love, love!!!!


Blogger Carrie said ... (3:48 PM) : 

I need that handbag. Need, I say.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:51 PM) : 

I'm not a fan of the body-shape distortions, as I believe fashion should show off your body, but I love the boldness of the colors and prints, definitely.


Blogger Esme said ... (3:52 PM) : 

I love the colors. They are so bright and appealing. my favorite is the blue dress that goes above the knee.


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:00 PM) : 

Well, Jil Sander has really done it this time. Just when we all thought minimal luxe and simple separates were her trademark, she has caused every jaw in fashion to drop with this colour-pop-tastic collection. It is mesmerising. Jil you genius. X


Blogger humangal said ... (4:21 PM) : 

the colors.. onygosh! i just love how the designs scream FEARLESS!


Blogger Iñaki said ... (4:29 PM) : 

One of my favourite collections so far!


Blogger vanya said ... (4:32 PM) : 

Now just to get Aucklanders into Jil Sander! Everyone here is in black, black, black! All the time! Ugh! This is so visually refreshing! I love!
P.S: To all the haters I'm sure the 'plastic' bag was of the eco-friendly persuasion =P


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:34 PM) : 

The color, on the style of men show, are amzign!!


Blogger Michele said ... (4:42 PM) : 

Hey Sat,

So funny...You must have been crawling the web late last night at the same time I was :D I tried search terms < "Raf Simons collection ,long skirt, with a T-shirt " > except got nothing.You got the best JS images whereas I got redirected to 2007 :(
So thanks for finding what I was hunting all night :)

But yes indeed this trend is not what NYC was expecting. For me, a color addict all that color feels good. I'm loving what Raf Simons has been up to :)

Thanks Sat for showing us some of the best images of the show.

xo, michele


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:18 PM) : 

is it just me or are these clothes just ridiculous?


Blogger Among the Willows said ... (5:33 PM) : 

i love the color of lipstick!


Blogger B said ... (6:24 PM) : 

finally, COLOR!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:47 PM) : 

Love the purple dress in pic 4 xox


Blogger Leila Oliva said ... (6:54 PM) : 

Fashion...yellow and green..
very beautiful


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:10 PM) : 

I'm super excited about these prints and color blocking! That cobalt dress is HOT!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:27 PM) : 

fabulous color, beautiful cuts and i adore that they are wearable for the fresh and the sophisticated.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:46 PM) : 

wonderful, I believe that it turns the daily needs into elegance. my favorite piece, the amazing yellow trousers.
without a doubt a great spectacle in combination of colors and volumes


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:06 PM) : 

What beautiful shapes created by these clothes. I love the white and pink outfit, the body tight top and the way the bold colour moves in a giant, diagonal like splash. It makes all over print seem so yesterday. Yay I have been waiting for this!!!!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:10 PM) : 

Such amazing colors!
Check out my new post on Nasidze, meeting with Dsquared and Cavalli :) Nonchalant
Nina xoxo


Anonymous Lee Oliveira said ... (8:21 PM) : 

Wow, you were there. I watched the live stream and enjoyed it. Originally I was in 2 minds about the collection but everytime I have seen it since it has grown on me. Thanks for sharing your photos.


Blogger Gene said ... (9:00 PM) : 

I don't know how I feel about this collection. Yes, it's incredibly beautiful, but it seemed really loud with the colors. I am really loving the T-shirt/ball gown fusion. Incredible!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:49 PM) : 

Now this is an exquisite collection compared to the Kors collection. The colors, the clean cuts and the flow of the dresses are beautiful. This collection is absolutely inspiring.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:04 PM) : 

LOVE the colors!!!!!!!!


Blogger LIQUESandMEG said ... (11:01 PM) : 

absolitely stunning! wow...I'm in awe right now.



Blogger Surita Manoa said ... (11:16 PM) : 

such vibrant blocks of colour!


Blogger Surita Manoa said ... (11:17 PM) : 

such vibrant blocks of colour!


Blogger Lise said ... (11:22 PM) : 

Divine to see so much colour, feel like I am in South America looking at macaws, bring on that colour to our world, we need more of it! xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:21 AM) : 

What a wonderful burst of color Jil Sander gave us. And the floral print definitely gets me excited for spring.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:29 AM) : 

beautiful vibrant colour its blinded me, love the first design :)


Blogger Maela said ... (3:34 AM) : 

I agree...this collection is absolutely incredible...I love everything:colors,shapes...!


Blogger Clay Douglass said ... (3:52 AM) : 

The first design is shockingly beautiful.

Clay Douglass


Blogger Mei-li said ... (5:27 AM) : 

aa i realy love all this strong colors mixed together to powerful !!
and you're right the plastic become an object of fashion !!


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:01 AM) : 

my goodness! the colours, are actually very intriguing!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:44 AM) : 

Amazing!! I love this collection.



Anonymous Joanna Roman said ... (7:10 AM) : 

The palette of colors is just INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Like somehow Caraibian fauna & flora!

Pure beauty & joie de vivre!!!


Anonymous proletarian Great Gatsby said ... (7:14 AM) : 

The beauty and the intensity of the colors don't hide the perfection of the cut.


Blogger Liz S said ... (7:37 AM) : 

What amazing colours and combinations of them!
Love most of the clothes except the first two look rather stifling in shape.


Blogger Siblings said ... (9:00 AM) : 

woooow~ that just brought me back to life!


Blogger The Dandelion Tamer said ... (10:12 AM) : 

Reason, faith, and sincerity - especially love the bold color lines underneath the black mid-length...something soft - our best, most dazzling parts, kept to ourselves a bit more (for once).

There is something modest and understated about the shape of the garment matched with the bold colors. I feel serene looking at this collection.


Blogger Kathleen said ... (10:19 AM) : 

Powerful show of color. I love her work. I feel a return to the 80's very strongly in this show. The wide pants, the long flowing sporty jackets, even the bags. Beautiful!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20 AM) : 

These colours are incredible!


Anonymous fashionsdirtylaundry said ... (10:33 AM) : 

LOVE Jil Sander, and these are the best shots of the show!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:26 AM) : 

So many runway shows are enchanting, but on body types that make the clothes appealing. As a small, petite woman the outfits with dramatic billowing shapes would look ridiculous on me and many other women. Sometimes I wish we would be considered more by designers. After all, these long lanky types are more the exception, than the usual, seen in the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:50 AM) : 

I love the explosion of color Milan is giving us. It makes the NY collections with its muted neutrals look boring and out of step with optimism coming out of Italy. Shouldn't that be the other way around. Outside of PS and Michael Kors easy breezy chic, I think Milan has thus far hit all the right notes. Prada and Jil Sander are by the most directional collections. This will make a Paris very interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:03 PM) : 

If only fifty percent of people dressed in vibrant colors everyday. That would lift up people's spirits, I'm sure


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:08 PM) : 

some great looks here, enhanced by your sharp photo skills.


Anonymous Louis Vuitton handbags said ... (1:16 PM) : 

oh gosh!
i super love the bright colors....brightens up my glad to came across this blog....i love them all =)
the plastic bag is cool fun, but the orange/purple one is the best!
*thumbs up*


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:25 PM) : 

the freshest blow of the season, something is finally movinf forward!!!!!!


Blogger Roberto Pires said ... (2:14 PM) : 

Jil Sander is the new queen of the color!!!! I love all the clothes by her.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:19 PM) : 

I love the saturated color palette of the collection, and the unexpected color combinations! Vibrant , intense, gorgeous!


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:51 PM) : 

the colours are fantastic, totally gorge designs



Blogger Lama said ... (3:37 PM) : 

this collection is going to mark a milestone in fashion i think so, bringing back the skirt and t shirt look


Anonymous IMEANWHAT?!? said ... (5:05 PM) : 

Not sure about the first look OR the yellow pants OR the purple cape. I MEAN WHAT?!? Google it! HAHA


Blogger Christina said ... (5:18 PM) : 

AMAZING prints and colors! What a lovely collection.


Blogger נעמה ברוש said ... (5:52 PM) : 

I Am Speechless


Anonymous William said ... (8:01 PM) : 

This is one of the best collections I have ever seen. It's modern, sexy and it will remain classic for years to come! My favorite part of the Jil Sander show is the opening outfits! Thank God for Raf Simons, he's a genius!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:40 PM) : 

brilliant! because god knows, what every woman needs is a bit of fabric bunching at her waist.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:53 PM) : 

WOW. These outfits are positively mouth-watering! Scrumptious colors, but I just have one thing to say about that first one: muu-muu. Even on a slim model, it's not a good look. :-P


Blogger Jane See said ... (1:50 AM) : 

Love the bold colors!


Anonymous Theobroma said ... (2:36 AM) : 

For less than ideal figures, some of these designs won't be remotely flattering or practical. That said, the deep blue-violet maxi-coat thing is amazing and gives me a serious clothes jones. Could I actually pull off wearing it? Being only 5'5", no. Love a lot of these proportions and shapes, just not on my body. But go on with your bad selves, other-people-who-can-rock-it!

Color is the main takeaway message for me here, and as a forever color lover these unabashedly bold, saturated splashes are exhilerating. The simple white top with balloon ball-skirt, accented with the vivid botanical print at the midsection, is gorgeous. It's a different, and interesting, way to accentuate the waist. I also love how sharp and fresh the red/fuschia/green combo looks with black. With this and the Jonathan Saunders/Paul Smith collections, I'm really inspired. Can't wait to see if, and how, these looks are going to be interpreted for regular retail.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:59 AM) : 

This is fantastic work! I remember when Jil Sander was all about minimalism & dull colours (or lack of colours, actually).

I really like these new colours. It seems that the influence of Ghesquière at Balenciaga can be felt even more everyday!


Anonymous gareth said ... (8:59 AM) : 

Colour, Colour, Colour. Jill Sanders is very bold with what she does, although not having the detailing that is often seen on the catwalks, she somehows compensates for this with great cuts and a blend of colours. Although I would say that you have to be a very confident person to pull this of.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:04 AM) : 

Wooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!! Orgasmic delight.


Blogger Erica said ... (10:41 AM) : 

These colors are unreal! How spectacular. I've been seeing so many muted colors for Fall (cream, beige, olive, navy). But how much fun to explode into the new season with these.



Blogger The Corner Of My Eye said ... (11:17 AM) : 

Jil Sander turned to be really bright... !!!!
Good colors!


Blogger midnitexstar said ... (12:08 PM) : 

the colors are amazing!! so refreshing.
I especially love the 'painting on a white canvas' look


Blogger Girl on a Hot Tin Roof said ... (6:37 PM) : 

I agree that this has been the best collection of the season (so far, wait for Paris!) Maximalism at its best. I shall definitely try and incorporate some of these colour combinations with my high street wardrobe come Spring.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:11 AM) : 

schön!!!, and , Sart, what about Marni, personally think is until now (the greatest) presented this season,
keep waiting Your point of view,
je t'embrace!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:32 AM) : 

Love it. The lipstick is perfect.


Blogger Denisse Cucalón said ... (4:09 PM) : 

Loved it! This was also my favorite show!
ANd just finished making a post about it, and a few others:


Anonymous Sara Lua said ... (7:30 PM) : 

Wow, this is the 1st time I've fallen in love with Jil Sander.


Anonymous lifelongseo said ... (1:23 AM) : 

Wow the first picture is amazing! I love the bright fashion clashing colours and the flower handbag is gorgeous!!


Anonymous lifelongseo said ... (1:24 AM) : 

Wow the first picture is amazing! I love the bright fashion clashing colours and the flower handbag is gorgeous!!


Blogger ELLA ELVIANA said ... (8:37 AM) : 

ok, i don't get fashion, i'm sure of it now.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:12 AM) : 

Yes, but what statement do plastic bags make here? Fashion should be a mix of the subversive and beautiful - but the statement I see in choosing to show plastic bags (this wouldn't hold true 5 years ago or even one) is that being fashionable is more important than anything else. When the green "trend" started it became a hot issue - which like all hot issues or trends would die. When the "this is not a plastic bag" tote has become tacky, plastic becomes tres chic...?


Anonymous desisuit said ... (4:06 AM) : 

Such beautiful silhouettes.. colors


Anonymous marcel said ... (9:21 AM) : 

to anonymous @ 12.12: its an attempt to trivialize the high technicisms of the haute couture methods which were used in the collection.
in your language: "you can wear couture every day, even for shopping", which is an impossibility but there resides the magic of fashion....


Anonymous Claire said ... (11:52 PM) : 

Love the colors very bright and vibrant. I adore that second dress the splash of color across the white is wonderful.


Anonymous Zernike said ... (3:33 PM) : 

My favorite collection this year. I want to absorb the colors, the floral, the life... I want to live on this page!


Blogger (Suz) said ... (12:12 PM) : 

extremely love this


Blogger James Malgosia! said ... (7:01 AM) : 

Daiane Conterato looks absolutely incredible at Jil sander.. as always. and one of the most uplifting brilliant collections i have seen in such a long time!


Anonymous Georgie May said ... (5:54 AM) : 

Blend of colours is amazing.


Blogger Vivian said ... (10:46 AM) : 

the last pic was great. the color contrasts, epic.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:20 PM) : 

About the plastic bag...I find it interesting that thus far very little mention has been made of the fact that this idea has been done before, most notably by Margiela. In fact, a whole collection was designed around the shape of the plastic bag. Not too long ago I was a given a white cloth version with a purchase made at one of the maison boutiques.


Anonymous Jil Sander said ... (6:37 AM) : 

Stunning collection! Jil Sander clothing is always very contemporary with sleek lines and sharp cuts, but some of these play aropund with new styles ...and still look typically Jil Sander!


Blogger[at] said ... (8:43 AM) : 

just reviewing your shots ... I still cannot get over how great this show was, or how much I l.o.v.e. the orange plastic bag!


Blogger lilly hurley said ... (1:24 AM) : 

love the colors! POP!


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