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On the Street....Fifth Ave., New York


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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the Street....Fifth Ave., New York

Comments on "On the Street....Fifth Ave., New York"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:51 AM) : 

I love the hair and the socks. So cute :)


Blogger Anita Puksic said ... (8:52 AM) : 

Wow, cool sunglasses and socks make everything more interesting!

Peace and love!


Anonymous Miami Olivia said ... (8:53 AM) : 

Love how the socks help show off the tattoo on her leg.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:53 AM) : 

the socks/shorts combo really make this outfit pop!


Blogger Raquel M.B.G. said ... (8:56 AM) : 

Fresh, Young. So NY. (Love the shoes), Raquel


Blogger Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said ... (8:58 AM) : 

WOW is it still summer in NYC??? Jealous... those sock are hillarious! ;)


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:58 AM) : 

Ahhh, models! Lately it has seemed as if a herd of gorgeous baby giraffes have been let loose in lower Manhattan, all impossibly long necks and legs!


Anonymous elizabeth Benfield said ... (8:58 AM) : 

i love this picture!


Blogger The Styleograph said ... (8:58 AM) : 

haha awesome! and the ice-cream-truck! :P

Pics of lovely people on the street


Blogger CeilingofStars said ... (8:59 AM) : 

Wow I think this is adorable!!

Would be even cuter with a smile... :P


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:04 AM) : 

That's too perfect. Serendipity strikes again!


Blogger Carolina Lange said ... (9:06 AM) : 

Love the look!


Blogger Sara said ... (9:09 AM) : 

Maravilloso cuello el de la chica.


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (9:10 AM) : 

love her and loook at the girl at the backside beatiful aswell


Blogger Caddy said ... (9:11 AM) : 

Funky!! I like her pendant and sunglasses. I'd wear just about everything she's got on but maybe not all together. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:11 AM) : 

This is what I picture when I read the word "coltish".


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:12 AM) : 

Awesome body! She'd look good in anything!


Blogger Stephanie said ... (9:12 AM) : 

:] Love the socks! Great outfit!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:12 AM) : 

yeah, very cool!


Blogger ~L~ said ... (9:14 AM) : 

I HATE the socks and sandals thing but i gotta admit....she looks cool! go girl!



Anonymous Judy said ... (9:18 AM) : 

She looks great! I love when people can show their own style without being scared of others' opinion, she is amazing.


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:18 AM) : 

I couldn't take my eyes off "Mr. Softee"....smiles


Blogger Jennie Nguyen said ... (9:19 AM) : 

love it, love her shirt and necklace!



Blogger amber lynn said ... (9:20 AM) : 

i love this whole ensemble. i would for sure copy it and i even like the girl in the romper in the background. great shot!


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:20 AM) : 

nice outfit


Blogger Federica Tomietto said ... (9:24 AM) : 

So nice, does she have a tattoo on the leg???


Anonymous Moyra said ... (9:25 AM) : 

I like it, it's very simply but with good details for make it better


Anonymous The Photodiarist said ... (9:26 AM) : 

The yellow socks make the look for me. Great shot.


Blogger agata said ... (9:26 AM) : 

comfy and chic, love it!


Blogger Lauren said ... (9:29 AM) : 

The socks and heels MAKE this look. Without them, the outfit is pretty easy to find anywhere (albeit, a cute outfit found everywhere!), but now the whole thing is cheeky and original. And I love Mister Softee in the background...

Hand drawn:


Blogger Inspiration exists said ... (9:40 AM) : 

Beginning to love more and more short socks in heels. Really make a statement from this outfit!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:41 AM) : 

Like the lemon socks. Stricking but not over-powering.

And that long neck.... is it digitally lengthened?


Blogger christinaooi said ... (9:42 AM) : 

What's on the necklace-- the tattoo??


Anonymous the boot said ... (9:46 AM) : 

she's rad from head to toe - the necklace, red watch, socks and maryjane's - j'adore!


Blogger Hawk said ... (9:47 AM) : 

This woman is cute to be sure but I know someone who could pull this off beautifully. I will send her to NYC later today so watch for her


Anonymous Sheila said ... (9:53 AM) : 

Cool girl!! ;D


Blogger fox in the woods said ... (9:53 AM) : 

I love her slightly masculine, awkward look and the yellow socks add a nice pop of colour to the otherwise neutral outfit. Are those the shorts from topshop?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:02 AM) : 

That is one long neck.


Blogger E lise said ... (10:02 AM) : 

What a long neck, I like that.


Anonymous Hackett Fashion said ... (10:04 AM) : 

I agree - socks and thehair work really well!


Blogger TorontoVerve Street Style said ... (10:10 AM) : 

Love this scene...


Anonymous Read said ... (10:18 AM) : 

I wonder what flavor ice cream she got when this was over. I bet it was chocolate...


Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (10:25 AM) : 

The socks and shorts are really killing it! She looks great! Where is her fashion blog? x


Blogger Nolita said ... (10:29 AM) : 

Socks are the main thing here!

--Nolita Vintage--


Blogger TheStreetFashion5xpro said ... (10:30 AM) : 

wow amazing look


Blogger Prutha Raithatha said ... (10:32 AM) : 

that is such a soho look...its interesting that u spotted her on fifth ave


Anonymous Lennon Morganti said ... (10:42 AM) : 

longest neck in the world!!! she looks very graceful, and the tattoos add a mysterious element to her persona.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:44 AM) : 

longest neck ever


Blogger Cecilia said ... (10:46 AM) : 

Love this style...sooo NEW YORK!!!!


Blogger Dacia Michal said ... (10:58 AM) : 

Ok this may be random but i love the effect that the ice-cream truck in the background has on it. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:04 AM) : 



Blogger For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things said ... (11:05 AM) : 

The whole look looks so effortless and that for me is the charm of the picture!
Yellow socks-still fab.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:05 AM) : 

I love your blog! If you follow me, I'll follow back.



Blogger pinky said ... (11:07 AM) : 

what a strange and wonderful creature, dressed to emphasize her L O N G lean neck and legs.
very cool.


Blogger La_Flaneuse said ... (11:22 AM) : 

Love the pops of colour from her bright yellow socks and red watch...also that necklace is the perfect length for me!



Anonymous SGC N-Y-C said ... (11:26 AM) : 

It is like a 100 degrees here in NY. I could use a mister softee


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:29 AM) : 

super LONG legs! nice try, but i'd never dress like that, that style would never fit me :)


Anonymous Gary said ... (11:33 AM) : 

Wow, cool and dareing !
Love it !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:43 AM) : 

Haha..there is something special about that look:) Don't know how to explain, but her long neck, yellow socks and her total make something attractive, but without any explanation!

Love the pic ~


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:46 AM) : 

Beautiful colors, especially how they're punctuated by the hues in the ice cream truck.


Blogger Hiroaki Nagahata said ... (11:49 AM) : 

nice color!


Blogger JoewardM said ... (11:54 AM) : 

i am so loving the whole look!and that yellow accent of the socks. :]


Blogger Pink said ... (11:59 AM) : 

hahaha i like her yellow socks!!

check out my fashion blog at

i just updated two new posts today!!!


Blogger Allen - East Hampton said ... (12:01 PM) : 

Great shot and I love her look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:14 PM) : 

I'm not sure she is a model, she has a tattoo on her thigh and one on her upper arm. Isn't that a little noticeable for a model? I like the shorts, they look vintage. And everything fits her so well. This is an example of what Sart. has been saying all along, if you've got something great, (ie: legs and neck), show it off.


Anonymous Lizzy said ... (12:23 PM) : 

love the tattoo peaking out from her shorts. I almost thought it was an extension of the print.


Blogger 69roadster said ... (12:24 PM) : 

I like the Mister Softee truck, nice background


Anonymous Gnarlitude Jen said ... (12:27 PM) : 

Babe central, clearly.


Anonymous Isobel Saoirse said ... (12:32 PM) : 

Super cute!
She looks like herself from the top of her beautiful hait til the toe of her yellow socks!


Blogger Sara said ... (12:33 PM) : 

Love the socks!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:37 PM) : 

That is so 2010. Very present. A modern Audrey Hepburn.


Blogger CLAUDIA C. said ... (12:38 PM) : 

FANTASTIC SOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:42 PM) : 

love her neck!!! but not into those socks..


Blogger Miranda said ... (12:52 PM) : 

That is a great look, I have to get some fashionable socks!


Blogger ruby said ... (12:59 PM) : 

Statement socks, I like it.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:02 PM) : 

What a babe! And we love that even the pedestrian crossing the street in the opposite direction is looking fabulous!


Blogger MELISSA Z. said ... (1:07 PM) : 

amazing yellow socks! Great pic, wow!


Anonymous Vail said ... (1:12 PM) : 

I like this, but my eyes is drawn to the girl in the floral jumper to the right


Anonymous Vanessa @ The Weekly Yogi said ... (1:19 PM) : 

I love the trouser socks paired with the shoes!! This is a mature take on a girlish classic.


Blogger nemee said ... (1:38 PM) : 

I love her hair, and the pop of red and yellow. I also quite like the floral jumper.


Anonymous vivi said ... (1:40 PM) : 

Those socks add just the right amount of color to make this outfit shine!


Anonymous Kris said ... (1:42 PM) : 

She looks so great, and the combination of colours ir very fun!


Blogger maticki said ... (1:54 PM) : 

her outfit is great!


Blogger Amalina said ... (2:05 PM) : 

I like how I scrolled down and was nicely surprised by the yellow socks! xo


Anonymous honeyfashioniscoming said ... (2:09 PM) : 

In my humble opinion, her look doesn´t bring anything special or new.


Blogger Marloes | The Style Sandwich said ... (2:29 PM) : 

I love how she wears those socks in her shoes


Anonymous Ale (ZEST CATCHER) said ... (2:34 PM) : 

Love the colors!!


Anonymous Mabel and Zora said ... (2:39 PM) : 

love the shorts.


Blogger Iris Tinunin said ... (2:43 PM) : 

I prefer the girl walking on the background of this photo..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:47 PM) : 

she looks like a fawn....
delicate and just so.
love it.

The Covetist


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:47 PM) : 

I like her stance the most, then her loooooong neck and her socks.

Am I confused or are those interior front pockets peaking out from below the bottom of her shorts? I would have never considered turning those kind of pants into shorts if that's what I'm seeing. Interesting.

Great photo.


Blogger Paulina said ... (2:53 PM) : 

Love it! She looks fab <3


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:02 PM) : 

she's awesome. I wanna be her friend.


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:05 PM) : 

Hehe cool!


Blogger Kathleen said ... (3:10 PM) : 

Okay, I am not even going here, alright you talked me into this.... She's got a nice smile, and I'm sure she is a lovely person. But the outfit, I'm sorry, its not happening for me. If she is going for funky, she wins the prize. If she's going for eclectic, she has lost. And come on fellow readers, don't agree she is "totally cool" just to be posted. This ticks me off to no end. I'd rather take my chances and say how I really feel, without being mean of course, then to say "I like" just because. As for the photograph itself Scott, it is perfection. The background blend with foreground is unsurpassable!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:10 PM) : 

Is the pigeon-toed look on purpose? I don't care for it. But she is a stylish gal.


Anonymous mabelmabel said ... (3:43 PM) : 


I'm loving the socks-with-Mary Jane's look, which I see everywhere. The contrast of formal/casual is fun, of course, but I also appreciate the vote for comfort that the socks represent. These socks in particular are two little wake-up calls for passersby lost in the tedium of their day.


Blogger hemptressong said ... (3:45 PM) : 

I saw that girl yesterday on the street!!


Blogger Grace Escudero - The Afeminada said ... (3:51 PM) : 

Recently I have begun to realize that simple outfits are the ones I tend to admire more. Select pieces put perfectly together.


Blogger Bojan said ... (4:04 PM) : 

Love the yellow socks!
One of the greatest things at you blog is to see people who inspire and encourage me to try something different. And this different is not just the different, it’s cool, it’s stylish it’s tasteful! Thanks!


Blogger FBJ said ... (4:20 PM) : 

loving the yellow socks and mary janes!



Anonymous Darcy H said ... (4:28 PM) : 

There is something a smidge self-righteous feeling here. I can't put my finger on it.

Overall, it is fine. I think the thing that makes it seem like "fashion" or worthy of remark is that she is quite thin.


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:29 PM) : 

Love that this look is a little bit on the kooky side and has inspired me to be a bit bolder with my choice of hosiery, she works the pop socks and heels combi perfectly. Then again with legs like these she can where whatever the hell she wants and look fairly divine. X


Blogger BRUNETTE BRAID said ... (4:39 PM) : 

I just love the simplicity and the contrast of the colors!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:41 PM) : 

such a casual look yet the socks draw all the attention to her. kudos :)


Blogger Juan Manuel Trejo Sánchez said ... (4:49 PM) : 

Yellow! How are you!


Anonymous Best of Beehive said ... (4:50 PM) : 

I say pick a different color of bright socks. But love the idea.


Blogger Sherry Lou Studio said ... (4:52 PM) : 

the cube necklace is awesome

Jennifer & Sherry


Blogger tannaz sassooni said ... (4:54 PM) : 

thank god for new york! milan and paris and all that are fine, but these photos -- untouchably cool style worn so effortlessly, with lots of edge and not a hint of 'fashionista' self-awareness -- are what makes this site so unique.


Anonymous karen said ... (5:04 PM) : 

She has the longest natural neck I've ever seen in my life. At first I thought that I love the shorts that show off her great legs but now I can't stop looking at that neck.


Blogger Chas said ... (5:15 PM) : 

Those socks are great - they really bring a pop of color into the outfit!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:16 PM) : 

cute, but i'm more intrigued by the girl behind here with the hat and white bag.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:25 PM) : 

Her neck and her socks are the main points!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:25 PM) : 

I LOVE THE SOCKS!! And the shoeds are very cute, too!

She's so thin!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:10 PM) : 

That neck. What unique poise.


Blogger Kathleen said ... (6:40 PM) : 

Upon viewing again, I recant my opinion. She is cute! I love her shorts and the t-shirt, great combination. Not too sure about the yellow socks but the shoes look great, wish I could see the rest of them but I'll bet they have a small heel. And once again, the background is perfection. Great photograph Scott!


Anonymous Helen said ... (6:58 PM) : 

I adore the socks and shoes even more so when worn with shorts like this.


Anonymous kelli said ... (7:12 PM) : 

Love the mustard socks with the shoes.


Anonymous diva inside said ... (7:51 PM) : 

aaahhhh brilliant Scott! I love the New York pics - people being themselves and rocking it! I agree with everyone the girl behind is brilliant and that truck is fab! Please come back to Oz and visit us in MELBOURNE!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:07 PM) : 

i'm so jealous of her impossibly long neck


Blogger J.Ro said ... (8:47 PM) : 

All she needs is a Kylie Minogue song and there will be dancing in the streets.


Anonymous She said ... (10:21 PM) : 

I love this look. I also love her tattoos peeping out on her arm and leg.

I like the mustard yellow socks but I probably would have chosen a bright blue.


Blogger Briana Le & Merissa Ren said ... (11:10 PM) : 

i have those shorts! i love her sock combo!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:24 PM) : 

Love the lady in the back with the hat and short jumper. Nice bag too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:32 AM) : 

Refreshing look! Love the city details in the background!


Blogger She Wears, She Shares said ... (12:56 AM) : 

Where are these shorts from? I've seen them making the blog rounds lately!


Blogger Claud said ... (1:21 AM) : 

Yellow socks and brown shoes is surely a good combination!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:41 AM) : 

I guess she's got the longest neck I've ever seen in my entire life.


Blogger Louise said ... (6:15 AM) : 

Fantastic. She's just going to wear it anyway, and she looks great. Comfortable, playful, feminine, driven, proud. What's around her neck? We need close ups of bling! ;)


Anonymous Karla Monteiro said ... (7:34 AM) : 

adorei as meias the socks


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:41 AM) : 

the shorts are from urban outfitters!


Anonymous Annelie said ... (7:48 AM) : 

Great socks!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:06 AM) : 

Sock it up, is the trend topic.I love her way of styling the look with such a bright color pop.


Anonymous Catherine said ... (9:35 AM) : 

Great picture. I like the socks! The short is trendy. Nice and wearable.


Anonymous Rafael Castillo said ... (9:44 AM) : 

Mister Softee! Childhood 60's memories of .10 softcones or the rare .25 double-cone!
Nice shorts.


Blogger 82Brute said ... (10:29 AM) : 

She has the most astonishing neck! Not since Audrey Hepburn has there been such a neck. She's incredible.


Blogger 82Brute said ... (10:32 AM) : 

Yes, Petey! "Baby Giraffes." Perfect!


Anonymous Sylvia said ... (10:39 AM) : 

ok. Yes! The footwear definitely makes this outfit. Without the footwear she is lost, with an increidbly long neck, but the feet.... good choice... the colours are well put together too


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:49 AM) : 

I wish I could get a better look of the girl on the right. Her outfit seems more interesting.


Blogger Jack Daniel said ... (10:55 AM) : 

I'd ask her out on a date.


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (11:02 AM) : 

with this quantity of comment I forgot what a say

but beatifull look baby


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:09 AM) : 

What a lovely lemming!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 AM) : 

Great outfit! Wish we could have seen a shot of the girl to the right of her with the hat and vintage bag. :)


Blogger carina said ... (11:36 AM) : 

wow so nice !!!



Blogger venia said ... (12:33 PM) : 

love the shoes..does anyone recognize them????;}


Blogger Julie said ... (1:12 PM) : 

Her socks are great-they add a pop but still keep with her muted get up. What I wouldn't give for legs like that!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:17 PM) : 

Really looks like she stepped out of the pages of the J Crew/Madewell fall catalogs. They've been pushing the socks/heels combo hard. Love the girl in the hat and romper too though.


Blogger Birdy said ... (1:40 PM) : 

meh, a little plain really. I'm actually a bit more impressed with Mister Softee's get-up.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:41 PM) : 

The first thing that I noticed was her incredibly long neck. Wow! I love this picture, the tatoos the shorts and the socks. Just great. Julia


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:05 PM) : 

She is gorgeous! I love her socks and necklace. She has a LONG neck and pair of legs, dang! Beautiful.


Anonymous Deadleaf butterfly said ... (4:59 PM) : 

Cool~ This pic is much better than the carrot one!


Anonymous Sara Lua said ... (5:46 PM) : 

I enjoy her, her brilliant bright mustard socks, and the quintessential NYC ice cream truck.

The girl behind her is a classic poser who was looking typical until getting it wrong with the platform rubber thongs. Nice body though.


Blogger Christine said ... (6:43 PM) : 

I have to try this! Like her I too have really long legs and with this summer heat (I live in the Caribbean) its a great look! Love!


Blogger Blanksheeps said ... (7:22 PM) : 

She's one heck of a Kusit!


Anonymous knitpicky said ... (7:28 PM) : 

Truth be told, I'm more curious about the girl in the romper behind her...


Blogger Liz S said ... (8:47 PM) : 

Hooray! At last some photos of the young who are inspirational to me in their ability to go for broke with unsual mixes of attire.

I love this look--this girl knows what suits her and how to play it up while really not going for glam and high end gear.
I also love the look of the other girl in the floral playsuit.


Blogger LimtdEdition said ... (9:40 PM) : 

I love the colors in this picture. The yellow sock does so much with so little.



Anonymous Romeo said ... (10:31 PM) : 

More than meets the eye ... look at the lovely in the background, that's what catches my eye.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:53 PM) : 

I like the woman's outfit behind her!


Blogger Annabel said ... (2:14 AM) : 

the girl in the romper!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:10 AM) : 

i'm shocked to see the long neck


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:16 AM) : 

loving this look and the photo, the shorts are very cute with the yellow socks




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:48 AM) : 

she reminds me of an avatar.


Anonymous Paula said ... (5:49 AM) : 

This girl looks interesting - but most of us couldn't pull her outfit off. I'm loving the girl in romper more.


Blogger Jessica Jane said ... (8:42 AM) : 

so cute, I love how there are all these little glimmers of colour, like the red of her watch, and the green of the straw


Blogger Eugenia Woods said ... (10:50 AM) : 

I am totally trying the whole socks with heels thing...LOVE it!


Blogger BrokenGlassCarnival said ... (2:43 PM) : 

Her neck is unbelievably long! I didn't even notice the first time I viewed the photograph, but at a second glance it's almost otherworldly. Great shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:17 PM) : 

She looks like Tilda Swinton


Blogger The Clever Pup said ... (5:37 PM) : 

Looks so much like the woman in the post above that I thought it was she, until I counted the tats.


Blogger Jules said ... (6:34 PM) : 

Molly?!? You look great :) Remember when I crowned you Anthro employee of the month at 418? hope all is well in the big city


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:57 PM) : 

JULIA!! Thanks momma! I of course remember those fabulous days at Anthro! Thanks so much for the shout out! Look me up on Facebook :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:17 AM) : 

mmm, i love soft ice cream!


Blogger zahira said ... (10:46 AM) : 

new york has the best street style!!

those socks add so much to the outfit


Blogger  said ... (11:21 AM) : 

Splendid...i love her !


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:31 AM) : 

Her neck is SO long. I like it! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:42 AM) : 

without these socks it would have been a complete different look...


Blogger JULES said ... (2:34 PM) : 


I have to tell you I love everything about this picture: her stance, the technicolor socks, her shorts are amazing... look a little like isabel marant, your subject is a very cool girl...great capture as per usual :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:11 PM) : 

Adorable! I love the socks and the shoes, the glasses, the hair, the whole look is precious. The tattoos suck.


Blogger Condemor said ... (6:35 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:25 AM) : 

She's my perfect avatar!


Blogger Leanns' Vintage said ... (8:36 AM) : 

Super cool!


Blogger mara said ... (11:30 AM) : 

popping bright colored socks seem to be taking a foothold on the fashion industry...there was also that whole socks with sandals phase...i love fashionn :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:44 PM) : 

love her outfit! and i wish i could have seen the woman in the background's as well! but this young lady definitely appears more interesting. i have similar sunglasses 8)


Blogger Clara said ... (9:24 AM) : 

i loooove her sox! i have colored sox, too!
also great: white sox, up to the knee with stripes on the top. got those with blue stripes and it looks great with tights and a skirt...
i like all your pics!


Anonymous cee said ... (8:05 PM) : 

coolest socks; and she wears it with such personality


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:56 PM) : 

i love it, especially socks with shoes it is the best :)


Anonymous ali said ... (9:28 PM) : 

I don't think anyone understands how much I need those shorts...the shoes and socks would also be nice. So perfect, she isn't trying too hard.

(PS, never get a milkshake from the ice cream truck behind her...haha)


Anonymous Diamond said ... (1:20 AM) : 

Love how she's bo-legged and oddly shaped. Such an interesting photo!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:59 AM) : 

As I began to scroll down I was pretty bored, but then I got to her feet. That pop of color makes the whole outfit.


Anonymous mary said ... (10:53 AM) : 

now this (the sox & watch) is how you do the ol' "pop of color." cute romper in the background, but enough w/fedoras already :P


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:13 PM) : 

I know her!

YOU LOOK AMAZING MOLLIE, your the cutest little giraffe in yellow socks ive ever seen!



Anonymous Charls said ... (10:03 PM) : 

love her sunglasses and tattoos!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:13 PM) : 

Nice girl walking on the right


Anonymous Ambre said ... (11:34 AM) : 

Woaw ! The look is very casual and the socks give a boost to the silhouette ! LOVELY !


Blogger Pas D'amour said ... (4:19 PM) : 

It's so nice to see a woman not afraid to wear unexpected things. I love the simplicity and coolness of this outfit and how it looks like it flows effortlessly with her personality.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:45 AM) : 

She maybe a beauty! but just leave away that socks


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:42 AM) : 

I absolutely adore the shoes with those socks but I'm not sure I could pull off that look. I love how teh yellow socks are the big "statement piece" in this outfit.


Blogger mymusesophia said ... (1:14 PM) : 

I love everything about this outfit! And the woman in the background looks great too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:43 PM) : 

is it just me, or there's a tattoo on her leg?


Blogger meganmeenan said ... (8:02 PM) : 

everytime i see someone wearing socks with heels it makes me love it more and more . these socks are very interesting however not a colour i would consider. but great outfit


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