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Top Looks....Junya Watanabe, Paris


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top Looks....Junya Watanabe, Paris

Paris is off to a slow start this season.

Have you seen any shows that you really love?

The first show that I really liked was Junya Watanabe.

The humor and quirkiness of Junya were still evident this season, but they were toned down to a point that made the collection even more desirable. Some Junya diehards commented afterward that the collection seemed "too commercial." I know they didn't mean it in a good way, but that commercial element made the collection so much more desirable for me.

Comments on "Top Looks....Junya Watanabe, Paris"


Blogger elke said ... (4:22 AM) : 

the stripes and ankles showing!
i love this.



Blogger Unknown said ... (4:27 AM) : 

Adore the nautical looks!!


Blogger i love said ... (4:32 AM) : 

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! we all want a sailor man!

<<<3 from Norway:


Blogger Elle. said ... (4:38 AM) : 

I'm in love with the sailor/ fisherman style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:00 AM) : 

Have to agree with both the comments of the loyalists and the sartorialist. I am very surprise to see a very simple/commercial look, but like what you said it's become even more desirable. Love it! Now my husband won't be so reluctant when I suggest purchasing something form him.


Blogger Caddy said ... (5:20 AM) : 

It it pretty commercial but more wearable to a wider base of people because of it.


Blogger Martha said ... (5:27 AM) : 

That second look is perfection, I love a traditional yellow raincoat and stripey t-shirt. And the chinos and shoes just complete the whole fisherman style. M X


Anonymous Diego Montoya said ... (5:27 AM) : 

Paris shows are mostly pathetic! You wonder who is going to buy that stuff ?
I don not get it !
Maybe I am becoming an old fart, but when I see some italian or US collections, or when I talk to pros, I am not so wrong !! Even LV !!! What is going on ? It's not enough to capitalize your brand on logos !!!
The real men's style resistance mouvement !! ( I feel like de Gaulle calling for resistance from London during WW2).


Blogger Jennie Nguyen said ... (5:33 AM) : 




Anonymous Wlady said ... (5:44 AM) : 

Only a few parts of the collection I like, and I like them taken separatedly from the rest of the outfits, could have been better... A lot better... I have seen some pretty amazing work from them so far, I've expected something ... better. It's a "C".


Blogger Soren Lorensen said ... (6:19 AM) : 

that yellow jacket is wonderful


Blogger OLIVIA KIJO said ... (6:22 AM) : 

good shoes, good tshirts, good looks.


Blogger Nina Nagy said ... (6:32 AM) : 

I would really want the white duffle coat style parka! if I was man and even if I am a woman!


Blogger Mona said ... (6:35 AM) : 

I like this sailor vibe.


Blogger Emily McGuire said ... (7:12 AM) : 

My favourite show so far has been Assche. His unpretentious play on cut, opacity, proportion and use of monochromatic shades (the light grey is absolutely beautiful) feels so refreshing without forgoeing masculinity, accessibility and transeasonal possibilities. I can't stand it when men's fashion turns blatantly to femininity as if embodying such traits is the only way to offer a point of difference or direction; it is too obvious, too easy and unnecessary.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:18 AM) : 

really a desireable collection!


Blogger JoewardM said ... (7:27 AM) : 

love that yellow coat. :]


Blogger Jacqueline said ... (7:55 AM) : 

I like the style because for men I prefer not too overstyled looks. Perfect!


Blogger Monika said ... (7:59 AM) : 

What a great collection! Real people could wear these clothes, so if that's the definition of commercial, well then it's a good definition and shouldn't be viewed in a negative light.


Blogger Susie said ... (8:17 AM) : 

Wow I love the pix you posted of the collection. Maybe it is commercial but the whole thing is appealing to me. Love the details, splashes of color. (except that all the models look glum).

I love those fisherman type striped shirts that are all over the place in France. Does anyone know of a source of them in the USA? I have blue, I'd like a red one.


Blogger Lee Oliveira said ... (8:27 AM) : 

Must have been an amazing show. The original protege of Comme des Garçons. The Yellow jacket is just amazing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:28 AM) : 

loved show.
specially, i expect the Thom Browne's show.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:28 AM) : 

Just love, love & love the navy looks, the shoes are great, very good collection!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:31 AM) : 

Your pictures are much more beautiful than anywhere else,I mean!!!
Normal clothes need the sensitivity for a wearing person.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:50 AM) : 

not too special for my taste


Anonymous sin said ... (9:04 AM) : 

Doesn't look like something from him or CDG (though they are rather separate things, but still...)


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:10 AM) : 

I love love all the stripes



Anonymous Mimi said ... (9:23 AM) : 

I love the bright looks combined by sailor style.


Anonymous Tim Steiner said ... (9:32 AM) : 

It's ironic that it would be criticized for being "too commercial" when I am looking at these clothes and picking out those that I would actually wear.

In fact, I think I'll do sailer-striped shirt, white pants, and blazer today!

Thanks for posting these! I always get inspiration from this site!!!


Blogger Pret a Porter P said ... (9:38 AM) : 

Just when I talk myself out of buying a navy DB I had my eye on, this had to pop up on my screen.


Blogger Pret a Porter P said ... (9:38 AM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Tango K said ... (9:50 AM) : 

Fabulous Coats! I want the light cream with the frog closures for myself~


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:50 AM) : 

Stripes rule!


Anonymous Dana said ... (9:53 AM) : 

I love it. Anything nautical is alright by me. So wearable, so fresh and classic. I love the cropped trousers and the jackets.


Blogger oensh said ... (10:22 AM) : 

oh yeah it is coola nd quirkiness and love the yellow jacket and navy stripes shirt.. gotta have it..


Blogger Román Iglesias said ... (10:33 AM) : 

INcreidibles but I rather Viktor and Rolf


Anonymous Bonnie Leclerc said ... (10:42 AM) : 

Nice! I love the sailor look. The models now, awful.


Blogger Roman Dennis said ... (11:15 AM) : 

i love love love this collection the nautical/kinda fisherman look will be perfect for next summer

Roman @


Anonymous Arash Mazinani said ... (11:32 AM) : 

Very nautical!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:44 AM) : 

As other people have said, let's not forget that when you design clothes, you design them for people to BUY. Plus, designers don't work for themselves. They have to answer to a board of directors and shareholders and whatnot. The ugly side of fashion is that it's about making money. When someone complains that a collection is "too commerical" they're just upset that they won't have "exclusive" pieces to brag about wearing.

There's two sides to the coin, people. Designers have bills to pay, too.


Blogger Fashion Addict Files said ... (12:04 PM) : 

Junya Watanabe is amazing an it was one of the first fashion shows that I truly enjoyed this season. The nautical and quirky feel were timeless.

It should also be noted that French actress Amira Casar was decked out in Junya Watanabe for the grand opening of Balenciaga's first men's boutique on Rue de Varenne in Paris yesterday evening!


Blogger Karena said ... (12:15 PM) : 

I agree I want to see a collection that is wearable be it casual or elegant evening for men or women.

The other's take it to a level of art.....yet who can really wear it!

Art by Karena


Blogger Doremy Diatta said ... (12:18 PM) : 

LOVE the white SHOES! stripes stripes stripes

come by for a visit!



Blogger FBJ said ... (12:21 PM) : 

loving these nautical looks!!



Blogger The Baker said ... (12:47 PM) : 

Always love a little flash of ankle!


Blogger Bianca Le Mouel said ... (1:03 PM) : 

I really appreciate your point of view on commercialism vs. high fashion. So often commercialism is seen as a bad word in the fashion industry....which is to bad. Perhaps it should be seen instead as a refreshing dose of reality.


Blogger amy said ... (1:07 PM) : 

Nautical chic has arrived!


Blogger brightlightsbigcity said ... (1:10 PM) : 

i love that the ankles are showing and that they weren't afraid to really use color. very fun :)


Anonymous merzbild71 said ... (1:21 PM) : 

I like all of this. Somehow, the nautical thing, which can easily become too preppy for me, is presented with a slight bohemian edge that's completely divorced from Nautica, Faconnable, and all of that boring stuff.

The first ensemble made me chuckle. Looks like Fred Astair in Anchors Aweigh. Love the striped jerseys. But where to buy?


Blogger fig said ... (1:50 PM) : 

easy & wearable, makes it commercial? will buy it for my guys ... has to sell to make money!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:19 PM) : 

Great jackets. Love the button designs. Funny how "commercial" is a dirty word in high end fashion.


Anonymous M.B said ... (3:36 PM) : 

There are two shows that I really adored and was happy to attend: Smalto and Damir Doma! Perfection at its finest...

M.B (


Blogger Marissa said ... (3:38 PM) : 

loving all of the looks but the yellow jacket is too gorgeous.


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:44 PM) : 

love this collection.


Blogger green lantern said ... (5:09 PM) : 

I simply must find a suitable double breasted blazer! There is a whole world of intriguing and envious comments awaiting the wearer of the most aristocratic, distinguishable and embellishing clothing item a man (or woman) can have in their closet.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:10 PM) : 

Well, I'd say that red and yellow jackets are rather cool, especially yellow.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:15 PM) : 

I love it!!!
Navy forever!


Blogger Archie said ... (5:50 PM) : 

I'm a sucker for coloured soles so dig this collection.
Agree that previous collections have been a little too off the wall to actually wear whereas this looks more 'sensible'


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:17 PM) : 

Adore all the looks. The white shoes are a knockout. I wish someone would make women's wear as clean and inspired as this.


Blogger 82Brute said ... (7:28 PM) : 

This is at once very personally familiar, and yet there's enough here that's new to make it interesting. I feel as if I could reach into the back of the closet at my parents' old house on Cape Cod and find that yellow slicker, but it would be my mom's, it would smell very musty and it would have been from Land's End. The white bucks also hit a soft spot, (my old dad still wears his saddle shoes with his seersucker jacket.) But those things are very American and this collection has a real European/Easter Bloc flair. Commercial, perhaps, but still highly desirable. These seem like the sorts of clothes that become more fabulous as they wear and age.


Blogger theexcitableboy said ... (7:42 PM) : 

Very cool, reminds me of Jean Paul Gaultier circa 1990's.


Blogger archives vintage said ... (7:59 PM) : 

two words: oh, sailor!


Anonymous HW90 said ... (8:10 PM) : 

Looks like Junya has visited Mister Freedom in L.A.


Anonymous katkas said ... (8:22 PM) : 

love this collection. i love how everything is oversized! a fresh take on the sailor look!


Blogger Stephon said ... (8:48 PM) : 

Yeah i liked it toooo !! but Dior today was pretty amazing...


Blogger Madame en noire said ... (9:39 PM) : 



Anonymous Mimi said ... (9:58 PM) : 

i love the sailor look combined with color! so chic...


Blogger Liz S said ... (10:00 PM) : 

Yes, agree--an edge of quirkiness and fun but wearable by many more nonetheless. That's gotta be a good thing for the designer and the public.
I love all the looks esp the finer striped canvas pants with the striped tee.


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:39 AM) : 

Viktor&Rolf! There were just many things I really wanted to put on, but that I also was enraptured with just looking at and thinking about.

I had just viewed the men's Vuitton collection and had really desired only about 5-6 pieces, and "walked away" thinking that is a decent collection, because you hardly ever really desire 6 items from one collection, but then I saw V&R right after and every single look was like a revelation, or some new ideal to be inspired by while passionately coveting. That is what it's all about!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:46 AM) : 

Oh, and on the Junya show. I agree with you, the "commercial" element makes it interesting, because it isn't taking an expectable form. Almost everything is a play on a familiar detail that is downright common but it's done so literally and with such wit that it's like something new. Even Aigle, a French sailing clothier, doesn't make clothes like this. They're almost cartoonish in their seafarer vibe and there couldn't be a riper moment to make clothes like this.


Blogger TheStreetFashion5xpro said ... (4:39 AM) : 

amazing show...great pictures


Blogger Eilish said ... (5:03 AM) : 

I love all the coats . They're just wonderful !


Anonymous John Wesley said ... (6:16 AM) : 

I'm loving this collection. "Commercial" in the best sense of the word. Not just wearable, but likely to have a longer life, making them a practical investment. These clothes will stand the test of time.

I would think it's more difficult to design a collection within a structure of restraint and discipline, and still be fresh and inventive.

White buck shoes are beautifully proportioned. Slightly sleeker, less clunky than the conventional preppy versions.


Blogger Brummagem Joe said ... (7:25 AM) : 

.....I don't want to rain on anyone's parade here but I've been wearing clothes like this for over forty years......Helly Hansen have the yellow waterproof, the "Picasso" jersey could be found at J. Crew and J. Press this summer, chinos and white bucks are ubiquitous.....I'm not saying it doesn't look good but it's a very trad look which just confirms it's basically the trad look with a few flourishes that looks best on men


Blogger John J. said ... (12:20 PM) : 

I am about to make a judgment based off of these pictures from the collection, yet I have not seen the whole collection. If I am wrong, prove me wrong.

It is a nice collection, but I do not see what makes it worthy of being a collection simply because of how common these looks appear to be. By this I am not saying that a satisfying collection for me has to be stylish or edgy, but there is no RISK.

Maybe I am looking at this in the wrong way, or maybe I am just tired of people biting of Thom Browne by showing some ankle, but I think menswear is ready for a new look. Something that isn't a shrunken suit or preppy or workwear.


Blogger Donnie Gayfield said ... (3:42 PM) : 

I thought it was their most beautiful collection. If commercial translates as wearable, I give Juny Watanabe an A in wearability.


Blogger Lor said ... (5:41 PM) : 

Love it. And wearable.


Blogger vejrubia said ... (9:50 PM) : 

I am very much a follower of Junya Watanabe, and I do agree with comment of this collection being "too commercial".

Sort of an anti-climactic collection for me.

It will be a while before I get over Watanabe's Fall/Winter collection for 2009-2010.


Anonymous proletarian Great Gatsby said ... (6:02 AM) : 

If "too commercial" means that normal people can wear it than Bravo and thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 AM) : 

Great looks and if by 'commercial', you mean 'salable' or 'wearable', I think it's a great compliment.


Blogger Allen - East Hampton said ... (11:41 AM) : 

Much to like here.


Blogger ShopMonica said ... (12:44 PM) : 

Um, so, I pretty much love everything Junya Watanabe does. LOVE.


Anonymous honeybeeandme said ... (3:03 PM) : 

why do they look as if they are being lead to the cross???



Blogger Cari Hislop said ... (3:22 PM) : 

I love the last shot...the model looks like a younger version of Hugh Laurie (House) tres good looking and the clothes are nice too! ;) I really like the touches of white stripes added to the white zipper and buttons against the dark blue. It's quirky, but not hey everyone look at me I paid more for my coat than you did. I love that red coat as well.


Blogger Benoit said ... (4:27 PM) : 

Hi Scott! Aren't you a bit harsh with the Paris shows? I read and saw a picture of the Hermès's, it looked gread. Did you attend?

"See you"


Anonymous Jasmi said ... (5:18 PM) : 

I kind of like how all the models look a bit hangover.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:26 PM) : 

i couldn't agree more. there's an absurdity to men's runway collections in that i could never see my dad, brothers, or boyfriend pulling off even one of the looks — whereas with women's ready-to-wear i like to imagine myself in each and every one!


Blogger Nicole said ... (1:41 AM) : 

The coats are to die for, especially the yellow one.


Anonymous Megan said ... (1:39 PM) : 

I have to agree with you. The commercial element seems more appealing to me. It adds some approachability while still remaining sleek. I love the use of stripe on top with a solid color for the jacket and pants. It gives some vavoom!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:29 PM) : 

Love the collection...I've always been a fan of Junya, even in the days of Commes des Garcons. As far as commercialism, come on now...if none of the collection is commercial and just purely esoteric, then how does one expect a designer going to make money and, therefore, keep the business afloat so that we can enjoy the crazy, off-the-wall, kooky designs that we all love so much. So for those who are snubbing the commercial aspect of clothes designing I dare those peeps to design for the sake of designing and see how much one can stay in business in the fashion world with no profit margin. Let's not be hatin...there's too much of that already in this world. I would know cuz I have lots of cousins who are designing in New York, and right now it's pretty tough out there with this shlumpy economy. Appreciate and enjoy what is out there, not what it woulda, coulda, shoulda been. Nuff said. F.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:11 PM) : 

The white toggle trench is one of the best looking, most versatile, well cut jackets I have ever seen. Yes it is basic, but it has character and class. The subtle color gives one the opportunity to add great flair with your accessories, and really own your look. I love this jacket!


Blogger HD said ... (2:10 PM) : 

... Taking working class gear, turning it into fashion! Because the working class no longer works? Yet the ruling class still rules (and has money)? How long can this last?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:03 PM) : 

liking this


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:59 AM) : 

Sorry, Nigel Cabourn did this three f/w seasons nicer materials and with finer details.


Blogger banglesshouldjangle said ... (8:57 AM) : 

These men are incredible.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:25 AM) : 

the iphone girl on the 2nd pic totally spotted you


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