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On the Street.....Hudson St., NYC


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Monday, February 22, 2010

On the Street.....Hudson St., NYC

Comments on "On the Street.....Hudson St., NYC"


Blogger mazouth said ... (5:24 AM) : 

Made me think of the whole Falkland era. Sweet.


Anonymous Wrecked Stellar said ... (5:25 AM) : 

This woman has classic spunk! Love the green gloves for that extra pop!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:34 AM) : 

i luv luv luv that bag! Proenza Schouler? grande!!!


Anonymous MiA said ... (5:36 AM) : 

ah, I love the green gloves!


Blogger Lorena said ... (5:40 AM) : 

Love her! Such a wonderful mix of colors!


Anonymous Beck said ... (5:42 AM) : 

Wrinkled stockings, tartan skirt, school satchel - should be so daggy but is fabulously quirky! Love her.


Blogger Jack Daniel said ... (5:46 AM) : 

Great choice of location.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:46 AM) : 

skirt skirt skirt!


Anonymous Jess said ... (5:46 AM) : 

Ahh I love the PS1 peeking out behind her coat.


Blogger iliketweet said ... (5:49 AM) : 

Beautiful. I love her style and the way her tights are ruching down, I want to dress up as her.




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:53 AM) : 



Blogger Johanna Urban said ... (5:55 AM) : 

Sooo cute! :-)


Blogger Lou said ... (5:57 AM) : 

It's her again! (I think?)

Deliciously quirky. Love the 'old lady' elements: the fur hat, the woolly, blue gray tights, that crazy bag. The working of color is superb and the addition of browns makes this 'vintage' and cozy, rather than say fifties sophomoric. (with black loafers and red cardigan, dark blue classic coat).

Another 'nerd' look. To me (from the Netherlands) this is very American.

The green gloves. Ah!


Blogger Stephen said ... (5:59 AM) : 

For me, the different textures are what really make me love it. The skirt, the stockings, the bag, the gloves, the hat and that jacket.

And some how, in all of this, the colours work so well.



Blogger gina marie said ... (5:59 AM) : 

oh, she's darling ... even her smile has style. :)


Anonymous Liv said ... (6:01 AM) : 

i am green with envy of those gloves!


Blogger Closet full of hopes and dreams said ... (6:03 AM) : 

Oh, I LOVE her! The shoes and those stockings! And the green gloves! All of those clothes could look really stuffy but she pulls together a great look! I WANT her shoes!!!


Blogger San said ... (6:05 AM) : 

I like the gloves, this green is marvelous.


Blogger San said ... (6:06 AM) : 

I like the gloves, this green is marvelous.


Blogger Lemon for breakfast said ... (6:16 AM) : 

nice bag! it has an old look that makes it special!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:22 AM) : 

Miss Jean Brodie springs to mind.


Blogger the style crusader said ... (6:24 AM) : 

that is such an incredible look.


Blogger La chica said ... (6:34 AM) : 

Between Anna Karenina and Mary Poppins, love her!!


Anonymous Stéphanie said ... (6:38 AM) : 

For me, this is the perfect style ! Thank you so much for all of your perfect pictures !


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:38 AM) : 

green gloves, love them!
leather bag, ditto.
mischievous look on face and wrinkled tights, essential accessories too:)


Anonymous Isabel Broberg said ... (6:43 AM) : 

Looks like Chanel shoes from collection Paris-Moscow. Lovely pict!


Anonymous le lapin amoureux said ... (6:45 AM) : 

I think the picture would be more stunning if cropped one-fourth from the bottom, leaving simply the blue wall as the background. Anyways, colours from upper half just great when placed on the lovely blue.


Blogger Nati said ... (6:53 AM) : 

Great style, I am in LOVE with her bag!!
xx nati


Anonymous The Photodiarist said ... (6:58 AM) : 

This is awesome! I love the mix and match. So many great details from the blue of her tights/socks and the blue of her shirt, to the green of her gloves, the tan of her Proenza bag and the fur of her hat. I just dig this so much!


Blogger sofia guiotto said ... (7:02 AM) : 

I love the green of the gloves! it reminds me of spring


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:04 AM) : 

ah the socks make me a little sick


Blogger Gary said ... (7:06 AM) : 

Very nice portrait (there's definitely a big color concern in this photo, on your side and on her's). I also love the textures. It's so soft we want to touch. Mmm, I realy love this pic and this style.


Anonymous Elise Willems said ... (7:07 AM) : 

Those gloves are simply to fall in love with - excellent type of green


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:07 AM) : 

So sweet. Love the green gloves and the grey tights with those shoes.


Blogger Baron-Münchhausen said ... (7:16 AM) : 

Again, a retro-style ... a la era after the Second World War.


Anonymous mareile said ... (7:19 AM) : 

gotta say that i like the idea but i think it makes her look short.different shoes would have done the trick


Blogger Overdressed said ... (7:20 AM) : 

The shoes, the shoes, the shoes-a dream! And I love how the shirt matches the colour of the wall behind her. Well spotted.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:26 AM) : 

In every photo of this lady on your site I admire her style - this lady is so adorable and her ensembles are perfect! What is not to love about green gloves and eclectic styling!?


Blogger Archie said ... (7:28 AM) : 

The green gloves make this outfit. The look she's sporting is a lovely blend of sophistication and practicality.


Anonymous Cecylia said ... (7:35 AM) : 

I bought a skirt exactly like hers today! I want her bag!


Blogger Soren Lorensen said ... (7:41 AM) : 

those gloves are completely perfect


Blogger Zero said ... (7:41 AM) : 

this is one of my favourite looks of this month, so so so divine. Love her the picture as well and super extra points for the bag :)


Anonymous HelenQP said ... (7:50 AM) : 

We--elll...The green gloves make it. I keep hearing my mother say, "Pull up those tights!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:58 AM) : 

the bag is gorgeous!!))who is from?is it proenza?


Anonymous College Research Papers said ... (7:58 AM) : 

Awesome Pics. Thanks for Taking the Time to share with us.


Blogger MELISSA Z. said ... (8:00 AM) : 

Amazing skirt! Love the bag sooo much!


Blogger johnny boy said ... (8:01 AM) : 

Amazing!!! Each picture is better than the previous one


Anonymous middleseason said ... (8:09 AM) : 

Yes it's ok: we all agree about the green gloves.. but about the other items? I dont' really understand this way of dressing.


Anonymous Catherine like Deneuve said ... (8:16 AM) : 

She is very eclectic. Wasn't she the one in the Tyrolean outfit some months back? I recall a beautiful coat, red.


Blogger WE SPY WITH MY LITTLE i said ... (8:26 AM) : 

The socks! American apparel??


Blogger The Shitty Astrologer said ... (8:41 AM) : 

Interesting how this ensemble fuses together quite well...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:42 AM) : 

great choice of background!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:45 AM) : 

great choice of background!


Blogger Francesca Robertson said ... (8:50 AM) : 

love love love her bag!
F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!


Blogger miss sophie said ... (8:55 AM) : 

this is quite possibly one of my favorite shots...ever! all the colors and textures really makes this the perfect non-monochromatic winter look :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:01 AM) : 

Ah! yes. i knew i was doing the right thing when i bought green gloves last year. She's great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:07 AM) : 

I love everything from the skirt on up. The shoes are beautiful, but I think the white and black go oddly with the gray tights, and they are too baggy. Her legs look like a wrinkly old lady's.


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:12 AM) : 

What can I say but fantastic! She is so turned out so well. Love the purse, love the spectator shoes, love it all!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:14 AM) : 

love, love the hat


Blogger Soviétique said ... (9:14 AM) : 

I have that same exact PS1 bag as well, and I love that thing to bits (anyone thinking about purchasing it, GET IT!). Brownie points for her! :D


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:20 AM) : 

I think the wall is the star of this picture! Wonderful colour. Wonderful choice.


Blogger lanuser said ... (9:24 AM) : 

The green Gloves are perfect...


Blogger Valerie said ... (9:24 AM) : 

pretty, love


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:25 AM) : 

I LOVE wrinkled tights!


Blogger CW said ... (9:26 AM) : 

Very Carol Burnett.


Blogger lavalentina said ... (9:27 AM) : 

Oh god, I love her shoes!


Blogger Nadine2point0 said ... (9:37 AM) : 

The baggy tights are distracting - otherwise this is a VERY fun, fresh look ... especially the skirt. Love the mandarin collar.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:42 AM) : 

How sweet!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:45 AM) : 

Love the shoes!!


Blogger Vinda Sonata said ... (9:48 AM) : 

i love how natural she looks and how comfortable the clothes seem. she sure knows how to dress, and i really like the messenger bag. very "now"!

fashion atelier.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:56 AM) : 

I would feel like a hobo if I wore that.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:03 AM) : 

her shoes match her fuzzy warm coat! loveee the ps1 gotta have!!!


Blogger KORY said ... (10:08 AM) : 

You have this unique gift of capturing beauty. Pale skin is the new black. She is beautiful


Blogger Loren Barake said ... (10:14 AM) : 

Nice colors!


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:18 AM) : 

She looks so cute:D
love the jumper or is it a coat...I guess that's what makes it so cool, oh and the bag<3


Blogger Style Stars said ... (10:24 AM) : 

love her gloves and shoes... she looks great.


Blogger The Concrete Commentator said ... (10:29 AM) : 

wow! the wall behind her matches her ensemble. Great shot!


Blogger l´habitué said ... (10:30 AM) : 



Blogger MusaBenedetta said ... (10:34 AM) : 

I'm not the hugest fan of that stocking/shoe combination, but the green gloves! I love those gloves. I agree that they make the outfit.


Blogger color my life said ... (10:34 AM) : 

her bag and the coat is perfact!!!


Anonymous Blogger widget said ... (10:47 AM) : 



Blogger Unknown said ... (10:51 AM) : 

funky country chic in the city!


Anonymous Renee said ... (10:57 AM) : 

bag lady much?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:06 AM) : 



Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (11:06 AM) : 

I love the shoes and the gray socks! Cute, warm look! xo

Hermes Bracelet at


Blogger the Citizen Rosebud said ... (11:19 AM) : 

Color, color, color! Color + character = BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. love this woman!


Blogger stephanie said ... (11:24 AM) : 

Oh my. Love this.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:33 AM) : 

Am I the only one to see the little match-girl or the cartoonish spinster in this photo?


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:38 AM) : 

nice lipstick, the rest is just bad colaboration


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:41 AM) : 

is she single? i'm in love...she looks like anna karina.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:57 AM) : 

Not wild about the slouchy tights or shoes that look too large....


Anonymous Runway Reviews said ... (12:05 PM) : 

Love the fabrics and the coat.
Powerful student bag!


Anonymous Jacob Frommer said ... (12:09 PM) : 

As a man who loves more on a woman than less, I whole heartedly love this outfit. Funked up Poland ca. 1932. Brilliant.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:10 PM) : 

Like the 80's TV Show 'SuperGran'.


Blogger ... said ... (12:10 PM) : 

interesting outfit!
like it


Blogger LivingGolden said ... (12:12 PM) : 

I don't actually like anything about her outfit. I take that back. I want that bag. This photo though is AMAZING.


Blogger what dia like said ... (12:17 PM) : 

i love her bag!


Blogger Carlos Alberto Silva said ... (12:19 PM) : 

I like the mixing of colors, and the shoes are very Prada ^^


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:27 PM) : 

Looks like Sarah Silverman


Anonymous nina said ... (12:29 PM) : 

Saw this same girls outfit on maya villiger's blog and in previous sartorialist posts- always looks amazing! Bought a long pleated skirt to wear high with a belt as inspired by her look- wh is she? The best hats too!!!


Anonymous Sandra M. said ... (12:37 PM) : 

I love her's a Stabole bag??? I've seen one similar on ...isn't it?

Sandra M.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:53 PM) : 

Yay, the cool bag lady look is here. I wear this when I start out with a skirt and am still cold.


Anonymous Jen's Fan Club said ... (1:14 PM) : 

Jennifer Krako is THE most stylish girl in all of NYC - and that's a fact!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:53 PM) : 

Is her hat made of fur? Mink?


Blogger maticki said ... (3:06 PM) : 

would never buy any of the things she is wearing but on her it all looks perfect! love the colors & the background!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:12 PM) : 

Sorry Scott, I actively dislike this look. Who needs a smug Cyndi Lauper?


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:50 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:51 PM) : 

Beautiful. Perfectly coordinated colors, materials, patterns etc. Maybe a little too perfect and new though? I would love to see one or two older, really personal pieces added to this.


Anonymous kagitsune said ... (3:58 PM) : 

Her again!! I want to dress with her same level of elegance and fairy-tale style. :D


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:09 PM) : 

colour of the wall has an tremendous effect on dress.


Blogger BB said ... (4:18 PM) : 

comfy. cozy. chic. and i love how plaid is back in such a big, BIG way!


Blogger Prutha Raithatha said ... (4:23 PM) : 

love everything about her outfit and attitude...i can tell she's super cool


Blogger Alessia Style said ... (4:35 PM) : 

I love the green gloves and the shoes!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:37 PM) : 

This is like the latest Marc Jacobs show, from the runway straight to the street!


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:02 PM) : 

I see a theme, Sarto. The return of eclectic chic.


Blogger Mariana said ... (5:13 PM) : 

-Green Gloves
-Plaid Skirt

It seems like a character of a Agatha Christie novel...sorry about that but I really love it!!! =)
My favourite time period! =)


Blogger Mariana said ... (5:15 PM) : 

-Green Gloves
-Plaid Skirt

It looks like an Agatha Christie character...I love that time period!!!!! =)


Blogger Meg said ... (6:06 PM) : 

I don't see it so much as revival of any set style but the typical art student photographed in the city by the artist.

Again, brings me back to the hey day of 80s Woody Allen movies...yet another character that was never to be written.

Glorious work Scott.


Blogger Meg said ... (6:07 PM) : 

That bag is stupendous - any chance readers might know who designed it? I love the classic stachel in leather.


Blogger Holly said ... (6:40 PM) : 

WOW!!! Now that's style to me!


Blogger noosa vintage said ... (6:42 PM) : 

I Like...


Blogger Liliana P. said ... (6:44 PM) : 

Back to the 40's! Lovely


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:00 PM) : 

uh, she looks a mess but i love her smile and pose


Blogger Chelsea Lynn said ... (7:35 PM) : 

Love that she knows how to place colors and not be overzealous with it. The shoes are to die for, love it!


Blogger hakkamui said ... (7:49 PM) : 

Individually, she has many beautiful things on her, collectively, too busy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 PM) : 

Just my personal opinion, if the wall behind the woman color is black or white instead of blue, her look probably will be more outstanding on the photo, because blue wall mixes her shirt and socks which are the most fabulous parts I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:05 PM) : 

Love her outfit!


Anonymous edinamonsoon said ... (10:58 PM) : 

Effortless fabulosity. Love the skirt. Love the socks. Love the bag....Oh, nevermind, I love it all!


Anonymous zenobiar said ... (11:36 PM) : 

Agatha Christie characters were much better dressed. This is bag lady. Or TTH quirkiness. I like the Cyndy Lauper analogy.


Blogger Jen O said ... (12:30 AM) : 

Love the Bonnie Cashin coat--I think Bonnie would have liked that scrunchy way it's draped as well...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:30 AM) : 



Anonymous princess glee said ... (2:32 AM) : 

I remember her from an earlier post. The pic was taken in front of the same wall, right? She does what she does well...I was going to point out all the pieces I like of hers and then saw that I liked everything 'cept the coat.

Nevermind. I like everything, including the coat.


Blogger Crimsonite said ... (5:20 AM) : 

I wish I could be just as cool as her.


Blogger Liz said ... (8:11 AM) : 

As a photographer, I can only say great eye for spotting that wall!
As a woman - love the shoes and the joie de vivre :)


Blogger 82Brute said ... (10:28 AM) : 

A stroke of genius to put her in front of that fabulous wall. The textures! The colors! The wet splotches on the sidewalk, that Mona Lisa smile of her! So good. A delightful image.


Anonymous The Stylecatcher said ... (11:53 AM) : 

I've been in search of green gloves. Seems impossible to find. Her's are great!


Blogger Leeloo Cubus said ... (2:10 PM) : 

i love it!
those gloves!


Anonymous An said ... (9:36 PM) : 

The PS1? *faints*


Blogger Malicious Mallory said ... (9:41 PM) : 

It looks like this outfit really fits her personality, from what the photo shows. I love that!


Anonymous Yellowrose said ... (12:42 AM) : 

Oh u have photographed her before in front of the same blue background. I remember that photo for the lovely red she was wearing and looking like a cute NYC red riding hood. It is great to see her style again love it!


Anonymous seamripper said ... (12:57 AM) : 

Love all the colors and the overall feel. Even the little sports on the pavement give it character...Lovely!!!


Anonymous cee said ... (1:01 AM) : 

she wears it so nicely, thanks for the great capture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:49 AM) : 

This reminds me of a friend. Her sweet face with the full cheeks and blunt cut bang.
Very nice picture, thank you.


Anonymous sylvia van der klooster said ... (7:22 AM) : 

it's jennifer again,she looks so lovely with her PS1!


Blogger Alyssa said ... (10:32 AM) : 

OH! Green gloves + Blue wall = LOVE.

Her beautiful face, the coat, the blue tights, just icing on the cake. Thanks for this.


Blogger U-NI-TY said ... (4:14 AM) : 

Great style, great clothes, very nice!


Anonymous KC said ... (12:32 PM) : 

God I just love Krako to bits.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:34 PM) : 

so "happy go lucky style" ja!


Blogger Mr Brown said ... (1:32 AM) : 

Best style on here is ages.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:50 PM) : 

Miss A?
It's the latest Trend - anything in your closet goes with anything else in your closet. So dont worry about the pefert match just mix them all.


Blogger Xtabay Liz said ... (10:32 PM) : 

She looks like she raided an elderly woman's closet and had 2 minutes to put together an ensemble. An old Bonnie Cashin coat, a Pendleton plaid skirt, old Chanel spec pumps and stretched out tights....But somehow it's chic and effortless.

I love the mink hat and green gloves!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:22 AM) : 

love the proenza schouler bag. very chic


Anonymous said ... (1:04 AM) : 

oooo i miss the city for these very reasons, the beautiful blue backdrop of a wall and warm layered luxury in clothing...


Blogger Thought Forms said ... (10:28 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:07 PM) : 

it´s perfect!
is it a dress??


Anonymous Lisa said ... (1:56 AM) : 

really cool gloves i would love if they were pink...


Anonymous tava tea said ... (5:26 PM) : 

should be so daggy but is fabulously quirky! Love her.


Anonymous Essays said ... (5:27 AM) : 

Fashion has almost nothing to do with good taste: it is a force that is beyond such practical considerations.


Anonymous Essay Writing UK said ... (2:49 AM) : 

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:01 PM) : 

that blue reminds me the movie "fur"...where a whole realist-surrealist world is painted that way


Anonymous Sunburn Treatment said ... (3:09 PM) : 

The wind in the hair makes this picture that much better!


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