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On the Beach....Sometimes this is the Only Suit You Need, Rio de Janeiro


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On the Beach....Sometimes this is the Only Suit You Need, Rio de Janeiro

Comments on "On the Beach....Sometimes this is the Only Suit You Need, Rio de Janeiro"


Blogger New York Muhtari said ... (4:02 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:04 PM) : 



Anonymous hagate said ... (4:06 PM) : 



Blogger Mar said ... (4:08 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:09 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:09 PM) : 

Sometimes you just get tired of looking at beautiful people...


Blogger Cheryl Houston said ... (4:11 PM) : 



Anonymous Maija said ... (4:12 PM) : 

Hmmm..too pretty for my liking.


Blogger Michelle said ... (4:13 PM) : 

Now THAT makes up for any long stretches of blogging showing only beautiful women! Yum!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:13 PM) : 



Blogger Petitbill said ... (4:14 PM) : 

Wow Scott! Like the atmosphere of this pic. One of your greatest from Rio.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:15 PM) : 

you take my breath away!


Blogger Sarah Grace said ... (4:15 PM) : 

I love the lighting in this shot and how he has lines on his shorts and so does the definitely flows...great job :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:17 PM) : 

holy hotness!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:17 PM) : 

is the only man i need!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:19 PM) : 

Oh Lala...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:21 PM) : 

There IS a GOD!


Anonymous Margot said ... (4:24 PM) : 

I love the over-exposed sun in these pictures, you can feel the heat.


Blogger Magdalena said ... (4:29 PM) : 

Hot hot hot!


Blogger Amy said ... (4:30 PM) : 

A veritable modern day Adonis... hooootttttt

xx Amy


Blogger Sabine said ... (4:31 PM) : 

the man or the chair?!


Blogger Laura said ... (4:31 PM) : 



Anonymous claudia said ... (4:33 PM) : 

I want him


Blogger fickle red riding hood said ... (4:36 PM) : 

You should post more pictures like this mmmmm x


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:38 PM) : 

That`s why I loooove living in Brazil!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:39 PM) : 

Hominah Hominah


Blogger Mary Grace said ... (4:39 PM) : 

WHOA! Very delish!


Blogger Scorpion Disco said ... (4:42 PM) : 

Where do you find these people? Perfect lighting, perfect colors, now all you need is some dramatic music!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:42 PM) : 



Blogger Aaron Brown said ... (4:47 PM) : 

man i wish i was there soaking up that sun


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:49 PM) : 

Of course, if I had such a body, i would never wear a suit... even in winter...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:54 PM) : 

Sometimes I wish I were a guy so I could walk around shirtless.


Blogger The Bambina said ... (5:00 PM) : 

The lighting is beautiful and I love his beach chair! This makes me want to go to Rio.


Anonymous Standard Label said ... (5:00 PM) : 

or his birthday suit. beautiful.


Blogger FORMENTERA ♥ AGUAMARINA said ... (5:08 PM) : 



Blogger Madeline Veenstra said ... (5:09 PM) : 

The sun looks gorgeous :)


Blogger Jessica said ... (5:16 PM) : 

wow he's beautiful!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:19 PM) : 

Wow, hot hot hot


Blogger Scot Meacham Wood said ... (5:21 PM) : 

hubba. hubba.


Blogger michelleanne said ... (5:22 PM) : 

I was given your book for christmas by my lovely boyfriend.

I adore it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:29 PM) : 

oh to be 20 years younger...........


Blogger San said ... (5:29 PM) : 



Anonymous suzie said ... (5:31 PM) : 

It is time for a caipi !


Anonymous Natasha said ... (5:35 PM) : 

wow. people in rio are always so beautiful


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:38 PM) : 

wow! this is a, picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:40 PM) : 

Welcome to Brazil, babe!


Blogger Rob Boddice said ... (5:42 PM) : 

Just to add a dash of sobriety to all the gushing, would it be totally out of place to point out this fine fellow's dreadful posture?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:47 PM) : 

Mmmmmm hotness. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:50 PM) : 



Blogger Coco and Zaahb said ... (5:54 PM) : 

or should i say caliente



Blogger Xanela Chic said ... (5:55 PM) : 

I AGREE!!!...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:56 PM) : 

I salute the trend of alternative nipple placement. Very non-conformist.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:00 PM) : 

aaaj yummy, could look at him all the day ... next holiday: RIO !


Blogger Cris Pereira said ... (6:11 PM) : 

This is Rio - just this!
I live in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), but I love, love, I LOOOOVE Rio de Janeiro!!!

Scott, thank you for your visit (and Garance too).

This is a beuatiful music about Rio, "Valsa de Uma Cidade" (Waltz of City - by Antônio Maria e Ismael Netto):

"Vento do mar no meu rosto e o sol a queimar, queimar
Calçada cheia de gente a passar, e a me ver passar
Rio de Janeiro
Gosto de você
Gosto de quem gosta
Deste céu, deste mar, desta gente feliz..."


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:14 PM) : 



Blogger Jess-Gab said ... (6:23 PM) : 

he is hot!life in rio de janeiro seams to be funny!


Anonymous Tam said ... (6:24 PM) : 

The Boy From Ipanema!!!!



Blogger look book said ... (6:25 PM) : 

now that is gorgeous.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:33 PM) : 

Oh, hell yes!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:35 PM) : 

Oh my! This is delicious!!


Blogger Niamh Roisin said ... (6:38 PM) : 

What a gorgeous man, what a nice thing to see on a freezing cold night in northern Europe! Thanks! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:42 PM) : 

I hope the rio olympics committee won't try to change the beaches too much like they were planning to.


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:45 PM) : 

Holy moley. There IS a God.


Blogger Ttttttttttttt said ... (6:46 PM) : 

He is gorgeous!


Blogger Barbora said ... (6:47 PM) : 

In my humble opinion, there should be more guys walking around like this..WHO NEEDS SUIT OR SHIRT?!
"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"


Blogger Nicole said ... (6:55 PM) : 

Mmmmmmmmm. Lol I can see with just a quick glance at your comments that alot of your readers are women.


Anonymous greendress said ... (6:59 PM) : 

i guess he loves stripes, even to carry them.


Anonymous ChervelleCamille said ... (7:16 PM) : 

Sometimes, it really is!!


Blogger Miiicha said ... (7:16 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:23 PM) : 

The girls are very happy today! :)


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:33 PM) : 



Blogger the_eye_collector said ... (7:33 PM) : 

Holy smokes. I have got to get to Rio immediately. Not sure I'd look quite so good with that little clothing on, though; must be hard to be stylish when it's so hot your body feels like it's melting.


Anonymous wtfMA said ... (8:00 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:01 PM) : 

Yes, make your own body shape well is pretty important, that makes people more confident.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:22 PM) : 

In Rio under the scorching heat this may be a good style, but beachwear has spread its wings everywhere in Brazil and that's the only style most guys there seem to know.

It's shame, although no one can deny it looks hot. At the beach.


Anonymous Stephanie said ... (8:22 PM) : 

He is in his element.
He happens to just be blessed with perfect scruff.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:26 PM) : 

That's it, I'm moving to Rio


Anonymous cricket said ... (8:29 PM) : 

backlighting and flair - never looked so hot!!!


Blogger MeganRose said ... (8:33 PM) : 



Blogger Carlos Alberto Silva said ... (8:41 PM) : 




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:59 PM) : 



Blogger J.A.F. said ... (9:07 PM) : 

Really nice Scott.


Blogger My Decor Style said ... (9:10 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:16 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 PM) : 

Oh my goodness!! Now he is dressed perfectly for his body type!!! :)


Blogger L.Holm said ... (9:57 PM) : 

certainly the only suit HE needs. whoa.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:10 PM) : 

marry me!


Blogger Ale said ... (10:12 PM) : 

That's one of the reasons why I miss my Brazil so much!



Blogger aynne said ... (10:29 PM) : 

oh la la


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:36 PM) : 

Glad I'm Brazilian


Blogger Hawa said ... (10:39 PM) : 

oh its all sunshiney down here too in australia....though people are more covered up than they should be.....and that kinda suit can only be granted if you have that kinda body to pull it off....but the photograph is amazing!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:50 PM) : 

I want to see more of him...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:55 PM) : 

gostoso! great light!


Blogger Sky said ... (11:06 PM) : 

yes, lighting
yes, he is super duper hot
yes, bad posture
I like how low he wears those trunks
lovely picture


Anonymous ronan the librarian said ... (11:16 PM) : 

Vir Beatum at 5.42... I was about to say the exactly the same thing! Shoulders back young man!


Blogger Lula said ... (11:28 PM) : 

whoa! now that's a man and not a boy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:40 PM) : 

SEXY !!!!! Need to move to Brazil to get me a Brazilian man.....WOW


Blogger Shoestring Traveler said ... (11:40 PM) : 



Blogger Nadine2point0 said ... (11:47 PM) : 

Your photo has clearly had the desired affect on your followers. You, sir, have reduced many of us to using an average of 5 words to comment on your latest post here...he is crazy hot.
He would be even hotter if the object in his left hand was a rolled up magazine of some impressive literary value.

Actually, nah, who cares.


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:51 PM) : 

He's hot but what i LOVE is the graphic print on his shorts. Very very cool. Fantastic flair with the chair :D


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:54 PM) : 



Blogger DENNI said ... (11:54 PM) : 

and a great body too. great photo.



Blogger yanyun said ... (11:56 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:04 AM) : 

I like a hot guy as much as anyone, but what does this man have to do with fashion or style? Even his chair is rusty.


Blogger TuttiELaPace said ... (12:06 AM) : 

now that's rio for you YUMMMM


Blogger FeFe said ... (12:20 AM) : 

Oh my, hellllo. Yes please!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:28 AM) : 

Oh, take my eyes! This guy is so ugly I cant stand to look at him. ha ha ha.


Blogger Thomas said ... (12:30 AM) : 

must go to the gym...right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:17 AM) : 

i prefer the leaner types, not so much the beefy ones. please get it right next time sart. lol jk! great photo! can't wait for pitti!

(although i really would prefer the leaner types if you happen to snap another picture of a shirtless boy haha)


Blogger fledgling said ... (1:32 AM) : 

hubba hubba


Anonymous laura Acosta said ... (1:38 AM) : 

he's wearing osklen, off course!!


Blogger Mademoiselle C. said ... (2:19 AM) : 

Light is a piece of clothing there. Wonderful! ♥


Blogger Diane said ... (2:27 AM) : 

H.O.T. ... :D

Thanks for posting something for the ladies... :P


Blogger Diana said ... (2:51 AM) : 

:-))))))))) I think hundreds of ladies love you know for this pic!!

I haven´t seen the sun for weeks and if i can believe the weather man, this high fog goes on for the next 2 weeks...(Austria)
So any summer impulse can help now!
Your Rio-pics are beautiful and this young man is the cream on the cake!


Anonymous Isobel Saoirse said ... (2:55 AM) : 

This picture is absolutely perfect, the shun coming behind him and making him look like he's almost glowing like and you really see that the picture is focused on him. The way the people in the bg is blurry makes you really see how hot it is in Rio and yet again, as seen on all your Rio shoots, the beautiful colors! Stunning really!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:17 AM) : 

hope you'll soon be back to the northern hemisphere.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:23 AM) : 

This I guess, is something I aim to do with my body. Parfait!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:26 AM) : 

That kid is smokin'. Too smokin.


Blogger mapcuk said ... (3:30 AM) : 



Blogger Big City Nights said ... (3:35 AM) : 

OK, now you're just mocking us northern dwellers who have to deal with the snow and -20 weather.


Blogger thimbles and gingham said ... (3:36 AM) : 

i love the chair too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:38 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:45 AM) : 

I love how he is lit up and golden from the sun - like a gold Roman statue with a godlike body haha.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:53 AM) : 

all the horizontal stripes at the bottom of the picture kind of stabilises it. kind of cute that he hunches - not arrogant.


Blogger AnNaBAnAna° said ... (4:12 AM) : 

love the atmosphere of this picture!! it's amazing..
the lighting is perfect to create that kind of hot hot beginning summer eve in rio. you literally feel the rays of the sun on your skin!!
oh, how bad i wanna be there right now! europe is so freezing at this time!
what i also like are the (almost) parallel running stripes on his shorts and the chair.. their colors make a great contrast to the golden hue of the whole pic as well.
the guy's kinda cute, too! ;) would love to see his face from another perspective..
hey sart!! will you ever come to germany?? :)


Anonymous Fallon Gilchrist said ... (4:13 AM) : 



Blogger what dia like said ... (4:15 AM) : 

just waouuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh


Blogger Tea with Edith said ... (4:17 AM) : 

Gorgeous body of his.
Like that everything else in the background fades out.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:21 AM) : 

I really want to go to Rio! There are so many of them located in there!!!! HotHOTHOTHOTHHOTHOHTOHTOT!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:13 AM) : 

yeah yeah yeah... omg... *grins*


Anonymous Notsofashiongirl said ... (5:21 AM) : 

This is so Rio de Janeiro... The tan, the beauty, the sun... This is just a sample of what you find in the beaches...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:21 AM) : 

reality shot! Crossing the street to go back to the apartment after a day in the sun. One of the things I miss most about being a brazilian in BRASIL!
Thanks for transporting me there Scott!!!!!!!!!
Beijos no coracao!


Anonymous Joanna Roman said ... (5:36 AM) : 

Oh yeah!!! I agree with You, Mr. schuman .
In this case (such a body!!!) the sentence "LESS (clothes) is MORE" is purely 100 % applicable :-)


Blogger ΔΕΣΠΟΙΝΑ ΣΙΦΝΙΑΔΟΥ said ... (5:37 AM) : 

This man is gorgeous and this photograph is outstanding

keep going! love your blog :)


Blogger Mihaela Majerhold-O. said ... (6:28 AM) : 

very hot!!!! specially in this cold winter.....


Blogger Beauty Is Diverse said ... (6:29 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:48 AM) : 



Blogger Marcie said ... (6:54 AM) : 


Isn´t it my country a lovely place? =D


Anonymous Letícia Hostins said ... (7:13 AM) : 

I live in Santa Catarina, here in Brazil. Rio is almost perfect, but I still prefer Florianópolis.
Scott, I'm waiting for your visit here.

Nice, very nice job.


Blogger Mel said ... (7:49 AM) : 

Would have been even better if he was wearing typical Brazilian speedos... ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:53 AM) : 

woooow :)


Blogger amalie said ... (8:11 AM) : 

that title is so true. !


Anonymous DeeDee said ... (8:14 AM) : 

Despite his obvious attributes, the feature I'm drawn to most is the hands. I love a big, masculine hand.

Great shot.


Blogger L.A.F said ... (8:18 AM) : 

What is my husband doing there?? :P


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:26 AM) : 

mmm... great shot, very very handsome man...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:26 AM) : 

Pheeeew, that's hot!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:34 AM) : 

Wow so hot! Like the stripes.


Blogger Carly said ... (8:40 AM) : 

Love the colours at the bottom. He is so handsome, this made my day :)


Blogger Holly said ... (8:41 AM) : 

Makes you want to go to Rio...should be an ad for a travel magazine!!!


Blogger onesixty said ... (8:58 AM) : 



Anonymous amanda said ... (8:59 AM) : 

i don't actually think he needed anything, hihi!


Blogger amyw said ... (9:14 AM) : 

Great start to the morning. Def steamed up my computer screen :)


Anonymous Gen said ... (9:15 AM) : 

Mercy! I do believe I am getting the vapours!


Blogger Angeles Almuna said ... (9:39 AM) : 

OH!!!! YES :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:03 AM) : 

he can eat crackers in my bed anytime. hubba hubba


Blogger Chinha said ... (10:10 AM) : 

hoooooooooooot! he is brazilian people!!!


Blogger whyioughtta said ... (10:10 AM) : 

From snowy Quebec: MERCI!!!!!


Blogger Danielle said ... (10:17 AM) : 

my city... bee-eew-tifful! Eu amo o rio!


Anonymous Georgina said ... (10:21 AM) : 

O please! Call me!!! Call me now! Let's have some caipirinhas!!! Se todos fossem iguais a você!!!! As we say in Argentina, cradle of the hottest men in the world (Nacho Figueras, anyone???), well, together with Brazil, as shown in this picture "Pobre la gente fea!!!!!"


Anonymous Milena said ... (10:34 AM) : 

wow, that body and that lighting and sun and Rio and who could ever ask for more?


Blogger Kathy said ... (10:45 AM) : 

Well, THAT'S a nice way to wake up! And why am I not living in Rio???


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:01 AM) : 

beyond beautiful...looking at him hurts!


Blogger ErinL said ... (11:02 AM) : 



Blogger parisgirl said ... (11:13 AM) : 

i love the washed-out quality of light in these brazil can almost feel how hot it is...oh, and speaking of HOT - waouhhhh!


Anonymous Clare said ... (11:59 AM) : 

Nice shoot!


Anonymous Elizabeth said ... (12:15 PM) : 

WOW, I didn't notice the suit.... delicious!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:17 PM) : 

Please - take me to your leader ...or wherever else ya wanna! Muito Legao!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:45 PM) : 

Delicious but don't be mislead! Brasil is filled with beautiful women but not GQ attractive men like this!!They are few and far between but their spirit and hearts make up for it.


Blogger Inspiration exists said ... (12:53 PM) : 

Great shot!


Blogger SallyO said ... (1:01 PM) : 



Blogger Uns Badulaques said ... (1:09 PM) : 

hot hot hot


Anonymous Ajla said ... (1:41 PM) : 

Sometimes a brazilian is all the suit you need ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:05 PM) : 

jesus! :) hot hot


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:10 PM) : 

All I can say is thank you for that. You've made my day a little warmer. Lovely picture, too! ;)


Anonymous Annika said ... (2:12 PM) : 

There you go! Pictures of men! See? What are people complaining about?


Blogger Sahaisis said ... (2:15 PM) : 

pah...o miúdo é tão giro, mas tão giro que eu estou sem palavras...
meaning: he's so cute, so cute...that I'm speachless...


Blogger Shihan said ... (3:34 PM) : 

True Euro - USA icon of male beauty


Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (3:41 PM) : 

Hottie! come to mama =) haha. Great shot of him.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:16 PM) : 

thank you.


Blogger H said ... (4:38 PM) : 

He makes my heart beat a little bit faster :O


Blogger Jean-pierre MATTEI ( clothings maker who shares some fashion sketches .............................. ) said ... (5:14 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:20 PM) : 

i want to hate and say something about his posture or whatever but D@MN, he's hot. he knows this.


Blogger Alban Giudicelli said ... (5:22 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:28 PM) : 



Blogger Ruth Di Buriasco said ... (6:19 PM) : 

Ohhhh I love Rio much!!


Anonymous Sara Lua said ... (6:21 PM) : 

YUM! I will be in Rio in 1 month!!!! I cannot wait to see his kind :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:48 PM) : 

That´s what I love about Rio de Janeiro! Half cloth and beach!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:05 PM) : 



Blogger Krissy :: Miss B and Hustle said ... (8:08 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:19 PM) : 

I can't breathe, wonderful shot!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:50 PM) : 

Rio beach style is so much more vibrant than Sydney beach style... excellent atmosphere, lovely looking man :)


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:27 PM) : 

Gorgeous. Naturally perfect.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:11 PM) : 

That's why I love Rio ..


Anonymous Elfie said ... (10:55 PM) : 

Yes ladies, there is a god, and SHE is GOOD. =) This go so deserves another amen.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:30 AM) : 

What a beautiful man.


Anonymous Oonagh said ... (12:51 AM) : 

what this has to do with fashioN I do not know.


Blogger Beny said ... (3:05 AM) : 

he's Hawt!!!!! i just melted!


Anonymous Ishita said ... (3:53 AM) : 

This picture was taken just to give us some eye candy!!!

Ouhhh La La La!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:05 AM) :


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:49 AM) : 

tall and tan and young and lovely...


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