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At Roberto Cavalli....The Fashion Journalist, Milan


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

At Roberto Cavalli....The Fashion Journalist, Milan

I actually shot this in Milan a few days before I shot Kanye in Paris . Like any artist I follow my inspiration and lately I've been feeling for portraits. I think it started with that "Red on Red" portrait in Sydney. Right now I love the idea of a dramatic face surrounded by an equally dramatic fur...a very modern John Singer Sargent vibe.

Regarding the Kanye shot. Yes, Kanye is having a tough time right now but I think that makes the portrait all the more moving.
For those of you that think the Kanye shot was a celebrity grab and a change in direction for the blog, go check the archives. I've shot Kanye about ten times over the last two years and his inclusion hasn't changed anything in this blog (if anything it enriches it with a wider stylistic offering).

Is Kanye a Sartorialist? Who is? I wrote in my book that I appreciate and relate to his struggles to find is own style vocabulary. Haven't we all gone through that? Am I a Yohji or an Armani was mine. I know Kanye a little bit and that portrait captures something in him I haven't seen before. Whether you like him or not is up to you. That shot is just a simple portrait of a man in a difficult moment in his life and as a artist I would be crazy not to react to that moment (especially if it falls within a mood I'm feeling). I love the contrast that these two portraits create. And lets be honest, we can't assume that this woman is any more or less refined or graceful than Kanye. I think the not really knowing makes portraits all the more fascinating

I wish I had more to say about this lovely woman but she spoke almost no English. My good friend Renata (who you'll see in another shot very soon) was the person who really helped make this shot happen. I love the calm poise of this shot even though there are about two hundred people right behind me moving out of a fashion show very very quickly.

Comments on "At Roberto Cavalli....The Fashion Journalist, Milan"


Blogger cloudo3 said ... (8:42 AM) : 

I love both the photo of this lady and Kanye West, regardless of what I do and do not know about them or whether I love or hate them. I simply love what you've captured.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:50 AM) : 

Kanye spoke his mind, and he has suffered for it (probably rightly so). But he is simply a human being, who made a human error, & who can honestly say they have never done the same? I can't help wondering why we, as human beings, get such pleasure from condemning others? Surely it is time that this man was forgiven his one error?
Apart from's your Blog - you put what you like on it Scott!!!xxo


Blogger Emilie said ... (8:52 AM) : 

I love when you do portaits!


Anonymous psforal said ... (8:53 AM) : 

The most amazing thing about this blog is the fact that I enjoy as much the photos, as your point of view about the World around us.Thanks:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:57 AM) : 

And the fact that she does not color her hair is wonderful....



Blogger Montra said ... (9:03 AM) : 

i'd like to be so beatiful as this Lady!


Blogger GFS said ... (9:11 AM) : 

This is a beautiful shot just like Kanye's shot.

It's the same image...a face and a fur but I'm sure pretty sure this won't cause an internet buzz on your blog because we don't know her!

This woman could be a murderer be we don't know it! We aren't judging her now, are we?

I appreciate the fact that we don't have to wonder what Kanye is thinking...he will just tell us. Can we tell this woman is thinking...I think that's scarier.

Bravo to you for addressing the Kanye photo...I was wondering what you were thinking.

Beautiful shot as always!


Anonymous alibaba germany said ... (9:13 AM) : 

hey sart,

i just looked at those two new portraits. fascinating, more then great... the details in the faces in the pictures do it!

At first i didn't know why you were reacting like this on photos from kanye. after that i read some of the comments on his portrait. i really don't understand the reaction of those people. maybe this is only because we are seeing him almost everyday in the media?! I think kanye’s style is more than unique... in his very own way. Maybe not the way we normally see on your blog. but really many people, brands, fashion magazines all over the world are trying to copy him everyday. everybody knows that. this is more than obvious! This is more than influential! more shots of him please!!!

i love your work! seeing all those people from all around the world keeps me surprising, fascinating and inspiring everyday. I hope that you will keep your work in this way for many many many years!
By the way this is my first comment on your blog after all these years! Thanks a lot for everything!


Blogger Gon said ... (9:16 AM) : 

Very elegant! I like it !



Anonymous Sweetwine and Snowflakes said ... (9:18 AM) : 

I have no criticism, both are equally gorgeous portraits of people who are obviously more than what meets the eye. You have captured the depth of these individuals in a way that makes me want to know more about the subject. Beautiful!


Blogger Lily said ... (9:23 AM) : 

I love your work, Scott. Reading your blog regularly has certainly inspired me to be more cognizant of the style all around us - even in the unlikeliest of places. And with so many fashion police on the interwebs who focus on the negative, it is so refreshing & uplifting to peruse your photos, which turn everyday people into exemplars of chic. Keep up the stupendous work! With love from Denver, Colorado... Lily


Anonymous The Photodiarist said ... (9:27 AM) : 

This is a beautiful portrait . . . I wonder if Garance's photography inspires you a bit? I love her portraiture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:31 AM) : 

Older people are truly a work of art.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:34 AM) : 

I can't believe how many harsh and anonymous comments you received yesterday. If people don't like something, they should just skip over it.

I happen to love this picture and that of Kanye (fur, not so much).


Blogger The Glamorous Housewife said ... (9:37 AM) : 

What an elegant lady. Ah, to grow old gracefully. I should be so lucky.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:38 AM) : 

fabulous fur and very chic lady


Blogger Rob Boddice said ... (9:45 AM) : 

This is a wonderful portrait, and precisely for the reasons you describe. The eye of the beholder is left to decide about the character of the subject. In this case, there is such a lot going on that one could spend hours looking at it. The fake or forced smile, hiding a grimace; a face that has known pain; the frame of elegance juxtaposed with sloppy eye makeup raise uncertainties about motive and biography; the one fixed sorrowful eye, and the other somewhat pained, somewhat twinkling. She is truly an enigma, and I'm pleased as punch that you haven't told us anything about her. Hurrah for portraiture!


Anonymous bamto said ... (9:47 AM) : 

kanye changed the fashion sense of many young (and old) people...his approach to street style linked wih luxury can be seen everywhere on the street nowadays.of course this was not only HIS work (pharrel...etc)but he has definitely a great style going for him,which i personally adore.and i can't believe people still talk about his mistakes like there were no other problems in the world...unbelievable--- great shots!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:49 AM) : 

I always enjoy your commentary - whether I agree with it or not. Many of the comments about Kanye West were pretty silly. To say that his picture should not be included here because he did something not-too-smart? That isn't too smart! Do we know what not-too-smart things the older woman did in her past?

Also, the comment about fur on men: for me the picture brought to mind the Arctic explorers from before the time of 21st century synthetic cold-weather materials. Those (mostly) men wore coats with hoods lined in wolf fur! Guess they should have let their faces freeze cuz "men don't wear fur"!


Anonymous Steve Schnier said ... (9:52 AM) : 

Wonderful portraits - especially considering that this was taken in the crush of people leaving a fashion show. It appears as fine studio portraiture.

Interesting the flap over fur. Where does it say that we're at the top of the food chain? Isn't it true that viruses, germs and other micro-organisms wear us?


Blogger SabinePsynopsis said ... (9:54 AM) : 

I'm happy you are doing more portraits. They have an intimacy a full body shot normally doesn't. I liked the photo of Kanye, too, but looking at the number of responses I felt I would drown in a sea of comments. But yes to portraits of whoever you choose!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:03 AM) : 

Sart, a truly great picture - I hope this DOES signify a change in the direction of your blog. Your better work is when you get out of the Annas and Carines of this world to focus on showing us the spark on people - like here - or the reality you see - like in the barber shot of Rio.

I understand you aim to consolidate as an artist. It is in pictures such as this one where you grab that, despite the number of 'perfection' messages a hat, or a shoe, or a ribbon may generate.

Keep on like this. Show us more of yourself.


Anonymous Susan at Charm of the Carolines said ... (10:07 AM) : 

I am not a fan of Kanye, but I am a fan of your photography. Excellent portraits.



Anonymous fashion stylist said ... (10:07 AM) : 

Wow! This is very elegant! I love it! Thank you for sharing this great blog.


Blogger MusaBenedetta said ... (10:07 AM) : 

Just keep doing what you do so well. There are always going to be those who disagree with what you choose to shoot, but as long as you are shooting what you love and what speaks to you, then your photography will always speak and find a welcome audience.

I don't really follow popular music or the celebrity scene, so I know very little about Kanye West, but I thought your portrait of him yesterday, definitely captured some of the essence of the man behind the obvious mask of public notoriety, and that, in the end, is what any good portrait should do.

I love the portrait today, as well, it is successful for the same reasons yesterday's was. The subject is very elegant, but there seems to be a whole story behind her eyes, as well, and you have done a wonderful job of capturing that.

There is a wonderful honesty to your portraits.


Blogger Vinda Sonata said ... (10:08 AM) : 

i really like your blog and the pictures in it. this lady is very elegant, and that's good to hear that you're going to take picture of Kanye again. don't mention the bad comments, Scott. just keep the posts coming. your blog is on the top of my favorite list!



Blogger Jillian Switzer said ... (10:11 AM) : 

Loving this protrait. She reminds me of Candice Bergen in 15 or 20 years or so - sharp, cool, and eternally classy.


Blogger Commarrah Jewelia, ComCom, Qamar, CoCo, Moonface, ect... said ... (10:12 AM) : 

In regards to the photo, of Kanye and how it relates to the portrait of this woman, I think the two are beautiful. We have two different faces, two different furs, but it is clear that both have clearly seen some things in the time up until the moment was captured and will see so much more after it. You can tell that just by looking in their eyes.
As for Kanye, all I have to say is he is someone who is trying to find himself and work on his art and unlike everyone who decided to make comments on his photo--most of which had nothing to do with the photo itself--he has to make all his mistakes and discoveries in the public eye.
You don't.
Remember that the next time you mess up royally and thank God that no one was around to see.
Scott, thank you for boldly going, as you always have.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:26 AM) : 

A touch of confusion is a desirable ingredient....Perfection is not something to admire....and you always capture 'feeling' in each portrait.
Both portraits are independently, beautiful.
I also appreciate that you arrive at a point of view of your own.


Anonymous m said ... (10:42 AM) : 

hey scott,
can't agree more with you. i have always enjoyed your thoughts. though i am not crazy about fur the two pictures really make a great contrast. thanks for shutting people's mouths!


Blogger Tørlich said ... (10:42 AM) : 

Kanye West is just like Paris Hilton. They're famous for being a certain way that takes the focus away from their talent.
But that people start questioning why you take pictures of him is just mad. He has a truly inspiring style and is not afraid to wear whatever he wants. Why else would Marc Jacobs collaborate with him on a shoe line for Louis Vuitton?

After reading this post I went back and looked at the comments in the other post, and it always stuns me how people tend to always look at the outside. They see Kanye in the media and have a certain impression of him, that for all they know can be a total false impression.

Both the Kanye picture and the picture above are truly amazing. Keep it up! :)



Blogger Copious Couture said ... (10:58 AM) : 

I love this photo, I can't tell you how much this reminds me of my grandmother, so refined at every moment of her life!

Also I read some of the comments about Kanye West, and being new to the blogging scene, I truly think that blogs are a form of artistic creativity. And although I am not a fan of Kanye West, but that doesn't change the fact that you take beautiful pictures! And I do really look to you for beautiful pictures and you didn't fail with this one!

Keep up the great work I love your blog!


Blogger Copious Couture said ... (10:59 AM) : 

I love this photo, I can't tell you how much this reminds me of my grandmother, so refined at every moment of her life!

Also I read some of the comments about Kanye West, and being new to the blogging scene, I truly think that blogs are a form of artistic creativity. And although I am not a fan of Kanye West, but that doesn't change the fact that you take beautiful pictures! And I do really look to you for beautiful pictures and you didn't fail with this one!

Keep up the great work I love your blog!


Blogger Oh my Dior! said ... (11:14 AM) : 

You are so talented, this image speaks for itself


Blogger Aurore said ... (11:14 AM) : 

This shot is surprising in the first place, then you look at it and you realise it's so luch in your style in the way the thing are on this blog, on your work, she's really peaceful and classy, just what she need to live/ survive around the cray world of fashion, moving very very quicly as you said.
i wish i head you talent one day.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:17 AM) : 

I really like this portrait, Scott...
Her graying hair and wrinkles tell of days and years gone by and I love that she didn't try to deny those well earned map to show on her face proudly. But look at her eyes - they are so serene and still sparkle...

Su from Fort Lee, NJ


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 AM) : 

i love your blog. i find it inspiring (even to one who has recently entered her 6th decade!) and beautiful. the more i see of it, the more i love it. thanks for responding to all of the comments about the kanye west portrait (many of which contained good points, and many of which i found elitist and classist). i liked it on its own, but in juxtaposition to this portrait -- well, it's stunning, they're both stunning. gorgeous. poignant. you captured something very human in each. bravo. keep up the fine work.


Anonymous Dantem said ... (11:19 AM) : 

Great do that kind of pictures i believe that one needs beside talent a good camera too.


Blogger Barbora said ... (11:20 AM) : 

Regarding that Kanye West controversy: I don't like the guy but that doesn't mean I don't see the beauty of his picture. Human being is an emotional being. It's not easy to capture those emotions but Scott was able to do so. Great job!
"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:20 AM) : 

Classy and classic lady. Great shot.


Blogger RubyMel said ... (11:25 AM) : 

I always love your photos, but I have never enjoyed or gotten anything from the comments section because they tend to be what's the word...boring....."I love that sweater", "love it", etc. BUT yesterday's picture of Kanye really fired up a debate. I think yes, Kanye is a product of his own over hype and I think BECAUSE so much is going on in people's every day lives and around the world, that you are beginning to see push back on how much we are force fed information about celebrities. For goodness sake there are like 4 shows dedicated to keeping us "up to date" with the lives of celebrities (ET, Access Hollywood). I mean let's call them what they are...propaganda machines. In conclusion, because no one wants to read a thesis, as always Scott you understand your readers reactions and always give a great response. That's what artists do, they force us to have an opinion.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:30 AM) : 

Hi Mr Sartorialist.

I hope you're good. No grand. I hope you're grand.

I am fascinated by pictures of elderly folk- so I loved your portraits and pictures of them.

I don't normally comment; but you mentioned Kanye- and I am a huge fan of his work and his style of fashion. That being said... I think the portrait you caught of him is gorgeous and I do see a side I've never noticed. It's almost as if fame dehumanizes a person and therefore we(or myself) as paula public has no right to judge. He did what he did and is going through this as a result. Living with that is punishment enough. Although you could argue that what is being said about him is a part of the result as an entirety but that would only work on the basic assumption; that those who judge have done nothing wrong. We've all done things and had things done to us that were not fair and therefore I think, as people, we should allow space for those we put in high esteem to do the same. But let it play out and people will forget every thing they said about him now and focus on the inspiration his thoughts and additions to the music industry.

Its sad really and part of the reason I don't want to be famous. There's something about being up to other people to decide that makes you forget what you're really here for. You're here for what you are passionate about despite the risk of what people may say or think. Its not about them. Its about you and your addition to the world.

I'm really happy that you and Kanye decided to share your passion with the world in spite of its fickle inclinations. I'm just glad that you still stick to it; keep going. And that is what we should be seeing and acknowledging: that he is working through it all; trying to keep going- that's something to be applauded; I think.

I love his music and I love your work. Just (please) keep it up.

Sorry I commented so long. Issues on fame and what happens to people who are famous. I just feel like they are seeing the speck in his eye forgetting to look in the mirror. Michael Jackson's death did that to me. It humanized the famous. Like there is a lot more to famous people than the things they do- just like me.

Have a grand day further,


Blogger dia vide son dressing said ... (11:36 AM) : 

elle inspire le respect.


Blogger chynadahl said ... (11:40 AM) : 

Oh wow, I've just lost about 2 1/2 hours of work time. This is my first time on this blog, and... I am in love. My heart is beating 100 beats a minute perusing these pictures and reading the comments. The same sensation I get when I see an irresistible pair of shoes in a store window! Bravo to the Satorialist!


Blogger Elisa said ... (11:43 AM) : 

I love protaits too, they always show something what is hidden in ourselves. Really good picts.


Blogger VoulaVous said ... (11:44 AM) : 

beautiful capture. and very inspiring and refreshing to see an older woman admired for her beauty. beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. well done.


Anonymous nadia said ... (11:51 AM) : 

thank you for the response

i love portraits

something about the camera being so close to the face

you can't hide

and this woman's a doll

in age

but nonetheless


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:53 AM) : 

There is no need to apologize for your work. You are the artist, so you choose the subject.

I personally think that Kanye is jackass, but I don't hold hold you responsible for him.


Blogger j said ... (11:55 AM) : 

what a beautiful and inspiring woman. this portrait has suddenly caused me to reflect quite differently on the way i see myself.


Anonymous AnonymousJK said ... (11:55 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:56 AM) : 

Scott, your portraits are both extraordinary and poignant. Thank you. Let me just say that I was completely taken aback by the harshness in the comments towards the kanye's portrait. I'm not american nor do I live in the US and I guess I only now get what an impact that rather unfortunate (but more embarassing than actually serious!) episode in the VMA's had. It was really not that big a deal. I do not even think it is important to fully appreciate the picture but if we were to think it was, the argument that Kanye is an incredible artist with an interesting (and charmingly flawed) sense of style still stands. He is an interesting subject, no doubt.
On the portrait's overall subject I was just wondering if you know (you probably do) henri cartier bresson's work and if he is (will be) an inspiration to you. His takes on Truman Capote, Beckett, Sartre, Camus (the one with the cigarette…)…you just reminded me of a 21st century streetwise version of him with that kanye portrait. Brilliant, sir!


Anonymous Vanessa said ... (11:59 AM) : 

I think your image of Kanye captures real tenderness and vulnerability. Have none of those angry commenters ever done something they regretted? Let him redeem himself instead kicking him while he's done. Try a little empathy, people. Everyone deserves a second shot. He's just a human being.


Blogger Hadley Makes said ... (12:05 PM) : 

Oh, I love John Singer Sergent. One of my most favorite painters. I think it's something about the palate and the high collar that does it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:25 PM) : 

Kanye looks sad--a person, not a celebrity. I love that your work captures moments of humanity.


Blogger Josh Tengan said ... (12:34 PM) : 

yes, i am no kanye west fan. i would go so far as to say that this woman is more refined and graceful than kanye.

for some reason i don't buy the whole artist going through a struggling moment. even if that may be the case, it's shadowed by his ego, arrogance, and the fact that his face is plastered everywhere. when i see his face, i get the whole 'i'm too cool to care vibe,' that he himself has constructed as a signature part of his "style vocabulary" if you will. but thanks for addressing it, you would've been crazy not to


Blogger Lemon for breakfast said ... (12:39 PM) : 

I love this portraid and the contrast between Kayne and this lady's pic! :)


Anonymous colorado lyn said ... (12:54 PM) : 

I love these portraits... these remind me of some of your original work of the old man faces, which i have always loved.. and have hanging in my house!

keep up the good work scott

love you,
your sis


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:02 PM) : 

Great portrait once again.--In regards to the Kanye shot, it's funny how people assume they "know" how bad a person Kanye is and claim to know his personality. Based on what? Getting drunk and saying something stupid? Calling George Bush out? If you think these episodes determine someones personality, you are absolutely wrong.

Scott, I thought Kanye had worn more interesting and stylish outfits during fashion week, but now that you've explained your vision for the shot I understand completely.


Blogger SaraKateSwan said ... (1:30 PM) : 

This is one of the most moving images I have ever seen.

It has the kind of energy you see in Steve McCurry portraits... absolutely beautiful work as always.

You have an incredible eye Scott, keep it up! xx


Blogger Villa Nellcote said ... (1:49 PM) : 

I loved "Red on Red" soooo much, & I get & dig the contrast thing with this lady / Kanye.

But I do understand the difficulties people have assessing the style separately from the person...if this blog shows that the person(ality) makes the look, not the clothes...then if you don't like the person(ality), I can see it's gonna influence your view of the style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:00 PM) : 

I applaud you for your response re:Kanye. Unlike you, people have a difficult time keeping aesthetics and emotions separate.


Blogger The Yuppie Closet said ... (2:03 PM) : 

The close up potraits are so personal. It leaves me wanting to know more. Whats on their minds...are they having a good/bad day. These pics tell a story that only the viewer can assume.


Anonymous Lucresia Linton said ... (2:05 PM) : 

Thank-you for explaining the Kanye shot. I still thought that the picture of him was amazing. I can see the Candice Bergen in her face, too.
I had a bunch of teens over last night and they never saw Kanye like that before. Your picture provoked conversation that ranged from Jesus, his principles, forgiveness, to the fashion, the fur and the man.
Keep doing what you do, Scott. All the best,
Lucresia Linton


Anonymous john gomez said ... (2:09 PM) : 

whilst i don't agree with the unnecessary nature of many of the comments, i do see where they come from. whether kanye is an overexposed public figure, a sartorial model, or a conflicting personality seems to me to be besides the point. i think the issue is that he doesn't come across as believable in any of the contexts that we, as media spectators, are subjected to him. for me, the beauty of your blog is the sense of authenticity that it radiates. i find the picture of kanye contradicts this sense in its most fundamental way, and i am by no means opposed to you shooting big celebrities. i cannot separate the clothes from the personality and i don't believe you think you can either - see your own comments on the gentleman with purple socks only days ago. for me, unfortunately, as beautifully crafted as the picture is, it still looks empty. still, i only mean this as a friendly comment. i love the blog and everything you have done for years now. it's great to actually see a shot that i don't like. best, john


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:11 PM) : 

I look at the photo of Kanye and I think Lindsy Lohan. Talent is there somewhere but unpleasant with too many vices to be relevant.


Blogger Katie said ... (2:31 PM) : 

From one artist to another, kudos to you for representing the current spot in history--Kanye inclusive or not, for being true to yourself, and true to your art.


Anonymous Tayler said ... (2:39 PM) : 

Seeing Kanye around Paris was a breath of fresh air. He seemed like a real person for once, not a celebrity. Truth is, the guy loves fashion and thats why he deserves to be on your blog. I have never seen someone with his status look more excited to be at a Henrik Vibskov show. I think your portrait shows a Kanye more people should know.


Blogger Nicolas in and out said ... (2:50 PM) : 

This woman as such an expressive sight ! I can see all of her extraodinary life through them


Blogger Liz said ... (2:59 PM) : 

I see something different in the image of Kanye, as well- he seems to be giving off a feeling of introspection that I hadn't formerly associated with him. I liked that moment of sensitivity juxtaposed with the high fur collar, which is worn almost like a sort of shield.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:02 PM) : 

I felt neither inspired nor angered by the Kanye photo, but to say that he is having a tough time right now is ridiculous. Where was this shot taken? The Louis Vuitton show? How bad could it be.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:14 PM) : 

love this photo for exactly the same reason that I think the Kanye is a waste. I almost never see beautiful shots of older women with great taste. There are lots of celebs that have great style ( bad too) but I look to the sartorialist to show me people I can't see anywhere else.


Anonymous The Style Curator said ... (3:15 PM) : 

very impressive!


Blogger Tayler said ... (3:17 PM) : 

Seeing Kanye around Paris was a breath of fresh air. He seemed like a real person for once, not a celebrity. Truth is, the guy loves fashion and thats why he deserves to be on your blog. I have never seen someone with his status look more excited to be at a Henrik Vibskov show. I think your portrait shows a Kanye more people should know.


Anonymous Achilleas Papakyriacou said ... (3:34 PM) : 

She looks a bit like a polar bear, but i like her!


Blogger Unknown said ... (3:37 PM) : 

I very rarely read other people's comments on this site, I come here to see your fabulous images, not to read what people think about them, so just ignore the negativity and keep your wonderful artistic vision intact... These portraits are wonderful and I hope to see more in the future (Garance, perhaps?) The fact that Kanye trusts you is obvious in his portrait, I think you captured a vulnerability and a humanity that no other photographer has been able to. It makes me sad to see how tortured he looks, give the guy a break, politicians have said much worse and they still get re-elected...


Blogger SarahELizand said ... (3:42 PM) : 

I love the way the woman's hair has the same sheen as her fur coat, she is quite beautiful. :)
I agree with you Scott, I think it would have been foolish not to take a photo of Kanye during this hard time of his. I mean isn't it a photographers job in some way to document the struggles of many or one person. For me when I go sculpt, I try creating that surge of emotion that I love seeing so much. That captured moment is what I live for. which is way I love your blog so much, the moments of the real people and the beautiful lighting that you always manage to captured. I think you'd enjoy this photographer who is more of a photojournalist(going to places like afica etc.) but he actually went to a couple of fashion shows, even though he has no real knowledge. Which is why his images are in some way magical.


Blogger Laura said ... (3:44 PM) : 

I like the smile!! It Seems like Monnalisa!!


Blogger 7500 said ... (3:50 PM) : 

Sure some people HATE Kanye and others LOVE him and his music. What I really think these portraits are about is the dichotomy of class distinctions and the values that surround fur. If we look at the Kanye portraiture, and I'd have to agree with many others, that these huge furs on men just look ridiculous. But Thats exactly the point. To the newly rich and culturally forward-thinking african american singer, as others in the past have done, His image of the fur coat and the associations which go along with it are entirely different than those of the second portrait of the Woman. Even looking at the fur you can tell there's an entirely different texture and quality. Kanye is all about show, and is more an expression of his having "made it". In contrast is the portrait of the older woman whose (sheared fox? mink?) is more a reflection of a way of life. Just look at how shes effortlessly seemed to match colours and with limited acessories convey almost exactly who she is socially. It would seem to me her perceptions about fur has little to do with social upward mobility and more to do with tradition, or convention.

I personally am neither here nor there on Kanye or on this woman for that matter. I think that they both come to the table with vastly different experiences and values, and I think THAT is what Mr.Schuman wanted to show us. Either that, or I'm crazy and read WAY too much into these things...


Blogger X said ... (3:59 PM) : 

A regal beauty.


Blogger Reilly Cleare said ... (4:04 PM) : 

The backlash isn't related to the Taylor Swift thing, in my opinion. I think all of us realize that you've shot Kanye before. Personally, I've adored seeing him on here, but that was when he was putting thought into his style. My problem with the Kanye shot is that he's wearing a white t-shirt and a fur coat. If you'd like to tell me that you'd shoot any joe blow on the street wearing that, then that's fine. It just really SEEMS like the shot was for the person, not the clothing and I hate seeing your blog become portraits of people, not portraits of style..


Anonymous Miss Jane said ... (4:07 PM) : 

Mr Sart. It's your blog and no explanation is needed for your choices. She is gorgeous and Kanye is complex. That's why I tune in for the diversity of your work. xxx


Blogger Jean-pierre MATTEI ( clothings maker who shares some fashion sketches .............................. ) said ... (4:42 PM) : 



Blogger Unknown said ... (4:49 PM) : 

"....And lets be honest, we can't assume that this woman is any more or less refined or graceful than Kanye..."
sorry but Kanye has shown us his "refined and graceful manners"
hopefully this lady has more grace as her bearing shows.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:52 PM) : 

What gorgeous posture and grace


Blogger Carlos Alberto Silva said ... (4:54 PM) : 

This is one of the most beautiful portraits you have shot. Besides the beautiful white fur, all the rest about Her is also perfect: the make-up, the hair, Her smile.... Her smile shows so much tenderness.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:40 PM) : 

People really hate Kanye, why? Because he drunkenly interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance? Like he said on his VH1 appearance, he apologizes and "it's not like I killed someone". After he was misunderstood with his super-sensitive 808s album, I think he needed to toughen up his public persona to win back his hip hop fans, but he may have gone too far.

Kanye is probably the single most influential musical artist of the past decade, and has had a tremendous influence on street style (see the legions of men wearing now wearing tight jeans, tucked into shoes).

The portrait was moving and shows his vulnerability. I don't like fur either, but the way it frames his face in the portrait is amazing.


Blogger Ashley Reese said ... (6:13 PM) : 

Thanks for addressing the Kanye thing. People were ridiculous. It was a fantastic photo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:16 PM) : 

Scott, You don't owe anyone an explanation for why you choose a particular subject to be photographed. We're just darn lucky you choose to share the photos w/ us.........This lady is lovely and has a twinkle in her eye you captured so well.


Blogger Adrienne said ... (7:23 PM) : 

This women is gorgeous, I can only hope to age as gracefully as she does. Thanks again for including older woman.


Blogger memory of air said ... (7:41 PM) : 

well put.
thank you for your art scott.


Blogger jolie jamie said ... (8:00 PM) : 

Kanye is so relevant! Great photo of the women in fur!
Always on sart!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:06 PM) : 

if we could all look that nice with age...


Blogger CAPITAL THREAD said ... (9:07 PM) : 

To be honest I didn't know anything about Kanye West going through a rough time till I read it here - yeah not everyone watches MTV - so I had to go find out what happened and how it relates to sartorialism... and know what I found out? That it is completely irrelevant! Kudos Scott on trying to justify why you took his photo, my only prob is that with Kanye's photo, the lady and gent above I cannot see the rest of their outfits, suppose photos still suffice for accessory detail although I am curious about what she and Kanye are wearing below, with the gent I just suppose it is a matching pants and jacket suit.

PS: come on readers who's blog is it? If you want more pics of men, less of Kanye, no fur, less designer goods, no elitists = create your own blog this is style through The Sartorialist's eye!


Anonymous foolio_iglesias said ... (9:19 PM) : 

You had me at 'I shot Kanye in Paris'-Merci ,merci


Anonymous Taisy said ... (10:04 PM) : 

I was sorry to see how hateful people were of Kanye in that post. I think it's a beautiful shot - what an ironic contrast between his expression and his clothing. Thank you for seeing that.


Anonymous dorothy said ... (10:20 PM) : 

By "wider stylistic offering" do you mean black people?


Blogger Nick Leonard said ... (10:32 PM) : 

Such a gorgeous, captivating portrait.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:49 PM) : 

IMO, there's no reason to judge or be all up in arms. Kanye's portrait is just a picture, gorgeously shot, no commentary, and speaks for itself. The end.


Blogger ChubbyCheeks said ... (11:06 PM) : 

still, no more kanye please


Anonymous Ciaran said ... (11:24 PM) : 

I don't really keep up with People magazine-type news. All I know is that both the photos of Kanye, and the older woman are beautiful portraits, shown together or apart. Although it is the fur coats which immediately link the two, there is a commonality they share in their eyes and I see a similar emotion and sadness hiding behind both the graceful smile and tough-guy frown equally. I have been looking at your work with admiration for years, but these are the first photos I've felt compelled to write about.


Blogger W. said ... (11:41 PM) : 

To all:

People who are saying that the blog is going in the wrong direction because of the Kanye portrait have not seen the entire body of your work. Your recent photo book has multiple pictures of Kanye. I got your book signed at the BARNEYS NY on Kanye's picture. I can understand people who don't like Kanye, or at least his public persona. We are all human and we make mistakes and yet are so quick to judge. I can even understand when people say I am not a fan of his music. This blog is about neither. It is about capturing a moment, telling a story through a picture. Capturing style by the message one conveys without saying a word and the beauty in that. This photo reveals that truth. Instead of the normal TMZ shots we get this photograph, a honest portrait of a man, fatigued, humbled, and most of all human. This picture reminds me of a Rembrandt self-portrait showing age and self-introspection. The juxtaposition of the fur, a man with all the wordy possessions yet saddened by life's reality of celebrity, his mother's death. In terms of style, it reveals luxury and wealth. Hip-pop has expanded its musical vocabulary in the last decade and we can thank Mr. West for that. For kicks, what other celebrity has collaborated with Louis Vuitton and NIKE. He is not perfect and this picture tells that. Thanks, Sart. Look forward to your pictures.


Anonymous Akane said ... (12:31 AM) : 

I want to say thank "The sartoriarist" so much.
I first saw this blog on my birth day last year when I was net serfing.
This discovery for me is special birthday present.

I wish you take these nice phote for long.

From Tokyo.


Blogger noelakadjtambour said ... (1:03 AM) : 

i think i got it: the kanye portrait in fur is a portrait of a man that most people think they know and the elderly woman in fur's portrait is one of a person that most of us don't know and each will have a different effect on how we see the portrait on an emotional level...and the fur ties the two together


Blogger Diane said ... (2:44 AM) : 

This photo is so beautiful, so elegant and classy :)



Blogger Unknown said ... (3:24 AM) : 

this lady is timelessly beautiful. really pretty.
kanye is beautiful too. why shouldn't you take shots of a celebrity or two? well done.


Anonymous Wearability said ... (3:30 AM) : 

Yeah I definitely don't like fur on anyone, whether they be young-ish black men or elderly white ladies.


Anonymous Shogo said ... (3:36 AM) : 

Sart, I've been following ur blog for a while and I'm with you. People are ridiculous. Don't let that get to you and don't let people's comments get you down, my man.

Keep up the tremendous work.. you're an inspiration to so many of us!!


Anonymous Shogo said ... (3:45 AM) : 

Sart said,

"And lets be honest, we can't assume that this woman is any more or less refined or graceful than Kanye."

Well said, my man, well said. Commentators, please take this into account before speaking.


Anonymous Trevor said ... (4:05 AM) : 

Everyone should calm down about fur. I love how nobody is saying "EW FUR IS GROSS EW EW EW" about this one. Everyone has something to say about Kanye West. I don't know Kanye West. I used to love him. Of course he is arrogant, but that's besides the point. He is truly one of the better artists of our generation and a huge major influence on popular culture, and the photo of Kanye obviously wasn't posted to make a statement on his personality...but I guess everyone has to comment on his personality.


Blogger susana said ... (4:11 AM) : 

Simply perfect.
Thanks Scott.



Blogger Reilly Cleare said ... (5:00 AM) : 

"Kanye is probably the single most influential artist of the past decade"

Yeah, you have to give props to the dude who gave white kids everywhere shutter shades! i'm only kidding, he was a huge influence on street wear and I refuse to acknowledge the possibility of you referring to his music as "art." Kayne is an entertainer, nothing about his work is art.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:50 AM) : 

I like the portratits...but I wouldn't dare compare them to John Singer Sargent!!


Anonymous vw said ... (6:51 AM) : 

I find both today and yesterday's portraits beautiful. I am not a photographer and know little of the technical difficulties of producing such beautiful images. In both cases, i am drawn to the richness of the image and the lighting. I especially like the contrast of the dark background and this woman's hair.

I always like it when you feature older women (and men). I think that their beauty, style and grace should be celebrated and this is one of the few places where I see this.

As for the controversy. Kanye is irrelevant to me. If you didn't include the caption I would have no idea who he is. Also, I don't like fur, and I don't wear fur, but everyone has to decide what is right for them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:36 AM) : 

The portrait of the lady feels like fine silk. Beautiful.


Blogger RouseCat said ... (11:00 AM) : 

Her makeup is perfect. And I love that she's wearing a clip in her hair! Nice photo :o)


Blogger indigo16 said ... (11:02 AM) : 

Having just spent Christmas trying to take portraits of virtual strangers I can only take my hat off to you for how you manage it. The lack of space and time, I would inwardly squirm and found it very difficult.
I love the lack of vanity in this shot she is clearly very happy in her skin which can be very rare in the fashion world.


Anonymous Ted Baker Clothing said ... (11:06 AM) : 

I bet you her outfit cost some money


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:33 AM) : 

oh my god, i want to be as classy as her when i'm her age.She is stunning.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:35 AM) : 

beautiful picture


Anonymous Jamie said ... (11:40 AM) : 

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know."

Diane Arbus


Blogger Blanche DuBois said ... (1:07 PM) : 

Kanye West is a wonderful talented artist. His album college dropout was named one of the top of the decade. He is absolutely a genius. If you do not know who he is...and base your judgement solely on the fact that he was a douche to Taylor Swift -- then you are being very ignorant. For those of us who know Kanye's work - it's forgivable. Yes, he is an older gentleman and should know better - but everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes he makes himself difficult to love - but whenever I listen to his songs --I cant resist.

And he most definitely does have a style of his own? Have you seen his blog? He has introduced me to numerous artists, interior designers, fashion designers, musicians, etc.

I am so happy that Scott shot him. He is a great man and a stylish one at that. A sartorialist at large.


Blogger jill said ... (2:06 PM) : 

Like any true artist, you follow your muse. And lately you've been getting a 'feeling' for portraiture.

So that's what you must do!

I was knocked sideways by the nature of your comments for Kanye West's portrait. It's a lovely portrait! People were telling you that 'you must take it down, Scott'. It's YOUR BLOG!!

As someone who also does a street style blog, I think of each person's photo as a portrait. (By 'portrait' I assume you mean a head/shoulder shot, vs the now classic 'street shot' of head to toe.) When I put someone's image on my blog, it isn't necessarily because they have the most stylish look - I don't even know how to value that, anyway - it's because of something I feel coming from them, some 'truth' between their eyes, and mine (the camera's).

By that definition, your portrait of Kanye West's is excellent.

I had to google him to be up to speed, (thank God for Perez Hilton) but what I saw in his eyes was a man trying to look hard, but instead, looking, at that moment, a bit soft, a bit sad & vulnerable. It is an interesting image, because I find myself drawn to it, and wondering what the person is thinking and feeling at that moment.

Often, I shoot someone who interests me, and later, find (from another blogger) that they were indeed, a 'celebrity'. I'd hate to think I'd be subject to the kind of criticism you've just received, but I guess it's a small price to pay for success.

Or as George Clooney, when asked if he minded the downside of fame (i.e., lack of privacy) said: 'it would be ungracious to complain, since I've got such a good job!'

You just keep letting your muse take you where it wants, Mr. Sartorialist. She hasn't led you wrong so far.

jill @


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:08 PM) : 

she looks like a very satisfied cat


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:24 PM) : 

Love the blog, but am neither inspired nor angered by the photo of Kanye. Really he is having a tough time right now? Louis Vuitton...Paris in his fur? Reality check please.


Blogger Strange Attractor said ... (6:22 PM) : 

I love the juxtiposition of the creamy golden-ivory fur against her gleaming silvery hair.

Beautiful combination.


Anonymous Uniform Fan said ... (10:18 PM) : 

I agree with your sentiments regarding Kanye. We have to separate our feelings about people from the their ability to advance fashion. I mean look at Herman Goering. No one did more for uniforms then him. Fine, he was a Nazi. But how can we judge? He introduced powder blue uniforms for Luftwaffe officers which were gorgeous, modern, and never boring. Even at Nuremberg he was effortlessly chic. I wish you would have been there, Scott, to capture him when he was having such a hard time.


Blogger bird of light said ... (10:29 PM) : 

Provocative & evocative words, Sartorialist. To capture something so intangible is for me, one of the purest joys of photography. And another necessary joy, is in the sharing, of art too, in general - in spite of its controversial power, is it not?
I love the combined result of her choice of garment color, complementary with her complexion and coloring. Another Beautiful shot Sart.


Anonymous irene65 said ... (12:43 AM) : 

While you are a really good photographer, I don't know if you can call yourself an artist.
Real contemporary art that is shown at art fairs and select galleries around the world tend to do something more than show pretty and/or stylish things. You are without a doubt great at what you do, but art? The Sartorialist, an artist? You take pictures of well-dressed people, often in the context of fashion shows. What are we supposed to take away from these images other than fashion tips?
Don't get me wrong - again, I love what you do! But you don't have to make it rarified 'Art' for it to be good. It is what it is, and it is good. Just because these images can be printed big and hung on a wall doesn't make them art. They are still pictures, portraits. Art means something very different in the age of mechanical reproduction than it did when artists painted portraits on canvas. You use a camera. The history of photography, and documentary photography, and art photography, is very rich and complex and is the basis for modern art theory. But I don't see your understanding of art in your pictures. I see someone who knows light and fashion and faces. And that is good enough!


Blogger Spokey said ... (1:47 AM) : 

I've seen many of the photos you've taken of kanye and he's always stylish. I like kanye and his music. I don't understand why there is so much animosity towards him when compare to other celebrities who have done and said worse than he has.

I'm with you scott!


Blogger The Sartorialist said ... (8:22 AM) : 

for Irene65

I think once you're represented by one of the top photo galleries in New York and have had several one man exhibits (very successful exhibits at that!) then you can call yourself an artist. I'm an artist.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:48 AM) : 

excellent textures white on white: the hair, the skin, the scarf, the fur. ==>but... fur is problematic to say the least! wish the fashion world would stop trying to reintroduce fur every few years. It is not a material like others, despite its appeal!


Anonymous dannu said ... (8:53 AM) : 

visit :


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:21 PM) : 

I love both shots and all your shots are done with a great eye that captures the natural expression and gives you a chance to appreciate great style. I was disappointed to see that Kayne garnered close to 450 comments and most of them were negative. As with most comment feeds, most people are sheep who pick up and staunchly believe what the media feeds to us as gospel. *shrugs*everyone one makes an fool of themselves every so often. When we make fools of ourselves it doesn't make top news, though.


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:34 PM) : 

black eye-pencil and ivory hair... beautiful! that's going to be me in some time :) at least i wish...


Anonymous Susana said ... (3:57 PM) : 

you are an artist, not because of the exhibits and the representation, but because you make something that provokes and inspires and keeps people wondering and awakening their senses, that's what makes you an artist, a true artist - also, the portrait of this woman, oh, such dignity, I adore her


Blogger Reilly Cleare said ... (7:19 PM) : 

There was a time when I wouldn't have consider Sart's work art... and then I bought his book. If you consider composition, color, relationship of subject, and thought important aspects of art, then Sart is an artist by definition.

And I understand the expression in Kanye's face communicating something more than most other portraits do. My problem is there is no art in his style- it's just expensive fur on a frequently featured sartorial icon. If you this photo were uploaded for many others, I would object as much.

Still, the Sartorialist reigns supreme.


Blogger Ms. J said ... (8:24 PM) : 

Thank you for addressing your reader's with your response about your Kanye shot. Although I reacted negatively to it at first, after reading what you wrote, I must say, I changed my mind.
The other day a friend and I were actually discussing your inclusion of this picture, and we were really torn. We love reading your blog, and we love your photos. We know you have shot him before, but I guess it was just the feeling that like Obama said: "This guy's a jackass."
Nonetheless, he is Sartorial and that is what this site is about.
I haven't had a chance to read your book yet (you haven't made it to Philly for a signing!), but soon I hope to!
Again, thank you for allowing your readers to voice their opinion, and thank you for responding!
Ms. J


Blogger Ms. J said ... (8:25 PM) : 

I just read Irene's comment. Ugh, You are an artist. You don't need validation. What you capture with your camera is beautiful, there is no denying that. It is the reason I return again and again to your blog - your art makes me happy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:27 PM) : 

Well said Scott.Your intelligence and eye for detail (inside and out) are what truly make this blog worth coming back to.

Ren. xo


Blogger A Wild Score said ... (4:54 AM) : 

You shouldn't need to justify your work Scott! Keep up the good work!


Blogger Tea with Edith said ... (7:50 AM) : 

It is indeed a beautiful shot.
For being totally uninterested in celebrity culture I´m not aware of what happened to Kanye, I need to look it up.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:48 PM) : 

Usually I appreciate your photos and the selection of inspirational fashion, but today I am very disappointed at the amount of fur shown in the last three photographs. I believe ppl can wear fur if they prove they can single-handedly skin that animal.


Anonymous desertwind said ... (3:47 PM) : 

Such a beautiful lady.

I like the contrast in her relationship to you (and to us). She's standing so firm and engaging directly with her eyes.

And yet, there's a feeling she's moving away from view. That she's holding something back.

That we'll never really know her.

I wonder what her writing is like. I think she must have a strong (and dark but not heavy) sense of humor. She's seen it all.

(not easy to explain)


Anonymous Ronan the Librarian said ... (9:38 PM) : 

well they are the best lot of responses in a long time, so Sart you have obviously got us all thinking! Well done you!
Not quite Singer Sargent with such a close frame on the subject but the feel for the textures is there.
and most importantly of all, you are to be COMMENDED for all the fantastic images of older style mavens who prove that beauty has nothing to do with botox and plastic surgery!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:38 PM) : 

among fashion journalists/ bloggers/ other terminology, you are among those i respect the most for your artistry and purity of intention/ thought- ideals to which anyone creative should aspire to

--loyal reader, AC


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:52 PM) : 

After reading quite an astonishing amount of comments regarding the oh so tiring Kanye saga, I feel that people need to get a grip with what this blog is all about - satire! If he happens to be the only person in Scott's sight at the time wearing a fabulous colour or cut of clothing or whatever then let's just roll with it, because it's Scott's blog NOT ANYONE ELSE'S. If this blog was call the "Sartorialist/Personalityalist" then you might have something to complain about but until then what has this guy ever done to you personally? get a grip everyone. It's just fashion - you're not mean't to take it seriously! And fashion is about moving forward so get over all the stuff he did in the past... -Laura.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:36 AM) : 

"we can't assume that this woman is any more or less refined or graceful than Kanye"

sorry, what kind of hypocritical game are you playing?!

Fashion distinguishes, has always been distinguishing, and what you wanted to show is just this.


Blogger Nick Heywood said ... (8:29 AM) : 

It's nuts not to acknowledge that this new interest in close-up portraiture is some level of influence from Garance, who does this type of photo so well. Interesting, but I miss seeing the overall look. I understand, you're trying to capture the ethos, but it wouldn't hurt to have both the overall and the emotion. I'm curious what's going on on the rest of both Kanye and this fashion writer (and in the case of Kanye, isn't that the same jacket he wore in the American Boy video?)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:39 AM) : 

Love both portraits in different ways because each one speaks differently to me. I don't really care about anything else because I don't even know what is going on about Kanye, despite my feelings regarding him or not. You are very talented.


Blogger lia menna barreto said ... (7:18 PM) : 



Blogger lesgabrielles said ... (2:33 AM) : 

So much time since I'v first look at the Sartorialist, and this is my first comment ever.
Scott, i am really glad you answered to this Kanye West post. I was really confuse with all these people that we're not judging the picture, but really judging the man that they obviously don't know. Like we say: "Opinions are like assholes, everyone got one", and especially toward celebrities. It's kind of sad, and easy at the same time.

In my opinion, Kanye West does had a hard time lately, but he is definitly one of the best pop artist since a while. He is talented (Notice, Jay-Z didn't forget to mention it at the Grammies...) and he definitly brought a certain swag and glide, mixing luxury with streetwear, to the style of many young people as it was said above. Also, I don't know what kind of people are coming on this site, but the appelation "nouveau riche" makes me really uncomfortable. I'll let you guess all the reasons why.

On top of all that, keep on portraiting beauty Scott, you're doing great.



Blogger Couture Coco said ... (11:43 AM) : 

I just LOVE the different textures in this portrait, her beautiful hair, the scarf and fur.
Her face and make up is so special too. I always see that exact shade of lipstick on elegant women of a certain age and era.


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:01 AM) : 

Fact about the The Fashion Journalist,also the post is great.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:39 AM) : 

I love both the photo of this lady and Kanye West. It is so beautiful.
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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:14 PM) : 

Very soft and preety look in her face.I Love the peach tones in her makeup so flawess.Preety,preety.


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