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On the Street.....Belted Dress, London


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the Street.....Belted Dress, London

Comments on "On the Street.....Belted Dress, London"


Blogger Francesca Robertson said ... (5:07 PM) : 

i love the shoes, the dress and the jacket, but mostly the shoes. those rock!

F <-- two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:08 PM) : 

This is absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite pics I think. I love the hunter green against the black and brown. I will definitely be doing this myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:09 PM) : 

wow - stunnin!
the scarf adds a great touch.


Blogger Hannah said ... (5:10 PM) : 

OH MY GODDDDD I love this too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:12 PM) : 

beautiful fall layers!


Anonymous Kiwi said ... (5:13 PM) : 

so gorgeous!
i can't wait to start mixing like this.


Blogger Melissa Blake said ... (5:20 PM) : 

looove the bag!


Blogger The Vintage Scene said ... (5:20 PM) : 

Fabulous. Non-chalant.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:20 PM) : 

I've never seen someone whose personal style is so similar to mine - uncanny! Love the layering, love the long cardie under short jacket (I do that a lot, mostly through lack of organisation and love of long cardies), love the scarf, the dark-but-not-black tights, the jersey-grey dress. Just love it. You go girl!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:20 PM) : 

She's amazing. And I love the shoes and bag. But the dress... not so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:21 PM) : 

i don't think so, i think she looks stunnin!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:21 PM) : 

she looks so cool


Blogger Anna said ... (5:21 PM) : 

The entire outfit is brilliant. I love the shoes very much so. Irish beauty Oh my word this whole outfit rules.

The tote bag, however..........................
Really bad. The ivory seams on black leather? it's like K-mart "dress shoes" Oh dear. It's pretty bad. It's a good thing the whole outfit overpowers the bad tote! Ah the outfit is so brilliant!!!

Anna |


Blogger Lorena said ... (5:25 PM) : 

Wow this is gorgeous, I love the pop of the white scarf.


Anonymous Nan said ... (5:31 PM) : 

beautiful woman with a an elegantly cool style!


Blogger ophelia's funeral said ... (5:34 PM) : 

love this.


Blogger K'arhol said ... (5:40 PM) : 

I love this outfit !!


Anonymous Bulletproof Stilettos said ... (5:41 PM) : 

I Love this jacket under (and associated with) the coat.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:50 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:53 PM) : 

I want those shoes! Anybody know to find them?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:55 PM) : 

Huh, my jacket featured on the sartorialist! yayy, good times. she rocks! love the dress!


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:56 PM) : 

A black pantera, mote eleganth than Naomi, I think.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:57 PM) : 

really perfect... congratulations.. from brazil... so far away, yes? im really impressed



Blogger MAMADOU FALL said ... (6:02 PM) : 

great color mixing


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:08 PM) : 

It just works!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:09 PM) : 

wow, how can it be more lovely!?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:14 PM) : 

amazing. her skin looks perfect and lovely with the muted palette.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:15 PM) : 

nice. model kinee diouf?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:17 PM) : 

I wish I owned every piece myself.


Anonymous Stevi Sunshine said ... (6:25 PM) : 

Absolutely rockin'!!! I can think of about 100 different things to do that this would be the perfect outfit for.. making that 1000 now. Great profile pic of this gorgeous woman. The whole thing picture, pretty lady, and amazing outfit... perfect!!! Inspiring me EVERY DAY!


Anonymous The Photodiarist said ... (6:30 PM) : 

It's all about the layers to me. And the biker jacket. A good biker jacket can make almost anything look amazing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:32 PM) : 

Not only is this outfit awesome by itself but it also complements her skin tone so well. She is glowing!


Blogger Zuzia said ... (6:38 PM) : 

Love the color of her skin. And all concept of black and black configuration with one light accent - shoes makes all look more elegant, but not too much, well I have to say it's perfect. I think it's hard to keep the balance between beeing cool and elegant in the same moment - she just did it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:42 PM) : 

Absolutely redundant.....stunning!!!!!
Great photo.....stunning.....


Blogger Brigadeiro said ... (6:43 PM) : 

LOVE the jacket and shoes...gorgeous!


Blogger Bubu said ... (6:49 PM) : 



Blogger Pret a Porter P said ... (6:50 PM) : 



Anonymous Holly said ... (6:56 PM) : 

I love the whole look piece by piece and the tights are the perfect color...amazing how some people just know how to work it!


Anonymous Madeleine said ... (7:00 PM) : 

The highlights on her jacket, bag, hair, tights, shoes dress and skin all reflect each other in an incredible way. This wouldn't look so good on anyone else!


Blogger uhuhuhjn said ... (7:03 PM) : 

she looks like a model


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:18 PM) : 

Gorgeous outfit and lady. Just wish she'd let her hair go natural. Otherwise fabulous!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:18 PM) : 

i love those shoes! where are they from? anybody know?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:30 PM) : 

Jacket from Zara?


Blogger BobKentNoVa said ... (7:43 PM) : 

I must admire when someone takes a well-designed, classic piece that has negative social connotations and dresses it up to create a cutting edge look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:56 PM) : 

This photo is stunning!
Beautiful colors - it's basically one color palette but looks incredibly rich!! She sure knows how to show off her gorgeous skin tone!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:19 PM) : 

She's beautiful!


Anonymous AnonymousJK said ... (8:41 PM) : 

I don't see the clothes when I look at this pic, what I see is a Gazelle in motion - she has amazing carriage!


Blogger pang said ... (8:59 PM) : 

I like the way she match everything together.It's amazing!
Love her shoes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:00 PM) : 

rare skin tone, almost purple. i like the proximity of colors.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 PM) : 

this picture is perfect!


Anonymous kagitsune said ... (9:54 PM) : 

Look at that pose! That layering! She obviously knows what she's doing. ;)


Blogger Nick Leonard said ... (10:14 PM) : 



Anonymous Barbara said ... (10:23 PM) : 

Simply stunning.


Blogger Anna Marie said ... (10:23 PM) : 

I love everything about this look, especially that it is so simple and dramatic at the same time. Thank you for capturing this!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:34 PM) : 

AMAZING woman! Outstanding photo!



Blogger My Favourite Things said ... (12:19 AM) : 

Wow, what a great look. I love how she's layered all those different pieces together, and I great choice of colours.


Blogger quynansea said ... (1:19 AM) : 

The jacket and shoes kill. I want them.


Blogger C. said ... (1:47 AM) : 

I love the different layers and the fact that they are not exactly of the same color. So much character!


Anonymous Cecylia said ... (3:40 AM) : 

I am positive that she is a model. Great outfit.


Blogger Margo said ... (4:00 AM) : 

She dreses beautifully & gives me lots of ideas how to put it all together.


Anonymous Vinda said ... (4:32 AM) : 

it's really edgy! i love her style. my favorites are the leather jacket and the booties.


Blogger andrea said ... (4:35 AM) : 

the colors are breathtaking!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:01 AM) : 

she is so stunning and has far more style, elegance and personality than most people featured on this blog


Blogger alastair said ... (5:09 AM) : 

I didn't notice the cardigan at first, but as soon as someone pointed it out, I liked the outfit a little less.

But only a little!


Blogger Srta Bradshaw. said ... (5:19 AM) : 

I love it!!



Anonymous Jona said ... (5:40 AM) : 

It took me a while to even notice the cardigan. I love it when I can spend some time looking at a look and absorbing in the elements - noticing a detail makes me go "a-ha"! :) The tones and the textures are excellent. Like someone noted before, she looks more like a slender wild animal than a dressed person.


Blogger ... said ... (7:59 AM) : 

Love it love it love it!


Blogger Sophisticated Misfit said ... (8:18 AM) : 

She should lighten up. What she wears screams "Get out of my way." Not nice.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:41 AM) : 

wow! love the combination
and the shoes ofcourse.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:08 AM) : 

I love the jacket!!! She looks like a rocker. Rock On! just my musings of my vintage finds and fashion


Anonymous FashionCoup said ... (10:22 AM) : 

What a great outfit! I love how she mixes the colors: black, dark grey, bottle green, brown. Fantastic leather jacket, too! Thanks for this inspiring picture.


Blogger Yayemarie said ... (10:36 AM) : 

yes'oo for senegalese model Kinee Diouf makin it on "the Sartorialist", love this girl and plus we're from the same country so I had to say som'som'
love the combination of the dark colors and the splash of beige...not everyone can pull this look of..but she got it rite..go miss Kinee:)


Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (11:26 AM) : 

great motorcycle jacket. perfect way to roughen up the dress.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:10 PM) : 

I think this outfit and the woman are absolutely beautiful. I do fell however that she could use a slip.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:16 PM) : 

This woman is absolutely stunning. The outfit is elegant too, but somehow it seems strange that she should be holding a handbag.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:36 PM) : 

Anonymous 12:32, shut the f up. Scott, in case you did not know, and hence you left that comment on despite it's offensive nature, Didier Drogba is a famous (male) soccer player.

This woman is gorgeous! I'd bet my good shoes that she's a model. Her outfit is fantastic and she just stands out!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:51 PM) : 

Gorgeous!Very radiant!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:02 PM) : 

Jacket by ACNE, Rita 2, she is not wearing the detachable shearling collar.


Anonymous WSOIC! said ... (4:21 PM) : 

I love the shoes and the jacket. However, the dress looks like it's suffering from a case of static cling.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:40 PM) : 

love love love tired of motorcycle jackets


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:23 PM) : 

i love her shoes... and she has the prettiest legs!


Blogger doingtheunstuck said ... (5:39 PM) : 

fantastic color palate and a wonderful balance of fabrics...The choice of bag throws me however—it doesn't quite work w/ the shoes or jacket...ew, yeah, that's gotta go.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:19 PM) : 

put that purse back into the closet for another 15 years. get a little half-slip to keep the tights and knit dress form clinging and riding. otherwise you look great girl. i might like to see your hair do something a little more funky but that's just my projection.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:38 PM) : 

the colors compliment each other and bring out her lovely skin as well, i love the hunter green cardigan against the dress and nude scarf. personally i am a huge fan of layering and she did it perfectly!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:28 PM) : 

I like all of the elements - the jacket and the cream scarf especially - but all together it really doesn't work for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:18 PM) : 

this girl is freaking COOL


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:50 PM) : 

i LOVE everything about this pic! everything is so smartly put together with out look over coordinated.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:09 AM) : 

Kinee Diouf

MAJOR Senegalese Model, you've all seen here in many shows. She looks excellent!


Blogger uhuhuhjn said ... (3:05 PM) : 

love the belt on the dress :0


Blogger Amber said ... (11:02 PM) : 

Very chic. I love the subtlety in the colors and fabrics that she chose, and how they stand out individually, and so beautifully.


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:31 AM) : 



Anonymous jenn said ... (1:48 PM) : 

i love this. She looks so chic but also very laid back and cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:31 AM) : 

She looks absolutely amazing. Love the heels!
Her skin color is stunning and the skin itself looks absolutely flawless.


Blogger Passport Stamps said ... (1:51 PM) : 

This is the stunning senegalese model Kinee Diouf ;-)


Blogger Connie said ... (7:13 AM) : 

Everything about this look is just perfect!


Anonymous baju muslim zahra said ... (10:04 AM) : 

matching :)


Blogger Irini said ... (12:09 PM) : 

love her style!


Anonymous sammy said ... (10:15 PM) : 



Blogger Olivia said ... (5:13 AM) : 

anyone know where we can find the shoes? please help!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:24 AM) : 



Blogger hjjk said ... (7:19 PM) : 

She's beautiful and I adore the layering technique, giving me the courage to attempt maybe...

(I'm a newbie)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:39 PM) : 

she's really breathtakingly beautiful...


Blogger Carol said ... (10:23 PM) : 

Must have that bag!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:24 AM) : 

The shoes are betsy johnson:)


Blogger Ali said ... (5:56 AM) : 

This picture is perfect and style of presentation is lovely.

Reflective Motorcycle Vests


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