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On the Street....Somerset House, London


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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the Street....Somerset House, London

Comments on "On the Street....Somerset House, London"


Blogger J.Teheren said ... (9:24 PM) : 

Chuck Taylors are the most underappreciated accessory. I dig this exponentially.


Anonymous Nyamka said ... (9:25 PM) : 

I love the combination of her cape and coverses with the red socks -it's like a modern day red riding hood.


Anonymous Alexei said ... (9:35 PM) : 

Beautiful. This is what style is all about. Mixing the high end with the classics, and adding a pop of personality.

Great shot.


Blogger LD said ... (9:37 PM) : 

oooh, i like it!


Anonymous Amanda said ... (9:37 PM) : 

Cute! Love the jacket.


Blogger FASHION SNAG said ... (9:37 PM) : 

ohh, I love this photo! She looks vulnerable and adorable all at the same time!


Blogger Barbara said ... (9:41 PM) : 

love this. was so not expecting the shoes when I scrolled down.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:44 PM) : 

This is something I would wear then worry my legs are too pale for it. Next time I think that I'll think of her. She looks great. Love the coat.


Blogger Madeleine said ... (9:46 PM) : 

wow this picture is great! her outfit is awesome!I'd love it if you'd visit my blog:


Blogger Madeline Veenstra said ... (9:49 PM) : 

Her hair is gorgeous and I love her little red socks peeping out :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:58 PM) : 

There is something quite charming about this picture and, yes, of course it was the red socks which drew me into it, but it was also the hair and the skin tones, as well as the geometry of the photo, particularly the manner in which her upper and lower halves suggest two triangles or a diamond. I'm not quite sure what to make of her outfit, but there is a little bit of risque loveliness present in the way that a wee bit of white peeps out from under the coat, while the shorts serve only draw the eye in a little bit more. Good eye in finding this shot, Scott!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:00 PM) : 

This outfit is awesome!! I love the mix between the shoes and the coat, is like formal and sport


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:05 PM) : 

the red socks totally make the outfit!


Blogger Michael Limaco said ... (10:05 PM) : 

This girl reminds me of one of the characters from Sofia Coppola's movie, the Virgin Suicides. She's very indie chic in that youthful innocent way. Money and expensive clothes can't buy you this style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:08 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:08 PM) : 

soo cute, youthful and relaxed, the coats cut is fab and teamed well with the cons. but i am sick to death of long hair worn down like this, she would look even more cute and casual if she twisted it up...


Anonymous B. said ... (10:11 PM) : 

wow...she's beautiful


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 PM) : 

Nice and refined contrasts in this look. Bare skin vs thick clothing, skinny legs vs bulky coat, light skin vs dark clothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:14 PM) : 

girl from the burberry ads!!!


Blogger BB said ... (10:19 PM) : 

I'm pretty sure 'chucks' alone could solve all of the world's (fashion) problems.

Yep. This photograph convinces me of it.



Blogger Samantha said ... (10:21 PM) : 

i'm always impressed when people can incorporate chucks with chic-er (i know i made that up haha) looks. my favorite part has to be the red socks though


Blogger Nick Leonard said ... (10:26 PM) : 

I'm pretty sure that is the Edie girl who is currently in the Marc Jacobs ads. Very nice shot.


Blogger kahartland said ... (10:28 PM) : 

ha love! i love it when someone can pull of the grungy converse looks-so envious :)


Anonymous Marcine said ... (10:30 PM) : 

Love it.


Blogger X said ... (10:31 PM) : 

The Converse make it. And the red socks! Gorgeous.



Blogger Virginia de la Reynares said ... (10:39 PM) : 

She looks amazing!!!


Blogger Carlos Alberto Silva said ... (10:48 PM) : 




Blogger Zi said ... (10:54 PM) : 

lovely, really lovely!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:57 PM) : 

this is tres chic but i wish the shoes werent converse!


Blogger Ang said ... (10:59 PM) : 

The shoes says it all.


Blogger Kristen said ... (10:59 PM) : 

really love the red socks. her coat is lovely as well.


Blogger Ben Hoffman said ... (11:15 PM) : 

chucks done right.


Anonymous Katy McDevitt said ... (11:18 PM) : 

That is some excellent pink-cheeked cuteness right there. Is she wearing two watches? Because if she is, I am charmed. Altho' I am already charmed by the mad juxtaposition of her goofy Chucks and her polished coat.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 PM) : 

Love the chuck taylors and red socks combination!


Blogger DENNI said ... (11:20 PM) : 




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:21 PM) : 

Looking good in a great jacket and, for once, comfortable shoes. Seriously, some of the women's shoes in recent photos are just scary.

I also like the composition of the photo, the black/white color scheme, and the way the blotches of color in the window (yellow, blue, red/orange) echo the colors in her hair, cheeks, watches and socks.


Anonymous Nat said ... (11:23 PM) : 

i like her cons with the red and the coat clearly works well. showing style without being expensive and in your face.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:25 PM) : 

Very cute.


Anonymous Jai'me said ... (11:28 PM) : 

Love the coat + Converses combo. Both are contradictory. Got a pair of Converses just like them! :)


Blogger Bookworm said ... (11:35 PM) : 

Aaaah Converse! This isn't my favorite outfit but I love the watches and the cool coat--great shot!


Anonymous paolo manaloto said ... (11:40 PM) : 

the socks are what catch my eye


Blogger Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said ... (12:20 AM) : 

love it! she looks like the girl in the Marc Jacobs..? ads from Teen Vogue!


Blogger Jack Daniel said ... (12:35 AM) : 

Beautiful, beautiful!! Extremely cute.


Blogger Holly Brindley said ... (12:45 AM) : 

Yes! Simplicity!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:56 AM) : 

I also love the geometry of the shot.

Regardless... time to bury the Converse shoes. They've had their time, welcome to the 21st Century. Move on.

I detest basketball and I don't need to be reminded of a pointless game in the street with a relic design that barely passed for shoes in the first place.

Calculated pose with one foot over the other that is soporific.



Blogger Brigadeiro said ... (1:16 AM) : 

LOVE this! The red socks with the Converse = gold, gorgeous coat too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:43 AM) : 

envy her legs!


Blogger Soren Lorensen said ... (1:53 AM) : 


charming from sole to crown


Anonymous Becky said ... (2:40 AM) : 

This is a very old style yet now considered to be new. Silly rabbits.

I think she should have changed her sneakers to something bit less trashy tho.


Anonymous KaytaInga said ... (3:39 AM) : 

Love this, but wish it was visually a little more clear (photograph)...what is that - a cape or a coat??? still, something so impish about this nymph!


Blogger Stjarna said ... (3:53 AM) : 

Really chic. I think i should buy a pair of all star like these..


Blogger bárbara crespo said ... (4:03 AM) : 

really like it!!!
the jacet is precious


Blogger  said ... (4:04 AM) : 

Simply beautiful, elegant & sexy.


Anonymous said ... (4:08 AM) : 

Really? I think shes pulls off the sneakers great! Works for me.


Blogger Astianatte said ... (4:29 AM) : 

she is so gorgeous!

jsut imagine to put tha same black coat and the sneakers on a 1.65 cm fatter person.

in this case model made the dress.

by the way. the photo is amazing. kinda melancoly.


Blogger Anita Puksic said ... (5:01 AM) : 

Cool! Love the red socks (:

Peace and love!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:18 AM) : 

Great combination - it's that Londony thing of laid back but looking tailored at the same time. Red socks are a nice touch

Polly x


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:20 AM) : 

That's right! Listen to Becky.



Anonymous Neishaa Gharat said ... (6:44 AM) : 

So Real!!
I,Cant wait to be captured through your lenses on the streets of london.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:18 AM) : 

i saw ur blog in glammour spain magazine so here i am i follow u!!
comment back!


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:30 AM) : 

ual it's very pretty.


Blogger Fezinha said ... (8:06 AM) : 

Wonderful pic! There's a little bit of sadness on her face, and it's actually cute.

Love Chuck leather one in a cream color is my favorite.

My desire to my next life: thin legs. This girls can wear whatever they want, and it never looks vulgar.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:28 AM) : 

chic and trendy at the same time. This is London street fashion at its best. Love it


Anonymous Andree said ... (8:32 AM) : 

this is a good photo for woody allen and roman polanski


Blogger juju ariel said ... (9:08 AM) : 

nobody else seemed to notice this girl looks like a typical posh london 13 year old?

forgetting her style for a moment, so forgive me if i'm wrong...


Anonymous Rosanna said ... (9:19 AM) : 

She's not wearing two watches, the coral coloured band is because she went to Bestival!! I should know, I had to check hundreds...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:46 AM) : 


hahahahaha... thanks for that. I needed the laugh this evening.



Blogger iida said ... (10:02 AM) : 

I love it. I can't explain why, I just do.


Blogger Noelle Serafino said ... (10:44 AM) : 

I love the contrast in proportion - long, thin, bare legs with a mid-thigh coat and of course, the contrast of formal vs. informal wear.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:45 AM) : 

don't get the shoes that slip and slide get the shoes with the star on the side.


Anonymous Suzanne said ... (11:27 AM) : 

The perfect example of what I love about London style. Unique, playful and irreverent, yet somehow a tiny bit classy.


Blogger Janice said ... (1:25 PM) : 

bare legs, high top converse and red socks! love


Anonymous Singer said ... (1:27 PM) : 

if her bag were a bag for her viola, I would be all over this. i'm voting *for* the converse, though.


Anonymous BelleB said ... (2:43 PM) : 

Edie Campbell, everyone at school totally misses her rad style she looks amaze.


Blogger Joy Mars said ... (3:26 PM) : 

The white stone cherubs behind her make the story.

She's a grown-up cherub in the flesh. Her legs have grown long from their previous chubbiness. She's wearing black to show she's ready for adult action.

But the cherubs are not so far behind.


Blogger Amy said ... (3:35 PM) : 

Great coat!


Anonymous Holly said ... (3:39 PM) : 

What youthful joy she displays!


Anonymous FASH said ... (3:51 PM) : 


this pic reminds me of the pics i would see at



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:18 AM) : 

scrolling this pic down i expected some chic shoes to go with the simple and great black coat. chuks and red socks surprised me and i like it this way better :):)so i am buyng some sucks to go with my black coats and my convers


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:29 PM) : 

Yes the socks and shoes are brilliant, but I totally love the watches on her wrist!!!


Blogger MacHead said ... (6:41 PM) : 

I have to say I think your London collection is fantastic and stands apart from other recent entries. Brits always do seem to have that edgy, mod coolness in the way they dress.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:33 PM) : 

I adore the chucks!


Blogger XiaoRiku said ... (5:12 AM) : 

I like this.


Anonymous Elise said ... (4:44 PM) : 

dig the look!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:02 PM) : 

I don't like this composition (although the coat *is* lovely). There's nothing chic about this girl. Andree hit the nail on the head.


Blogger K'arhol said ... (11:04 AM) : 

lolita - sexy i like her aura
she looks so innocent ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:56 PM) : 

A student at the Courtuald, no doubt.


Anonymous Philippine said ... (11:07 AM) : 

it could be a sort of a mix between le chic parisien and the british tuch of "je-ne-sais-quoi qui fait tout". and she's adorable!


Blogger Jules, London said ... (3:23 PM) : 

I would have placed this as a Paris look with the coat. The foowear, however, add a bit of British tomboy chic. Her long hair adds to her elongated and pretty look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:09 PM) : 

cud somebody tell me what's this girl name?? ive been searching all over the burberry web, but i cudnt find it. thankss :)

ohh im lovin this pic! its perfect for meee!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:07 AM) : 

Edie Campbell


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:35 PM) : 

i like the jacket so much!and i love chuck taylors!!!jj.kondilis


Blogger Villedela said ... (8:39 AM) : 

Fab coat. Love the outfit and LOVE Somerset House.

Villedela Goes to London


Blogger Βασιλική Ν. said ... (2:06 PM) : 

Im living in Thessaloniki, Grecee. Today a good friend talk to me about you. I saw a lot of your foto and i like very much the "what" and the"" how". The moment you are catching. Come here if you can, i thing that it will be very interesting for you. Thanks a lot and many wishes for marry Cristmas and happy new year! Keep walking!

Vasiliki Nevrokopli
author of childrens books


Anonymous medya said ... (6:35 AM) : 

I love the combination of her cape and coverses with the red socks -it's like a modern day red riding hood.


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