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On the Street......Lafayette St., Brooklyn


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Friday, June 05, 2009

On the Street......Lafayette St., Brooklyn

Crap, I didn't get the shot that shows more of her bag. It was a great grey/black/white buffalo plaid, and I just love the idea of pairing that with a small floral print in the same color scheme.

Comments on "On the Street......Lafayette St., Brooklyn"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:33 AM) : 

Her skin is just glowing! What a beautiful smile.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:34 AM) : 

Love it.


Blogger Kirstin said ... (10:34 AM) : 

A beautiful photograph, that smile truly captures the beauty of humankind.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:35 AM) : 

What a lovely smile! The contrast against the greenery and the sunshine and shade is wonderful! Cute dress, enjoy how her sweater is draped, like the sandals and toe nail polish, but not the pockets on her dress.


Blogger Lucy said ... (10:37 AM) : 

great photo =)


Blogger sisty said ... (10:38 AM) : 

Love the patch pockets! And who says Birkenstocks can't be cute?


Anonymous s said ... (10:46 AM) : 

gorgeous. her smile is the best accessory.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:46 AM) : 

Wow, I love her!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:47 AM) : 

This woman is beautiful. I don't know what it is about this dress, but I'm not feeling it. However, I love that the last few women have all been in flat sandals and standing very at ease. They just look so uncomplicated and well in their skin.


Blogger norawoah said ... (10:49 AM) : 

Hew Joi de Vive is the best. Everything else is an accessory!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:52 AM) : 

She is gorgeous. I love her very casual, yet very chic style. I LOVE that you're showing more everyday people on the blog now. Kudos.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:58 AM) : 

I love this long-sleeved, short hemmed, loose fitting dress. And she is just a beautiful woman.


Blogger Soren Lorensen said ... (11:01 AM) : 

cuteness is painted all over her toenails


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:05 AM) : 

Very simple. I like this.


Anonymous Roanne @ All the Vanity said ... (11:20 AM) : 

Well, like most of here said, I also love her smile, so genuine and so natural! xx :)


Blogger Adriana said ... (11:22 AM) : 

These recent pictures are great. I, for one, am very excited to be moving to Brooklyn.


Blogger 3biscuits said ... (11:28 AM) : 

Great charisma!
Loved the photo.



Blogger Maggie said ... (11:44 AM) : 

i have a dress just like that. for those of us who are a bit curvier than this lovely lady, belting it in makes it instantly wearable.


Anonymous Lauren said ... (11:47 AM) : 

love love LOVE all these BK shots. thank you for shooting off 5th every now and again. :)


Blogger Shaina said ... (11:49 AM) : 

Gorgeous! That dress is perfect for the type of weather we've been having lately. I love when people dress practical, yet stylish. Her smile only makes it that much better.

I'm so happy that you've been out and about in my's one of the most uniquely stylish areas in all of BK. Tons of individual flavor!

PS - It's Lafayette Avenue. Just in case anyone would like to visit....


Blogger Angeles Almuna said ... (11:50 AM) : 

That is a great smile, nice shot!!!!:)


Blogger Miiicha said ... (12:04 PM) : 

Original Style,


Blogger Sarah said ... (12:08 PM) : 

Love the use of patterns to give visual interest to the neutral colors. That's just the sort of thing that I would love to be able to do more!


Blogger Your name here said ... (12:11 PM) : 

Beautiful photograph! And lovely smile!


Blogger brandt said ... (12:18 PM) : 

She always looks great and has classic
style for days!
All right-Schuman in Fort Greene!


Blogger Fannah said ... (12:36 PM) : 

Goddess smile :)


Blogger Hanna Persson said ... (12:59 PM) : 

she's absolutly stunning!


Blogger noelakadjtambour said ... (1:08 PM) : 

so,i could safely say that brooklyn is not a label whore. yay for brooklyn!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:11 PM) : 

I love your eye Sart...These photos in Brooklyn are amazing...


Anonymous Ruby said ... (1:29 PM) : 

She's just radiant.. what a beautiful woman!


Blogger C A said ... (2:01 PM) : 

I love her look!! It's like African vs. Italian style



Blogger Matthew Mikulice said ... (2:22 PM) : 

Her smile is reflected in the beautiful atmosphere you placed her in. Very serene, fulfilled.

Check out my new website.


Blogger The Couturier said ... (2:23 PM) : 

she looks adorable and comfy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:53 PM) : 

Every woman should own these birks. They are simple, easy to wear, comfortable, and remarkably chic.


Blogger Carolina Lange said ... (3:18 PM) : 

I am loving these Brooklin photos!


Anonymous Jessica said ... (3:21 PM) : 

She looks fantastic! The more of your photos I look at the more I feel like real style has very little to do with the actual clothes and a lot to do with how comfortable the subjects are with themselves - how well the outside matches the inside. As a side note, I love seeing someone look chic in sensible shoes, and I LOVE that you are featuring more "real" looking people lately. The high-fashion looks are fun, but I am enjoying this variety.


Anonymous AnonymousJK said ... (3:28 PM) : 

Hands down she wins best smile of the week!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:52 PM) : 

Wowwww. I love this woman, I really do. Her style is classic but still fashion-conscious. And what a comfortable, natural smile.


Blogger Virginia de la Reynares said ... (4:06 PM) : 

Love. The simply shift with the scarf and sandals is amazing.


Blogger José Cabral said ... (4:30 PM) : 

with the bag or without the bag..
lovely anyway!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:31 PM) : 

Nice to see beautiful people of color as we are in our daily lives. I miss that in fashion.


Blogger Bookworm said ... (7:05 PM) : 

Love it--the scarf, pretty dress, and what a great, happy smile! I love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:08 PM) : 

ahhhhh you make me miss my neighborhood so much! thanks for photographing the people around here!


i love brooklyn.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:18 PM) : 

reviving the Birkenstock


Blogger said ... (11:17 PM) : 

The shift dress is wicked cute, and I think the patch pockets make it much more interesting.


Blogger Hawa said ... (11:24 PM) : 

sooo gorgeous! i like that her beautiful skin is what makes the outfit stand out....this outfit wouldn't have suited any other skin makes it so individual!


Blogger Mikey!!! said ... (11:29 PM) : 

She owns this outfit! She has a natural beauty and she is just radiant and glowing. Cutie!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:09 AM) : 

YES, HELLO People of Color!
loving that and loving the fashion choices of these particular people

rock, rock on!


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:10 AM) : 

so glad you got the birkenstocks in the shot!


Blogger stephanie-sarah said ... (12:22 AM) : 

i miss summer looking at your pictures! her outfit is so simple and lovely :)


Blogger Mademoiselle d'enfer(t) said ... (4:58 AM) : 

Monsieur, you wear "the good glasses" (as says it a friend philosopher)(and aesthete)... I love your look (forgive my bad english)(please)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:14 AM) : 


I am so happy you're taking pictures in Brooklyn and in parts of the city not directly outside the Conde Nast building in Midtown!

It is so nice to see you going back to the images of real street style of ordinary people, that we as readers can relate to and draw attainable inspiration from.

Of course, I love to look at the pictures you post of high fashion icons and figures in the international scene, but seeing people "like me" in a more organic setting and outfit is a welcome change. :)

Thank you.



Anonymous Criss said ... (10:15 AM) : 

look at this!


Anonymous Joanne K said ... (11:16 AM) : 

Lovely blog!!


Blogger New witch in town said ... (11:32 AM) : 



Blogger ... said ... (11:59 AM) : 

she looks very nice!

-hermes and chanel objects
-architectural designs on runways


Blogger atasteoftomorrow said ... (12:21 PM) : 

I'm liking the "Brooklyn Collection". and that dress!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:30 PM) : 

Sart...this is GREAT...because it is so individual. I just can't look at another pair of gladiator sandals and a trendy summer frock. This woman is beautiful without being on trend. Love it. Thanks for this. Made my day.


Blogger nothingness said ... (1:10 PM) : 

love how she dresses! i love simple with certain standout features like neon pink toenails!



Anonymous dish network said ... (2:24 PM) : 

Great smile, great picture!


Blogger Thais said ... (4:40 PM) : 

This photo is charming! i love her dress!


Blogger ryan said ... (6:29 PM) : 

Brooklyn (named after the Dutch town Breukelen) is one of the five boroughs of New York City, located southwest of Queens on the western tip of Long Island.


Blogger Amendment Abuse said ... (7:00 PM) : 




Blogger Dawn said ... (12:21 AM) : 

Wow, the fashion pales in comparison to her smile.


Blogger donna said ... (1:07 AM) : 

I'm happy to see more photos from brooklyn. esp ft greene!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:28 PM) : 

She's gorgeous! I love her spring outfit!


Blogger Clarity said ... (2:39 PM) : 

Her smile is her best apparel. Beautiful.


Blogger Dominica said ... (3:47 PM) : 

laidback chique


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:49 PM) : 

Love this Blog...Buenos Aires is waiting for you!



Blogger Sasha said ... (5:43 PM) : 

Come visit the old Copycatter at her new blog, better then ever!


Blogger Nicha said ... (7:23 PM) : 

effortlessly chic and she seems so comfortable with herself.


Blogger triangle eyes said ... (7:48 PM) : 

First things first, I think it's incredible that you're branching out into different parts of the city. You always have stunning subjects and lately your photographs have showcased a great sense of diversity in more 'everyday' people, without sacrificing your authenticity and classic eye for style.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:56 PM) : 

Great Pic...but I too wanna see the's all about the bag! LOL


Anonymous comms girls said ... (9:01 PM) : 

I love her dress with the simple black scarf. I think sometimes scarfs try to take the attention but here it is such a compliment


Anonymous Carol said ... (9:33 PM) : 

She looks absolutely gorgeous and confident!


Blogger DENNI said ... (1:01 AM) : 

just great!! loved it. i was just there today. amazing



Anonymous spotmag said ... (2:03 AM) : 

Simple and chic!!! Great.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:57 AM) : 

Great stuff.

Love the blog!

"Chris is Starving!"


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:52 AM) : 

she's pretty


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (6:36 AM) : 

I adore this dress, looks sooooooooo comfortable as well as being so stylish. What's better?


Blogger Devilish said ... (10:26 AM) : 

I love the blog and the pics, i like your style, so cool.


Anonymous le 21ème said ... (5:30 PM) : 

Very very nice. Great smile! The pattern reminds me of an old Hedi Slimane T-shirt print from DH a few years back!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:40 PM) : 



Blogger .pink said ... (3:32 PM) : 

I am {heart}-ing her style...simple, clean, fashionable & most of all...timeless.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:51 AM) : 

it's an A.P.C. dress from the fall 08


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:21 PM) : 

The photo is great, the style is great, and as a fellow expectant mom, it is inspirational to see someone rockin' the baby bump in such a chic (and understated) way. This is what I aspire to look like for the next few months.


Anonymous Kim said ... (8:50 AM) : 

Wow. I see her all the time picking up her kids at school! She's ALWAYS gorgeous!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:01 AM) : 

Nice dress, NO doubt i m also impress from her style.or photography is great but whatever reason look like very gorgeous. I have see similar kind of dress.
for those of us who are a interested in such dress.go here


Blogger Diggs said ... (11:08 PM) : 

Lafayette Ave!!! The Street is in Manhattan...sorry, but I have to stick up for my Brooklyn pride


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:04 PM) : 

Is she Dutch? She's wearing Birkenstock's..


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