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On the Street.... Bowery, New York


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Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Street.... Bowery, New York

Comments on "On the Street.... Bowery, New York"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:04 AM) : 

Guy? Girl (I am assuming this is a young lady)? Androgynous features mixed with the laid-back western denim cuts and western belt. Great layering, all business but with no shortage of style, for sure. Sart, you have committed another act of photographic genius with this picture--fantastic lighting.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:20 AM) : 

Now here's someone who is comfortable in their own skin and it translates so well to their attire. Nice shot and lighting.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:30 AM) : 

Mr.Schuman, I have been meaning point out some beautiful adrogynous style to you, and this reminded me. You really should take a look at Corinne Lee, the bass player of an Atlanta band called Snowden. Really amazing style and stage presence.


Blogger The Concrete Commentator said ... (9:35 AM) : 

ok.. the fashion is great! But the composition and colors in this shot are so striking! Love the light on his face, the colored background with his red hair, the way he is standing, and that shadow on the right side of him. Beautiful contrast. Good job...again!


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:36 AM) : 

MEnino, que lindo seu modelito!
Adorei! Um dia serei um personalStylist igual a você...
Me manda seu msn para batermos um papo?
Adorei, beijos!

Seu viado!


Blogger Klever Girl said ... (10:06 AM) : 

I'm officially in love with your "eye".


Blogger J.A.F. said ... (10:19 AM) : 

Nice layering and the John Deere belt buckle is exemplary. But, I agree with everyone else that the Sartorialist is helping this look with the composition and lighting. One for the book no doubt!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20 AM) : 

Great advert for wearing gloves.

Blue skin doesn't go with very much.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:23 AM) : 

Another of your breathtakingly beautiful and very pertinent portraits. The photo and he subject are so New York. Genius Sart, thanks for sharing.


Blogger May Kasahara said ... (10:29 AM) : 

beautiful shot!

how in the world can you make denim on denim look so GOOD?


Blogger saintvenus said ... (10:44 AM) : 

the background added at least 25 marks to this photo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:07 AM) : 

Great light......very denim commercial 90s being


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:11 AM) : 

Aside from all the text book layering and the denim on denim with the mix of plaid.

The person has a allot of attitude and so the sticker beside the person is a beautiful fit for the photo. Oh that would be the sticker that says " F@*K UP STUFF"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:29 AM) : 

Be still, my lesbian heart!


Blogger Dominica said ... (11:46 AM) : 

2009 James Dean....


Blogger Emme A said ... (11:49 AM) : 

Rosie the Riveter ?!


Blogger Eric.Granwehr said ... (12:00 PM) : 

this lighting is unreal.


Blogger cami falcão said ... (12:02 PM) : 

amazing light!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:04 PM) : 

Very camp


Blogger artadviser said ... (12:14 PM) : 

i love the colors yo´ve got here, that ink blue!, the red hair, the extremely pale face....


Blogger Cassaundra said ... (12:17 PM) : 

i love her deer belt.


Blogger Allen - East Hampton said ... (12:22 PM) : 

1. Great, great shot.
2. Bonus points for excluding any of the glossy new condo developments which are taking over the Bowery area and ruining its look.
3. Whether a male or female, this person is (a) comfortable in their skin and (b) looks great.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:29 PM) : 

The colors and lighting in this picture are breathtaking, wow. Fabulous, fabulous shot. The jewel tones of the clothing against the bold color of the equipment, wow again.


Blogger Jorge from W Palm Beach said ... (12:48 PM) : 

The clothing really takes a secondary level compaired with the composition and the lighting. Great shot! Is there a story to the person? Jorge from W Palm Beach


Blogger junglesiren said ... (1:08 PM) : 

Great shot, Sart. Very Robert Frank in color.

I love butch girls with good style.


Blogger thwany said ... (1:18 PM) : 

love the red hair.


Blogger The Kid Colin said ... (1:24 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Michael Joseph Owens said ... (1:36 PM) : 

Rent boy fashion.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:42 PM) : 

Very natural, he could be one of my cousins in Utah. We have a strong ginger streak.


Blogger Eli said ... (1:44 PM) : 

the moods of this picture are stunning! very teddy boys


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:46 PM) : 



Blogger John-Bryan Hopkins said ... (2:03 PM) : 

Love the look.

Timeless and I love the pale skin and the red hair.

The new face of the Marlboro man?


Blogger erin nuts said ... (2:14 PM) : 

I love gingers.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:20 PM) : 

A modern day Wayne Newton.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:05 PM) : 

Rick Astley does all american. love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:13 PM) : 


The image is really wonderful. I love how the upper left side of the image is dark and the interesting affect as it lightens down into yellow. The background affect is a lot more interesting than the subject. Of course this is the art of the photographer at work.

Merci, Zoé


Blogger Jack Daniel said ... (3:16 PM) : 

the light in the picture is awsome!


Blogger A.Rane said ... (3:36 PM) : 

great belt, great pose.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:00 PM) : 

interesting, a woman dressed like a man? a man dressed like a kid? the belt and the colour of the trausers are great. the jacket however, in my opinion its too blue, a very intense jean, too new, too neat. It doesnt match with the rest.


Blogger KissTheCloset said ... (4:13 PM) : 

Cool how even the simplest clothes can look so artistic. Back to basics!
Jackie (KisstheCloset)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:43 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:08 PM) : 

needless to say, great photo. This boy looks incredibly pensive and careless at the same time. The rugged denim juxtaposed that ethereal hair are amazing


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:25 PM) : 

great deep denim especially with the green shirt. As a photo it is a great shot.

love the commenterrs making assumptions of gender.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:12 PM) : 

This could be a photo from a magazine ad. This person seems so calm and charismatic. I love this photo!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:15 PM) : 

My grandfather has that belt buckle...


Blogger tanya said ... (7:40 PM) : 

what a great surprise to have beautiful color coming through the shadows.


Blogger SparkleQueen said ... (7:47 PM) : 

Great lighting and the yellow makes the denim jacket look purple. Love the hint of green on his hips.

I love love love your blog, you are so inspirational!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:11 PM) : 

wow. after reading the comments, i dont know whether to refer to it as he or she but since i orig thought it was a boy, i'll say he. i love the lighting here. more than that, i LOVE the stance. so calm, so the red hair.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:24 PM) : 

Did anyone else notice the backwards button area of the jeans? Never seen that before.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:28 PM) : 

The mood of this portrait is so strong, awesome, and transcendent-- of time, fashion and gender. Beautiful, definitely one for the wall, and book!



Blogger f2images said ... (11:54 PM) : 

Beautiful light captured!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:13 AM) : 

Boy or girl, it's a terrific look. Red hair and blue denim was always my favourite colour scheme. Regardless, inquiring minds want to know: was this person wearing cowboy boots, or running shoes like real cowboys do?


Blogger ERman said ... (3:52 AM) : 

Cute... Denim jacket is back.


Blogger Clococo said ... (4:00 AM) : 


such a great picture oldies style ! just love it !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:08 AM) : 

kinda looks like a marlboro ad or something like that.


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:38 AM) : 

Wow . Sexy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:07 AM) : 

i love that i absolutely cannot know if this is a girl or a boy. buckle makes it.


Blogger Clococo said ... (12:06 AM) : 

just great pic ! sublime light ! awesome style ! un vrai parti pris...


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:52 AM) : 

The denim jacket is NOT back. Haha! But this is quite a fantastic shot. Slap a logo on it and it could be part of an ad campaign.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:11 AM) : 

to anonymous at 3.05 who said this is Rick Astley gone American. I was thinking the same thing....but more David Bowie


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:46 PM) : 

Stunning shot. Beautiful subject. A shame English doesn't have a personal pronoun that allows us to be gender neutral.

This person has the most amazing colouring and classic features - they are a pleasure to look at, regardless of gender.

Thank you for bringing this lovely person into our lives, Sart.


Blogger Alida said ... (11:33 PM) : 

I thought it was a man when I first looked, then reading the comments I had to look again. Still, I think it's a man...look at the hands. Funny, because my comment was I'm not usually attracted to red-headed men, but he's hot! If he is not a he...I'm going to have to rethink a lot of things...:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:46 AM) : 

That's a pretty shot, Scott. Thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:14 PM) : 

This would work if you'd just pull up the damn jeans! Cool black collar, righteous belt....and I dig all denim jackets!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:06 PM) : 

He is tottaly at ease, charming and self confident!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:57 AM) : 

Trying WAY too hard... this doesn't look "effortless" at all to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:09 AM) : 

Sublime photo hors du temps.
Tout est parfait.
De là on fait beaucoup de choses...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:29 AM) : 

totally cutting edge. perfectly in tune with the pulse of culture and the current gaze back to the 90s. very reminiscent of jenny shimizu bringing androgyny to calvin klein, but now! we need models like this to push gender boundaries and look great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:54 PM) : 

Oh my goodness! Isn't that Jae Sherman from Redbeard?!

Oh how I miss that band...and hearing this musician.

Beautiful portrait


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