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On the Street.... Continuing Style, Paris


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On the Street.... Continuing Style, Paris

Comments on "On the Street.... Continuing Style, Paris"


Blogger TMFA said ... (9:35 AM) : 

Parisian superiority.....
Need to go to Paris in December.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:47 AM) : 

Love the bottom picture - that is a most fantastic belt especially contrasted with the light weight silk of her dress. Not so sure what's going on in the top picture, her top and the tassle look interesting but the pants don't work for me. Maybe this outfit needs to be seen in 3D or as she moves?


Blogger qiwy said ... (10:02 AM) : 

I love her look!!


Blogger Petulia said ... (10:05 AM) : 

Beautiful. I love the classic- chic look she has in both pictures


Blogger Paul Pincus said ... (10:11 AM) : 


i love both portraits.


Blogger Alice Olive said ... (10:15 AM) : 

Wow, love the first image. Those trousers are wonderful. High-heeled and Katherine Hepburn-esque.


Blogger O!Lightning said ... (10:28 AM) : 

she does the 80's really well, not overplayed at all. Strong straight ahead. She looks beautiful.


Blogger Jorge from W Palm Beach said ... (10:30 AM) : 

Even though the outfits vary greatly, there is continuity in the way she wears her clothes: the mid-arm sleeves, the clear waist, the pose, the amount of roominess in her pants, the scarf. To my queer eye, she seems extremely sexy although she is covered up. Jorge from W Palm Beach


Blogger TEXTSTYLES said ... (10:35 AM) : 

ohhh la la
quelle classe!
the dress and that beautiful gold belt are just divine.
i think i'm in love, in a plutonic way....



Blogger The Spicers said ... (10:51 AM) : 

Love the navy!
The gold details on the wide belt are great with the silky dress.


Blogger Dan in Richmond said ... (10:51 AM) : 

The proportions here look odd to me, particularly in the top photo. I think the way the sleeves are pushed up to end right at the belt creates an unflattering, or less interesting, line (that's probably more true in this pose than in motion), the pleated pants with the short legs seem to shorten her own legs (which are in fact long, otherwise it would be even less flattering), the scarf seems out of place and out of scale- all the proportions just look slightly off- TO ME. There's also a stiffness to the look which I find unappealing. Sorry.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:59 AM) : 

She looks glorious in the second picture god the boots, the belt..and the dress itself, everything is fantastic.
Great choice!!!!


Blogger Gia said ... (11:06 AM) : 

i like how the golden belt completes the whole outfit,giving the final touch!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:13 AM) : 

Love the confidence she has in her style!

It seems to me that often the women who seem most self-assured (in these posts) are not carrying a purse. Often they are holding their phone/blackberry and notebooks in their hands. No bag. I like this (though at times it is impractical) and think it communicates confidence.

I think we are post the big "it" bag which for too long was used as a stand-in for real style and alas was only fashion.



Blogger Fanny said ... (11:43 AM) : 

katarina! I LOVE HER!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:54 AM) : 

What an incredibly stylish lady! Classic and smart, feminine but not saccharine, quirky without cloying 'look-at-me' kookiness.

Her top in the first photo is a fascinating shape, and I'm dying to see more of that tassel...


Blogger Pret a Porter P said ... (11:57 AM) : 

i love the top in the 1st and the texture of her dress in the 2nd. And i just love navy blue in general.

She looks amazing, elegant


Blogger sadia said ... (11:58 AM) : 

if only i had it that easy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:19 PM) : 

....That Belt, Paris. new title? ha


Blogger Wanderlusting said ... (12:21 PM) : 

The belt?

To die for :)

And gold and navy look stunning together!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:28 PM) : 

1.picture: Her legs look like miles and miles! they are so gorgeous!!


Blogger Dominica said ... (12:32 PM) : 

LOVE her boots in the 2nd pic....In fact, love the complete outfit (except for the belt...)

First one = picture perfect !


Blogger Rita said ... (12:41 PM) : 

The first look is so great and inspiring, I love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:42 PM) : 



Blogger Anthea said ... (1:10 PM) : 

The first look is amazing! Just wanted you to know..I am giving a presentation with a fellow blogger to our local fashion college about fashion blogging. I will be using your site and a few of your pictures as an example of street style blogging!


Blogger queen rich said ... (1:14 PM) : 

The first picture is such a good look. This is THE look of the season. All of my looks this winter will hopefully be as good as this! Those trousers are perfect with those shoes and the scarf just gives it a chic edge. Navy grey and blak are the ones to watch!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:33 PM) : 

not only does she dresses well, nice and classy but she is as well a very nice, beautifull person. Katherina hepburn suits her well !


Blogger VALERIE said ... (1:35 PM) : 

Not my style at all, but I love the belt on the bottom picture!


Blogger Mo said ... (2:30 PM) : 

Well played. I am all about Minimalism this season. Bon chic bon genre~!


Blogger cami falcão said ... (3:13 PM) : 

i love the colors....the second look is fabulous, awesome boots and great belt.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:25 PM) : 

Just love, love, love the second picture the mose!


Blogger Relaunched said ... (3:38 PM) : 


the combintation and the way she is wearing it is not perfect.
The boots to this blue outfit are an absolutly no-go. I would say: Stiletto heels in gold.
No Scarve, hair open would be better.
She needs a clutch!

I LOVE the Shoulderpads on her dress.

A bientôt,


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:55 PM) : 

That first one looks like it was taken at the dries show.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:03 PM) : 

She looks a little like Juliette Binoche, with her delicate features.
I had an outfit like the bottom photo, back in 1982. I still have the WonderWoman belt. I even had foam shoulder pads that miraculously melded to my body, allowing me to bulk up the shoulders of clothes that had no built-in pads.
Are those days back?


Blogger Brigadeiro said ... (4:23 PM) : 

A M A Z I N G ! I love both pictures/outfits, and that just gorgeous!


Blogger LRB said ... (4:48 PM) : 

She has such eloquent style.


Blogger Stephanie Clayton said ... (5:56 PM) : 

1st photo: Elegant! Pleated pants done right- not always easy to pull off, but she does it here. Gray & navy- supremely cool & very current. Love the draping sweater.
2nd photo: Not crazy about the black boots/dress combo. Those boots look wide & clunky with the silky dress--good idea in theory, but...Maybe suede boots with a stiletto heel & pointed toe would be better.


Blogger Adelina said ... (6:27 PM) : 

that belt is amazing!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:21 PM) : 

great caption SART..



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:23 PM) : 

I love that her boots look lived in. Twelve by Twelve (oddly enough) had a great dress similar to this last year. I bought it, and this photo has inspired me to wear it differently. Merci beaucoup!


Blogger Cammila said ... (8:28 PM) : 

That second outfit is remarkably timeless. It would have been chic and wearable even at the height of early 2000'a hip-slinging.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:39 PM) : 

I love the classic Hepburn pant! When the fashion press declared the pleated, tapered leg ugly and out of style in the 90s, I said, it is not ugly if you have the figure that can wear it! If the wool is superb with drape like this, not the baggy polyester stuff that everyone bought in discount stores. I am so glad I stored my Ralph Lauren trousers while awaiting its return. Enough of flat fronts, lowrise and bellbottoms! (Breathes sigh of relief.)


Blogger Remah said ... (8:53 PM) : 

Very chic!


Blogger Starck Mad said ... (9:51 PM) : 

She looks alarmingly chic in the first shot.
Just gorgeous. There's nothing like a strong leather belt.


Blogger Jennifer said ... (10:42 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:56 PM) : 

The bottom picture is just breathtaking! I love how a single, well-chosen accessory truly embellishes an otherwise difficult to enliven ensemble.


Blogger Kim said ... (11:09 PM) : 

Her silhouette is timeless. Beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:10 PM) : 

I really love that her hemline ends below the knee. It's a refreshing change from all the mini-skirts we've seen/


Blogger creative cookie said ... (2:02 AM) : 

The scarfs give her a refined look. Digging the style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:06 AM) : 

Oh no, not this time, it's too much the late 80ties. Does anybody know this? To dislike deeply the fashion of the time when you were 17 years old? ;-)


Blogger said ... (5:51 AM) : 

love her, so amazing!!! if anyone of you wants to see a little about young spanish street style, i´d love you all to visit us!


Blogger Susie said ... (6:41 AM) : 

Now this I love, both of them. Often the pictures are... a bit too trendy for me (I'm a mature woman) and as much as they may be interesting they are usually too young for me to wear.

This look is classic and I love it. You can wear it at any age and to me it just looks well put together. I don't love the sleeves pushed up but thats often how close are worn,,, in a way that works for the wearer... their job, what they were doing prior.

Anyhow she is lovely.



Blogger Hilda said ... (7:55 AM) : 

I want those shoes!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:36 PM) : 

ok...that belt in the second pic is AMAZING!!! and i luv the dress.

the first pic wasn't as stunning as the first one...but those heels are to die for!


Blogger erin nuts said ... (1:23 PM) : 

I would kill for that belt.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:32 PM) : 

She does look elegant in the first picture. Is this a half-tucked sweater? If so, it works well here.

I would prefer a different colour scarf: perhaps burgundy, like the tassel.


Blogger The Comet said ... (2:36 PM) : 

it is a great shade of blue. sleek yet bundled.


Blogger En kvinna said ... (2:55 PM) : 

I love it!


Blogger Nemerae said ... (4:59 PM) : 

I love the first one *.*


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:50 PM) : 

Hello sartorialstmate,

I think , both look are a good trial, but some details to improve.
Belts on both looks are a good point, scarves as well: even if I don't agree with the thickness of the first look... I would rather wear flowing material kind of Falier Sarti's mix cachemire silk.
She's on the good way for her style.
I don't like the tiny chain on the first look.But the association trouders and shoes is awesome.

Iam a bit perplex for the high boots on the 2nd look... It makes the silhouette heavy. A good option would be the YSL by Pilati's low boots 3 inch heels.

Good luck Dearest, you got the style.. try hard

La Brigade de la mode
A bientôt


Blogger Jadore-Fashion said ... (6:31 PM) : 

lovely pictures, the outfits are so divine!!!


Blogger V said ... (8:06 PM) : 

I love the trousers on the first pic... I've been looking for smt like that this whole autumn! Does anyone know where to find them? thanks thanks thanks


Blogger Barbara said ... (10:50 PM) : 

love the men-inspired pants.


Blogger J. M. said ... (2:02 AM) : 

Love the scarves


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:06 AM) : 

Wonderful story about you in la Tribune et Moi in France !
You're such a star ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:19 AM) : 

And also dans L'Express Styles... Just Waou !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:33 AM) : 

Very nice outfit and projection!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:27 AM) : 

That blue/purple is delicious!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20 AM) : 

lovely clothes, but i find move from over-sized it bags to no bag at all a completely rediculous trend


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:55 AM) : 

the dress in the second picture.. where is is from? anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:54 PM) : 

Great shots of an elegant young lady; thanks, Mr. Sart.


Blogger ellastica said ... (3:24 PM) : 

comfort and style! a killer mix.
please show more of her!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:07 PM) : 

Je découvre ton chouette, j'adore le style masculin...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:10 PM) : 

Great looks, Has Paris ever been unfashionable?


Blogger Risse said ... (11:56 PM) : 

Love love LOVE the richness of the fabric, such a lovely color!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:19 AM) : 

She looks like she could be Juliette Binoche's sister, meaning fashion is irrelevant to such beauty. A simpler style would suit her better.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:16 AM) : 

In just one word: elegant


Blogger Lady Lala said ... (2:40 PM) : 

I prefer the second look, the first remembers me to my mother´s style in 90´s. sorry ;)
but the blue dress is really nice and easywear...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:09 PM) : 

where are you? i need more photos! :'(


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:45 PM) : 

why why why all the girls in paris are not dressed a litle bit
like her ?

many time they wear nothing interesting.. franch womens don't know how to dress them many times..


kiss from Paris


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:39 AM) : 

love that bottom pick - the accessories especially - scarf, belt, boots - and the fabric is so lovely.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:35 AM) : 

I like her color combinacion. It's mute and elegant.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:50 AM) : 



Blogger Danielle said ... (7:26 AM) : 

B.E.L.T beautiful enchanting lovely thing.

Prefer it to be finished with ankle boots or round toe heels those feel to heavy for dress to me.


Blogger "the girl who ate everything and didnt even burp" said ... (7:38 AM) : 

Ah scarves! You cannot go wrong in them even on a hot sunny day isn't it? :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:17 PM) : 

pretty pic ! :)


Blogger Baybay Mama said ... (3:27 PM) : 

i love the pants in the first pic!


Blogger Jay_ said ... (4:09 PM) : 

She looks very nice in that first picture.


Blogger Jaime Jun said ... (4:15 PM) : 

LOVE the first look and how the shirt drapes against the pants! so inspiring!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:28 PM) : 

Not a great fan of the top outfit, i hate to say it but... it's quiet boring!

I love the second outfit thought, how the boldness and heaviness of the belt plays with the lightness of her playsuit.

Great photographs!

Nicky X


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:40 PM) : 

I'm still trying to figure out how the blue sweater in the top photo works, if it's longer in back, if it's all the same length and the front is tucked in...? Either way, it's beautiful. Gray pleated pants and a navy sweater could look so boringboardroom, or prep school boy, but she makes it look elegant. Stephanie


Blogger Vanna said ... (6:38 PM) : 

This woman is fabulous. I want to breathe the same air as her.

Looks like I've missed a lot of great looks lately.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:30 PM) : 

This is the 80's done right in both photos. The blue dress looks to me to be vintage from that era too (love those raglan shoulder pads.)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:18 AM) : 

very nice :)


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:41 AM) : 

I love the gold belt against the rich blue tone in the second picture. I want it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:16 AM) : 

Great Look, the colors and scarf ar really elegant


Blogger Holly Brindley said ... (4:00 AM) : 

the shoes in the first are divine


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:30 AM) : 

that belt is amazingggg! and i love love love navy blue.


Blogger said ... (8:11 AM) : 

PIC 2, Does anyone have an idea of where can you get such a great dress???


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 AM) : 

She is gorgeous and has real grace, but I would tweak both of these looks.

The pegged trousers would have worked better with a flat ballet, and a closer fitting top. And those boots are the wrong choice given the weight of the fabric and the skirt length...better with black tights and a snug elegant ankle boot.


Blogger Cris Piera said ... (11:38 AM) : 

I don't like them today... although the belt on the second woman is just wonderful!


Blogger Jill said ... (11:51 AM) : 

Wow...that belt is incredible!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:57 AM) : 

doesn't navy look fresh compared to too many black clothes?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:26 PM) : 

She is soooo chic. And yet, the first outfit bothers me... its the patns. I'm not loving the tapered leg, but it could be just the pose...

The second outfit is gorgeous - the rich hues of dress, belt and boots are so yummy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:36 PM) : 

First pic: If those pants are coming back in style - yikes! Pleated, tapered pants look good on almost no one.


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:40 AM) : 

The fit of the dress in the second photo is spectacular. It's draped without looking roman - messy without being sloppy. I love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:42 AM) : 

does it get any better than this? effortless in her own style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:32 AM) : 

Classic! I love both outfits, especially the first one.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:46 PM) : 

Pinch me. Belted trousers that come to the waist - no, wait, that was so good let me say it again - to the waist... and with pleats and a crease and I bet they are wool and I bet they are lined. And just when you think the androgynous story of camel and navy and gray is all going to end with demure flats she punctuates with those pumps. Her journal held together with elastic also warms my heart; here is a woman who still writes things on paper with a pen - not into her blackberry with her thumbs. Her sense of style is wonderful and elegant and understated.


Blogger reckless daughter said ... (4:07 PM) : 

the color of her dress is beautiful and I love how the belt pops.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:51 AM) : 

I like the way she projects her nice outfit!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:38 PM) : 

regarding the top photo,
Pleated, tapered, cuffed?
3 wrongs do not make a right.
Haven't all the fashion gurus preached for the past 10 years against all of these things, and now that some designer as flaunted them down the runway, they are all the rage. they were unflattering a few years ago when they were out fashion and even now that they are back, does not make them any less unflattering.


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:10 AM) : 

lovely lovely lovely belt in 2nd photo! i'm drooling.
she does streamlined and tonal layering impeccably.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:57 AM) : 

Put together flawlessly. The contrast of the gold belt and the navy jumper. Perfect.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:07 PM) : 

Not too bad...she makes this whole new scarf-thing that's goin' on work pretty well...and the belt works okay, too.


Blogger Candidly Chris said ... (11:13 PM) : 

beautiful! I love both looks. she looks fantastic!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:16 AM) : 

what was she thinking??? If you want to go back to the terrible 80's style of "non fashion"....she did a good job.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:48 AM) : 

Top picture is beautiful. Nothing irritates in the outfit. it looks relaxed and in the same time very intelligent.


Blogger AilanthusAltissima said ... (6:36 PM) : 

I like both outfits - very nice The bangs *do* bother me, though - they are making her squint too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:13 PM) : 

beautiful,chic ¡


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:51 AM) : 

She looks utterly fabulous in both shots. Period.


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