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A Walk in the Park, Paris


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Walk in the Park, Paris

Comments on "A Walk in the Park, Paris"


Blogger Unknown said ... (6:05 PM) : 

green is lovely


Blogger Anabel said ... (6:24 PM) : 

i like the third girl, she looks so natural and fresh!

the pix are great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:31 PM) : 

the gren dress and the black boots- beautiful!


Blogger Ms. Katee/e-polishblog said ... (6:38 PM) : 

LOVE that green dress with tall boots.


Blogger louise or valentine said ... (6:43 PM) : 

i love the green dress, however i wish the boots were slightly more interesting looking. black boots are a great basic, but i feel like it could've been taken to a whole another level with a slightly different pair or color of boots.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:43 PM) : 

Love all the looks, so effortlessly chique! Giovanna is just gorgeous! And of course, a park in Paris...perfect backdrop!


Blogger John B Pritchett said ... (6:45 PM) : 

This is great! The dress has to be one of the most eye-catching I've seen in some time. Which designer is it from?


Blogger ryder said ... (6:49 PM) : 

Love this green dress!


Blogger John B Pritchett said ... (6:51 PM) : 

I just realized all three photos are under the same comment heading. Again, the green dress & boots are fabulous! The middle photo is a great photo in every aspect-lighting, expression, styling and a beautiful girl. The top photo is also great. I love her coat & shoes. Is the dress one piece or a skirt & blouse?


Blogger John-Bryan Hopkins said ... (6:56 PM) : 

simple and easy

very elegant

all of them


Blogger John-Bryan Hopkins said ... (6:56 PM) : 

simple and easy

very elegant

all of them


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:00 PM) : 

That's Lauren Santo Domingo, right?


Blogger fashionfatwa said ... (7:03 PM) : 

I love how gracefully carefree and unburdened these women look with their clutches. I admire their ability walk around in the middle of the day with only a few things that fit in their clutch. Only in Paris, no? Now I want one. Anyone know where girl number 3's clutch is from? Must...own...


Blogger Daniel said ... (7:04 PM) : 

I love how the french turned looking amazing into the national anthem.
All three looks are great, but i´m in love with numer two-


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:11 PM) : 

good hair blondie


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:13 PM) : 

The boots (and the est of the outfit) in the second photo are incredible!


Blogger Kelly said ... (7:17 PM) : 

I love the second girl down. A short dress and boots could so easily look trashy, but she looks tres chic. I love the print of the dress and the texture of the coat, and the boots add dimension by partnering edge with feminine florals. And God, is her hair beautiful or what?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:25 PM) : 

i love that she rocks that watch, nice touch


Blogger Rachel said ... (7:26 PM) : 

Is Paris just filled with beautiful women? I didn't believe the hype, but these pictures are persuading me...


Blogger cindy said ... (7:27 PM) : 

The last lady reminds me of a brunette gwyneth paltrow.


Blogger the sophisticat said ... (7:42 PM) : 

Photo 2: THE perfect print.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:42 PM) : 

That second dress - simply sublime.


Blogger La Clocharde said ... (7:54 PM) : 

Three super stylish ladies, under your great eye Sart, as always.

Anyways, my favourite is, of course, la bella Giovanna...her boots, her dress, the bag, the smile, the movement of her perfect hair...
Also, I've always considered green a "difficult" colour...she looks great in it.


Blogger Dan in Richmond said ... (8:15 PM) : 

Quite a productive walk in the park! The top photo has a very nice, free look- very easy and chic and she looks perfectly comfortable in it. The second photo is a fairly inspired combination- taken individually I wouldn't like anything but the coat, but all together everything works beautifully- this is the one of the three which really surprizes me in terms of my response to it. Number three works better "on paper" than in life- the billowiness of the hair and dress in contrast to the relative harshness of the accessories seems like it could work but doesn't quite come off. I think the green of the dress is too strong to pair with black, it needs a more sympathetic color. This seems to me the most disjointed look of the three. Still, three beautiful women.


Blogger Ivy Lane said ... (8:43 PM) : 

They are all stunners..but #3 gets my vote..that ensemble is tres chic! Effortless...wish I could get up in the a.m. and throw on an outfit and look that fabulous! Love the aviators with that outfit as well..


Blogger Unknown said ... (8:43 PM) : 

the green of the dress (in #3) is smashing, but i wish we could see more of the woman entering the picture on the right with her bag that's such a happy blue.


Blogger Jean said ... (8:47 PM) : 

Top photo: I don't really like the baggy coat, and yet this pic is super appealing.
Middle: Gawd, I love those boots.
Bottom: The dress is so pretty and the boots and handbag are great but I agree with Dan--together they're not harmonious.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:51 PM) : 

I like the second pic,very woman and unique.


Blogger Pret a Porter P said ... (10:01 PM) : 

giovanna is magnificent

but they are all lovely


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:25 PM) : 

gah! that green dress is sweeettt :)

i also like the structure of that jacket in the first picture- nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:25 PM) : 

Does anyone know where the boots in the second photo that tie up the leg are from???? I will be in NYC this weekend, and I would love to buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:30 PM) : 

photo 1: im not loving the girl with the oversized coat. she looks a bit sloppy despite having a sweet face. the girl walking behind her in the purple top and black pants is totally sheek. i especially love her blue heels.

photo 2:i just love everything about this. the dress, tights, boots and clutch. she looks so effortless and amazing.

photo 3: amazing green dress. the sunglasses are fun too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:39 PM) : 

It is true Parisians are more beautiful. I was in Paris for several weeks and I wanted to photograph the chic people as much as I wanted to photograph the Eiffel tower. The men...I saw more good looking and well dressed men in one week in Paris than I have seen my whole life.


Blogger Bedlam said ... (10:50 PM) : 

I like all the photos, new here.


Blogger LRB said ... (10:59 PM) : 

Simply lovely!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:36 PM) : 

Love the top photo - wonderful composition. The flash of deep purple makes it. Great grey coat and her 'shoots' make the outfit. the whole photo is a perfect expression of autumn style.


Blogger Dominica said ... (12:51 AM) : 

Love the coat in the 1st pic, the boots with the straps in the 2nd and the mini-mini Hermès in the 3rd picure...But my attention also went to this electric blue bag in the last picture next to this lady...It's a color that still seems to do it ! (Lucky me, 'cause besides the all time classic bags I do have this Longchamp I bought 2 years ago and it's in the exact same flashy colour...)
Love this trilogy shoot !


Blogger junglesiren said ... (1:01 AM) : 

They all look fantastic and unique.

First picture, it's really about the whole look. Noting specific that I love but all together, including her great hair and face, looks effortless and beautiful.

2nd picture. My god those boots! I love that they're not buckles. There's something so "manual" about tying them that appeals to me. AND they've got rubber soles! Comfort - yeah! They had me at hello.

Giovanna always looks good. I do love that we've seen her in those boots last f/w, and I don't say that as some catty insult, but rather I love the practicality and good sense of it. She rocks.


Blogger 凹me,凹u,凹the world said ... (1:01 AM) : 

i love the seconed girl.also the third one is great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:08 AM) : 

To all three I say DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!


Blogger mette said ... (1:14 AM) : 

Cute girls,each in their own way. Liking the coat on the blond.


Blogger mette said ... (1:18 AM) : 

Sorry,looking at the grey coat closely-it´s not so much fun,suits the girl though,but the boots on the curly brunette are fab.


Blogger farhad said ... (1:41 AM) : 

I know that everyone loves the green dress and yes I love it too. there's just something so spring about that dress. but, the main thing that sets her apart is not the dress! it's how she carries it. after all fashion can be bought, but style can not.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:23 AM) : 

Lovely look :) good combination of feminine green dress and male watch :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:44 AM) : 

the 2nd lady is a japanese actress! i just don't remember her name.

LOVE her BOOTs and watch.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:47 AM) : 

Sart, have you heard of Nontsikelelo Veleko? She takes photos of fabulous Johannesburgians. Check her out:


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:20 AM) : 

I love the second one best...she looks glorious, seriously...too sexy for my eyes, haha...
Beautiful dress and fur coat plus amazing boots and neat face...well done!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:25 AM) : 

what a great source of inspirations here! Love this page!


Blogger Bluetramontana Style said ... (4:32 AM) : 

Giovanna Forever


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:42 AM) : 

#1: good idea (not original though, you can find the same in L'officiel french edition this month) and not that well executed.

#2 & 3: nice (or even more than nice) dresses, but boots just ruin the looks, specially in #2 (together with those dreadful tights)


Blogger overpowered said ... (4:59 AM) : 

All ladies are so stylish and elegant. But 3rd is the greatest! I love that dress and boots although I wouldn't wear it (too high). God job :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:28 AM) : 

nº 1 is the best by far. no black: how refreshing.


Blogger bienvenue monsieur. said ... (5:29 AM) : 


by far my favorite of the three...

i can't get over the boots!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:58 AM) : 

I love that green dress! She looks so at ease in it!


Blogger TMFA said ... (6:02 AM) : 

Oh Gosh! Parisian women and style is a femme fatale attraction. Love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:19 AM) : 

Love the green dress: yes to color and flow (without looking like a granny)!


Blogger Petulia said ... (6:21 AM) : 

Love the green in contrast with the white. I cannot wait for next week when I am back in Paris


Blogger Olviya said ... (6:44 AM) : 

oh! i love green dress! she looks so gorgeous with little Hermes bag!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:56 AM) : 

nice blogs


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:20 AM) : 

Aren't there any 'plain janes' in Paris that dress well?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:43 AM) : 

Ive never seen so many smiling Parisians in one spot


Blogger AA said ... (8:19 AM) : 

As a native Californian recently moved to Spain, I am in the process of Europe-izing my style, and I love the versatile, simple look of number 2. Inspirational--an outfit comprised of basics that can be used in endless ways.


Blogger meredith said ... (9:51 AM) : 

center photo: boots, yum!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:14 AM) : 

The dress is definitely back in our wardrobe ! in any material and color, mid-thigh, above or below knee.
I don't think any of these charming ladies is Parisian by the way...


Blogger Alice Olive said ... (10:30 AM) : 

Wow, the green with the black boots is wonderful and dramatic.


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:16 PM) : 

The boots in that second pic...I need them!


Blogger Maame Agyeben said ... (12:19 PM) : 

Sartorialist! I heard on the grapevine that you have a book deal in the works! Is that true. If so, that is so exciting. Congratulations! I was wondering when that was going to happen. It's about time actually! Please keep us posted on that. I personally can't wait. Best wishes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:36 PM) : 

Et ça c'est Paris!
It´s all said!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:10 PM) : 

i'm digging the asian dude's getup in the second picture, we don't see a lot of pants that baggy in paris anymore. i don't think that scott ever replies to these comments, but maybe someone else could tell me what they think: is this in the tuileries? that's what it looks like...


Blogger The Spicers said ... (1:13 PM) : 

Giovanna Battaglia looks fantastic as usual. Love the loose green dress with the high boots!


Blogger Sanna said ... (1:39 PM) : 

Oh dear. I love the boots in photo 2&3! Also, photo 2 really inspired me. It got me thinking that I could get some leather straps matching the boots I intend on wearing (or contrasting could work too!) and simply copy the look.. This could be good for adding variety and edge to normal boots.

Anyway, high heels rule :) and these women look great.


Blogger chicfille said ... (1:53 PM) : 

The green dress is amazing! She definitely has the seasonal transition thing down!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:04 PM) : 

Yum! Maybe I shouldn't honeymoon in Paris...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:10 PM) : 

LOVE the plum coat...and the green chic. fabulous.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:32 PM) : 

I love the gorgeous green jewel tone of the bottom photo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:59 PM) : 

First picture gets my vote by far. She has such a lovely smile and face, the whole ensemble is delicate and cozy.
Contrary to the majority of the posts, I like neither 2 nor 3. Something about 2, the colors, the black tights, or the whole combination of elements just seems too synthetic and kind of stale (though the woman is gorgeous).
Number 3's dress and clutch are awesome, but the boots kill the freshness. I've seen those boots on her paired with a long dress, but they're just too heavy for her dress.


Blogger Semisweetness said ... (7:15 PM) : 

Someone must identify those boots in Shot #2, I'm going crazy without them!


Blogger Honeygo Beasley said ... (8:22 PM) : 

Did anyone say that woman in green looks like modern-day Jackie-o?

And ahhhhhhhhhhh - I'm lovin' me some boots ... knee high, high heels and low stacked heels. Give me boots, always boots - with dresses.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:43 PM) : 

Isn't the blonde one Lauren Santo Domingo?


Blogger Octopus said ... (10:24 PM) : 

i don't know what's with Lauren Santo domingo but she's allways effortlessly beautiful and stylish


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:12 AM) : 

I want to live in the second and third outfits, and wear them on alternating days. I love those boots so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:27 AM) : 

I adore all three outfits!


Blogger NATRIBU said ... (12:26 PM) : 

I love Giovanna Battaglia, the girl with a green dress.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:01 PM) : 

Anonymous 2:12, love that comment. It's true though, Giovanna always looks insanely beautiful and chic, and this is no different. But I must say, I like the simplicity of the first photot too; great coat, dress and shoes. So at ease.



Blogger L said ... (6:40 PM) : 

Love the boots in the 3rd photo!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:24 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:51 AM) : 

oh dear god, the middle pic, she has FANTASTIC boots! and also the pic below, blue and green are great together! i'm always into wearing blue and green.


Blogger Une Russe à Paris said ... (9:46 AM) : 

I am quite sure the first girl is the French actress Julie Delpy ("Two days in Paris") :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:55 AM) : 

The first girl is definitely Lauren Santa Domingo (nee Davis). She is a socialite and photographed in almost every issue of US Vogue.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:47 AM) : 

da dress, da clutch. me likie!


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:14 PM) : 

Everyone seems to love that green dress! I'm in love with the boots paired with that floral dress. So sexy!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:56 PM) : 

Girl in Picture 2 is a Japanese model for Oggi magazine, she's gorgeous!


Blogger becca said ... (1:54 AM) : 

The green polka dot dress is stunning.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:13 AM) : 

Young girls interested in fashion in foreign countries seem to take these amazing risks with their clothing choices - it's really refreshing when you constantly see the same old thing here in America.



Blogger mademoiselleb said ... (11:54 AM) : 

This last dress is great


Blogger Missus said ... (11:03 PM) : 

How do you pick who to shoot in a crowd of beautiful people? Singular!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:54 AM) : 

Picture Number Two. Love the picture and girl, especially her boots. Great hair, too. All of them are a lovely package.

-michelle kay-


Blogger Cotton Candy said ... (8:46 PM) : 

the dress is fresh. i really like it.


Blogger Tim McFarlane said ... (11:57 PM) : 

The woman in the middle shot is awesome! Everything just works so well. I want to run my hands all over her coat. Very nice!


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