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On the Street.....Ray Chu, East Village


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Friday, December 21, 2007

On the Street.....Ray Chu, East Village

Comments on "On the Street.....Ray Chu, East Village"


Blogger Jane said ... (8:56 AM) : 

sexay, straight out of old shanghai


Blogger said ... (9:08 AM) : 

Wow! Impeccable from head to toes. From which movie screen has he escaped?


Blogger wilsonreps said ... (9:30 AM) : 

wow i'm diggin the v-neck as a nice splash of color. he looks so young though kudos to him for experimenting.


Blogger seitzk said ... (9:36 AM) : 

Wow - I LOVE that he's broken off from the skinny-short-dress-pants pack. He looks phenomenal.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 AM) : 

This is surely -the outfit-overdone.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:42 AM) : 

Oooooh, I LOVE his sweater!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:42 AM) : 

So 1920s gangster! I wish all guys dressed like this everyday!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:45 AM) : 

I am not a fan of the cut of the pants. They are a little to wide leged and the bulbous nose of the shoes are a little to clown like. Love the upper body look though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:50 AM) : 

I'm not a man but if he was mine, I would've suggested a different tie.

Everything else is impeccably delightful.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:58 AM) : 

I like the fact that a young man is dressed - but for this outfit to work he needs a more Fall like tie and pocket square to complement the sweater. Or keep the square and tie and go with a different sweater.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:00 AM) : 

this kid has posted his old-skool outfits on the London Lounge b4 I think


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:01 AM) : 

I will add my "WOW" to the rest. Honestly, that was my immediate reaction on first seeing this man.

And, again, Sart, it's a beautifully composed picture. I'm going to be stealing that perspectival backdrop from you for my own shots!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:08 AM) : 

i'm italian and i simply cant get the pants cut..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:11 AM) : 

Wow, not only is this look so impaccale and stylish, he somehow manage to make it look not over the top at all- fantastic.

(a note to all fellows- that is a very (VERY) sexy look. much more than skinny pant skinny tie combo)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 AM) : 

The sweater and tie and janty-angled hat... love love. Fabulous!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 AM) : 

My first thought was also old-time Shanghai. I'd love to see a sleeker-toed shoe, but overall I really like this look. He looks very dapper. This is something I would step out in (with a different sweater more my color).



Blogger Carolina Lange said ... (10:17 AM) : 

Hes is so chic and elegant! Bravo!


Blogger Mitchell Weiss said ... (10:26 AM) : 

The look is perfect. His expression compliments the whole look. I think the proportions and color palate are fantastic. The pants and shoes are a bit wider and more rounded, but that is the look his is going for.


Blogger Pret a Porter P said ... (10:35 AM) : 

Well done sir!!!

If you ever see this gentleman again, perhaps you could get his SatoriaList suggestions.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:45 AM) : 

The pants are too wide. Just because someone did it in old Shanghai doesn't mean it looked good then or now.


Blogger whyioughtta said ... (10:52 AM) : 

Hat: love. Vest: love. Collar: love. Pocket square: love. And unlike a comment above, I LOVE the cut of his pants and the round-toed shoes. It makes his look original.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:05 AM) : 

Looks nice. I'm just wondering where he may be going dressed like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 AM) : 

More classic than original - lots of men used to dress this way.

black dog and anonymous 10:45am are arguing from fashion, not style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:21 AM) : 

Best outfit on the entire blog so far. The pants are amazing.
I could easily see this transitioning into a woman's look (i.e. my wardrobe). I would love to find a suit like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:25 AM) : 

Navy and camel with splashes of colour--wonderful.


Blogger Jon said ... (11:38 AM) : 

Another Fedora Lounger makes good!

Swell picture Ray!



Blogger Bobby D. said ... (11:41 AM) : 

nice background--perfect for him!


Blogger shabnom said ... (12:12 PM) : 


I love that everything is so unexpected: the hat, the tie, the shoes, the pants; he just looks so cool!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:38 PM) : 

Wow, so fantatic! I would look twice at him on the street. He looks so dapper and comfortable. And I personally prefer the wide-leg pants look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:47 PM) : 

Very nice. I too think he's the same young man who posted his liking of old-school garments on the London Lounge forums.


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:52 PM) : 

He looks devastating, really fabulous. There are suits and there are SUITS. This is one of the latter. Quibble about ties or hankerchief if you must but this guy rules - check out the tilt of that hat!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:54 PM) : 

I have seen pictures of this guy over at the Fedora Lounge. He always looks well put together. I think he is older than he looks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:55 PM) : 

I have seen pictures of this guy over at the Fedora Lounge. He always looks well put together. I think he is older than he looks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:58 PM) : 

Ha, ha, very cool. :) I think a couple of sharp pointy shoes would work better with the outfit, though.


Blogger trip said ... (1:02 PM) : 

Unlike a lot of others who have posted, I think that the cut of the pants is fantastic. I think what makes them even better is the fact that they only have a slight break.


Blogger The Spicers said ... (1:05 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:15 PM) : 

great shot! new york is so cool. being in L.A., i get jealous of all the cool architecture.

this guy is super cute, but i can't help thinking about "Newsies". sorry!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:42 PM) : 

the suit is genius, all of it.
his jack fits him beautifully,it's refreshing to see the classic fit executed so well.
the tie seals it, giving just enough vibrancy to keep the aesthetics from turning to mush. without it, the sweater could potentially break the composition, but as is, it provides the perfect amount of bill cosbyesque and modernist flare.
i also love that he has connected the coat, hat, and sweater with the recurrence of the camel-hair/tan.

and the pants, they are the anchor.
they provide such stability, rigidity, they serve him in accentuating his, and the suits, masculinity. i love the skinny-cuts, but they would detract from the look here.

his shoes take him from looking like a dapper dan man, and place him in league with the gangsters. i am enthralled.
they command respect, and reinforce the unspoken threat, 'you mess with me, you get my foot up your ass.'

a very authoritative, very badass, look.
i just wish his pocket square wasn't so large.


Blogger Anthony said ... (3:14 PM) : 

this is amazing.

i love his pants. It really gives the whole look some amazing character!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:27 PM) : 

This kid is one of the regulars over at the Fedora Lounge. Those people don't care about fashion, they care about *vintage fashion.* I think this explains some of ever-so-slightly off styling cues; the odd choice of pocket square, the "clownesque" shoes as another poster pointed out, and so forth; they were (I guess) perfectly stylish "back in the day."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:44 PM) : 

He looks extremely sharp, if not a little overdone. However, in context of what anon 3:27 said, some of his extreme choices make more sense. I would definitely do a huge double-take if I passed by him on the street.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:52 PM) : 

I love this, experimental and very textured.

Come on....some guys who claimed to be "italian said, he could not get the pants cut?!" Are you that absurd?
It was never the norm that tight Dolce Gabbana-ish trousers was the template of the art of male TROUSERS!

Honey, go get some traveling done....maybe ENGLAND and then you will see some amazing trouser CUTS!

This guy was very deliberate....that's what made it sooo SEXY!

Cheers luv.


Blogger Jovan said ... (3:57 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:08 PM) : 

nice nice nice. i like this silhouette very much.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:17 PM) : 

He lives in my dorm at NYU and dresses like this every day- I saw on parents weekend that his dad dresses the same way


Blogger Tom said ... (5:11 PM) : 

Very Edward VIII. This is a perfect of how clothes should fit. The saucy angle of the hat can't be beat.


Blogger Jovan said ... (5:56 PM) : 

I forgot to say... great look as usual, Ray. Hey, that rhymes! What good times.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:10 PM) : 

I regularly see this gentleman on a vintage clothing board and he always looks this dapper! Way to go Mr. Rover.

Riley Dee


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:33 PM) : 

I'm impressed by the impeccability of this look. The perfectly shined shoes, the angle of the hat. Add the youth of the gentleman, the attitude he projects, and the look is a winner.


Blogger Spandrel Studios said ... (6:44 PM) : 

What I like best is that his look is thoughtful, but not overwrought. Also like the camel overcoat and how it plays off the sweater. Sure his pocket square looks like a regular handkerchief... but if it were silk color-coordinated with a higher-end tie, he'd look like he was trying too hard. To me, the best looks have a special something that's a little off-kilter.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:14 PM) : 

Show 'em how it's done Ray!


Blogger Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said ... (7:21 PM) : 

So very Busgy Malone!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:49 PM) : 

He looks amazing--and it's a beautiful photo.

I'm a little curious about the comments that call this an "old shanghai" look. Would that reference even come to mind if he dressed the same way but was blonde? Or, um, Korean?

it's not a big deal. I Just thought the comments were interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:57 PM) : 

the perfect tilt on the hat is the best thing.


Blogger Annabelle said ... (8:44 PM) : 

Raymond Chu, love of my life, you look fantastic as always. Impeccable from head to toe, dear.


Blogger Katie said ... (9:05 PM) : 

Work it, Ray! Katie from FL


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:11 PM) : 

That's the way to do it, Ray.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:36 PM) : 

can i have him? or at least the sweater vest??


Blogger Will said ... (9:55 PM) : 

Very nice, as usual Mr. Rover.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:25 PM) : 

It's about time!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:05 AM) : 

Well dayum Ray Chu...where's YOUR crew?! Hot from head to foot, this one is.

You got a winner Sart! Big time!


Blogger CN III said ... (1:17 AM) : 

I first saw this today when the GQ arrived at the shop -- Sart, great pick! It's a nice contrast to some of the more aggressive fashion sometimes presented.

And I'm diggin' the Gatsby-esque trousers, Rover!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:44 AM) : 

Wow, this is a corny look for such a young guy. He might as well cut to the chase and join the Young R*publicans...


Blogger Amy Kim Kibuishi said ... (5:47 AM) : 

I wish more men had the guts to wear gentlemen-ly hats like that!

I just came back from Tokyo, and thought of your blog during my trip. I saw so many good looking clothes!! People there dress really well.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:12 AM) : 

It's refreshing to see a man of any age who knows how to dress well. This isn't "corny". This is confidence. And...ladies like a man with confidence.

Is that jealously lurking behind those dark glasses?



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:49 AM) : 

Sad how many of the men here hide behind the curtain of anonymity while firing their barbed comments at this sharp dressed man who is in tune with his style what looks good on 'him.' The ladies are much more intuitive with their constructive feedback and see his style for what it is, a 'satorial cut' above the usual street garb of baseball caps, tee shirts and badly fitted denim jeans. I'm sure I'm not the only one to find this fellow totally inspirational and motivational and to echo the upbeat comments of one of our earlier feedbacks, "I'd give him a second look in the street!" (meant in a very positive way). Style and fashion don't always make very easy bed partners but Ray's 'look, cut and dash' is very classic and stylish and he carries it off impeccably whether on the streets of Manhattan or St.James. Well done Ray for flying the satorial flag with fervour! I must check my wardrobe now, as you've set a benchmark there!
Paddy Middleton. (Fedora Lounge)


Blogger Butch said ... (8:56 AM) : 

Nice try--he's attentively studied ensembles past--but questionable fit and quality undermine the look.


Blogger Delilah Garside said ... (9:19 AM) : 

A look you rarely see, pulled off with a lot of ease. I love the hints of red and yellow in the navy tie--pulls the whole thing together.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:16 AM) : 

I'm italian and I love the look (including pants cut) ;

as I still don't dare to do the same myself, these perfectly done vintage looks are a great source of inspiration for me.

Nice to meet other fellow "fedora-loungers" here!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:32 AM) : 

He accomplishes exactly what he was trying to do and looks great doing it. That's all you can ask of anyone, and extremely hard to achieve (harder than the naysayers here acknowledge).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:43 AM) : 

long-time lurker on this blog who just had to comment on this picture:
this is such a classy, vintage look, it's lovely! I agree with a commenter above: it illustrates the difference between style and fashion and it's quite evident that this man has embraced a style that evokes a bygone era--but makes it work for today.
If I were a man (and didn't live in the tropics!), I'd dress like him, I think. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:56 AM) : 

what a dapper look! certainly not a common/everyday sort of style..where was he going with that outfit?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:31 PM) : 

I think I'm in love. It's the hat (and its angle) that keeps him out of Young Republican territory.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:53 PM) : 

Anon 2:44 am: Young Republicans do not dress like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:58 PM) : 

oh my god, LOVE it! the color palette, the cuts, his attitude... HOT.

like some who have commented, i also really like that the cut of his pants is a little wider - it's different and VERY refreshing to the eye. sometimes seeing something different and new is good. same with the toe of his shoe - that is a detail that, when i first saw the pic, i thought, awesome! love it! it just gives the whole look that little twist of originality. i'm personally sick to death of pointy-toed shoes.

to whomever questioned the references to shanghai - you're suggesting that it might be racist, but that doesn't seem at all racist to me. shanghai in the 1930s was super-cosmopolitan, with people from all over. yes, people might be saying it because this guy is asian... but there is something wrong with looking like you're from 1930s shanghai? i don't think so... i think it's a big compliment. (and i say this being asian myself.)

and on a final note, if his outfit is at all corny it's in a 1930s gangster/pachucho way, not a young republican way.... no offense, but the style cues are totally different! :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:43 PM) : 

yeah, i was curious about the old shanghai comments. i might be looking too much into it, but it's almost alike his ethnicity is an accessory...that being said, i was immediately wowed by this pic. his youthfulness contrasts the maturity of the outfit, but comes out with the rebelliousness angle of his hat.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:23 PM) : 

What a dashing young man! However on someone that thin, I wish his trousers were cut a little narrower.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:40 PM) : 

See everyone? You don't need be a Milwaukee to look cool.


Blogger WendyB said ... (8:28 PM) : 



Blogger The Vintagent said ... (10:08 PM) : 

His outfit would have been straight-up gangster if not for the Fair Isle vest. A touch of whimsy makes for a much more interesting ensemble.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:35 PM) : 

wow! immaculate, perfection.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:51 PM) : 

I have looked at this pic quite a few times. On first "blush" it looks cool. Old school made new and current in its souvenir of Shanghai. But there is a "Bugsy Malone" aspect that I find troubling.

Not a tall man and that is a rather big hat. The light colour also tends to give the hat more emphasis and perhaps too much weight at the top.

I think the sweater peeking out from under the coat is a mistake. It draws my eye to his lower stomach. Kind of inelegant to be compelled to look there. I want to look at his face, eyes, tie, shoulders, waist, legs and shoes.

The pants seem to be cut like those worn by sailors traditionally. The shoes as well seem to be naval in origin. OK I guess, but does kind of make me scratch my head and wince, just a little.

I do like his confidence and sense of himself. He has pushed the envelope in a few directions and has been pretty successful overall.


Blogger lauren.entwistle said ... (12:10 AM) : 

It's great!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:38 AM) : 

i love this look. i would have done a different tie, but overall, this is magic.
i don't think enough people have commented on the beautiful color of his overcoat. i love the camel.
also, i love that his pocket square is so bright. i think it ties in with the fedora nicely.
overall, he looks so sharp and i love the elegant air about him, in his clothing, his smile, and the backdrop you chose to frame him in.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:08 AM) : 

how he might have taken this look from 'great' to 'sublime' is to have it slightly altered for a much better fit.

personally, i would have taken in a bit of the waist on the jacket, and worn a less rounded toe shoe. berluti if he could afford it, would have been perfect.

my fave look on a man so far on this website. i actually went: WOW when i saw it.

more men should dress this way.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:54 AM) : 

Ray's da man!

What a cute little kid.

But that fedora, needs a grown man to wear it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:22 AM) : 

The rakish tilt on his fedora says it all!


Blogger D said ... (11:55 AM) : 


The shanghai comments make sense because of the hat and the cut of the pants. Also if he's Chinese there's a pretty good chance he at least thought about old shanghai fashion. Don't get all worked up, people, it's not a big deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:58 PM) : 

Does anyone pull off a "christmas look" really well?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:03 PM) : 

A big round of applause for Ray. Great effort. He still looks like a boy and so he's not quite there yet - his outfit makes me wince a little too - but in a few more years and a few more dollars in his pocket, he'll be quite the charmer.

Just a few hints for my friend Ray - Those shoes look great with jeans, not with a suit. Go and buy a nice pair of English welts. While you're at it, get some fitted trousers (the same goes for the jeans) - we Asians are thin - flaunt it. We can't be wearing boot cut or wide-legged anything. That's FOB style not new style. Finally, nix the vest - it looks like a handmedown from gramps, or a bad choice at a vintage store. Tuck that square in a little bit and lick those brows. Now you're on your way.


Blogger RECIEN LLEGADA said ... (3:51 PM) : 

too much perfect¡


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:53 PM) : 

A very inspiring young gentleman. His entire look sets a benchmark for any man interested in style to aspire to.

- Benny Holiday


Blogger echo0918 said ... (12:14 AM) : 

Fabulous. I'd be honored to have him amongst my circle of interesting people.

I'm amazed by people who are nitpicking this outfit as if it were a selection that he'd pulled together - from garments he'd purchased retail - as a stylish, well-dressed man off to his office.

No, this is a costume, meant to be performative. Meant to evoke, yes, 1920s/1930s Shanghai (or Wong Kar wai's leading men, at the least), but with a twist. That is why someone above mused about precisely where he'd be going in this outfit. There is no "real" place but rather whatever places, situations, encounters a mind imaginative enough can construct in response to his performance.

It's an experiment that ought not be perfect. The proportions shouldn't appear right to our eyes. Something about this outfit should seem off in a way that works to make him stand out. He shouldn't be wearing slim, pointier toed shoes nor slimmer trousers. That would be an outfit you'd actually buy and wear in real life. The performativity of this outfit reminds me of my college days when I had no choice financially but to assemble the most creative, interesting, (and yes) slightly off looks from thrift store finds. And given that lack of financial resources is what drove me to the thrift stores, alterations would have been out of the question.



Blogger pearlaceous said ... (12:20 AM) : 

Love the modern 1920's look.. the hat, hankerchief, and shoes all look great.. Most of all I love the Christmasy vest he's wearing goes great with the tie and beige coat.. Great sense of style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:46 AM) : 

Ray is the sartorial god of NYU. Utterly fabulous, to say the least.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:40 AM) : 

Merry Christmass and i hope to see your selfportrait blacktie in my blog one day... See you


Blogger pabloj said ... (5:52 AM) : 

I dare to say that looks costumey.


Blogger Easy and Elegant Life said ... (7:30 AM) : 

Dressed to impress. At least me. How can you go wrong with a Fair Isle sweater vest and a collar pin? He took some time and paid attention to the details.

And that makes him much more than a slave to fashion; call him a sartorialist.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:48 AM) : 

great looking outfit.

I love how 4:17PM pointed out that this fellow ALWAYS dresses like this & how his father initiated the style in his family.

that's hilarious!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:24 PM) : 

Looks great but Im not sure if I take the guy seriously if I had to interact with him on the street...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:07 PM) : 

Collective opinion so far is positive for this young man, but its just "too vintage" in my opinion! This look could have worked more in the late 80's and early nineties maybe but who could remember that far back...... LOL. The origin is of course even earlier in time but todays menswear is really ALL about proportion. slimmer & narrower is much better & newer looking I think. When it comes to suits the shoulder, the lapel and trouser cut reveals modernity. this is just too old skool in my perspective. Gangster/Mafiosa on a little boy's frame. ???? I do however like the sweater and tie choice. Adore the hat & camel coat & tie pin! The trouser's width is just too wide for my taste. It killed it for me. A narrower leg & a better shoe would have done wonders. Props to the wide cuff though. Fit is key!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:39 PM) : 

Wonderful use of the sweater.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:19 PM) : 

Marry Me Ray! Marry Me!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:41 AM) : 

I live in the same dormitory as this fellow and have seen his wardrobe from time to time and am glad to say that he is most consistent with this style. He is most natural with a pipe and I am very pleased to see this image gracing the Sartorialist, for he is representing an Old World mentality which deserves a resurgence within youth culture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:35 AM) : 

I am such a stickler for a top coat, car coat to match what you have under it. For me a blue suite needs a blue, gray or black coat, a camel or brown coat should be used with earthtones. I think the young man is on to something though, he will be truly wonderful as he matures and really knows his style. Trying at a young age is such a nice thing to see.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 AM) : 

Like the Shanghai 1920's, remind me some of the Hong Kong's movies.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 AM) : 

Someone mentioned, not a big man but a big hat. Well we need to get over this big/tall man thing. The other thing is that this is not a big hat, the brim is small but the crown is high. My preference is for a lower crown but when the brim is smaller the crown will always appear to be taller. The hat is fine, I applaud the young man for having the guts to wear a hat, not everyone can pull one off, he does just fine on this count.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:28 AM) : 

Pardon me for using this comment space for a more general purpose: I Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a Happy new year and to thank you for your great Blog which although I personally discovered relatively late, has been inspiring in many ways (far beyond the way I dress and look at other people’s clothing). I admire your eye for details, your passion for fashion, the space you give to diversity which in contrast to the common fashion dictatorships, brings freshness and warmth. Keep on the great work and more important keep on having fun with it!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:00 PM) : 

Looks very 1970's to me.


Blogger The Redheaded Bandit said ... (2:21 PM) : 

merry christmas and have a fabulous new year


Blogger aeon? said ... (4:26 PM) : 



Blogger Charlez! Malasaña said ... (5:28 PM) : 

Happy Hollidays

my favorite sartorialist



Blogger Kelly said ... (11:49 PM) : 

LOVE the pants cut. Definitely the first thing I noticed, and I see the same thing others have noticed as well! Yes, there are many other things that could be highlighted, but - those pants!


Blogger Vistiendo a Candela said ... (5:22 AM) : 

He is a perfect gentelmen


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:31 PM) : 

There's not enough focus on minutia here. How important, for example, is the tie collar bar? And the pocket square, aggressively exposed? The lack of a feather in the hat pushes it into the middle distance: is this necessary? Also, it's difficult to tell the length of the jacket's sleeve. It would be dispiriting to find it too long. The collar and pocket square demand the showing of cuff.

Against the naysayers, the trousers and shoes are perfect. Anything else would be banal. The gentleman is not tall, and his features are round. The shoes reflect that appropriately.

Very well-done. I wouldn't mind it if he loosened his collar, dropped the tie a quarter inch, and lost the collar bar. Currently, the tightness up there is a bit out of sorts with the softness of the rest of things. Finally, I understand the peaks in the pocket square (picking up the diagonals in the vest), but it wouldn't hurt to have just a bit of a silk square the color of garnet just peeking above that pocket.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:10 PM) : 

Um, wonder if he'll be reading these comments. but anyhow, would you like to meet? keke..
ok, seriously, what about a concert or something?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:16 PM) : 

Love the pants, the shoes, the fair isle vest, the "too-big, too-light" hat, and the plain handkerchief. Modern perfection (sharp suited, pointed shoes, slim pants) can be intimidating; this guy has style and it's all his own. He's so cool, and it looks like he's barely trying. Count me as someone who doesn't mind the costume-y aspect. He looks great, and he looks like an individual. I'd strike up a conversation with him any time. Awesome find, S!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:38 PM) : 

Yes, slimmer fitting pants and pointy toed shoes would look more modern. Who says he WANTS to look modern? So many anonymous bloggers out there have nitpicked his outfit and how it "fails" because it's not conforming to some fly-by-night dress code the fashionistas have made up for the week. I'm so sick of tight pants and pointy toes, I could choke. Would you naysayers all prefer he have a shag hair cut and a heroin addiction too?

He's chosen a classic style with a classic cut and fit. This isn't a costume--it's the way he dresses regularly. People are asking where he's going? Does it matter? He looks fabulous. If you don't like his pants cut, then don't buy a pair for yourself, but don't bash his taste.

If you'll notice most of the women are drooling over him, while the metrosexual fashion nazis are giving him the once over. If I had to choose between Ray and another carbon copy clone of indie rock fall-out, I know who I'd pick in a second. You can sweep me off my feet anytime, Ray.


Blogger Unknown said ... (5:33 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:08 PM) : 

The comments here often freak me out with the level of nitpicking and criticism for any outfit that doesn't exactly match what is often an elitist view (and I mean "elitism" in terms of both financial but also cultural capital) of what fashion looks like. (And often, not so incidentally, this often turns out to reinforce certain notions of masculinity and femininity -- my girlfriend dresses like a bit like this, and I'm sure I wouldn't want to read the terrible things commenters would have to say about her clothes, though she looks completely at ease and totally hot in them, and about her choice to wear menswear. Yeah, I've seen the gender policing that happens in here.) This kid's look is innovative, personal (and apparently familial), and stylish -- and we should all be so lucky to wear the clothes that fit the movies we'd like to find ourselves living in.

Grats to the Sart for being able to see what makes this kid awesome.


Blogger BdeRWest said ... (1:50 PM) : 

Very old-fashioned — look at the width of his lapels and the fat pant legs. But it all works, I think, because of the fedora


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:32 PM) : 

wow, ray. You look sharp! Watch out ladies! Kudos on brining such impeccable style. (I twitched at the shoes a bit though...they are a little bulbous, and don't seem quite as stream-lined as the rest of the ensemble.)


Blogger said ... (4:43 PM) : 

Gangta ! that's whats up!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:18 PM) : 

He looks straight out of the show "Mad Men". The fedora makes the outfit. The only downside of this is the shoes. Something sleeker and less round would be better.


Blogger kalindoscopy said ... (1:00 AM) : 

calm, clean, but too much like a pastiche. No.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:15 PM) : 

Yeah! This is so cool...! Especially with this mien.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:22 PM) : 

he just looks like he's trying a bit too hard.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:57 PM) : 

I'll bet the pant legs look great while he is strutting down the street.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:24 PM) : 

Well done, brighten our day once again, and we admire your sense of style. You wear it well.
Heidi & Joe


Blogger Ceci said ... (2:55 PM) : 

Wow! He looks like a gangster!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:26 PM) : 

He looks fantastic.

Really, where can't he go looking like that?

Love the white handkerchief with the blue suit. Also the the pant's cut and 2 inch cuffs are amazing.

If I could get that all together, considering the sweater and jacket, I'd probably reach for a pair of brown wingtips but that's simply nitpicking.

Well done.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:54 AM) : 

tie pin looks smart


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:28 AM) : 

oh noo please, you must have the "physique du role" for dressing that way, otherwise you seems like a postmodern gangster or a cartoon hero...

Moreover the pants cut is not correct...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:01 PM) : 

hot, hot, hot


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:21 AM) : 

He looks perfect, how does he know how to be perfect? :p


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:13 PM) : 

This is a nice look of another era...and that's all there is. That's all I would have said. But comments implying that this is "a 'satorial cut' above the usual" and the Right way of dressing mercifully shown here to us mere mortals make me want to comment further.

I'm sure there are men dressing like this who could be taken seriously but this just isn't the case. I'm sorry, but on this face and body frame this just looks costumy. Members of the subculture that love to ridicule fashion slaves aren't aware that they themselves are slaves to fashion that is old. They even wear it from head-to-toe like all fashion slaves do.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:58 PM) : 

I'm happy to see a fellow london lounge member. The look is great as everyone who knows him personally or who is a member of the londonlounge will know from his photojournal.

There is no problem with the cut of the trousers, its just his style, nor with the style of the shoes. As others have commented, its either the tie and the handkerchief with another sweater or the sweater with another tie and handkerchief. I also think the hole between the collar and the notch lapels is somehow too wide and looks awfull.

I also wear hats very often, and I just bought myself a borsalino black fedora that looks fantastic.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:14 PM) : 

OH MY! I went to middle school with him and college. He is an absolute dream to go vintage shopping with and I love his look so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:00 AM) : 

hat: great, but could be a bit shorter and the band width a little less. It is not proportionate to the close fit of the coat.
coat: I absolutely love. I agree with some others, he pulls off the classic suit so well.
pants: I like the cut, the width. I think the skinny pant style is meant for Eastern Europeans. To pull off the skinny pant you should be both slender and above average height.
sweater: beautiful! It is not so much different, but a nice use of an old friend.
tie: it doesn't fit well. Next to the sweater it just looks out of place and does nothing for the pocket square.
pocket square: I agree with others, it is a little too large. Complements his shirt, but no relation to the tie which detracts from the unity of the outfit.
shoes: the bulb toe is not proportionate like the hat. A finer pointed toe would look splendid.

Overall, a nice ensemble. I'd say it is "Old Hong Kong meets Old Shanghai." The suit fit and style is Hong Kong while the sweater adds a nice touch of Shanghai.

You can go out in any large city in China and find men on the buses and subways dressed liked this today. It's a style that fits Chinese men well.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:54 PM) : 

I understand that he’s trying to make the look more interesting but this vest (sweater?) just doesn’t work here, not with this tie at least.


Blogger blackbetty said ... (6:26 PM) : 

reads a little costume-y but all the same the fit is spectacular


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:13 PM) : 

I saw him in an NYU dining hall the other day and I recognized him by his vest. He was just as impeccably dressed while eating a cheeseburger and fries.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:06 PM) : 

Everything that I could say has already been said.



Blogger Danny said ... (5:38 PM) : 

this man is my hero in life.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:12 AM) : 

total cool. get rid of the ciggy and it'll be perfect.

Is that his car?


Anonymous Ljerka-Susanna-Lukic said ... (10:48 PM) : 



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