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On the Street.....Bergdorf Window, Manhattan


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Friday, December 21, 2007

On the Street.....Bergdorf Window, Manhattan

I love this mix of herringbone and plaid

you really have to click to enlarge the image to get the details

Comments on "On the Street.....Bergdorf Window, Manhattan"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:51 AM) : 

Love it love it love it. The fit, the layering, the dashes of color coupled with muted tones, the collar on the sweater - makes my heart quiver and I'm a guy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:10 AM) : 

I like this look. Something I would feel comfortable wearing. Dressed but not over done. Relaxed formality.

Tweed is really great to wear in the city in the winter. Layers like this make a bigger coat unnecessary often.

I am mystified by "dirty" jeans. They look...well...dirty.

Big fan of tartan. A multitude of fine colour combinations that go unused and unappreciated.


Blogger said ... (9:11 AM) : 

So nice! I have always adored outfits like this one for men: an elegant jacket with jeans, confortable, easy, good quality. Ageless and timeless. Suitable for both country and the city, Saturday or Tuesday. Simply great.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:18 AM) : 

Me to i love it. Simply, casual and class.
that's all


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:30 AM) : 

The multible outfit looks good.The problem is to find someone who would´t spoil the picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:49 AM) : 

Not so much about the details as the seemingly combination - done with flair - is very interesting.



Blogger Lindsay said ... (9:52 AM) : 

I think my favorite part of this outfit is the tie. I love how it peeps out of the bottom of the sweater.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:07 AM) : 

Love it too. My only question is about the size of the vest : to be able to wear under such a thick vest, it should be larger than your usual fit. So what does happen when you wear the vest with only a shirt ?
Doesn't it become ill-fitted ?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:28 AM) : 

I wear this combination often; grey thick vest and a slim bordeaux/brown velvet jacket.
And I love it... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:40 AM) : 

I too like the tie. However, I am not a fan of the outfit. It looks very ordinary. Any American college boy could dress like that. The fix seems boxy and undefined and has written Abercrombie&Fitch all over it. For someone who although he has the financial means does not know how or dare to look any different than a football captain going prep.


Blogger The Sartorialist said ... (10:48 AM) : 

to anon 10:40
I still like it though
plus I think you are over romanticizing the idea of the football captain
I have never seen a any football player look that cool

don't forget that what looks common to you will be exotic to the readers from Milan or Hong Kong


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:05 AM) : 

is that a tim hamilton blazer?


Blogger Alicia said ... (11:22 AM) : 

good point Sart.
I love the little peek of tie out of the bottom, and the meeting of cuffs.
I will always be a sucker for a shawl collar cardigan.
I am also not a fan of the jeans. A uniform dark wash would have been much more appropriate, in my humble opinion, but that's criticism for the staff, not the photog. :)


Blogger ricpic said ... (11:22 AM) : 

The jeans are pure affectation.


Blogger Julia said ... (12:02 PM) : 

Bergdorf window obsessing like me? haha

I love the styling in their windows, classic example. A really stunning look.


Blogger shabnom said ... (12:05 PM) : 

I love cool window displays! The scarf really makes the look stand out althouh that fit and colour of jeans look weird with the rest of the outfit.


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:12 PM) : 

One can only wish American college boys attempted such casual style! Its not the look I see on campus anywhere around New York.


Blogger Sam said ... (12:41 PM) : 

This is exactly how I like to dress. If only I could afford BG. I guess J Crew will have to fill that void. Thanks J Crew!


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:54 PM) : 

Ha ha ANY american college guy could dress like this - yes but what percentage actually do???


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:58 PM) : 

i love the top, and honestly don't think you'll see too many college boys wearing this today. maybe 60 years ago.

the pre-distressed jeans, on the other hand, are horrible. generally, they're tasteless. in this specific outfit, they push the whole thing toward a j crew catalog look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:17 PM) : 

i love love love this look... shoot, i would wear it and i am a girl! i have some nice wide-leg trousers in the same color as the jacket. maybe i'll get some cool plaid accent for them, like a belt or scarf!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:35 PM) : 

Sweaters and knitwear intimidate me; the textures, colors, and especially the cut/fit is so...well, knitwear is just so different than any other piece of torso clothing, I feel like I don't know what rules to follow. :(

Can anyone lend some tips for a 20-something, west-coast guy who is afraid of knitwear, but has an irresistible urge to experiment?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:56 PM) : 

I (Netherlands) got my complements tonight...again... for wearing my grey thick cardigan with bordeaux/brown jacket.. again... ladies love it! :)



Blogger PL said ... (9:02 PM) : 

A heavy-texture look at its finest. Lets hope everyone catches onto this next winter.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20 PM) : 

i love that look too. but is there any way that women or lady can adopt that similar look. any suggestion of pic? i love to see that too. ^^


Blogger theoxfordshirter said ... (11:48 PM) : 

it's still a great American look even if places like abercrombie have spoiled the fun. mr. sart, i would love to see more photos along this vein mixed in with your other work, if you would be so kind. the fact that people are tossing criticism at this outfit makes me think that people somehow view American looks as something second class. what i love about this is if BG puts this in the window again in the year 2037 it's still going to be well received. and for those of us on a regular joe's budget, that's good news.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:54 PM) : 

A bit too American. It looks majorly dated. You'd never find a window like that in Europe. Comparing this [Bergdorfs] to the menswear windows at Selfridges / Harvey Nichols in London it's just astonishing how reserved the large dept stores in N.Y are.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:12 AM) : 

I love the fabrics but I would prefer the scarf in plaid and no tie - without the scarf obscuring the collar and knot, I think the outfit would come off a little too formal for the casual nature the rest of the clothing is shooting for. I like how the belt avoids the A&F look by not having a big buckle.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 AM) : 

Classical, comfortable, familiar. Wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:33 PM) : 

People need to stop wearing sport coats with jeans. The look is shite.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:48 AM) : 

Hi Sart, I wish you will find something from this store under your Christmas tree - oh sorry, in your Christmas sock I guess in your case!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:38 PM) : 

Nothing feels better in the winter than layering clothing. It's even more wonderful with a little sartorial creativity is involved.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:49 PM) : 

I love the layering. Why can't more guys dress like this? Ahhh, 'tis is life, I guess...


Blogger Ann (MobayDP) said ... (8:40 AM) : 

You're right. Opening it up really allows one to see all the textures in great detail. I think this combination of colour and texture is quite brilliant. I do like it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:57 PM) : 

J. Crew much?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:42 PM) : 

This look has my full approval.


Blogger Mervis said ... (1:01 PM) : 

i love the scarf. the bold blocks of color that pop.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:48 PM) : 

Hi Sart

Two observations. Firstly, the college scarf is a distraction. The ensemble has enough going-on without it. Secondly, I tend to agree with anon above who suggested that the jacket looks boxy and uninspiring. What I'd like to have seen was (a) a big roll collar on the vest and (b) and a Vivienne Westwood Winter 07-08 cut to the jacket.

Best wishes

Anon, Wales, UK


Blogger Hesh said ... (6:55 PM) : 

I wish I was that manikin!...only with a head though


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:31 PM) : 

I love this look, casual but perfectly coordinated. It's a look I see on stylish young men in their early 20's, like my son. I like it so much better than grungy t-shirts, baseball caps, tattered jeans and sneakers.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:27 PM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:39 PM) : 

What kind of shoes would you wear with this outfit? Pictures would be appreciated.


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