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Long Hair With Suits?


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Friday, August 31, 2007

Long Hair With Suits?

I would love to hear what women think about long hair with suits and contrast that with what the men think about the same issue.

I wore long hair with suits until about thirty but after that does it get a bit tricky?

I don't think I will grow my hair long again until it is mostly to all white.

Comments on "Long Hair With Suits?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:18 PM) : 

Any longer than the hair shown in those two pics and I'd say no way but the shaggy (as opposed to truly long) hair gives suits a laid-back, boyish sexiness that i find quite appealing!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:31 PM) : 

It's hot. Especially when the suit is well-fitted. I definitely notice these men more then others - makes the look less stuffy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 PM) : 

Although the db chalk stripe suit is lovely, I think it belongs to his dad. Maybe his dad is tall enough to carry a 4 on 6 db?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:54 PM) : 

I absolutely love the long hair with suits look, though men must keep in mind that it takes a thick full head of well-groomed hair to pull this look off appropriately. I do agree that you will look great if you grow your hair out a bit longer when it (eventually) turns white, much like the gentleman in the white/brown combo you're looking forward to trying next summer (IF you hair is white by then!).


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:54 PM) : 

so hot...but, please consider this - not everyone can pull it off. the man must have fabulous hair. no skullets. period.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:59 PM) : 

This is definitely a look for the under 30 set. It's handsome and youthful, but very tricky. If not handled carefully, the man in question may come off looking like the lead in "Jeff Spicoli Takes Wall Street." -a female.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:03 PM) : 

In Argentina, Polo & Rugby players love long hair even though they are above their 30's. And, honestly, they look quite attractive with suits. Regular bussinessmen have adopted this style and they are at ease in suits-long hair combo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:13 PM) : 

love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:19 PM) : 

Both of these gents pull off long(ish) hair with a suit beautifully.
I thinks that that is because said hair is nicely styled and groomed.
Scruffy long hair is another matter altogether.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:35 PM) : 

The long-and-straight is nice, but I prefer an Afro myself. Don't worry, Sart, it's all good.


Blogger Johanna said ... (8:51 PM) : 

I'm with "dulcinea" on this one -- I think it entirely depends on the texture of the hair in question. If the gent has thick, wavy, touseled-*just-so* hair, then yes, it'd look great. If he's got thin, flat or wiry locks, however, I'd suggest a higher-and-tighter look.

Mr. Polo and Richard Gere certainly look fab with the shoulder-cut, but Iggy Pop and Tom Petty? Ew. Sorry, no.


Blogger Jane Flanagan said ... (8:58 PM) : 

Beautiful hair (of any length) looks good with beautiful clothes. I don't think there's a limit on length (or lack of hair) or on the capacity for it to "go with" fabulous clothes, formal or casual.
As always, when a person is head-to-toe authentic it overrides the individual breakdown of what each part is doing.


Blogger ami said ... (9:03 PM) : 

Nacho does a nice job of it, though I typically don't like it. I am far more traditional in my likes and dislikes, but look at him! He'd look fantastic wearing a sandwich board and a Dali moustache!

I think it has to do with the thicker hair that has a little movement to it. I don't like it so much with the finer, straighter hair of the first guy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:05 PM) : 

It must be a cut that does not look to scruffy.
And the hair should be fuller than it is longer. If it's too long it just doesn't go with the clean cut of the suit. It does take some pulling off, but otherwise I love it especially with these gentlemen.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:17 PM) : 

I agree with whomever said that it has to be well-manicured (trimmed, shiny), thick hair. And then it can work, provided that it is not too long (i.e. not much longer than Nacho's).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:20 PM) : 

With the right cut long hair gives a suit a laid back edge, very sexy.


Blogger Unknown said ... (9:30 PM) : 

Long hair - totally. No ponytails or bald patches, though. (Female's opinion.)


Blogger Lisa said ... (9:44 PM) : 

I agree with Dulcinea - not every guy can pull off long hair. It definitely needs to be artfully shaggy and rumpled.

If I had a locker, Nacho's picture would be front and center on the inside of the door... *sigh*


Blogger dash said ... (9:47 PM) : 

it's beautiful. It says that there are more than two ways of dressing- pulled-together suit, (non expressive) or casual. A suit doesn't have to have short hair attached to it. men especially should have more options when it comes to how they look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:48 PM) : 

I do think it works best on a young man. Not only does the man need a full head of well-groomed long hair, he also needs to be impeccably groomed in all other ways -- facial hair, etc. No 5 o'clock shadow (though it looks fabulous in other incarnations, don't get me wrong). When the hair is the only part of the look that seems "unbuttoned," it works beautifully. (From a 36-year-old woman)


Blogger SartoriallyAddicted said ... (9:56 PM) : 

When it comes to long hair, the more conservative the profession, the more conservative suits you will need to wear.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:56 PM) : 

If you are 18 like me, then I highly recommend this look. However, a very experienced and knowledgeable barber (preferably one who already knows every square inch of your head) is vital to pulling it all off. Its very American Psycho.


Blogger MARIA H said ... (10:01 PM) : 

y favorite non-american take on formal style!!
But it requires some serious style search and attitude.


Blogger hoyden said ... (10:05 PM) : 

I think it looks rather sexy but only if his hair is well groomed. And if its REALLY long, consider a ponytail.
Short styled hair and suits gives a person a more yuppie look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:13 PM) : 

love long hair on gents


Blogger Laguna Beach Fogey said ... (10:32 PM) : 

I am strongly opposed to long hair on men. In fact I would ban it, if I could. On boys, maybe, but not on grown men. I think it indicates laziness, immaturity, vanity, sloppiness. Plus, as men's hair thins as they grow older, men who are accustomed to longer hair invariably adopt the comb-over, a terrible look. There's nothing worse than a guy in his 30s-70s with dry (or greasy), scruffy, wiry wisps of hair touching his suit. Men in suits who wear long hair are not taken seriously by colleagues. Of course, many women love guys with long hair, which I don't understand. Maybe it makes them look fluffy, feminine, non-threatening to women, I don't know. IMO, long hair on adult males in suits is definitely a bad look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:40 PM) : 

To pull off long hair with a suit, there are two prerequisites.

1. Hair has to be cut well, groomed, No grease heads with straggly ends please.

2. The suit has to be tailored to fit. Thats the only way the relaxed look of long hair will work. It provides a nice contrast.

However if you're young at heart and hate the status quo, tease up that hair and wrinkle up that suit. It's casually formal.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:46 PM) : 

i think long hair with a suit is H-O-T, hot! it's the fantastic contradiction of the freedom of long hair and the stuffiness of the suit. only exception is a ponytail, that's just wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:46 PM) : 

i've tried the long hair thing, and it's definitely not for me. as most others seem to agree, it only works for a small percentage of men (like these two).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:51 PM) : 

I think long hair on anyone (male or female) is great in any style combo as long as it is well kept and worn with confidence.

I personally find men with long hair very, very attractive, suit or no. I'm female (if that matters).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:36 PM) : 

Long hair looks great if you have the right face for it, just like with women. If it's clean, trimmed, not thin or receding, then it can look good with any outfit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:41 PM) : 

So long as one avoids the "greasy thinning hair in ponytail drug kingpin" look...

-- desertwind


Blogger Asi Mod said ... (11:55 PM) : 

I think long hair with suits are perfectly okay as both men have demonstrated.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:56 PM) : 

love it! although not straight long hair that goes below the shoulder. but a little bit'o'shag says that you don't take yourself too seriously.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 PM) : 

Am I imagining things, or is the man in the double-breasted suit wearing spats?


Blogger benson said ... (11:59 PM) : 

But just look at their hair--both clean, full bodied, shiny, well groomed- love it... except in the morning when we would be fighting for the blow dryer, the mirror, the grooming products, etc..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:47 AM) : 

long hair with suit is gorgeous only if his hair is shoulder length or longer. it's sexy. otherwise, please keep it short. :P


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:58 AM) : 

show your hair as long as u have them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:58 AM) : 

It's not the hair color that matters so much as the hair thickness and the hairline. As long as you've got a full head of hair, I think salt-and-pepper looks fine this kind of long.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:03 AM) : 

I think long hair is ok for those who have thick,strong hair and a nice cut.Men over 35 should be very careful.If you are´good looking´any length is fine.If you try to hide under longish hair because your features aren´t perfect-don´t wear your hair long.The polo guy is good looking and can wear his hair in any length and look fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:33 AM) : 

These men look good but I do agree that it is an <30 look. Vying young is a turn off, not a turn on.

But you're right, longish white hair is nice on older gentlemen and sort of debonair.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:59 AM) : 

I don't think age matters. I believe management matters.... just as in managing dressing the body, one must manage dressing the head...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:23 AM) : 

Long hair with suits definitely works on some men, but not on others. Generally you're all right if your hair looks remotely clean. Think Oscar Wilde or Carl Barat.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:29 AM) : 

I think it depends on who the person is and if they can pull off the long hair although as mentioned already, they should keep it neat and well-groomed. While one person might be able to pull it off, another might look better with shorter hair. I say it all depends on who it is, how groomed they are and how confident they might be about themselves and this definitely shows.


Blogger lala said ... (3:38 AM) : 

this has nothing to do with the pictures. For all of you who are fans or friends of the sartorialist i came across a poll on vote for scott !! the results come out in october. You'll find him under "artistic"
good day scot :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:26 AM) : 

I do think that you can wear your hair long after 30 - just look at the exJapanese PM Koizumi who looked great. However, I think that you need to have a thick and dark hair to look good - the Italians and the Japanese have just that type of hair. My favorite "long" hair look at the moment is that of Rory Stewart, the British diplomat who wrote the great book on Iraq "The Prince of the Marshes."


Blogger Gypmar said ... (4:30 AM) : 

With long hair like example #2? Yes, please.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:34 AM) : 

I think it is impossible to tell right or wrong. I don’t think it depends on the hair but on the person. If a person can carry up a suit it doesn’t matter if hes got long or short hair. It s the general impression! Personally, I do prefer short hair to a suit but natural curly hair can look really sporty and sexy when it is a bit longer. /ma


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:49 AM) : 

a shaggy cut, athletic body and a perfect suit - nothing hotter than that. it looks so much more effortless and has the vibe of the surfer/ polo player/ bad boy who just happens to be wearing a suit that just happens to multiply his hotness - at least from a woman's perspective.


Blogger Olivia Ting said ... (5:34 AM) : 

I think it's the mix of "buttoned-up" and "rebellious" that makes the look interesting. But having long hair has to fit the personality of the wearer... and of course the density of hair follicles. If we have a starchy uptight person who sports long hair for the sake of looking urbane, he just looks ridiculous no matter what. That said, the gentleman w the one-button suit looks lovely. The double-breasted suit is a bit pushing it. But the Asian gent looks good with the khaki suit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:04 AM) : 

I love long haired men in suits!
A special memory some years ago: a 50ish man in a full evening dress (white tie and tails), with a beer belly and long, curly, brown pepper and salt hair open down until half back, baldish on top AND HE REALLY LOOKED DIVINE and walzed like a king. He looked very clean and groomed and smelled good. I am woman, 57 years old.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:09 AM) : 

I agree - if you have good hair, lots of it, and well groomed, it can look fabulous.
well. Same is true for women of course, but it evidently does not need to be stated that much... :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:31 AM) : 

The longer, the better.
But not everyone can pull it of, and the suit shouldnt be too big, on the contrary quite slim.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:57 AM) : 

I personally love the combination of longish hair and a suit. It's suave, yet a bit playful. Very ruggidly handsome, I'd say!

But of course; not everyone can pull it off. The hair should be in good shape, yet not looking like he spend hours on it, it should remain (seemingly) nonchalant; that's where the power of it is in combination with a well fitted suit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:54 AM) : 

It's a great look, a good way of showing off nicely styled long hair.


Blogger ricpic said ... (9:35 AM) : 

laguna beach trad's comment is perfect so I'm not going to try to improve on it.

All these "long hair is hot (with suits)" comments are thoughtless.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:40 AM) : 

I love the longer hair on you gents as long as it's well groomed and your outfit fits and is neat.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:29 AM) : 

I've always loved the back of a man's neck and shoulders - therefore, long hair impedes my view, no matter how well-groomed it is, suit or no suit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:34 AM) : 

Why not?
I dont think there is any differences between "long hair with suit" and "short hair with suit"


Blogger jason said ... (10:53 AM) : 

I'm not a woman, and I certainly can't pull it off myself, but I think it looks great on some men.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:54 AM) : 

I guess it would depend on the person, his overall style, head, proportions, the cut itself... Less conventional stylistic choices can get trickier with age, but it doesn't mean they're undoable. Then it depends on the woman judging it. Give me a super short hairstyle, and I'm bound to notice you earlier, but there are just too many exceptions to consider this as a rule, and hair always remains a decorative element. Just yesterday I noticed a tall man in his early forties, with about 7-8 inch long wavy hair greying all over but not grey yet. Well groomed, business casual attire. His hair definitely added to his persona and it would be extremely hard to imagine him without it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:13 AM) : 

Beutiful but demanding.

If the hair is feathery, clean and a good cut is perfect.

Greasy, not groomed, too long and combed make long hair a disaster for anybody.

It is all about the texture, and of course what is reflected.

Those coments about long hair being inmature and vain...pleeeease! That is only if the hair is an excuse for such behaivior.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:23 AM) : 

certainly there are lots of opinions on this one. Long hair w/ suits? of course it looks great... IF: the person can pull it off. that means, the right kind of hair, cut, facial structure, head structure, hair color and most importantly, personality. If the person naturally fits that hair style Great! but if they don't, they look like they're posing, and it WILL show.


Blogger The Spicers said ... (11:30 AM) : 

I don't think long hair is limited by age, just quality of hair. It must be thick, clean, and well-groomed, not scraggly. And below shoulder length is best left to aging rock stars...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:39 AM) : 

I really think it's how sharp the features protrude. Otherwise it's going to be tough one....


Blogger treschic said ... (11:40 AM) : 

I love the long hair and suit combo. The contrast is at first surprising which gives these guys a very sexy quality. It says im successful but i dont care. Only some guys can pull it off though. These two do it well. Not to mention the fact that the polo player would probaby look stunning wearing a paper bag.


Blogger dnqcnn said ... (11:41 AM) : 

i think it looks extremely sexy..
but sure, after a certain age it becomes tacky cause then it seems like you wanna fit in and be cool but it looks just too much and not good at all


Blogger Bambi said ... (12:42 PM) : 

If it is a pony I think it looks fine :)


Blogger Tereneh Idia said ... (12:55 PM) : 

Si, si, si. It is very sexy!!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:00 PM) : 

long styled hair=yes
long straggly=no


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:34 PM) : 

Long hair probably for American men is difficult. Too chunky is the build, too many beefs and potatoes. Lifting weits too much.


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:46 PM) : 

YES, yes, yes to long hair with suits. Well-groomed, well-maintained, lovely locks lend a Raphaelite heir to a tailored look. The contrast is daring.

Any look that plays up contrasts is what is hot right now, in my humble opinion.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:48 PM) : 

It's very Milanese. Not so found of signori milanesi...Sorry.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:03 PM) : 

I LOVE IT. too short can look too normal = boring. longer is better, & i'm a girl.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:24 PM) : 

I think this is definetly a verry subjective question, I personally love the long hair combined with well tailored suits. But it has got to be the right person for me its a question of attitude. All you need is that, never mind the age!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:22 PM) : 

It seems I'm in the minority here, but it is rare that I like a man with long hair, no matter what he's wearing. Ponytails -yuck.


Blogger Tyler said ... (3:39 PM) : 

I say, do whatever expresses yourself. There are no rules to fashion right now and someone has to be the first to create a new trend.


Blogger Susan B said ... (4:05 PM) : 

I think it lends a more European look, especially when combed back off the face. I don't agree that this is for the under-30 set only, but hair should be clean and trimmed, not shaggy. It really depends on the gent. I say if you're got a nice head or hair, flaunt it.


Blogger Molly said ... (4:14 PM) : 

i love long hair with anything, and at any age. it's up to the guy to pull it off with his style though


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:16 PM) : 

One of the sexiest looks I ever saw was Ben Nighthorse Campbell in the Senate wearing a suit and braids. I agree with all who have said great styling and really thick beautiful hair are essential. What kills long hair for me is the two day beard look. Gaargh. Get a job.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:12 PM) : 

I don't like it on any man.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:31 PM) : 

I'm crazy about men with well-managed longish hair and if they happen to be in a suit, that's just fine with me. Between the ears and shoulders seems to be the sweet spot as far as flattering length goes.

Those who happen to be balding or who have thin, limp, oily, or dry and split-endy hair would do well to keep it short, however. Those who grow it out and ignore it -- no cuts, styling, brushing, conditioning, or what have you -- should really keep it short as well; I've met a few delusional guys who have been incredibly vain about their long hair without making any effort to tend to it with the results being, frankly, mangy and unappealing. I think this breed of long haired men are the ones who give a bad name to the whole lot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:13 PM) : 

Sorry to rain on the parade, but I think it's skeevy... unless the guy is really gorgeous and the hair is LONG, as in ponytail long -not just shaggy. Even if the hair is full, thick, and well-groomed, these gentlemen still look like they are in need of a haircut. Close cropped suit, close cropped hair is best in most two cents.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:13 PM) : 

i know a young man (30ish) & wears his long,curly hair pulled back in p-tail then the end just falls down the back as one perfect curl w/his suits-on the street i've heard many women say "Why didn't I marry him?!"
the 2 gents pictured look fine I guess... if you're willing to settle


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:25 PM) : 

Longer hair with suits is sexy for any age and any color as long as it is clean and healthy. There's nothing wrong with a short ponytail either, but I agree with others comments - nothing stringy and if you have a bald spot the hair better cover it well! I just met a business contact who had longish grey hair and he was quite striking. Go for it! Don't wait for your hair to go white, although I agree that would look amazing too. - 40 yr old female


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 PM) : 

I think generally speaking men look classier with long hair.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:24 PM) : 

long hair with suits is DEAD SEXY!! do it!! we need to see less stuffiness and more fashion-forward-ness in NYC! I LOVE it!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:35 PM) : 

Can anyone tell me if the suit the first guy is wearing is a little too tight for him? How should a suit like his fit?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:41 PM) : 

I agree with you Sart, long hair might be reserved for the younger years, unless a man has really good hair, then it's worth showing it off. As dulcinea said, no baldness please. You should stick with regrowing your hair when it's almost white, even grey, that's certainly attractive. Oh and no curly hair, straight/wavy long hair as the others have mentioned looks much more chic.


Blogger positively the same dame said ... (11:56 PM) : 

personally, i prefer short hair on men (which, if laguna beach trad is correct, means that i must enjoy feeling threatened) but there are always exceptions and it really does depend on the man, the hair, and the barber.


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:25 AM) : 

I am absolutely in love with long hair. I don't think that it's the hair that makes the suit, rather the man that makes the suit. Some men can pull it off perfectly, if they can't, then it shows.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:17 AM) : 

I agree with Laguna Beach Trad,
It's OK for the younger crowd, but professionals over 30 have to avoid it.


Blogger londondog said ... (8:07 AM) : 

As someone married to a man with longish hair (similar to gent no. 2) who has fabulous rich brown slightly wavy hair and is a keen suit wearer, I am all for it.

It's all about how it's done. The hair needs to be groomed, well-cut and styled. I say no to 'I can't let go of my youth' meagre pony tails on 60-somethings with a belly spilling out of tightly belted jeans.

However, to pigeonhole any man with long hair as a limp-wristed, immature pansy as done by laguna beach is not only slighly misguided but also narrow-minded. If we were to think it that all encompassing negative way about the short-haired part of the male population, we'd need to concede that all men with closely clipped haircut are butch retrosexuals who need to wear overt masculinity on their sleeve as they do not feel too secure in it themselves. None of the above is true of course, as the length of hair does not 'make' a man. If only it were that simple to define a real man - life would be so much simpler ;-)

Inadvertently when the discussion reaches the point of 'what is too feminine in a man' I always think about the New Yorket dog cartoon. Two ordinary looking dogs see a very groomed poodle with a fancy coat on and one says to the other "He must feel very secure in his masculinity"

And I feel, the two gents on the photos do...


Blogger Katie said ... (9:20 AM) : 

I think it completely depends on the person - what their style is and how they wear their hair long/what their overall attitude is with what they're wearing. the basics of any sense of fashion....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:26 AM) : 

to me (f) it is essential that the hair is not longer than shoulder length, well cut, healthy and full. the suit should be well fitted and match with the whole attitude- hot!


Blogger Ellinor Stigle said ... (9:34 AM) : 

A weel groomed man
with a long hair and a suit radiates power, style and confidence.
I completely disagree with the age limitation.
An older man can carry this look better that a young one.
Youngsters risk the effect of - mom forcing her rebel kid into a formal attire.
Older is better and stronger.

- Swedish / Woman / New York


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:18 AM) : 

This woman thinks that age has nothing to do with it, but grooming has everything to do with it. A full head of wavy hair with a well cut suit is killer. Look at Koizumi, or D. de Villepin... Elegence personified both, and hardly "too young" or "too conservative" to pull it off!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:30 AM) : 

Hair should follow the same rule as the clothes: if it looks like you've paid too much attention to it, you're a "hair guy." If it looks like you haven't paid any attention, you're sloppy. The longer the hair, the finer this line is, I think.

I'd like to pose the same question about beards.

Overall, I think anything that helps someone identify a unique style is a good thing.


Blogger JTa said ... (11:26 AM) : 

My bf is 30, with shoulder-length hair and he looks hot in a suit.

He tends to pull it back into a ponytail, but I like the contrast of the rugged beard with the tailored suit. It's laid back, but still very professional looking. Think Lagerfeld, but about 20 years younger.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:54 AM) : 

This female thinks if they look like these two...DELICIOUS!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:03 PM) : 

The long hair look is great!! Long hair with a suit gives you personality. It is a combination of style and freedom. At this moment, I am growing out my hair and my goal is such a long hair as you can see in these pictures. I like it very much!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:11 PM) : 

I need to chime in as a woman who would always choose a man with short hair over a man with long hair! :) I don't find long hair even remotely sexy. I'm trying to think why this is and if I'm perfectly honest I think that I carry around a prejudicial view that long hair on a man signals emotional immaturity, irresponsibility and probably limited education. Wow, that was one list of stereotypes! But true. I really do find short hair sexier and infinitely more sophisticated on a man, particularly if I'm encountering him in a business negotiation. Incidentally, I often feel this way about women's hair as well (if not worn up with a suit or other business attire)--long hair with a suit can appear coquettish and unserious. Can you tell that I work in a very conservative sector of the economy?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:33 PM) : 

it all depends on who is wearing the long hair, and the suit, and what it looks like on them. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:39 PM) : 

what's with these comments about age and hair? i'd commented on a similar comment on the gorgeous scandinavian lady some days ago with flowing white hair, someone said that she was too old for the hair. c'mon guys, who made this rule? is this an americanism? i mean, who wouldn't dig long salt and pepper hair on a suit if the man knew how to carry himself?

long hair on suits depends on the wearer of the suit. i'll particularly mention japanese men at various ages are able to carry the look. partly coz their suits are so well tailored. (junichiro koizumi.)


Blogger Fab50Plus said ... (1:23 PM) : 



Blogger evinrude said ... (2:38 PM) : 

Hrm. I think it's a matter of whether you can pull it off or not. But I've always preferred men with a nice crop because I like that clean look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:06 PM) : 

I love long hair on men in suits, but keep the style modern so you don't look like an aging hippie or a burnt out rock star. No mullets, comb overs or ponytails, please. (I hate ponytails!) And know when to say when. When your hair is thinning or you're getting pretty bald, cut it short or shave your head (can also be a hot look for some men). Jon Bon Jovi is a good example of a man who has aged nicely who has a great moderately long modern haircut. And Nacho's hair is fabulous.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:22 PM) : 

hiiii I am a student from Colombia in Paris for the year and I am really looking forward to that shopping list and more wonderful pics!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:42 PM) : 

long, well-tended hair on men is great!


Blogger Cecile Johns said ... (6:30 PM) : 

as a woman, i love it - IF and only if the hair is healthy and full, and the overall look is proportioned correctly. i think the top example hits it fine except that his legs seem a little short in those pants. the bottom example has a lack of commitment to the look, although he is young enough to pull it off.

and i think a suit with longer WHITE hair is a beautiful look. i hope that you actually follow through with this in time.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:45 PM) : 

It makes me think of Junichiro Koizumi, one of the hottest world leaders in recent memory. So thumbs up.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:12 PM) : 

i also agree with laguna beach trad. i HATE long hair on men. anything past the ears is a big no. especially if it's curly. i can't think of a bigger turn off than a man with long curly hair. and a man with a long hair "style" eesh. suit or no suit.


Blogger Chloe said ... (10:53 PM) : 

to me, long hair + suit = italian = sexy if it's done right


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:03 AM) : 

Though I typically like a clean cut look, it all depends on the man. If you still have great hair after 30, then why not show it off? It makes the suit look more approachable.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:53 AM) : 

I believe that men should be men and women should be women. Long hair should only be worn by those who will never regret piercing their ears.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:26 AM) : 

As long as the hair is healthy, clean, thick and full (and well managed) it's gorgeous!
I personally perfer if it's no longer than shoulder length, but I do understand that not all guys look good with long hair as it depends on how their hair grows, so for these guys I think the next best hair look when wearing a suit is keeping your hair neatly cropped and short.

(I love men in suits no matter if their hair is long or short)


Blogger zilch said ... (4:30 AM) : 

I actually love guys with long hair - but definitely needs to be nicely kept and tidy.

Not just long with uneven lengths--- not pretty!

I have to say that I don't find that feminine at all - maybe it's all that Greek and Roman statues influence!


Blogger nolifebeforecoffee said ... (5:33 AM) : 

I think, it's definitely HOT as long as the hair is not greasy or scruffy...


Blogger Carol Diehl said ... (7:23 AM) : 

The question isn't just is long hair okay, it's are suits okay? In my book, only when they are well-fitted and dashing.


Blogger Carolina Lange said ... (8:32 AM) : 

I love it, but the man must have a great suit and a great hair!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:00 AM) : 

The only problem I see with long hair on men is when you can compare it to a woman's cut. How a man wears his long hair should be VERY different from how his sister is wearing it. He shouldn't have to ask to borrow gel and moouse so often :), im not speaking from experience. My brother styles it short.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:12 AM) : 

I'm opting for "depends on thy guy".

Some men just look thrilling with long hair, then they will be hot in a suit. Others don't. And it's usually not a question of fullness, colour or haircut... it's the match that makes it.

The question reminds me of two young men in my neighborhood, very long ago. Two brothers. The elder just looked faboulous with his long curls. The younger evidently tried to imitate the style but looked like "Give him some money so he'll be able to afford the hairdresser. Or a pair of scissors. Or a knive. Or any other cutting device...". The younger one had full hair, too... but it just didn't match his face.


Blogger Luz V said ... (11:14 AM) : 

men w long hair & suits ? total YES. same as girls w short hair & girly dresses. same concept.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:01 PM) : 

This look says very european to me, it would have to be pulled off by a very confident and handsome man, sort of rugged. One has to be careful to balance greasies and to keep it sophisticated.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:38 PM) : 

It can be extremelly elegant. Creates a dicotomy. Yet it needs to be well cut and most clean.
It suits Europeans, argentinians and brazilians better though. Nothing better than Tom Brady´s clean cut/shaven look for Americans


Blogger Athena said ... (5:43 PM) : 

Like anything, these things must be done right. These two genetlemen, esp. the former has a great cut on their suit. I also think the right styling in their hair is important.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:59 PM) : 

great suit and long (but def not too long) hair is a sexy combo... walks that line between fashion conscious but still rough around the edges, which is really appealing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:59 AM) : 

Long hair or short? With suits ?
Is that really an issue 2007 ?
It is a matter of personal taste ! That´s what it i.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:32 AM) : 

i think that hair is a matter of personality. my dad is in his 50s and has always had longer hair. it's him. i am not saying men who have short hair have less personality, it just says so much more about them no matter if they are in suits or sports gear.


Blogger G said ... (12:02 PM) : 

I like good-looking men, period: black, white, Latin, Asian. To me, well-groomed, is well-groomed, whether the hair is long or short, in a suit or not. It's the level of visible self-care that's key. It's hard enough to meet a hot man in this city; think I'm going to reject or accept someone based on the length of their hair?

I saw a hot papa the other day who was Asian, long hair and obviously buff. He looked like he had a 12-pack under that jacket. Too bad he had three kids!

(NYC woman who likes men!)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:31 PM) : 

Long hair with a suit is great if you know how to pull it off... He looks a little uncomfortable in his thousand dollar Ralph lauren suit. Can some on tell him when you when a suit like that he need to have some SWAGGER!!!


Blogger pins&needles said ... (3:25 PM) : 

Long hair and suits look great but only if you pull it off right. No unkemped hair or terribly fitted suits. It has to look clean or else its like wearing a blazer and a baseball cap: it just doesn't go together. The men in your photos are perfect examples of how to do it right.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:33 PM) : it. Must be a full head of hair, well-groomed even though it's long. It lends such a contemporary feel to the suit.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:10 PM) : 

long hair will only work with a suit if the suit is of slim-to-very-slim cut. the hair must be very thick and cut in a modern style (with the exception of the afro, which although retro in a way, is always nice when well groomed). hello Lapo Elkann and, improbably but true nonetheless, Richard Branson. if a man can look at this picture of Nacho and say "hey, he does resemble me a bit doesn't he?" then it's a go.

~ a female thirty-year-old artist


Blogger the *ubiquitous spectator* said ... (2:05 AM) : 

i love a well dressed man with a shaggy coif.
it is a walkign contradiction.
it is well-mannered but edgy.
so very sexy and delicious.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:03 AM) : 

it's hot.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:48 PM) : 

long dark hair, and slim fitting suits on trim men are SEXY.
I don't think it works so well, on blonde/lighter hair, It looks like the boy surfer, has an interview.

Silver Grey long hair, I think looks 'wise' on a man, I think it send out a message of 'I know myself'. and I'm comfortable.

I think, Long Locks, and a slim suit also work great. that's not such a usual sight.!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:03 PM) : 

Hi..The picture of that man in a suit with his long locks is heart skips a beat. Well fitted suit at any age & long white hair on an older man is wonderful. A smile and great shoes..ageless.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:07 PM) : 

sorry if I messed up on sending too many comments..I thought they did not go through..It is almost 100 degrees here in the Midwest..Thats my excuse.I love your of my favorites.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:15 PM) : 

I think here it looks fabulous. It helps that both men have GREAT hair.


Blogger Geri said ... (1:55 PM) : 

i think long hair and suits is perfect. It mixes a smart sophisticated look with a young floppy haired boy charm! So gorgeous! Although i have to say anyone over 35/40 wouldn't really suit long hair. Oh and long hair in a ponytail would look even better! Mixing messy hair and a really well fitted smart suit!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:48 PM) : 

I think the men you have shown is a great example of long hair and suits but any longer and I think it looks messy. They really have to know how to style it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:16 AM) : 

I love guys with long hair (no I dont mean waist length though.. )
wavy, tousled with a little volume. My brother has a double crown.


Blogger underneath said ... (3:52 PM) : 

The last guy could pull off anything with that heght. Elegant and sexy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:27 PM) : 

The 70s live!!!! I think they look I having a flashback, man?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:05 PM) : 

not every guy can wear long hair, but if you can, you can wear it with ANYTHING!!!


Blogger Yanti Amos said ... (4:58 PM) : 

The long hair look is sexy. For me it's reminiscent of the insouciance of Argentinian polo players, jumping off their trusty mounts. Add that fresh out of bed look to a business suit, and you've got a cool look, provided the hair is fairly tidy. Hair can be greased but it must look clean. Also reminds me of some stylish French businessmen who let their hair grow longish over their collars. Love the look for older greying gents, who are well turned out but unselfconscious.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:46 AM) : 

It's hot! Definitely hot! With dark eyes and a secret smile.. mmm!


Blogger rubycube said ... (8:04 AM) : 

The 2nd guy below is the model from Polo Black, right?


Blogger Unknown said ... (1:44 PM) : 

An interesting question, I am a 44-year european man with long hair myself and I'm pleased to see all the postive comments - especially from women it seems.
I find Sarto's worries very real though, it's not quite easy to balance these things. But still, the long hair is an extra ingredient, when you consider how to show yourself and as others have indicated, it can be used to contrast the more conservative elements of a suit and indicate something creative, loose or other.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:01 PM) : 

long hair with suits on young men is easy. but on an older man is a bit tricky, but no worries, look at David Bowie with his semi-long to long hair with suits and he look absolutely dapper and dashing, and doesn't look like some old man trying to grasp a long-long youth.


Blogger Marianna said ... (10:38 AM) : 

I love it, of course if the man can pull it off. It adds a bit of poetry and gentleman-ess to a suit and an overall look. I think it also ressembles the Mediterranean style physique which I adore!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:05 PM) : 

a man with long hair is so sexy. his hair should never be cut just because he is of a certain age.


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:06 AM) : 

I know this comment is many months too late but I just love seeing men—whether straight or gay—with long hair in sharp suits. The wild/conservative contrast is so sexy. My friend Anthony has long, jet-black hair that falls to the middle of his back. He looks Japanese, and the total effect is especially good when he wears his gray suit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 PM) : 

My boyfriend has long hair and I still remember the first time I saw him in a suit. I was so turned on. He was wearing it in a short ponytail and looked sexier than ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:04 AM) : 

Nacho figueras is soooooo sexy. god he is so hot. i absolutely think he is the sexiest man alive! i love his thick sexy hair. and it does indeed pair well with a suit. he is in fact 31 but he has that youthful handsomeness that makes him very intriguing...not to mention he is a hot latin GOD!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:01 PM) : 

I rock the long hair (almost the bottom of the neck) with a lot of MTM 2- and 3-pieces. Sometimes it works great and looks very elegant. Sometimes its a pain in the ass. If it isn't in a ponytail then it should have volume, or it looks cheap. And no dandruff- that's a serious style fail.


Blogger An Orchid's Voice said ... (3:42 AM) : 

Long hair, and a suit, is a wet dream, only if he suit is tailored and the guy is confident. Throw in a beard and I want his number.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:11 AM) : 

OK... But YES! if you are asian or american indian with these gorgous black blue hair!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:14 AM) : 

NO to the long white hair- trying too hard. It's like a middle-aged man in a red sportscar. Just stop.


Blogger Sandra said ... (11:07 AM) : 

Love men with long hair. Healthy, clean with a nice hair cut. Divine.(sorry if I make a mistake in my writing, english it's not my language...)


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