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I'm Begining To Think That People Are Carrying Their Bikes Everywhere Just To Mock Me


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Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm Begining To Think That People Are Carrying Their Bikes Everywhere Just To Mock Me

Comments on "I'm Begining To Think That People Are Carrying Their Bikes Everywhere Just To Mock Me"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:07 AM) : 

Welcome to the Twin Cities!! It's too bad that classes aren't in session; you'd have seen some very original pairings on campus.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:22 AM) : 

They are always girls, too.


Blogger will anderson said ... (11:28 AM) : 

where was this taken? i knew a girl once who wore those jeans...they took her away, and we never saw her again. i cant remember her name...


Blogger siongc said ... (11:52 AM) : 

Where is this? I envy people who can still wear scarves in May!

Anon 11.22 is right Sart, where are all the guys? I only remember one guy with a bicycle so far. Maybe they ride motorcycles? Those would be great too!


Blogger Ninehoursahead said ... (11:57 AM) : 

They are.


Blogger Ninehoursahead said ... (11:58 AM) : 

That's because they are.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:04 PM) : 

Is it the antithesis of style to wear a helmet? I am a girl in new york with a cute euro style bike but I wear a helmet which makes me feel so unworthy sartorialist-wise. Were any of these cute euro girls wearing a helmet that you wanted to photograph?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:29 PM) : 

those flats in the first picture look cool, i'd like to get a closer look!


Blogger The Sartorialist said ... (12:49 PM) : 

for Men on Bikes

Click on "Bicycles" under Categories in the right hand column

There are at least four shots of cool guys on bikes


Blogger Carolina Lange said ... (1:25 PM) : 

The girl in the first photo looks great! Love her outfit!


Blogger Bexia said ... (2:04 PM) : 

Bikes are SEXY and riding on the road in Europe isn't the nightmare it can be elsewhere.Plus you know, bikes are sexy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:50 PM) : 

Those are amazing shoes in the first picture!

Boys ride bikes! My boyfriend looks pretty cute tooling around on his old Raleigh. Go find the boys, Sart!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:56 PM) : 

Love the skinny jeans as juxtaposed to the blouse's volume, the flats, the hair ... so simple but so stylish. Her bicycle justs adds to her charm ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:03 PM) : 

i love all of your bicycle pictures! one thing, i never see anyone with a cute they really not wear any helmets?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:21 PM) : 

The ladies are first on the "green" kick! How great to be carbon neutral in your transport and look so cute doing it! I ride my bike everyday in heels, skirts, dresses and get lots of looks. Hopefully this will inspire more people to ride than drive.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:29 PM) : 

Either they're mocking you... or they just want to get around. Hard call.


Blogger Asi Mod said ... (6:50 PM) : 

What amazes me most is how stylish and gorgeous they both look even though they have to ride a bike. They are not sacrificing fashion for form. And for that, I say Bravo.


Blogger Daniel said ... (7:33 PM) : 

I want to see well-dressed boys and girls on bikes in cities in Japan. Is that too much to ask?


Blogger Spiderman said ... (7:36 PM) : 

It is the woman in black with the wrapped gray scarf that moves me. The expression on her face is exquisite: a subtle amusement at being asked to have her picture taken. She has an elegant and refined style; there is something of the timeless and classical in her look that can never really go out of style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:52 PM) : 

they are so laid-back good-looking.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:16 PM) : 

Spot on. You managed to capture Cecilia, co-owner of Le Shop, and Frida who is the womenswear designer at Acne Jeans.


Blogger MARIA H said ... (8:26 PM) : 

How is it possible that somebody can bike wearing those platform shoes...Double daring!


Blogger Blaise said ... (12:10 AM) : 

Don't worry Mr. sart, they're mocking me too! (Cause I don't know how to ride the bike).. I really love the look of the woman in the first picture.. sophisticated in jeans and bike..


Blogger Bel said ... (12:27 AM) : 

I love these old style bikes - there's just something about them. They're almost like a fashion accessory rather than simply a mode of transport. And I love the tiled floor in the first pic - so Victorian.


Blogger Unknown said ... (4:09 AM) : 

To anon @12.04 - most continental Europeans dont need to wear helmets when biking because the infrastucture & culture here puts more emphasis on the cyclist [in Holland anyway]. Hence theres lots of cycle lanes, and car drivers generally have to give a cyclist the right of way. So any chance of an accident is quite small, and theres really no need for a helmet.

I remember reading a newspaper article once where the writer made the point that you can recogonise an American tourist because they'll be the only ones with a helmet on.


Blogger Unknown said ... (7:37 AM) : 

Both photos are taken in Stockholm.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:11 AM) : 

Hey Sarto.

You should send some pix to the Mayor's office in Paris. I heard on the radio they want to get more people to ride bikes, they are worried that the Parisians do not find them chic and sexy enough. You could be both a Design and Public Policy influencer. TeMo.


Blogger x07Wave said ... (10:50 AM) : 

why Swedish girls in bike are so beautiful?????????


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:10 AM) : 

Where is this? I envy people who can still wear scarves in May!

Both pictures are taken in Stockholm I think. Definitely the last one at least. That's Södermalm. I think the first one is taken in Östermalm (Birger Jarls-passagen perhaps?)


Blogger ek said ... (11:51 AM) : 

anon 12:04, most Europeans don't wear helmets b/c 1-a lot of their cities have dedicated bike paths physically separated from pedestrian paths and the street, and 2-they don't want to mess up their hair.

sart, can we get more of men, showing you don't have to look like a dork commuting to work on a bike? youtube has lots of euro bike videos too, traffic jams and the like.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:09 PM) : 

Yup, ,they must be on their bikes just to mock you. You are indeed a huge trend setter, thanks for making the world conscious of alternate forms of transportation.


Blogger Alice Olive said ... (12:26 PM) : 

And they're cute too! That grey scarf in the second shot is beautiful - I gather the weather also warrants it... where is Spring?!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:38 PM) : 

I lived in Milano for 6 years and I rode my bike everywhere. The very best way to start the day! I would sing on my way to work, even if I was in for a rough day, that's got to make anyone look good.

And Anon 12.04, no one wore helmets on push bikes. 80 year old women in fur coats yes, but helmets no. Though I think The Sartorialist would need to go to the smaller towns to see the older ones on their bikes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:40 PM) : 

any guesses to the flats in the first picture? they are perfect!


Blogger Cook said ... (12:46 AM) : 

HA! so today I was wine tasting in the middle of nowhere in virginia and my friend and i were out on the lawn eating our picnic lunch when from out of nowhere comes this girl....wearing a sundress....walking alongside her bicycle. i IMMEDIATELY thought of you.


Blogger Alma said ... (4:41 AM) : 

You haven't seen nothing yet unless you have been to Copenhagen. You should really get to sponsor a trip to Copenhagen. You will love it. It's not as big as Stocholm, but what we lack in size we make up i style !!


Blogger oskar said ... (4:56 AM) : 

About the helmets issue. I live in Stockholm and it's my experience that guys who bicycle, who tend to ride 'performance' bikes, always wear helmets while girls, who tend to ride more 'stylish' sturdy old-style bikes, don't wear helmets. Anyway, there's no law, just a recommendation.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:55 AM) : 

The flats on the girl in the first picture is Gaspard Yurkievich and you can buy them on Le Shop Stockholm´s e-shop here:

I know because I have a pair of my own... And they´re awesome!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:30 PM) : 




Blogger Jaime Randle said ... (12:06 PM) : 

UMMMM, come to Amsterdam and you'll find so much fierce fashion atop bicylces, you'll be stunned! I'm American living over here for a year and I was shocked to see men in incredible suits and women in staggeringly high heels and dresses looking effortlessly stunning.


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