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On The Street...Texturist, New York


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Sunday, December 17, 2006

On The Street...Texturist, New York

I love the variety of texture, pattern, material and associations.

The demure (almost granny-ish) print dress paired with stylized motorcycle boots, crocheted tights, bouncy ball scarf and protective parka.

click on photos for larger detail shot

Comments on "On The Street...Texturist, New York"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:04 AM) : 

pretty urban warrior


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:44 AM) : 

She is beautiful.


Blogger marissa said ... (10:51 AM) : 

so cool


Blogger said ... (11:21 AM) : 

That scarf really makes the outfit. From far away, it looks like it's part of the dress but that's what makes it look perfect there.


Blogger ageez said ... (11:59 AM) : 

and she shops at the MoMa design store. clearly a woman with a discerning eye all around. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:49 PM) : 

are those leg warmers poking out of her boots? that extra layer is so subtle yet so hot. this is my favorite look that's been on here in a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:04 PM) : 

gorgeous!!! although she's using understated colors (navy, black, dark green) the outfit still pops because of the bold accessories and as you said, amazing textures.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:21 PM) : 

I think the contrasting of soft accents like the tights with the leather and utilitarian zippers is a great combo here.

I wish I could figure out how to pull off the male equivalent of this look right. It seems it's all about balance without leaning too feminine or too masculine.

I was out shopping yesterday and was amazed to see that over the past ten years, general NY fashion seems to have taken leaps forward. Thanks to sources of inspiration like this blog no doubt.


Blogger NATRIBU said ... (2:27 PM) : 

I love this women, she has style!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:30 PM) : 

I like this look...didn't a previous post have the same/a similar scarf in white? It's good.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:37 PM) : 

They're more like knockoff Fryes, which have been around since long before motorcycles.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:30 PM) : 

Everything is textural, as you say, but for the first time I may be balking at the black -- just too much black for me. I know it's coming into fashion again and I'm all for it. But. This look begs more dimension which only some color variation could give. Fabulous scarf though. And she's good-looking.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:35 PM) : 

I should add: she's got all of the proportions of her look right -- just perfect. (Maybe I will scratch the too-much-black complaint!)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:35 PM) : 

one of my favorite posts

colors / boots work very well


Blogger Q said ... (6:44 PM) : 

This mix of textures and layers is genius. Any winterization of dresses is genius!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:06 PM) : 

gorgeous... she's truly fashion inspiration...


Blogger comtedamour said ... (7:51 PM) : 

nice, but too much black, i think the scarf and one other thing should be brown. very cute.


Blogger comtedamour said ... (7:54 PM) : 

changed my mind as i did not view blowup. everything looks lovely. very merry village-ish. cheers!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:21 PM) : 

any idea where her boots and coat are from?


Blogger Fine Haberdashery said ... (8:26 PM) : 

amazed by how many different things she has put together so well here....


Blogger Shopaholic D said ... (10:18 PM) : 

i wish i could find boots like that around here

le sigh


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:32 PM) : 

I saw you, Sartorialist! When I was coming out of Fanelli's this afternoon. I would have said hi, but I'm shy.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:13 PM) : 

It is a great time for fashion.

Can we just this once hang here for a few years so we have time to enjoy it?

We work too much to see it all.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:42 AM) : 

you've got a great eye! the average person wouldn't have noticed all the detail she put into getting dressed!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:30 AM) : 

I love the scarf ! and this dress if from H&M.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:18 AM) : 

Wow, what a beautiful outfit. The scarf is amazing, it's from H&M last winter. I bought it but returned it. Something I regret seeing this picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:12 AM) : 

The dress is from H&M, too. This fall. And it's actually a dark, navy blue (not black) with a tiny, red print. I'd never thought to wear the blue dress with black accessories, for fear of the dreaded clash, but now I'm tempted...


Blogger hogan said ... (10:10 AM) : 

Love these show scarves- like the white one you shot last week, they really make a look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:23 AM) : 

I saw this girl in Lucky mag several times, I believe she is a clothing and bag designer. She looks ultra fab.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:05 AM) : 

Oh yeah, this I like. Beautiful. One of my favorites so far ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:49 PM) : 

She got the boots at Searle..I have the same pair...I think that is the same girl I saw in Lucky December Mag...A bag designer...yeah...Rebecca Minkoff. She is the same one!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:09 PM) : 

she is so cool.
i wish she was my girlfriend ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:45 PM) : 

She's perfect...and I want that jacket


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:03 AM) : 

I LOVE the parka, just what I have been looking for. Anyone know where it is from? Is it fur?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:42 AM) : 

If Ny is six months ahead of the rest of the world, especially here where it is mid summer...I'm going to make me a big scarf with pom-poms on it.
I seriously love her look, the just so colours and textures her style and of course the great boots.


Blogger Bibi said ... (8:21 AM) : 

Muito estiloso, pena que no Brasil os dias estão bem quentes!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:15 PM) : 

what a honey! grrr! ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:29 AM) : 



Blogger .......... said ... (2:20 AM) : 

Love the textures. Love navy blue!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:01 PM) : 

Stunning woman and great style


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:25 AM) : 



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