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On The Street......West Village, New York


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Thursday, October 26, 2006

On The Street......West Village, New York

This shot is about the overall look.
Those little black leather jackets I kept seeing in Paris looks great here in brown- yes, brown!
This shot is about the hair.

Comments on "On The Street......West Village, New York"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:59 AM) : 

Lovely outfit, and lovely hair :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:21 AM) : 

Is the hair short, or is there something at the back there?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:38 AM) : 

Yes, BROWN! she's fabulous. love the print scarf as well and those flat booties.


Blogger Alice Olive said ... (10:00 AM) : 

Personally I find this alittle busy but she does look cute. (Especially continuing to hide her face under that scarf!) I like the distressed flat boots too. She's slim enough not to look too bulky in such a layered outfit.


Blogger MARIA H said ... (10:00 AM) : 

I love brown, specially mixed with grey and black.
Funny! I have the same dress, and I pair it with a short motojacket like she does.WEEEEE! She layers a lot more than me though. I guess it works for her because of her body. Her hair is in a ponytail (i guess) but she has long bangs...creating an illusion of short hair.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:08 AM) : 

Really cool outfit. Looks tuff but chic at the same time.


Blogger RoseAG said ... (10:13 AM) : 

I like the look.
She's done up for colder weather, and has the appropriate parts covered up.

The heavy tights/leggings/pants look nice with the skirt, which is way too short to be wearing bare-legged in the nippy breeze we've been having.

I'm not so thin and leggy and would look like someone wearing a lamp shade with such high contrast legs, so I think I'd go for leg coverings that were a bit more tonal with the skirt. This girl doesn't need to worry about that!

I like the color of her hair. Mine is too bushy to stay straight like that.


Blogger John and Beatrice said ... (10:57 AM) : 

Yes Scott, welcome to the Brown camp. All are welcome here. For our muse in the photograph, an outstanding use of layers on these autumnal days when it's 42 degrees at dawn, then 60 degrees in the afternoon. "To err is human; to Layer is divine."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:44 AM) : 

the whole outfit - wow! she's fab. and SO SO pretty!


Blogger Gidget Bananas said ... (12:16 PM) : 

Boy, how do people get their skinny jeans so . . . skinny?

I adore, nay, I covet, the jacket, scarf and booties.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:24 PM) : 

Too many things at the same time for my taste to look cool...but her face and the red hair are simply beatiful, so cute!!!


Blogger positive_negative said ... (1:21 PM) : 

Interestingly enough, I find this very reminiscent of Blade Runner but a little softer and more feminine. I love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:30 PM) : 

lovely, lovely girl


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:43 PM) : 

She is so cute! And she actually pulls off that kind of layering with absolute perfection! I haven't smiled like this since I was wistling along in "Call an Ambulance" with Albert Hammond Jr this morning on the subway!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:49 PM) : 

Are you planning on coming to D.C. or have you in the past?... I work for DC Style and would love to do a piece on you!



Blogger Lorna said ... (3:04 PM) : 

The scarves are back in town! My favourite attire. And two pictures! you must be in love...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:57 PM) : 

georgetown leather design, 1973 -- positively the same jacket. loved it then, love it now, but i have to admit it looks better on her than it did on me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:31 PM) : 

Do you know whether this girl is from London?

I have those boots in black and they are simply awesome! Might have to invest in the tan one too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:49 PM) : 

I just bought my daughter what looks to be the same boots at the TopShop in London. She loves them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:22 AM) : 

I think that's Meat Packing ...not West Village (in front of Lotus I believe).

By the way ...Rafe..why didn't you do men's line for your bags this season???

Kinda dissapointed have to admit.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:06 AM) : 

had a jacket like this (bomber-style, with the knit cuffs), in black canvas cos i'm too poor for leather, cropped and cute, that i wore to death until i lost it just a couple of months ago. i am still mourning its absence. and also, i can't find anything similar ANYWHERE!!! it's tragic.

the one i lost was from the gap, a couple of winters ago. anyone know anywhere i could get something similar? possibly in a similar, gap-esque price range?

a poor grad student


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:08 AM) : 

hey those booties are 2 die for. where did you guys get them? im scoping out ebay.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:13 AM) : 

Scandinavia here. Almost every girl between 16-30 wear small leather jackets right now - so those of us who are genuine leather jacket lovers, prefer to put our jackets away until the trend disappear.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:46 AM) : 

So charming and beautiful. Bravo to color and the modern feminity.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 AM) : 

oops, I meant 'femininity'.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:33 PM) : 

Not really loving this one. A bit too layered and not keen about the boots.


Blogger The Vintagent said ... (10:50 PM) : 

That I do believe is my friend Jenn, and she's a model, just moved to NY from SF. She looks great.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:50 AM) : 

she looks like a model!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:42 AM) : 

She looks like japanese animation character. Very cute.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:27 PM) : 

She looks like a young Shirley Maclaine, does anyone else see it?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:19 PM) : 

This girl is absolutely stunning, the scarf is lovely.


Blogger in defense of retail therapy said ... (7:52 AM) : 

she's got a shirley maclaine look about her, with a streak of dancer chic.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:22 PM) : 

this is the first time iv'e seen you give someone's hair its own photo. very nice. it is an important accessory.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:22 AM) : 

Nobody has mentioned Audrey Hepburn yet...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 AM) : 

I wish I had thin legs!
she looks very gamine.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:52 AM) : 

She looks lovely! Love the legs too.

I have that dress - it's from H&M. Good to see that budget looks great once you dress it properly.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:44 PM) : 

i think those skinny jeans look great on her! well those are amazingly lean legs to begin with though...


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