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On The Street..Cardigan Rocker, West Village


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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On The Street..Cardigan Rocker, West Village

It has been raining for the last several days in New York. Great for shopping but tough for shooting outside.

Comments on "On The Street..Cardigan Rocker, West Village"


Blogger MARIA H said ... (5:47 PM) : 

The guy looks British.
I'll be awesome if he had a square bag.


Blogger Elizabeth said ... (5:48 PM) : 

He looks like he belongs onstage, right next to Paul Weller, banging out "Eaton Rifles" or "Beat Surrender." He's dreamy. I love the hair, everything.


Blogger Swagger said ... (6:22 PM) : 

Couldn't you get the "Will work for food" sign he was holding?


Blogger Phantom Dadoo said ... (7:19 PM) : 

Very Mod!! Was he wearing Beatle boots?


Blogger MARIA H said ... (7:20 PM) : 

yeah, he looks working class (who isn't) but believe it or not that does not diminish style.
Fashions is about inclusion,some might say. Exclusion is so last century!


Blogger Loulou said ... (7:58 PM) : 

he lookds awesome .. he iss so adventurous for a male fashion buff. i like that he is still masculine looking--adn the bag keeps it from being "vintage" he is frinly planed within the neo-mod trend--- where its meshed with goth


Blogger 'signorina' said ... (8:07 PM) : 

What a great, androgynous figure he has: nipped-in waist, balancing those nice wide shoulders. A (male) friend has this figure and is desperately searching for a good male cardie - any suggestions for where I can find one like this?


Blogger Fashion p.i. said ... (8:45 PM) : 

yup, British. And he needs a different bag.

Kathleen: get your friend onto eBay. Lots of vintage, skinny guys' cardigans there last time I looked.


Blogger Anastasia said ... (9:29 PM) : 

He looks smart and sleek but Im just so unsure about skinny pants on men - guess only the svelte figure can get away with it and it suits his overall look


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:53 PM) : 

i second that cardie request!


Blogger Lady Apple said ... (10:49 PM) : 

ooooh, i don't know...don't think i like it...the hair looks just yuck and the cardigan...I guess I am just not a big fan of cardigans...


Blogger ec10009 said ... (10:51 PM) : 

Love it all.
Especially the colors of the overall photo:
grey, black, white, and the red of the bag and car behind him.
I say thank goodness it rained.


Blogger Butch said ... (11:00 PM) : 

The moral: in choosing clothes, run with one's body type, however less than "ideal," rather than trying to compensate or conceal.

Here, they guy, tall and skinny, chooses clothes that emphasize long line.....


Blogger Tamberk said ... (11:24 PM) : 

Totally fab! A great fall preview!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:28 PM) : 

hippity dippity methinks! ~ the bag takes the outfit from the '60s to now.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:45 AM) : 

"he looks working class..."
"maria, I disagree with you. Fashion / art is always about exclusion, about choices and being discriminatory. It dosnt have anything to do with money. If one is lucky and wise, a bigger budget will just bring more of what they are aiming for in 'originals' and better materials.
I think the whole phrase 'working class' is, as you say, 'so last century'.
He's thin! "will work for food!" - did I get it right swagger?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:01 AM) : 

This look is called
"going to drop off drugs at the airport"

-bluddy Ehl


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:05 AM) : 

Good lord: it's Paul Weller. This gent is teh uber-cool.


Blogger Unknown said ... (2:46 AM) : 

Very The Hives...


Blogger Sissy said ... (6:33 AM) : 

Skinny tie...skinny guy...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:37 AM) : 

He looks awesome, I don't understand the 'skinny pants' comment .... those pants are not skinny! Regarding cardigans, you can't beat Prada cardigans ... They always stick to the same style & usually just change the colours each season ... The European Prada stores always have more cardigan options than the N.Y stores for some reason ...


Blogger Kelly said ... (8:35 AM) : 

This guy obviously spends time cultivating his look. He has a definite sense of how he wants to be viewed by the public and is using fashion to make a statement about his taste in music and his cultural outlook.

I think it is so fortunate that skinny boys are considered sexy these days. It is so nice that men don't necesarily have to buy into the pressure of being uber-fit or muscular. Being a 90lb-weakling can actually be hot. I, for one, can definitely dig the skinny rocker boy look.


Blogger MARIA H said ... (9:19 AM) : 

Anonymous: "Fashion / art is always about exclusion, about choices and being discriminatory."

about "working class": I used the term because it was implied in the "Will work for food" comment,
-context, reference in same anacronic language than original comment-


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:26 AM) : 

Anonymous said...
"he looks working class..."
"maria, I disagree with you. Fashion / art is always about exclusion, about choices and being discriminatory. It dosnt have anything to do with money. If one is lucky and wise, a bigger budget will just bring more of what they are aiming for in 'originals' and better materials.
I think the whole phrase 'working class' is, as you say, 'so last century'.
He's thin! "will work for food!" - did I get it right swagger?

12:45 AM

This had nothing to do with fashion, but I think it's extremely ignorant to say that the term 'working class' doesn't have a function in 2006. There are still people who don't decide when to take their lunch break, and who aren't in control of what they (and others) do at work. The word working class doesn't just mean someone who works in a dirty factory!pt


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:30 AM) : 

"art is always about exclusion".
I respectfully disagree. How can communicating a message can be about exclusion?
Art is about boundaries not necessarily about taking power out of people. Art liberates, not oppresses.
The making choices part of you argument plays in ideas of freedom.
How can it be exclusion?

Now,to call thinks in marxist terms does not make the person a marxist.


Blogger LEeds YORkshire said ... (10:03 AM) : 

come on guys it's just fashion .all this talk about class and money is a little sickening. i'm sure you can go into H&M and get this look or prada or tiger of sweden. does it really matter. i think some of us on this site needs to get over themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:30 AM) : 

I like the offand touch of the red duffle gym bag. If he was carrying a square DJ bag or Hermes, it would have looked too coordinated.

Also, with the red popping out in that gray, drizzly afternoon, the photo looks a bit Antonioni. Bravo! Hope this shot makes it to the Saks window display.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:10 AM) : 

Everything is perfect...except the bag. Should´ve been a leather breafcase instead or a vintage square shoulderbag.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:36 AM) : 

I consider myself a bit of a mod. And I could see myself wearing the cardigan, shirt, tie and pants, but not the boots and the haircut. A very good combination altogether though. I think it's a bit unfair to call him a rocker. He's clearly a mod. It's good to see the mod look hasn't died. Long live style, long live the mod look.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:22 PM) : 

it's brilliant. check out Hermes' aw 06-07 collection and you'll see they channel a neater version of the same outfit. this guy's interpretation is pretty chic.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:11 PM) : 

He would look better if he did something to his hair...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:35 PM) : 

Love it, love it all - the hair, the outfit, the boots, the scenery, love it, love it, love it!


Blogger 4chair said ... (7:49 PM) : 

Maria: 'What does style and art have to do with exclusion about being discriminatory?"
Well, why don't you think about what you are 'Not' choosing to wear next time you put your outfit together. Or who you are not choosing to look at on the street.
Do we pretend that creativity has to do only with accepting all? It simply doesn't!
We like to be free and 'hippy love joy' about creation - as it should be, but the bottom line is, every creative process gets to the phase of editing, of choice and of self criticism and exclusion of elements and ideas.
Thats what separates an artist/designer, well, from a Waldorf kindergarden teacher.

About the "Classes": that is maybe for another forum. maybe we should refine our argument..


Blogger Dandy Leon said ... (8:43 PM) : 

Fashion is on itself a reference to the individual in a cultural context. To ignore the effects of economic squemes into the culture and how this affects sartorial manifestations is to miss the real expression of the individual within a given culture.

You can feel attracted to the surface of fashion, but make no mistake, the social implications of fashion are profound even if people avoid to talk about it. It would be ideal to value its progresive side rather that using it to mantains status quo, but both situations are a fact.

The mod phenomena was a reaction to the post-industrial and multicultural atmosphere in London, where the so called "working classes" and foreign influences from the ex-colonies melt, allowing a young international style to be in fashion.


Blogger MARIA H said ... (10:14 PM) : 

4chair: You are assuming that people make judgments the way you do. Maybe it easier for some to determine a sense of fashion identity by excluding than including. Maybe that is the option you talk about. There is a treaty of culture differentiation as an act of war, so I understand what you say. But I want to believe that fashion emancipation provides flux in a more pacific way.


Blogger 4chair said ... (12:03 AM) : 

" To ignore the effects of economic squemes into the culture and how this affects sartorial manifestations is to miss the real expression of the individual within a given culture. "
Yes, and with the limitation of budget comes more creation. Limitation/creation, limitation creation .."born from necessity' don't they say?
Take the grunge rockers using flannel shirts because that's what they could afford (and they were warm in Seattle) and it took on an attitude of "yea whatever, we'll wear lumber jack shirts....gotta problem?"

On economics and cultural context ; you are preaching to the choir- I just didn't want to get stranded in a dialogue on Marxism or some such so I aborted...

anyway, I am just a lowly waiter with all second hand self altered clothes ... But my 31 Flavors uniform is a hit at big parties. Sometimes I just don't have time to change!


Blogger MD said ... (9:06 AM) : 

I like the mod-ish mood of this, but the hair I cannot entirely condone....oh well, to each his own.

Speaking of mod-ish: my father came to the States from India in the sixties. He was a little bit of a dandy back in Pilani, Rajasthan and had suits tailored for him. Really tight-fitting, narrow lapelled jackets and straight pants with creases like knives. Made from the shiniest material. Perfect for riding motor-bike/scooters. Years ago we got rid of them, but I wish we had saved them. They were a hoot!


Blogger Adrian said ... (6:56 PM) : 

i want to dye my hair his looks superwick.


Blogger Rina said ... (9:56 PM) : 

i'm not really a fan of this. is he accentuating his waist?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:32 AM) : 

I dress like this guy sometimes, but his hair ruins the look in my opinion.

Because he is walking on the photo, his body seems to have weird proportion. Those legs look awful small.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:31 AM) : 

The red bag is interesting, because it doesn't fit. And it is, as you might have noticed, Fred Perry x Comme des Garcons Shirt - not an expensive bag, but he might not get it at every "normal" store. Or maybe he is just having a "bad bag day":-)


Blogger Girl of Approval said ... (5:38 PM) : 

Hate it. The sweater and the fitted pants make his shoulders look giagantic, which in turns makes the rest of his body look disporportionate.

And I hate the hair. What is with everyone loving the andro look?


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