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Under The Radar - Lawrence Covell Turns 39!


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Monday, April 17, 2006

Under The Radar - Lawrence Covell Turns 39!

Some stores seem to always fly just under the radar of the fashion press.

Everyone knows Louis Boston, Wilkes Bashford or Stanley Korshak - they are always tagged in "where to buy" sections of magazines and listed in ads by designers etc.

One store that I hardly ever see mentioned but ,in my opinion, is one of the most elegant shops in the country is Lawrence Covell - the Bergdorf Goodman of Denver Colorado. (I bet they get tired of hearing that)

Talk about a sophisticated and well balanced line-up

Mens: Borrelli, Lobb, Kiton, Barbera, Oxxford, Avon Celli - and for the more adventuresome Etro, Paul Smith and Margiela

Womens: Cucinelli, Dries Van Noten, Etro, Barbera, Paul Smith, Yohji, and Viktor&Rolf

When I was doing sales for different designers, Lawrence Covell was always the first shop I would call in Denver. They are the kind of store that doesn't just "buy the big name designers", they manage to keep the integrity of the designers vision while still merchandising their buy in a way that makes sense for the lifestyle of their customers. That truly is the art of buying.

A few years ago, after returning from a trip to Denver I was meeting with a Saks buyer who mentioned business had never been good in Denver because there just wasn't a designer customer there. I gently corrected him by saying that there was a designer customer in Denver but they were are all shopping at Lawrence Covell. I he didn't like that answer very much.

I just found out the store will celebrate its 39th anniversary at the end of the month!

Congratulations, Cathy and Lawrence

Thanks for giving designers a place to ship to other than New York, Texas and California.

Comments on "Under The Radar - Lawrence Covell Turns 39!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:16 PM) : 

Here here! Great store, overshadowed by the big department stores and by Andrisen Morton, the "big" specialty store there. But Lawrence Covell does it the best. One of the better stores in the country, in fact.
Thanks for giving them the recognition they deserve.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:01 AM) : 

Three cheers to you Sarto, for bringing to mind the art of buying for a customer, not just following the big boys into the sleepy pursuit of profits.

Funny how the Saks example is indictative of what Clayton Christensen referred to in his book "The Innovators Dilemma"
-that large companies do not know how to stay fresh, given the duality of trying to appease shareholders more than customers.

This is why Lawrence and Cathy are truly artists and proof that there is always room to contest the big boys space in the market. This is a great industry!

Happy Anniversary to Lawrence Covell!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:03 PM) : 

I think Lawrence Covell is a stuffy store with snooty salespeople and the designers aren't that great either.

On a sad note, I just received the mailer announcing that they are closing. Too bad.


Blogger LC said ... (12:53 PM) : 

42 Years and we are still going strong!

Scott, thank you for the never ending kind words. I would like to ask, that if possible, for you to remove the post regarding Lawrence Covell closing. We have never sent out such a mailer meaning the entire story is a fabrication.

Thank you again Scott, hope to speak soon.

Andrew Seibert
Lawrence Covell


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