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On The Street........Hickey Freeman Casual, NYC


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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On The Street........Hickey Freeman Casual, NYC

Jay Morales of Hickey Freeman is making his second apperance on The Sartorialist. He reminded me that I shot him during The Collective, it must be nice to be so well put together so often.

Comments on "On The Street........Hickey Freeman Casual, NYC"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:57 PM) : 

I was thinking "hmmm well dressed yet standard." Until I saw his inspired sneakers.

Give the man a Satorial medal.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:34 PM) : 

What a comfortable and sharp look. Thats what I want to wear around this spring. I would alternate it somedays with jeans and suede bucks.


Blogger Admin said ... (9:01 PM) : 

i love those shoes,


Blogger b said ... (9:09 PM) : 

what kinda shoes are those?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:09 PM) : 

He looks spectacular--until i saw the shoes. Sorry, I get the whole relaxed casual thing, but I think they look ridiculous. Something about the contrasting colors. A more subtle solid canvas or suede bucks would be infinitely better. And if that is his belt hanging down, it's too long. Nitpicks aside, I think he looks very good.


Blogger b said ... (9:09 PM) : 

what kinda shoes are those?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:26 PM) : 

John Varvatos Jack Purcells. I just got the exact same pair 2 weeks ago and I'm excited that the pair is in the sartorialist. I've gotten lots of compliments on them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:25 AM) : 

Um, this is a great look of course but I'm still blown away by the Fat Bald Man ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:21 AM) : 

The shoes are awful IMO.
And the rest of the outfit isnt that good either.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:24 AM) : 

I've never understood why people with otherwise good style destroy the image by pairing a pair of sneakers with an otherwise dressy, classic look. Does it make them think they look more 'hip' or 'stylish'? Sneakers are for the gym, the playing field, or the track. I definitely would've gone with a loafer or other casual shoe instead. Just my 2-cents.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:21 PM) : 

This whole white sneaker thing has gotten way out of hand. They get dirty way to fast, and I don't find them all that comfortable.

I'll stick with a pair of my well polished army boots, thank you very much.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:47 PM) : 

I love this look. I'm not sure it would work on everyone, but he carries it off with flair.


Blogger Claudio Moro said ... (2:04 PM) : 

Great style. The sneakers: Perfect!


Blogger Max said ... (4:05 PM) : 

Funny, I always thought white shoes were just as comfortable as black/brown/burgundy/blue suede ones.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:10 PM) : 

I thought those were Jack Purcell' can design your own on Converse's web site..(John did a good job)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:25 PM) : 

Can't go wrong with casual elegance!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:03 AM) : 

tod's would have been purrfect instead


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