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On The Street...Sleeveless Trench, NYC


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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On The Street...Sleeveless Trench, NYC

Comments on "On The Street...Sleeveless Trench, NYC"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:11 PM) : 

That is very cool. I have never seen such an item.

Didn't you recently show a short sleeved trench?

These are like the vest - very practical for "in between" weather. I like these.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:22 PM) : 

This is the first look on your site I just plain hate.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:28 PM) : 

Do all women in NY smoke? All the latest photos of women on this blog show the women smoking.
Smoking is never attractive, in men or women. I read this blog because I love fashion, but I'm getting distracted by all the cigs.


Blogger ML said ... (10:27 PM) : 

from undercover? or diy?

it's an interesting concept, but i'm split. maybe if it were tailored into a sleeveless dress.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:05 AM) : 

But you can't deny the glamour in smoking.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:20 AM) : 

what's so glamourous about smoking? i'm sorry, but that is the most 'brainwashed' comment i've heard in a long time.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:48 PM) : 

is that the new sp 06 celine?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:14 PM) : 

I'm not sure I'm sold on this look. I think that trench came from Morty Seinfeld's storage locker.

Great blog!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:08 PM) : 

The trench is Alexander McQueen for godsakes! it's pretty chic...and it's NYC, who cares about the smoking- where did all the edge go, are we in Long Island or what?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:26 PM) : 

It's interesting... I would like it more if it was shorter


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