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Merry Christmas!


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I'm pouring a 40 for all my elf homies still deliverin'

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Comments on "Merry Christmas!"


Blogger Matthew said ... (10:31 PM) : 

The caption made me laugh out loud, thanks for this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:38 PM) : 

hahaha wow. i know im pretty late with this comment but that was too cute!


Blogger Carlene said ... (8:14 PM) : 

I've never seen this one, and it made me laugh out loud, too. How funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:17 AM) : 

that smile make all clouds go!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:29 PM) : 

a bottle in a paper bag, excellent


Blogger Unknown said ... (11:13 AM) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:32 PM) : 

love the smile, the hat and the caption....;)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:33 PM) : 

The bottle in the bag makes this picture. Hilarious and classic.


Blogger Sofia Birdie said ... (7:47 AM) : 

Oooh, wonderful!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:07 PM) : 

He knows happiness, doesn't he?


Blogger Alison Nicole said ... (2:35 AM) : 

Ha! That is the funniest (in an endearing way) thing I've seen/read all week!


Anonymous Dreamer in Canada said ... (1:24 PM) : 

I don't find this comical...I find it simply heart warming. I just discovered this blog yesterday and I've been looking through all of the pictures. I have many that I love so far THIS is the one that comes out my very favorite of all that I have seen so far. His smile, his outfit and his bottle in the bag, all of which seem to speak of some world that I do not know, but do know I would love if I could find it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:48 AM) : 

Wonderful photograph!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:13 AM) : 

His ears are rather elf-ish! :]


Anonymous Heidi said ... (2:20 PM) : 

I agree wiht the Canadian dreamer, this is wonderful and special, not funny. His eyes are talking throught the picture, he looks so warm. My favorite shot of them all.


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